My Mother the Stripper Ch. 02

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Authors Note: All characters are fictional and are over eighteen years of age.

My Mother the Stripper — Chapter two.

It had been just over a month since Roxy left, the club hired a new stripper named Dixie, and they promoted Crystal to be the headliner. Angel, thinking she should be the headliner, was livid. She and her followers started to shun Crystal just like they had with Roxy.

Crystal started sitting by herself, away from the others in the diner. She was in her late twenties and like Roxy, she had danced at many clubs up and down the Interstate and had a good following herself.

The first thing you saw when she entered a room were her breasts, your eyes were just drawn to them. I wonder how many could recognize her without seeing her chest.

Night after night it was the same thing, after the club closed, the dancers would come in and take the booth I had designated for them. All but Crystal, she just sat by herself.

One night after the place started clearing out, I decided to go over and talk to her. I was fighting my shyness, but it wasn’t easy.

I grabbed a pot of decaf coffee and two cups. I sat down across from her trying to keep my eyes on her face. I was sure I was blushing, but she was generous enough to act like she hadn’t notice. I suppose she gets that reaction all the time, but to her, the twin girls were her money makers.

At first we made small talk about the weather and she commented positively about our choice of the special that night.

Then she just blurted out,

“I know why Roxy left!”

I was taken aback, I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at her expecting the worse. She apparently knew that I had sex with my mother but I was unsure how she would react. I gulped hard, bracing myself for the worst. Would I be fired and labeled a pervert? As my mind kept racing she continued,

“Roxy has fallen in love with you!”

I almost choked on my coffee,

“H-H-How do you figure that,” I asked feeling a bit taken.

“I’ve known Roxy for years and I’ve seen this before. She was going on and on about how cute you were and that she enjoyed being your center of attention whenever she was in the diner.”

“It was just a suspicion until I saw how she came on to you at the club. I had never seen her jump in someone’s lap before and have sex with someone right away like she did with you. She usually works the overpriced drinks longer.”

My first thought was that she just had everything wrong and didn’t really know the truth why she left. As she continued, however, everything started making sense. Maybe she was in love with me and ran when she found out I was her son.

I started wondering if I had really fallen in love with Roxy, or maybe I was just overtaken by my lust for her.

It was almost like Crystal had read my mind when she asked,

“So, are you in love with her?”

I paused, not knowing what to say, then Crystal continued,

“I see by your pause that you really aren’t sure, are you?”

“Tomorrow is your payday and the night the guys come to the club, why don’t you come with them so you can find out?”

I wasn’t sure what she had meant by the comment, but did it really matter?

I thought about it for a minute, then I remembered and commented,

“Not sure I can do that, your manager has banished me from the club.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that,” she interjected,

“He’s always banishing people from the club for one reason or another, he probably doesn’t even remember.”

“He’s all about money so he will never reject a paying customer, besides, he makes a lot of money off you guys. He will never do anything to jeopardize that income.”

“Come see me tomorrow night, let’s see if I can make you forget all about Roxy.”

I must admit, she had me thinking. Is it possible that Roxy left because she had fallen in love with me, or was it that she discovered she had had sex with her son? Maybe, I thought, just maybe, it was both.

The thought that Roxy had fallen in love with me was an unexpected twist to my infatuation with her. Could this possibly work and maybe we’d end up together. I just shrugged it off feeling that Crystal was wrong.

Eddie and the rest of the guys seemed to concur with Crystal about the club manager. I decided what the heck, all he can do is kick me out.

On Friday night I met with Eddie and the rest of the guys in front of the club. We entered and pushed two tables together about twenty feet from the stage.

Dixie was the first dancer, she entered the stage dressed as a Southern Belle, complete with hat, dress, a white umbrella and deep black shoulder length hair. She strutted her petite figure along the platform staying in character. She spoke to the guys in a sexy Southern drawl.

After making a complete round on the stage, she reached behind her and un-zipped her dress. It fell to the floor revealing a purple thong bikini. She stepped out of her dress and continued working the stage. The men were throwing cash at illegal bahis her. She threw her umbrella and hat to the side and undid her bra revealing perfect “B” cup breasts.

She dropped the bra onto the dress and kicked them off the stage. I found myself focusing on her tits, I had never seen pierced nipples before. Two small silver rings bobbed up and down with the bouncing of her body.

She took off her thong and rubbed it in the face of one of her admirers. She continued dancing, rubbing her ass in the faces of her audience. John the Janitor, seemed really taken with her. He ordered a round of drinks and grabbed a fist of ones, he rushed to an empty seat next to the stage.

When John ran out of ones, he put his tongue back in his mouth and joined us at the table. He started a tab for the drinks hoping to get a lap dance from Dixie before the night was over.

I just sat there day dreaming about Roxy. These dancers were attractive alright, but somehow I became oblivious to the happenings on the stage.

Commotion at our table brought me back to reality. Dixie had singled out John and sat with him at our table. Her sexy southern drawl was captivating and she knew just how to use it. She had John buy her a drink and start a tab. After a few minutes of small talk she led John away.

I got up and went to the restroom, when I got back to the table, Cinnamon was on stage. At just five foot three, she had no trouble working the pole. The MC started cheering her on and her fans responded with cash.

Eddie’s favorite, Angel, followed Cinnamon and had her normal white wings. Somehow she seemed more arrogant than I remembered, noticeably she was still upset about not being the Headliner.

After her dance she approached Eddie at our table. Her arrogance was becoming quite a turn-off and Eddie ended up refusing Angles invitation to the VIP room.

I asked Eddie,

“No lap dance tonight?”

Eddie replied,

“Nah, she’s becoming quite a bitch, I’ll keep my money tonight. Next time I do have a private dance, I may have to pick Dixie.”

“She’s no Roxy, but I think sooner or later she’ll be popular.”

“I heard she gives a hell of a lap dance, the guys all say she’s well worth the money.”

I nodded in agreement.

I started daydreaming again and was somewhat startled as the MC got everyone’s attention as he announced Crystal, the headliner.

The men crowded the stage. Soon they were cheering and jeering as Crystal and her meandering mammary’s bounced and jiggled. She wore a black garter and soon it was stuffed with bills. She continued arousing and enticing her audience for at least fifteen minutes.

After her dance the stage went dark for an intermission.

I sat there enjoying my drink and talking to Eddie and the guys when I was blinded by hands over my face. A female voice behind me said,

“Guess who shy boy?”

I knew right away it was Crystal, I could tell because she was rubbing her breasts against the back of my neck.

She pulled up an empty chair and hailed the cocktail waitress. She told me to get my wallet out. When I did, she snatched it out of my hand. She pulled out my credit card, and ordered a drink for herself. She winked at the knowing waitress signaling her to set up a tab.

First we talked about the diner, then she started flirting. She reached over and touched my crotch, puzzled, she readjusted her hand. Obviously she was searching for an erection that wasn’t there. Normally I’d have a huge bulge in my pants by now, but this time was different.

She took my hand and said to the guys,

“I’m going to borrow your friend here for a while, looks like I have some work to do!”

With that she led me to the VIP lounge.

She pushed me into an overstuffed chair and proceeded to treat me to an erotic lap dance. She rubbed her ass in my face and seductively rubbed her chest against me.

She reached down to my crotch and seemed a little put out because I still didn’t have a full erection.

She undid my pants and pulled them along with my underwear down to my ankles. She seemed put out when she saw my penis was only about half erect. She took my head into her mouth and struggled to deep throat my semi-erect shaft. She reclined me and got up on me pushing her bare pussy in my face. She continued to work my manhood in and out of her mouth. Although I still wasn’t fully erect I did manage to cum, but only a little. She continued to work on me as if it was now a personal challenge.

It was no use, I just didn’t get aroused with Crystal the way I did with Roxy. The attendant peeked into the room and told Crystal she had a customer asking for her. She reluctantly left. I pulled my pants up and wondered if telling a dancer she had a customer waiting was their way to signal the end of the session.

Then the humiliation kicked in. I had never had problems with getting an erection before in my life, quite to the contrary. Just like any other twenty one year old it usually took no time at all illegal bahis siteleri to get aroused, but Mr. stiffy had abandoned me this time.

I dejectedly dragged myself back to the table and attempted to hide my shame. I ordered a double Bourbon and tried to watch the rest of the show. The guys didn’t seem to know what had just happened, so hopefully it would stay my and Crystals little secret.

Eddie and I made it to work early and started chugging black coffee in an attempt to sober up. It was the typical Friday night crowd, Eddie and I struggled to keep up with the orders. Sara took her normal frequent cigarette breaks.

When the club closed, the strippers came in and took their usual booth. I looked around but didn’t see Crystal, she was nowhere to be found.

When I finally did see her she had come behind the counter and grabbed a pot of decaf. She motioned for me to follow her. I took two cups off the stack and complied.

She led me to my office and closed the door.

As we settled in I saw her start to smile.

“You’ve got it bad don’t you?”

“What do you mean,” I sheepishly replied.

“I think you know what I mean, I’ve seen this type of thing before. I get truckers in here and although they want lap dances, something keeps holding them back when I try to give them a blow-job.”

I was puzzled as she continued,

“The thing that holds them back is that they are in love with someone else and they have trouble getting it up with me.”

“So w-w-what are you saying,” I stammered.

I’m saying that you are defiantly in love with Roxy, you felt that maybe you were cheating on her.”

She went on,

“It won’t be all that hard to find her.”

“What do you mean?”

“She has worked at clubs along the Interstate for years. All you have to do is check out the clubs truckers go to and sooner or later she should turn up. With her reputation, she’ll have no trouble finding a place to dance.”

When Crystal left I just sat there pondering my next move, it was obvious that if Roxy had fallen in love with me, I had to find her.

When my shift ended that morning I went back to my motel room and checked out Gentlemen’s clubs in all directions along the Interstate. There were a lot more of them than I would have thought. I needed a way to narrow them down.

The answer came the next morning at work. It was Saturday night/Sunday morning, the club crowd had cleared and I was setting in a booth going over the supply order for the next week.

As I sat there I saw movement, it was one of my regulars, a trucker named Floyd. He took the booth next to me and leaned over the seat back and said,

“I heard you’re looking for Roxy!”

“What makes you think that?” I asked, suspecting how he knew.

“Sara has been asking all us truckers to help you find her!”

I should have known, Sara, being a retired stripper turned night waitress, had become a main perpetuator of local gossip. She loved getting the juicy goods on someone then tries to make others think she’s just trying to help.

It’s just like her to be listening in on private conversations. She must have been outside my door when Crystal and I talked yesterday.

Floyd, a trucker who loved juicy gossip himself continued,

“I’ve put feelers out to the other truckers, don’t worry, we’ll find her for you!”

“Thanks,” I said, trying to put up a front like I appreciated the help.

Inside I was fuming, I should have known better than try to have a private conversation with busy body Sara around.

As Floyd got up to leave he handed me a sheet of paper, on it was a list of clubs where he knew Roxy had worked at in the past. It was a lengthy list.

With Mondays and Tuesdays off, my normal Sunday routine was to stay up as long as I could so I could sleep normal hours on Sunday and Monday night.

So I stayed up most of the day and checked out the Clubs where Floyd had suggested I look for Roxy.

I dismissed the notion that maybe she’d be dancing under an alias, because I knew “Moxy Roxy” was her trademark and she had a huge following under that name.

Finding her was now my mission, so as part of my search, I started emailing some of the clubs asking about her.

I found my search quite tiring so I ended up going to bed about nine PM. My nude slumber was interrupted at about two in the morning by someone pounding loudly on my door. Convinced that it was just a drunk trying to get in the wrong room, I ignored it.

But the person at the door was persistent so I finally slid on my pajama bottoms and went to the door to see who it was. I checked the peephole but didn’t see anyone. I cracked open the door as far as the security chain would let me and peered through the open crack. I couldn’t see anyone, so I closed the door and unhooked the chain.

When I reopened the door, a dark figure pushed their way into my room and reached down into my pajama bottoms and grabbed me by the balls.

I was pushed back onto the bed and canlı bahis siteleri I was blinded by a scarf being tied over my eyes. Whoever it was they weren’t very big, but they were amazingly strong for their size.

A strong scent of perfume filled my nostrils as a round shapely ass was pushed against my bare chest, pinning me to the bed.

This was indeed a women, but who?

I called out,

“Roxy is that you?”

No answer,

So I called out again,

“Roxy, is that you?”

Still no answer, but I felt a finger over my lips in an attempt to shush me. She pulled down my pajama bottoms and took my penis into her mouth. I reached up to touch her breasts hoping I could get a hint as to who she was by the size of her tits, but she kept pushing my hands away.

I wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking or not, but I soon had myself convinced that my attacker was none other than Roxy.

Before long my penis sprang to life.

She started working my manhood in and out of her mouth, just like Roxy had done during her lap dance. The bulb at the top of my cock had ballooned up to twice its size.

She kept licking and sucking my shaft, driving me closer and closer to climax. I was just about to explode when her assault on my boner abruptly stopped. The scarf was removed from my eyes and I felt the pressure being removed from my chest. Soon I heard the door open and close.

I jumped out of bed and tripped and fell. I pulled up my pajama bottoms and rushed to the door in an attempt to find out who it was.

I didn’t see anyone so I ran out into the hallway trying to catch a glimpse of her. I ran up and down the hallways losing and tripping on my bottoms several times. It was a frail attempt to find her, it was no use, and she was gone.

I decided rather than flashing my bare crotch to everyone, I decided that I had better get back to my room. I must have been a hell of a sight, there in my PJ’s and a hard-on causing a huge tent in the flimsy clothing trying to my crotch. When I got back to my door I realized that in the confusion, I had inadvertently locked myself out of my room.

There I was, panting and sporting an immense erection. My face must have been beet red with embarrassment.

I tried my best to calm down.

Once I felt that my rod had become at least partially flaccid I made my way to the front desk to ask for another key.

I tapped the bell and a young lady was soon facing me with a baffled look on her face. Her gaze seemed affixed on my crotch.

I looked down and to my dismay I discovered that I had a large wet spot of pre-come and my now semi-flaccid penis was partially poking its head out of my front opening of my bottoms.

I tried covering myself the best I could with my hands and asked if I could have another key.

She looked up at me, smiled and said,

“S-s-sure, but there will be an extra charge.”

I nodded in agreement and she went to work on my key. Somehow she already knew my room number even though she was new and I hadn’t seen her before. I looked up and saw how she knew what room I was in, all the hallways were on display on television screens behind the desk and she must have seen the whole thing.

“Ah,” I said sheepishly,

“Did you happen to get a good look at my visitor on the screen there,” I said pointing to the monitor.

“I really wasn’t paying much attention to that, but I did see a person pounding on your door a few minutes ago!”

“Did you happen to see who it was?”

“Nope, just a short dark figure that looked like a women, but she had a scarf over her face so I couldn’t really see who it was!”

“She was wearing hot pants and a sports bra, so I assumed she was a stripper.”

“How about when she left, I doubt if she was wearing the scarf then.”

“Nope, but I did see you running up and down the hall like a love sick puppy in all you glory!”

I swallowed hard and squeaked out,

Is there a way I can look at the tape, I really need to find out who she was!”

“Well, we don’t have access to the recording, you’ll have to ask the manager, she’s in at seven!”

Oh great, I thought, another women!!

I put my tail between my legs and dragged myself back to my room. Luckily the key worked so I entered and tried to go back to sleep. It wasn’t easy, my blue balls were begging for release. I ended up masturbating at the thought that maybe the visitor was Roxy.

Then, out of the blue, I found myself getting aroused at the thought of being on the tape and having those women watching me, erect manhood and all. I have never had any fantasies of being a voyeur, but heck, at the moment I found it very stimulating.

The next morning I showered and got dressed, excited at the thought of seeing the tape and maybe learning the identity of my night visitor.

When I got to the front desk I could hear a commotion in the manager’s office. There was the manager and two of the cleaning women watching the tape. When I knocked on the doorjamb to get their attention, they all turned and faced me. They all seemed to be gazing at my crotch.

“Look, it’s our new porn star!” proclaimed one of the cleaning women, “Are you here to admire your video?”

“We sure have been enjoying it.”

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