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That spike in adrenaline? That sudden flush of pulse and heat at your throat? Yes, you felt it too didn’t you; that first innocent glance up that became anything but, as it caught on mine. Something primal and biological and utterly exciting.

We could have left it at that. Two strangers miles apart in every way except our shared attraction.

We didn’t.

Do you find it as incredible as I do? As my hand presses your hip against the wall, as I draw close, close enough to smell your perfume and feel the heat rise from the mystery of your body? My heart thumps so loud in my chest I fear you can hear it. You wet your lip with that cherry red tongue and I can’t help my gaze as it follows like the slave I somehow know I’ll become.

Your hands are on my stomach now and I feel my skin jump and tremble with the unknown touch. I’m greedy for more of it. You’re a greedy girl too, aren’t you? I can tell. I can feel cool digits search for the gaps between my shirt buttons; exploring, imploring. Hungry for the burn of skin against yours. A shiver travels down my thighs and I feel myself begin to grow hard at the promise of those little fingers.

I trace the bare skin of your arm up, up, up until my fingertips are resting against your thundering pulse and you release a shaky breath of want. I smile. I like that. I like that little sound. A little clue as to how to undo you.

You’re so soft and I have the compulsion to press my lips there. And so I do. I pluck gently at your neck, my nose rubbing gently against your pulse. Tongue following a slow path down across your collarbone and I suddenly want to mark you just a little; leave my mark and feel your touch on me change.

I hiss through my teeth when it does change and you slide your hand down over my burgeoning cock. The noise turns you on even more, and I can’t be slow and teasing any more. The hand on your hip strokes down your thigh and back up, fighting your skirt out of the way till the light brush of lace is all that’s between us.

We haven’t canlı bahis even kissed yet and here I am, fingers stroking over your juice soaked panties. You tense and gasp; oversensitive to my touch. But I’ll be gentle. I have the feeling the excitement of this encounter has you pulled tight as a bowstring.

My fingers stray beneath the lace to find your plump wet lips oh so inviting. I lick your neck; a breathy gasp my reward. Squeeze my cock a little harder. I want to feel those little jolts of pleasure race up and down my torso.

I stroke you gently with just a finger, feeling you jerk and keen. You’re so excited aren’t you? I slip so easily between your lips and I feel your little clit; hard and proud. It’s too close, and you mewl and twitch. I’ll be gentle.

I can’t wait to be inside you, but I will. I’ll let you rock yourself silly against my thick firm fingers. The sound of you whimpering in tortured delight as I circle your clit, makes me want to taste you. Do you taste as good as you smell?

“Look at me” I direct, waiting for you to bring your fevered gaze into mine. I sink to my knees, pressing your skirt up and out of my way and fuck–

–fuck you are beautiful. I’m torn between eating you up and watching you cum with nothing but the soft stroke of a foreign touch, and I realise I can have both.

Faster. I’m greedy for it. Those little plaintive noises you make, make my cock bob almost painfully against my trousers and I want more delicious friction. You’re fucking yourself against my hand now. I can see something like fear on your face and I realise this one will be so big, barrelling in on you that you’re frightened of it.

Here it comes, growing and reaching out across your body and down your legs like wildfire, sparking out in a flush of orgasm. A wave you ride against my hand. I’m almost jealous as I watch your wet thighs shudder with the force of it.

Before you can react I bury my face into that juicy cunt. All gentility gone. All thought of slowly owning you tonight, forgotten. bahis siteleri Right now I just want you to fuck my face. Use my mouth to climb higher still.

Oh fuck, I’m already so hard and hot. I can feel beads of precum smearing my clothing and the rough rasp of cloth against my head is torture. Look at what you’ve done to me.

What do you feel like? How would you feel around my length? I can’t help the temptation as I slide a finger in none too gently, along your slit and delve into your impossibly soft heat. I gasp against your pert little clit and a moan is torn from your breathless voice. Do you want another? Two fingers curling and thrusting inside you.

That’s it, grasp my shoulder to keep you upright. It’s getting so hard now isn’t it? To keep coherent thought when all you can focus on is my rough tongue rasping against your hard little button; winding you tighter and tighter and tighter, and the resistance of my fingers inside… but it’s not enough is it?

I tug at my clothes, freeing my thick dick, drawing the thin sheath of skin down over the hot rod of muscle beneath and I need to be inside you right now. As I pull back, you whimper at the loss before you see the hunger in my eyes and you know what I need.

You tear at your top, needing to offer more of your skin to me and I greedily accept. I want your breasts; to suck on those stiff, hardened nipples. Your head falls back as I draw so much soft velvety skin into my mouth and fondle the other in my hand.

And suddenly we’re like animals bucking against one another in futility. I want your tight little body so fucking badly right now. I press your clothes back, exposing you to my demanding mouth as my hips thrust up. The weight of my erection bumping up against your naked sex is enough to pull a tiny wail from your throat.

I want it. I want to own the noise I drew from you and I pull your mouth down on mine. You’re so impatient as you fumble with my zip and belt, crawling forward and taking me in hand.

To call it kissing bahis şirketleri is too tame. We devour one another; the taste of your pussy mixed with the alcohol that still clings to your tongue. We’re doing this back to front; too fast, but not fast enough.

Suddenly I feel you rubbing your soaking slit over the tight bulb of my head and I just want to fuck you so bad. I tell you so and you groan, grasping the nape of my neck with one hand to steady yourself. You rest your forehead against mine as we both hold our breath. My cock slides past your lips, stretching your sex and I can feel you grip me from every angle.

The noise you make is so fucking erotic I lurch up into you; making your tits bounce. You keen and moan as I start a slow rhythm, loving the tension your body holds me in; but it’s not enough. I want to fuck you.

You’re so fucking tight and I’m so hard inside you right now, filling you so deliciously. I thrust in and out, gripping your hips. But I’ve got little patience for this slow in and out. I like the way you sound, feel too much. I want to fuck you.

You need a good fucking don’t you? Need something to cum around? Don’t you?

My hands slide round to your buttocks, exposed for the world to see should they wish. I want you fucking bouncing on me, and so I grip you, encouraging you. I spread your cheeks, my hips lifting to fuck you deep.

You want to lose control don’t you? Want to be fucked silly; lose sight and thought of everything else except how fucking sexy your body is and how much pleasure you can possibly feel, and fuck–I want you.

One hand moves to grind gracelessly against your clit and force your orgasm up and out of you. Your voice is a desperate wail, swelling with each punishing thrust I press up into your pliant body. It wont be long now, not when you’re fucking my cock like that.

Cum, cum around me and let me feel every muscle clench with the almost painful intensity. I can feel you’re so close. Let me hear you cum. So fucking close. That’s it, good girl, you’re so close…

And you ride that cock through your orgasm so beautifully and I’m tumbling behind you, spilling myself in delicious spasms into your gripping cunt. Fucking ride me, like that…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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