Mum Makes It a Perfect Birthday

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*All characters are over 18

It was my 19th birthday, I had invited 5 of my friends over for a barbeque. My dad was supposed to be there to deal with the cooking on the grill but he’d been asked to go on some conference somewhere and had been away for a week already, he was due back today, but mum said something about him being delayed and wouldn’t be around until a lot later. That had been happening a lot since his promotion. For about 2 years now it had seemed like I only saw him for about half an hour a week. I didn’t mind though, I didn’t really get on with my dad, I had no idea what mum saw in him. Mum was something else altogether. She was 45 and had the look of a woman who used to be a model. She could easily pass as 35, she was only about 5 foot 4, with an athletic body, tight toned legs, a firm ‘peachy’ bum, a flat stomach and breasts that looked to be a little more than a handful. She was so down to earth and easy to get on with. All my friends loved coming over to see her, but I suspect that was because, given the chance, they’d all love to be balls deep in her!

In recent weeks, mum had started making more of an effort, she wore her tatty track shorts and loose fitting t shirts less and less in favour of tighter, more revealing clothes. Occasionally she would go to the gym, so it would be all lycra, but even when she was relaxing at home, she’d wear jean hot pants or skirts that left little to the imagination. I’m not sure what prompted mums change in attire, but I wasn’t complaining. As a red blooded male, I appreciated the female form as much as the next man. It helped that the female form in question was more and more on display. At the weekends, if the weather was good I’d relax with mum by the pool, I’d always wear my mirrored sunglasses so I could peak at mum every chance I got.

Today was no exception, it was a glorious day and mum wore a pink bikini under a tiny denim mini skirt and a light shirt that was open, showing off her cleavage. I don’t know what it was, but mum was always way more relaxed when dad wasn’t about.

My friends arrived around 1pm. We all chilled out by the pool for a bit, mum was enjoying herself with my friends, all of whom she’d known since they were about 12, except Darryl, he was relatively new at school and this was the first time he’d been round to my house. Darryl was black, about 6 foot tall, athletic, the way teenage boys tend to be, and looked like he was about 20! Mum spent time with everyone but most of that first hour she spent getting to know him better and asking how come he’d never been round before etc etc. About 2 o’clock, I fired up the barbeque and started cooking. Mum had said I could provide beers for my friends as long as no one got silly and got smashed. She herself had been throwing back the gin and tonics all afternoon.

After about half an hour of cooking and everyone having a laugh by the pool, I noticed mum wasn’t outside. She must have slipped into the house to get more drinks or something. Everyone else was having fun in the pool, I excused myself and asked Dre to watch the grill while I went to the bathroom. I stepped into the kitchen, but mum was nowhere to be seen. I was curious, so I went upstairs and heard noises coming from mum’s room at the end of the hall. I crept up to the door, which was ajar about an inch. I peered into the gap but couldn’t really see anything. Then I heard Darryl’s voice.

‘Mrs Sawyer, what are you doing? Anyone could come up and catch us!’

Catch us? What did he mean? Catch them doing what?! Then they came into view as mum pushed him back on the bed. I saw Darryl fall back on the bed. His face was transfixed, eyes wide, mouth open as he looked at my mother, who glided into view, completely naked. She dropped to her knees in front of him and started fumbling with his jeans.

‘Don’t worry Darryl, no one is coming looking for us for at least 10 minutes, they’re having fun in the pool, just tell them you were in the toilet not feeling well’.

Her hand went into his jeans and fished out his cock. He was big. At least 8 inches. I was astonished at what I was witnessing, but I was rooted to the spot and couldn’t do anything, I watched with a raging boner in my pants. Mum inspected his cock for a second then took him in her mouth. I watched for what seemed like an eternity as my mother sucked off one of my friends, completely naked. After a couple of minutes I heard her say,

‘I need you inside me’ and she stood up.

‘But Mrs Sawyer, I don’t have any rubbers’. Mum ignored him and pulled him off the bed, she sat where he’d just been, put her feet on the bed so her pussy was open and ready.

‘You won’t need one, when you’re ready, just pull out and shoot it on me, but hurry up, we’ve only got a couple of minutes’.

I don’t know what came over me, I should have been angry. Angry my mum was cheating on dad, angry she was cheating with one of my friends, she had only met about an hour earlier, angry my mate had broken ‘The Code’ and was a happy participant in this sordid little peep show (ok, it was only a peep show because I was perving on them, but still) but I wasn’t, I was turned on! The subject of my perverse porn fantasies was about to get fucked by a big black canlı bahis cock right in front of me, granted in all my fantasies it was me who was balls deep in her, but that was a pipe dream, never going to happen, I suppose this was the next best thing! So I took my rock hard cock out and started wanking at the scene unfolding in front of me. Darryl positioned himself between mum’s legs and with no preamble pushed his massive appendage into her. He rocked his hips and pumped her hard and fast. Mum tried to contain her moans and groans, but wasn’t having much success. He was pummelling her pussy and she was loving it. I was watching my beautiful mother cheat on my dad and I have to admit, it was hot. He leant forward and put his hands on the bed either side of mum’s head and started pumping his hips faster.

‘Mrs Sawyer, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!’ He said breathlessly.

Mum grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, keeping herself attached to him.

‘It’s ok, cum for me, let it go, cum in me’. She pulled him towards her and gripped him with her arms and legs, digging her heels into his butt as he let out a growl and stiffened. He groaned as he emptied his balls inside my mother. I was close too and accidentally shot my own load on the door jamb and wall by mum’s bedroom door. The whole thing had taken no more than 5 or 6 minutes.

I ran to the bathroom and quickly cleaned my cock. I grabbed some tissue and was going to run back to mum’s room and wipe my cum off the wall, but I heard movement and decided I’d take a chance and clean it later, I’d better get back to my friends. I stuffed the tissue in my pocket and silently glided down the stairs and back to my friends who had barely noticed I’d been gone. I went back to the barbeque just as Darryl emerged through the patio doors. He glanced over at me and kind of smiled and immediately broke eye contact as he made his way over to everyone else, diving straight into the pool. Mum didn’t show her face for another 20 minutes or so. She walked out, looking exactly the same with a big smile on her face as she swayed over to where I was.

‘You ok darling, enjoying yourself?’ I looked at her for a sec, she was beaming and looked happier than I’d seen her in months.

Internally I was torn, I’d just watched her fuck one of my friends and watched him cum in her pussy bareback. What if she got pregnant? How was she going to explain a black baby to dad?! However, I knew she felt lonely and neglected for a few years now, so it was dads own fault. I just wanted her to be happy, if that meant getting some dick on the side, even if it was from one of my black friends, then, I guess, I was ok with it.

‘Yes mum, I think everyone’s enjoying themselves,’ I said with only the faintest hint of sarcasm in my voice. Mum poured herself another gin and tonic, her 5th from my count,

‘That’s great hun, I think I’m going to cool off in the pool, you coming?’ She sauntered towards my friends and sat on the edge of the pool, dangling her feet in the cool water. She was so at ease with my friends but I noticed a couple of them ogling her when they thought no one was watching. I found myself smiling. I took all the meat that was ready, off the grill and piled it on plates and took it over to the table where the salad, pasta and other bits were. ‘Grubs up’ I called to everyone and they all made their way over to the table. Mum stayed by the pool.

‘Why are you cooking everything? shouldn’t you be having fun in the pool with the rest of us?’ Karl asked me.

‘Yeah, my dad was supposed to be here doing all the grilling but the useless dick got called into go to some conference last week, we’re expecting him back later today’. This was met by some ‘sorry mate’ and ‘unlucky bud’.

‘I don’t mind, anyway, it’s all done now, thanks for all your help, twats!’ Everyone laughed and continued to dig in to the spread. After a few minutes mum came over and picked up a sausage. I pretended not to look at her, but in my peripheral vision I could tell she was looking at Darryl as she pushed it into her mouth and took a seductive bite. She then turned and headed for the house.

‘Just going to get another drink, anybody need anything?’. Darryl looked over at me, I couldn’t tell if he was blushing because, well, he’s black, but he said ‘no thanks’ along with everyone else. I knew he wanted to follow her inside.

‘Mate, did you see that, I think Angie fancies you, Daz,’ Gary said. Everyone started having a dig at Darryl and me too, saying things like, ‘dude, how would you feel about your folks getting a divorce and Daz being your new step dad?!’ Everyone cracked up, even Darryl had a coy smile on his face.

‘Shut up you dicks’! I said and laughed along with them.

‘Seriously bud, your mum’s getting hammered, you think she’d want to take me on if your dad isn’t giving it to her? She’s so hot, she looks like a pornstar!’ Dan said. I’d known Dan the longest and had had many conversations with him about how much he loved my mum.

‘Dan, if you think you stand a chance, as long as she’s conscious, have at it!’ I took a swig of beer, Dan stared at me with his mouth open.

‘Are you shitting me?’ I raised my bottle to him,

‘Mate you don’t bahis siteleri stand a chance, go and give it a shot, you won’t get anywhere!’ I took another swig. Bearing in mind what I’d just witnessed Darryl and my mum doing, I figured my best mate should have a go too.

‘You guys wait here, I’m going in,’ he whooped, clapped his hands together and shot out of his chair and almost sprinted into the house. We all sat outside and joked about how he was going to crash and burn. After about 5 minutes, I told everyone to sit tight and I over dramatically tip toed towards the house. I stepped quietly into the house. Mum and Dan weren’t in the kitchen. I walked towards the lounge and there they were. Dan was lying on the couch with my mum, back to me kneeling on the floor, halfway down his body with her head bobbing up and down.

What the hell was going on with mum recently? She’d already fucked one of my friends and now she was sucking off a boy she’d known for nearly 10 years. Dan noticed me at the door and smiled and gave me a thumbs up, he then started stroking the back of her head.

‘Oh Ang, that’s amazing, you have NO idea how long I’ve fantasised about this, you’re going to make me cum’. He had a huge grin on his face, I was gobsmacked. I went back to the patio doors, the guys looked over to me, with a question in their expressions. I shook my head in disbelief, they all laughed and whooped. I walked outside and sat down!

‘I can’t fucking believe this, mum’s acting like a massive slut!’ They were dishing out banter and slapping me on my shoulders and back and ruffling my hair.

‘Guys, I know you all think my mum is hot, and I don’t know what’s going on with her today, but if she wants to have her fun, fuck it, let her, she deserves it, dad’s been absent for about 2 years now. I’m going to make an excuse and leave for about half an hour, promise me if she isn’t into it, leave her alone and show her some respect, but she’s in there sucking Dan off and she’s already fucked Darryl’. Darryl’s eyes opened wide.

‘Uh, you know I had sex with her? Mate she came on to me, I didn’t try it on with her or initiate anything, I swear’ he blurted out.

‘Daz, don’t worry, I saw you, I know you didn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to do’. Just as I said that, Dan came out of the house into the back yard almost in a daze. He sat down,

‘Mate, if you hadn’t seen that, I know you’d never have believed me!’ He took a couple of high fives and I explained my plan.

‘You sure about this mate, what if she’s up for it and we all end up having sex with your mum?’ I thought about it for a second.

‘Well, as long as you don’t force her into anything, I’m ok with it. My dad is a wanker and can go fuck himself for the way he treats her. If she were MY wife I’d treat her like a fucking queen and put her first over everything, but dad is always out with his buddies and when he’s not he’s at work and he’s such a cunt he’s probably fucking his secretary or some other slag, so fuck him’.

Karl said ‘Mate, sounds like you want a go on her!’ Everyone laughed.

‘No, I’ll settle for some pics and vids guys! Anyway, I’m going to tell her I’m going to the store to get some desserts… cool?’ With that I got up and went inside. Mum was in the kitchen, she just finished another drink and started to pour out another for herself.

‘You alright mum? I’m just going down the store to get some desserts or something, we haven’t got anything in’. Mum finished pouring her drink and smiled at me. ‘Ok schweetie, take your time, I’ll entertain the boyshh’ she slurred.

‘Er, ok mum see you in a sec’. I said and left.

I went out the front door and walked around the side of the house. I opened the side gate and moved along the house and peered around the corner into the back yard. Mum was already outside on a lounger, she’d slipped out of her clothes and was in her tiny bikini. Dan and Darryl were standing either side of her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Dan put his hand on her shoulder, it looked like he was asking if she was ok, mum waved him off.

Karl, Dre and Gary walked over to her. She picked up her suntan lotion and waved it around. I guess she was asking who’d like to apply some to her back. Karl was quickest, he snatched the lotion from her hand before anyone else had managed. He spread his arms in a ‘give her room, move away guys’ type of motion and mum lay face down on the lounger. Everyone else backed off a bit and pulled up loungers so they all had a great view of my mum’s body as she lay there. Her face was turned to one side looking away from me. Karl put lotion on his hand and squirted some directly onto her legs and back. He started to rub some into her shoulders and down her back. He leant forward and said something in my mum’s ear. She seemed to nod approval, so he untied her bikini top and pulled it away and threw it on the floor next to her lounger. Gary moved off his lounger and started rubbing the lotion into her legs. When she noticed a second pair of hands on her she raised her head to see who it was, then flopped back down on to the lounger. There was absolutely no resistance from my mother. Dan was rubbing lotion into her back and moving his fingers bahis şirketleri right round to feel the side of her breasts as they were squashed underneath her. Mum didn’t move at all, Gary was working on her hamstrings right up to her butt. I saw him look over at the other 3 and lifted the strings tied at her hips. He tugged on them, again mum said nothing, so he pulled the strings and the knots came undone. Mum raised her butt so Gary could pull her bikini bottoms away. He threw them next to her top.

The pretence of applying suntan lotion had firmly been discarded along with mum’s bikini. Gary was now openly finger fucking my mum as the other guys stood up. Darryl had his phone out and was taking pictures. Dre took his phone out too and set it up on the small wall near the lounger. Mum raised her arse in the air every time pushed his fingers into her. One by one they all removed their trunks. Mum sat up, surrounded by 5 boys with their cocks pointing towards her. She reached out and touched and rubbed them all, she stroked Darryl’s cock and turned her head towards Karl, who stepped forward and mum parted her lips and took him into her mouth. She reached out with her other hand and started stroking Dre. She was sitting there completely naked in front of 5 naked teenagers, one in her mouth and wanking off 2 others. She half stood and moved onto the lounger so she was kneeling there with the guys in a semi circle around her.

Dre walked around the lounger behind her. He reached around her and slipped a finger into her pussy. He rubbed his black cock against her back as he did it. Mum leant forward a bit, parted her legs and presented her pussy to him. He didn’t need more of an invitation than that. He grabbed his cock and appeared to wipe it along my mum’s opening, then he moved forward and pushed into her. Mum now had a cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in each hand. Darryl was still taking pictures or maybe a video with his phone while the other 4 were having my mum in one way or another. It wasn’t long before Karl tensed and he shouted

‘NOOOOO, fuck I’m cumming’. He grabbed the top op mum’s head and grunted as he came in her mouth. Dre also started to buck and hammer into her from behind, a few seconds later he growled as he came inside my mum. That was 2 loads of black cum she had taken inside her bareback. I genuinely hoped one of them had just got her pregnant so dad would be publicly shamed as mum had a black baby in 9 months time.

Karl straddled the lounger and without a word mum got up and sat on his cock. She looked down at him and wrapped her arms around his neck as she gyrated on his cock. Gary stood there stroking his cock. As mum bounced on Karl, Gary put his hand on her back and she slowly fell onto Karl as he fell back on the lounger, Gary positioned himself above my mother and picked up the suntan lotion and squirted some on his dick. He rubbed it in as he positioned his bell end at the opening of my mum’s arsehole. He rocked his hips slowly and then gently eased into her arse. Mum stopped bouncing on Karl and reached over her shoulder behind her and grabbed Gary by the back of his neck. Slowly he started moving forward. His movement caused mum to slide up and down Karl who was still in her pussy.

I looked at my watch and was astonished that from the moment I’d left the house until now still wasn’t half an hour. I watched mum getting DPed, Gary was fucking her arsehole harder, she had buried her head into Karl’s shoulder, she was squealing as her anus took a pounding, then Gary grunted and shivered as he came in mum’s arse. ‘Oh, Mrs S, I’m cumming in your arse’. He shouted.

I looked over my shoulder at the surrounding houses to see if there were any twitching curtains or any evidence at all that any of our neighbours were aware of the gang bang occurring in the open in our backyard. No one appeared to be aware, I couldn’t sense anyone in their back gardens. I turned back to the action, my cock was in my hand and I was furiously wanking, watching my mum get filled by another potent load from a teenager. Karl grabbed her hips and held her on a down stroke and he growled as he shot his load inside her. Mum was swaying as she slowed her riding down. The other 4 stood around her naked stroking their cocks, Darryl and Dre were holding phones as mum dismounted Karl. Some cum slipped out of her and dripped down the inside of her thigh. She stumbled a little as she knelt on the concrete in front of them masturbating and pointing their cocks at her, after another minute or so, she was warned that another load was coming her way, mum held her head back and opened her mouth. Despite just a couple of minutes ago, cumming inside my mum’s arsehole, Gary was the first over the edge and shot another stream of young sticky cum into her face. Almost instantly Darryl followed him up and his cum joined Gary’s on her face and in her hair. Dre shot his load on mum’s tits and after everyone else collapsed around her, finally Dan, my oldest friend also came on my mum’s face. I had held out until now but watching my mother lick cum from her face and fingers i shot my load on the side of the house. I thought I’d better get back from my ‘shopping’ trip, just then my phone buzzed, it was Gary, it read ‘did you enjoy the show you fucking perv! Give it 10 minutes then come back, your mum is smashed (in more ways than one! ??) going to clean her up in the shower. Cheers bud, you are the best mate ever!!’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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