My Experience on the Nuptial Night

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Hi Friends… I am Sumi… I thank you all for the tremendous response and the excellent praise for the two real-life encounters already posted by me. A majority of those who praised me have requested me to tell vividly about my first night experience. Though I first thought it to be very personal, and did not want to share this with my readers, because of the overwhelming demand through the mails that I have been receiving of late, I am pleased to post it for your reading pleasure, friends. Do please drop me a mail if you liked it!

On the nuptial night, after making all the ceremonious rites, we were asked to enter the room; first he entered alone, and after getting the ‘aashirvad’ from my parents and parents-in-law, I entered the room with a silver pot containing some flavoured milk, as was the custom in typical south-Indian families. The door was bolted from outside, and by way of abundant caution, I bolted it from inside too!

I reached the decorated cot and just stood there looking down and blushing… my hubby, though we had met and talked many times before, and have even gone outing quite a few times, looked at me as if he were seeing me for the first time, and slowly got up and places his shoulders on my shoulders… I placed the milk pot on the bed stand and I slowly bent down and touched his feet (again, as was the custom); he gently raised me and touched my face and kissed gently on my cheek and made me sit on the cot. Once seated, he started kissing my eyes and told me that he had been waiting for such an occasion since the day one we had met! We were just looking at each other; he took my hands and covered them with his hands and pulled me closer to him. I did feel very shy, but he re-assured me that he would be very gentle, and if I felt so tired, we could just talk for some time and retire to bed… to which I smiled and asked if he was really that tired to sleep. He winked and with a naughty smile said that he would be damn tired after some time, and asked me whether I got his point.

I just nodded my head up and down, and stretched my arms to fetch the milk pot from the bed stand and poured the contents in a silver glass and gave it to him. He took that glass from me and came near me, brushing his thighs against mine, (we were dressed in silk clothes) and took a sip of milk from it, came near me, bent down and took my face in his hands, gently kissed my lips and poured the milk into my mouth… and asked me to gulp it. I went berserk though it was not the first kiss I got from him… he had kissed me quite a few times, after our engagement, whenever we were alone either at home or whenever we went out in his car. But, this first kiss after getting married, did do wonders which I cannot put in words. Even after a gap of about four years, the moment I think of the first night, I become so excited and I wish, we had such an occasion every night for years to come.

I drank the milk and again, he repeated the act, and asked me to drink it again. After I did, he asked me to take a sip from the glass, and reciprocated the act, which I readily obliged… and it was the first kiss that I prompted from my side! It felt so wonderful… and while slowly transferring the liquid, I felt his hands gently hugging me around my shoulders and I slowly moved in to enjoy his touch. He was in a ‘dhoti’ and I was in a ‘saree’ and we were just hugging each other, without parting our lips, and just sucking on each other’s lips… and I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth, parting my lips… and I allowed him to… while sucking on his tongue, I felt his hands trying to slip under the ‘pallu’ of the saree to feel my hips, and breasts… I moved a little to give him some space so that he might easily slip in his hands… and I tried to hug him tight… His lips slowly traced a wet line on my cheeks, travelled down to my chin, and then to my neck, and licked my neck for some time, enjoying the sweet fragrance (emanating because of the special precautions taken by me for the event), and his hands were busy massaging my breasts and smooth buttocks… without removing any piece of our clothing. I just remained passive, my eyes kept tightly shut, simply enjoying the pleasure of his touch and pressure… and a gentle escaped my mouth… He looked up and asked me to open my eyes… and suggested that we should strip each other… I was waiting for his orders… and though I was excited and nervous, I was too eager to comply with his suggestion and simply expressed my acceptance.

I was trembling with excitement, and eager as this was the first time I am going to expose my body, (even my mother had not seen me without any clothes, whenever I requested for her help to shampoo my hair or rub my back at the time of bathing – I would hide my body in a towel, or at least there would be my bras and panties) completely surrender to a man, and would be seeing a nude male, all live! Things that we used to discuss among friends when we were in college bahis firmaları kept on ringing in the back of my mind… and I just could not hide my nervousness and excitement.

My hubby (I would like to address him Navneet) slowly removed the saree off my shoulders, and let it fall down and the portion which was inserted into the petticoat was pulled off and he took it off entirely from my body. I was standing before him in my petticoat, and my blouse. He gently whistled, and hugged me once again, and I could feel something bulging between his legs… (believe me, I have never felt it before… he had never insisted in exploring our privates whenever we went outing… we would simply kiss for a few seconds!) He asked me to hug him tightly… and remove his dhoti and shirt too… I was more than willing to do it, but as advised by my mom, I acted that I was a bit reluctant and made him persuade me in going ahead, and I gently tugged at his dhoti, and started unbuttoning his shirt… and remove it off his body. His dhoti fell at his feet, and he was standing before me in his briefs, just sporting an obviously big bulge. He pulled the string of the petticoat and untied it so that another hurdle is also removed. Off went my blouse too, leaving me standing in my lacy bra and panties!

He took me in his arms and held me close to him. My breasts pressed into his chest. His chest massaged my breasts. I began to get turned on heavily. Suddenly I noticed that I have pressed my pubic bone against his thigh, and I hadn’t even noticed when I did it! Navneet’s hand found its way all the way around my back, under my arms and pressed against the edge of my breasts. His other hand began to work its way to my ass.

‘Aththan (my love),’ I said firmly.

He moved the hand away from my ass, but didn’t move the one near my breast. Again I felt his hardness and my pubic bone pressed against his thigh. I felt wet between my legs. My head was against his and I was breathing harder on his ear. He holds me tighter and our bodies seem to melt together. He then put his arm around me and kissed me again. I kissed him back. We lay back on the bed. He untied the snap of my bra and pushes it aside. His hand slid inside my bra cups and caressed my breasts. He squeezed it gently. We both started to breathe deeper. He played with my nipple. I haven’t felt this much like a woman in years! He pulled the bra down over my shoulders, exposing my milk white breasts. He looked at my breasts and I can tell he liked what he saw. My heart began to race. Breathing was difficult. I am lying on a bed showing my naked breasts to MY man! He took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck. GOD, THAT FELT SO GOOD! His tongue ran circles around my hard pink nipple.

‘Ooooohhhhhhh!’, I moaned out loud.

He muffled the sound from my mouth with his mouth planting a wet, passionate kiss, and went ahead in tormenting my nipples…

On his persuasion, I put my hand in the top of his briefs and found his hard dick. My fingers encircled it. It was quite huge. I didn’t know if I would be able to take it inside me. His hips began to move. He stood up at the end of the bed and pulled me to a standing position. He then turned me around and backed me up to him and put his arms around me. Each hand found a tit and squeezed it. I looked into the full-length mirror and saw my man playing with my tits. The only thing I had on is a pair of white bikini panties WHAT A TURN ON it was! He squeezed my tits, pulled and twisted my nipples. I was tingling all over. He turned me around again. He got on his knees in front of me and slid my white bikini panties to the floor. I stepped out of them. He rubbed my legs from my ankles, up to my calves, over my thighs and then caressed my pussy lips. He slid a finger into my very hot pussy and moved it in and out. My heart was racing again! He then slid another finger inside, then another. I couldn’t get my breath! His other hand found my clit and began massaging it. I just couldn’t help moaning, ‘Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!’

He kissed my hairy triangle, which I had trimmed that morning… and he suggested that he would like me to shave it off and keep it bald. I agreed, and that’s the way I keep it to date. You know, I had (and I would always like) to keep my hubby happy and pleased.

I was enjoying the sweet sensation that his fingers are delivering on my pussy and my hubby asked me whether it hurts me or is it painful… to which I answered in the negative. On this reply he felt reassured and increased his pace and inserted one more finger and I felt something blocking his fingers from entering any further in… and I did feel a sharp pain… and somewhat a ticklish sensation. I told him so, and he told me about the hymen and I nodded my head that I too was aware of it. There was a sense of appreciation and he asked me with a bit of surprise in his voice that I had never masturbated before marriage. I answered in the negative again, though kaçak iddaa I told him that I had played with my pussy but never allowed my fingers nor anything else to enter inside it, as I had reserved it for my ‘beloved future husband’… and smiled passionately at him.

I asked him how often would he play with his tool and he said, since the day our engagement was finalised, he had used to play with his dick at least twice a day, thinking of me! I felt really happy… and asked him, had he really thought of me alone or any one else would just barge in on his fantasy… to which he somewhat with a flush admitted that either Aish or Sushmita would try to make his mind waver a bit… but he would brush them aside and concentrate on my face. Don’t you think I am quite lucky to have him as my hubby?

He brought his face licking all the way down from my breasts, reaching my bellybutton, flat tummy, soft underbelly, and reached my most sensitive area… where no one ever had any access till now!

‘Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!’

He kissed my hairy triangle. I put my hands on his head. His tongue found the crack between my wet pussy lips. I spread my legs to give him easier access to my most private area. His tongue reached my clit and licked gently it. My knees got weak and began to tremble. He sucked my clit into his mouth. I look into the mirror to get a better view of MY man on his knees sucking my pussy.

‘Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!’ I thrust my pussy into his face. I lost all inhibitions and I was just moaning with pleasure… He asked me whether I liked what he did to me… and would I like to do him what he does to me… that is to reciprocate the pleasure. I was too eager to please him, and I asked him what I should do to please him… but indeed begged him not to stop what he has been doing. I could sense a triumphant smile on his face, and he slowly straightened himself, removed his face from my pussy and took hold of my hands and pressed them against the bulge at the crotch of his brief. I felt somewhat shy and gently hooked my fingers inside the waistband of his brief and tugged it down… and ‘plop’ was the sound and his cock popped out like a serpent. That was the first time I saw a LIVE cock, hanging (rather poking up straight in the air) between the legs of an adult male… I had bathed my nephew (who was just two-three years old) but never seen even a teen-aged cock, in flesh and blood. I was really thrilled to see it alive and longed to touch it.

I slowly circled my hands around it and felt it really hot and it throbbed as if it had a heart of its own which was pumping blood. I could not believe myself… I was mesmerised. He slowly smiled and asked me, “Sumi, this is the only treasure that I have for you now! Take it, my honey… Do whatever you would like to do with it… It is not mine, it is yours from this day… I cease to be the rightful owner of it from now; and I endorse every right to you, my Kannamma (a sweet pleasantry in Tamil for ‘sweetheart’).”

I was very pleased to listen to those sweet words… and gently kissed the tip of the cock… and he took hold of my cheeks in his palms, and gently bent down and kissed me on my lips.

I asked him, “May I suck your cock?”

He said, “Yes, my dear… I would suggest, though it would be erotic to address it as ‘cock’, and yours as ‘pussy’, would it not give a sensational and erotic thinking if we address them as ‘gopalakrishna’ and ‘radha’ respectively… so that even when people are around, we can talk about our respective assets and enjoy when they think that we are talking about someone?”

I returned a sexy smile, and nodded… and said, “Okay, let me kiss Gopalakrishna and bathe him with my saliva, while you take care of your Radha,” and kissed ‘him’ once again with fervour. He suggested that we would do that simultaneously, and lie down on his back and he slowly made me sit on his face, and asked me to bend down and kiss Gopalakrishna so that we were tasting each other simultaneously…

Navneet put his hands on my head and moved my head closer to Gopalakrishna. I kissed the head lightly. I moved my mouth down the shaft and kissed the sides of this magnificent member. He used a little more force with his hands and moved my head back in front of his dick and pushed it against my mouth. I opened my mouth and he slowly inched in inside. His tasted somewhat strange and I could not exactly identify the taste… though I liked it… it was somewhat salty, musky, and smelt like something I have never experienced. Indeed, I have never experienced this before… He didn’t taste bad at all. As a matter of fact, he tasted real good. (I think my heart will burst out of my chest even now, when I think of that night, dear reader.) Soon the whole head was inside my mouth and I sucked and moved my head back and forth. It felt quite strange having a dick in my mouth. Navneet put more pressure on my head with his hands and his dick moved to the back kaçak bahis of my mouth. He asked me whether I felt any difficult or I was uncomfortable… and I had to fight not to gag. Now it was going in even deeper. I moved my head back just to get my breath. I sucked hard, hoping he would not want it to go in deeper.

Navneet was moaning. ‘Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooooohhhhhhh!’ He liked it! I changed my mind and took as much as I can into my mouth. I only managed to get about half of its length inside. I continued to move my head back to the tip and then back as deep as I can go. I sucked enthusiastically. One time when I am going as deep as I can, Navneet pressed my head and the entire length goes down my throat! I couldn’t breath! I moved my head back to take a breath then he pushed it back down again. This time it was easier. I didn’t know I could take a dick so far down my throat. He asked me use my tongue on it and lick around the sides and suck it at the same time so that he could enjoy it fully… and he started to attack my pussy.

He slowly licked the whole length of my pussy, starting from the place where the crack started and reached my clit and dabbed his tongue on the bud a few times and circled it round and round and gentled sucked it in. While he did the sucking with his lips, his tongue was busy licking the crack and he was pushing his tongue inside deeper and deeper with every lick. He stopped for a second, raised his head, and patted on my fleshy bottom, and I stopped sucking his rod and looked at him. He told me, “No wonder, Radha is tasting so sweet and smells so fragrant. Because, Radha belongs to my sweet Sumi. I think, I am not going to stop devouring me and my tongue and lips would become sore by morning.” and continued his feasting. I could not control my passion, and I trembled… I took hold of Gopalakrishna in my hands, and started inserting him deeper into my mouth and started sucking him again with more vigour and I felt his hairy balls and massaged him slowly and gently. I had read in books (and when we friends at college discuss about men’s anatomy just to pass time) that the balls are very sensitive in a man’s body and they are very ‘fragile’ so fearing not to hurt him, I was very soft and gentle in handling his most precious treasure.

This went on for a few minutes and he stopped licking his ‘Radha’ and told me that I must stop sucking him immediately otherwise he might come in my mouth… and he said, he was not ready for this to happen so he asked me to quit sucking his dick and take one of his hairy balls into my mouth and suck. I did so, and he said the time has come to take him into me and to become united… I was too ready for that. I wanted his tongue badly on my pussy… I was also flooding and my pussy was so wet and sticky; I knew he had made me cum so much… I asked him did he really liked my cum… and he said with a passionate kiss on my lips that I indeed tasted so sweet and to check for myself. Yes, I did taste so sweet… which I tasted from his mouth. Was he not too lucky to have me as his wife?

I stood up and walked over to the bed again and lied down. He lied beside me and we kissed for a while again. I can feel his fingers probing around my pussy lips. I reached down and took his still hard dick in my hand. I pumped up and down. I then moved my hand to his balls and cupped them and squeezed gently. He sucked on my hard pink nipples. We were both now out of control. It was very hot in the room. May be because we were very HOT… Navneet moved down between my legs and his tongue found the opening of my pussy and he sticks it inside and then licks between my inner lips. He sucked my clit into his mouth and I went wild with excitement. He began to rub my pussy while he is still sucking and I went crazy! He stopped and lied me on my back and got over me. At last, We were going to do it. He straddled me on all fours and looked down at me.

‘What do you want me to do now?’ he asked… and told me to talk something dirty to make the day (rather night) a memorable one… which would linger on our memory till we breath our last….

‘I want you to put it inside me.’

‘You mean that you want me to fuck you?’

‘Yes, I want you to fuck me.’

‘Well, you must ask me nice.’

‘Please don’t tease me. Fuck me. Please, Aththan, Please fuck me.’

I spread my legs wide to make it easy for him to enter me. He lowered himself on me and I took his hard dick in my hand and guided it to my waiting pussy. It touched my opening and he stopped.

‘Please, Aththan, I really want you to fuck me.’

He slowly eased his huge cock into my very hot cunt and I felt a sharp pain when it stopped just barely a few centimetres inside me. He tried to push it in… but it would not enter any more… though I felt my hold to be very wet and slippery… and the pain was really unbearable… I begged him not to push any more and he stopped.. he was really concerned about my comfort… and asked me whether he should pull it out…]

I said, “Please wait, Aththan, let Radha try to accommodate Gopalakrishna… slowly and sssssssssteadddily push it in.. aaah ahhhhh mmmmmmaaaa ohhhh….”

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