My Detective

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The texting has been fun. The reality of all our words coming to fruition hits me full force as I walk from my car towards the station. I’m carrying coffees, an innocuous visit to you at work. My stomach knotted with nerves, I open the front door and walk to the reception desk.

“Welcome to 44 Division. Can I help you?” The smiling uniformed officer asks me from behind the front desk.

“Hi. Yes. I’m here to see Detective Gray.” I attempt to keep my voice clear and steady, while my heart jumps into my throat.

“Is he expecting you?” He asks.


“Name please.” He continues to smile at me, and I clear my throat before I answer.

“Serena Thompson.”

The uniformed man leaves the room and I stand there, willing my hands to stop shaking. It is not long before he returns, unlocks the door to the left of his desk and ushers me in.

“Right this way.”

I follow him down a long hallway, avoiding eye contact with the men and women in uniform walking the hallway. Each step feels clumsy, my heart fluttering and my mouth suddenly dry. He knocks on a door at the end of the hall, far away from the hustle and bustle of the main station. I peer around and it appears the adjoining offices are dark and uninhabited.

“Come in.” The voice, a low grumbling, comes from inside. A shiver spikes down my spine, as my escort officer opens the door and I attempt to walk into the office. My feet feel heavy and I take the four steps inside to stand before your desk as he shuts the door behind me.

I finally look up and you are in front of me, brusquely brushing past me to the door. I hear a click as you lock the door and turn to face me. I put the coffees down on your desk and let my purse fall to the ground. Striding towards me quickly, you grab me and pull me close, your lips finding mine immediately. The heat of your lips on mine is more than I can bear and I melt into your arms, sliding my hands down your back to pull you closer. Our tongues dance against each other and I hear a low groan escape your lips as you pull back slightly and your eyes finally meet mine.

“Hello beautiful.” Your deep voice washes over me and my body trembles.

“Wow. Hi.” I mutter, and shake my head, attempting to dislodge the foggy, heated flush I can feel surrounding my head.

I turn from you and approach the chair across from your desk.

“No. Don’t sit down. I need something first.” Your hands run down my body as you turn me back to face you. We had, jokingly I thought, talked about what I was going to wear today, and that you wanted to keep the thong I was wearing. My breath catches as illegal bahis I feel your hands slide up my smooth legs, lifting my skirt to slide up my thighs. An involuntary moan escapes my lips. Your hands slide up further, barely grazing my steaming pussy before hooking into the sides of my thong. You begin to slide it slowly down my legs and I lift first one, then the other, leg to allow you to slide them off me entirely. You crumple the black silky thong in your fist and bring it up to your face, inhaling deep. I blush, not completely understanding why this is so erotic and arousing to me.

“You smell so good babe.” You whisper, between sniffs. You smile into my eyes and balling the thong up in your fist, slide my thong into your pocket. You take me into your arms and kiss me again, deeply, my insides bubbling with desire.

You release me finally and usher me into the chair across from your desk. I cannot help but smile as you sink into your desk chair and lean back, hands flexed together, and stare at me. I giggle like a schoolgirl as I look into your lap, at the pronounced arousal tenting your pants.

“See something you’d like?” I can’t even begin to tell you what hearing your deep voice does to my insides. My pussy twitches and I can feel myself getting wet.

“Oh, you know exactly what I want.” My voice sounds foreign to me, husky with desire.

You get up suddenly and pull my chair close as you stand before me. Reaching down, you unzip your fly and I am finally face-to-face with your amazing cock. I look up into your eyes momentarily before attacking your cock. I slide my lips down your thick shaft with a moan. This is an unexpected treat for me, as you had warned me that when we meet in your office we would have to be careful. I forget this entirely as my mouth slides up and down your cock. I reach up to grab your shaft as my tongue swirls around the head. Your hands reach down and tangle in my long curls.

Pushing back suddenly, you pull away from me and zip up your pants. Once I have recovered from the shock, I pout at you and lick my lips.

With a low rumbling laugh, you kiss my forehead and go back to sit in your desk chair.

“A taste of what is to come, baby.” You shake your head as I continue to stare at you in surprise and disappointment.

We talk casually for a while, sipping coffee, and trying to disperse the overwhelming heated sexual tension in the room. We fail miserably. Getting up from your chair, your arousal evident, straining against your pants, you grab my hand and pull me to the side of your desk. Falling to your knees before me, you slide your hands up my illegal bahis siteleri legs again, and, with a quick laugh, pull my skirt over your head and lean close. I feel your hot breath against my smooth pussy and my legs shake in anticipation. Ever so slowly, you lean in and kiss my bare pussy, sliding your lips along the outside of my pussy. A soft gasp escapes my lips as your tongue slides out to slip between my lips and taste me. A few long licks along my steaming slit and you sit back on your heels, fixing my skirt back around me and a wide grin crosses your face. You stand again and go around to your chair. Unashamed now, I come around to your side of the desk and stand between your legs, leaning down to kiss you hungrily. I can hear that sexy low groan deep in your throat as I wrap my arms around you and pull you closer. You break our kiss suddenly and grab the top of my arms to hold me back, our breath coming out in panting gasps.

“We need to be careful.” You mutter, shaking your head. I smirk down at you, knowing that I have affected you as much as you have affected me. I motion to head back to my chair and you slowly run your hands up my body, lifting my shirt and groaning as you see the lacy blue bra I have chosen just for you. You yank the cups of my bra down and cup my voluminous tits, giving my nipples an exquisite hard pinch, before releasing me. You push me aside gently and I go sit in the chair across from you, my face flushed and my body trembling with desire.

After another few minutes of inane conversation, you get up again.

“I want to see that ass I’ve been dreaming of.” You pull my hands to make me stand up and then turn me around to face your desk. I place my hands flat on your desk and bend over, pushing my ass towards you. I groan as it rubs against your throbbing cock, trapped between too many layers of clothing for my liking.

You lift my skirt and with a resounding smack your hand lands hard on my right cheek. My body shakes as the stinging feeling of your hand sends tremors straight to my now dripping pussy. Another loud clap comes as your hand lands hard on my left cheek. I moan loudly, pressing my tits against your desk and thrusting my ass back towards you, wanting one more feel of that cock against me.

“Fuck it.” I hear you mutter as your hands leave my hips and I can hear you sliding your zipper down.

“Please baby, Fuck me.” I whisper.

I feel one of your hands yank my skirt up, bunching it around my waist, as your other hand guides your cock into my soaked pussy. With a hard thrust, your cock fills me, stretching my wet pussy around your thick canlı bahis siteleri shaft. I groan. You pause, your cock throbbing deep inside me.

“Oh my God, you feel so tight babe. I knew this would feel incredible when it finally happened, but Fuck!!” Your voice sends shivers down my spine.

You grab my hips and withdraw, only to thrust deep inside me once more.

“More.” I moan.

You begin fucking me in earnest, your cock deep and hard inside me, your balls slapping loudly against my ass. I want you this way. Hard. Fast. Almost painful. My hips bang against the edge of your desk as you continue the onslaught. I know that this is what all our talking has been leading up to. A hard fuck. Spontaneous and superb.

You reach under me and your thumb finds my clit, peaked and wet, and you start rubbing it back and forth as you thrust into me.

As I feel the sweet tension build up in my pussy, I realize that I am not going to last long. The delicious tingling spasms start deep in my pussy as I hear you growl.

“Cum for me, Serena. Cum only for me.”

As I start to tense, your hand comes around and covers my mouth, seconds before I cry out as my orgasm explodes around your cock. Lifting your hand from my clit, you grab my hips and thrust deeper and faster. I want to feel you cum inside me.

“Please……….” I groan.

Your cock pounds into me and I feel you thrust one last time, deep and hard, as your cock spasms and hot cum spurts deep inside me. Your hands hold my hips against you as your cock empties into me, throbbing and hot. Your arms slide around me and bring me to a standing position, pulling me close against you. Your cock slides out of me and I groan at the loss of it. Your hands cup my tits as you lean down and trail hot kisses against the side of my neck.

“Mmmmmmm.” You moan against my ear as your hands slowly leave my body and you take a step back. I brace myself against your desk, trying to catch my breath.

I can hear you tucking your cock back into your pants and zipping up. I stand and straighten my skirt around me. I can feel your cum dripping out of my bare pussy. I flash a sly grin at you, knowing this was not an expected occurrence, but an entirely wonderful one nonetheless.

Picking up my purse, I slide up to you to place a hard kiss on your lips.

“Thanks for the coffee, Detective.” I smile and start towards the door.

“Next time, my treat.” You respond with a grin.

“Whatever you’d like.” I unlock your door and turning back to you, with a mock salute and a wink, I walk out.

I walk back to the front desk and the uniformed officer stands up to unlock the door to allow me to go back out to the reception area.

“Get everything you need, Ms. Thompson?” He asks politely.

“Oh yes! Thanks!” I grin at him as I walk through the door, “Have a good day!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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