Ms. Marca Ch. 23

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Chapter 23: A client named Derek

Marca was dating a guy by the name of John who was a few years older than her and a big shot lawyer and had ask her to come spend a few days with him at his big house. She had been out to dinner with the lawyer and one of his clients who was a stud and had a body that would make a linebacker for the NFL blush. All night long he had his eye on her and that set of 40DD’s. The following week he would come by the house just to hang out and see what was going on. He had come by a few times when just Marca was at the place, but nothing never happen. But one day he drops by in the middle of the afternoon and found her out by the pool, with the little red bikini on that let everything hang out.

He sat down next to her on one of the pool chairs and made small talk while he looked her body over, her 40DD, that round 38″ ass that ran into those long legs. She ask him to rub some suntan lotion on her back, as she turned around and pulled her long black hair up so he could rub her shoulders and upper back. Some of the lotion ran down her front between her full breast into the valley of sex!

Derek decided to throw caution to the wind and pulled her bikini top upward and rubs the lotion on her bare breasts. She gasped a little but didn’t object. After all her boyfriend the lawyer had told her to be nice to Derek and be a good girl when he was around. “Derek what are you doing!” “Oh God Marca you’re so beautiful I got to have you!” “But I’m dating John your friend and I can’t do anything to hurt him!” I was saying all this to see if I was being tested by John to see if I was true to him or just another slut with a killer body.

I got news for all I had the killer body, but when it comes to fucken I’m a BIG SLUT. “Derek I can’t do anything please put my top back on!” Derek moved toward me and took those big breasts with the rock hard nipples in his hands and squeezed them, kneaded them, pinching her nipples. He went down and began to suck them and bite on them making them harder than they were.

She put her hands on his head and pushed him a little and tried to spin away. He moved his face up to her lips and kissed her full on the mouth and she tried not to kiss him, but it was a lost cause. Marca ended up kissing him deeply. He kissed back even harder. “Please don’t fuck me I can’t do this to hurt John, please don’t make me suck you off Derek,” she whispered. Derek stood and removed his clothes with his hardening 8″ prick standing at near attention. He stroked it in his hand, a small drop of precum leaking out.

The look on Marca’s face told him she was his, she wanted that cock, she wanted to have sex! She moved closer and took his cock into her mouth. I slowly wrapped my fingers around the base of his big cock.. and began to kiss the tip of it, it was so soft and sweet tasting.. I slowly began to take it inch by inch down my throat, and started sucking slowly, oh God cock had never tasted this good!! Wow I couldn’t believe what I was doing.. It filled my mouth with hot hard cock, I felt so dirty and so turned on at the same time

She wrapped one hand around the base of it and the other squeezed his nut sack. She swirled her tongue all over his cock, taking every inch in her mouth. Derek put his hands on her head and gently pumped his cock into her face. His cock swelled and he pumped faster.

At this point he had sweat pouring down his brow, he looked as if he were in pain, and his cock was huge. It was engorged with blood like it probably had never been before, it was throbbing and twitching, pre-cum oozing out if it like a broken fountain.. I waited until he started breathing normally again, then I slowly konyaaltı escort started sucking and licking his big beautiful balls. My red lips working them one ball at a time, then both simultaneously.

Sucking and licking, I could taste the salt of his sweat. I began playing with his huge full balls with my soft manicured hand, as I sucked his enormous cock. I slowly worked my hands back to his ass, and began rubbing his ass hole with my long clear fingernail. I was sucking furiously at this point, as if I was on a mission.. I was making slurping noises, and sucking sounds as I sucked up and down as fast and as hard as I could.. I heard his breathing increase dramatically, I knew from years and years of expert cock sucking that this was It.. Right at the moment of truth, I shoved my middle finger (all the way up to my last joint) right up his tight ass hole.

I was sucking with all my might as he exploded, like no man has ever exploded before or since, into my hot wet wanton slutty mouth! He came, and came and came. Wave after wave of hot salty cum shot into my mouth, he was twitching, and screaming audibly like I’ve only heard wild animals scream. I frantically sucked, slurped, swallowed and gulped every drop that I possibly could. But it was too little too late.. He must have cum a half a cup worth, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. His orgasm lasted almost one full minute, of which I spent my time scrambling to eat, swallow, and suck all of his hot load I could find. His ass hole tightened onto my finger as if he would never let it go

Marca gave his balls a good squeeze and sent more of his cum shooting down her throat. Derek pulled out his semi-hard shaft and watched as Marca ran her tongue around her full lips and licked every drop of cum her tongue could find on her face and swallow his sperm. She removed her bathing suit completely and lay back on the lounge chair with her legs spread wide apart. “Your got some cunt to eat big boy so get down on it and you better be half as good as I was!” Derek took the cue and got down with his knees on either side of the chair. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting some of his own cum that had fallen down on her lower body. His tongue reach forward and licked at my pussy lips and found my hot juices flowing and tasted it. It was good and I knew he would go back for more.

As he licked it up, I pictured Derek’s cock in my mind; it was swaying right before my lips, so long and thick and hard; dripping with cum while his balls swung underneath. It looked so good to me! I loved the taste of his cum and was glad that he had left such a lusty “treat” for me. Marca shuddered in pleasure while he cleaned her pussy up! Breaking away from my daydream she said, “Oh Derek honey! That’s right baby; lick all of my juices my cum, lick it all up! You like to eat my pussy don’t you baby! He stayed silent! “Don’t you baby!” she pressed for an answer! YES!, he said.

I love to eat your pussy juices! It was so good. I didn’t want him to stop until I was sure he had swallowed it all! He felt her hand guide his face deeper into her pussy. She was very moist so he slipped his tongue deeper inside her smooth pussy. Marca was grinding her cunt against Derek’s mouths, bucking hard, making wet smacking noises. Marca came hard and fast, raising her legs and locking them hard around his head. Her hips rocked upwards and shook as she moaned how good his tongue was, as he licked up juice form her steaming snatch. Derek could see Marca’s thick cream leaking down the side of her pussy. Marca’s body jerked, then began shaking. Her moans sounded like soft whimpering. She made her soft round ass clenched and she raised her kültür escort pussy up to push against Derek’s face, rocking wantonly on his face. She let out a long, soft “oh”, then stiffened and fell limp.

Derek pulled himself up and looked down at this body of pure sex and his cock jerked back to life. Derek moved up and over Marca and then knelt right up against my ass placed his hard cock next to my twitching throbbing pussy. He and pulled and hoisted my buttocks up into the air, sliding the cushions around, under me. I knew what was coming next, and as much as I knew I should stop it, I couldn’t. Marca’s legs were widespread and Derek was in position, with his monster-cock poised at the entrance to my obviously wet cunt. He measures just over eight inches long and just over seven inches around. Magnificent, was all it could say as I looked down at this wide track monster. Derek looked down at me and said, ” Don’t worry about little big boy, he’s good at what he does, and I’m betting he can bury it to his balls!”

I gasped and laugh at the same time, watching Derek slowly work his giant rod into my stretched-open pussy. Marca was moaning and grunting, pounding on Derek’s back with her tiny hands. Steady, steady, Derek kept up his invasion of her cunt. He moved inside her fast and than slowly, savory the feeling. Marca wrapped her legs around his body, trying to pull him in deeper. He’d slowly pull his cock out until just the head was inside and then slam it all the way in.

I was waiting for the pain so I could tell him or to yell “stop!” or scream in pain, but I didn’t. Sooner than I thought possible, it looked like Derek had his entire length buried in me. I had taken it all! They laid still together, for a few minutes, then after a few more moments of slow thrusting, Derek began to pound that big Dick in and out of my cunt with all of his energy. He lifted his hips away, until he was almost out, and then slammed back down into her. I could hear my wet cunt slurping loudly as it succumbed to Derek’s onslaught. Then, his tempo and power increased even more and Marca went completely wild. She was delirious with lust and passion, scraping his back with her nails, pulling his ass deeper between her legs.

She was fucking him like some animal locked in mortal combat. And, then, they started to come. It wasn’t slow or gentle. It was an explosion! Marca came with a scream and almost-pained moans and gasps. Again and again, she clenched her arms and legs around Derek. Finally, with a deep grunt, A few minutes later after I was cumming, Derek continued fucking her as her orgasm subsided. Derek tightened his ass cheeks and curled his toes as he shot his cum into my cunt.

She whispered in his ear that she wanted to try another position. They both got up and Derek sat down on the lounge holding his engorged member straight up. Marca straddled his hips and eased herself down until she was sitting in his lap; his cock buried deep inside her. She rode his shaft hard, bouncing off of his lap. She chanted over and over “Fuck me oh God yes, yes, yes!” He squeezed her ass as she moved and placed one of his greased fingers up her small hole. It wasn’t long before she came again and collapses on top of him. He told her he was about to cum so she climbed off of him and kneeled down on the ground. Derek jacked off his Dick until he came. He drenched her face and tits with his cum. They were both out of breath. Marca looked down at her sperm-covered breasts and smiled. “Looks like I need a bath.”

With that she got up and jumped in the pool. Derek jumped in after her. The water was surprisingly warm. They splashed around a bit and played with each other under markantalya escort the water. Marca swam over to the end of the pool and sat on the edge. Derek went over and stood with his head and shoulders between her legs. “Do you do this with all his clients? “He laughed. “Only the very big cock ones.” “Mm-mn. We should do this more often. I had a lot of fun.” “We can have even more fun today. I don’t have anywhere to be till tomorrow.” “So you want to stay a little longer?” “If you don’t mind.” “Well, I don’t know…” she teased. “I think I can change your mind.” He spread Marca’s legs further apart and ran his tongue over her slit. He held her pussy lips open with his fingers and gently sucked on her clitoris. She grabbed his head and pushed her crotch against his face. “You’ve definitely done this before,” she moaned. In response he lightly flicked his tongue at her clit. She screamed, “Yes! Eat me eat my pussy oh God yes don’t stop!”

It had been such a long time since her boyfriend had ate her pussy (48 hours) that she forgot how good it felt. And Derek was *much* better than her boyfriend ever was. The guy eating her was always better than the last guy! He moved his tongue down to her pussy hole and slipped it in. He gently tongue-fucked her until she came. Marca was so lost in her orgasm that she didn’t notice that he had moved away from her. He got out of the pool and grabbed two towels sitting on another lounge chair. He handed one to Marca and dried off with the other. When she came back to reality she got up and wrapped the towel around herself. Derek held her in his arms and kissed her. “What would you like to do now?” she said, smiling at him. “Well, I have an idea,” his hands trailed down her back and squeezed her ass, “if you’re up to it.” She kissed his cheek. “At this point I’d be willing to do anything.” He grinned back at her. “Okay, grab some of that lotion. I want you to rub it on my cock.” Marca dropped her towel.

She got the bottle and poured some of it into her hand. She lathered his Dick with the creamy lotion, gently rubbing his shaft. Derek really enjoyed the feeling. By the time she finished he was very hard. Derek took her by the hand and led her down the steps into the pool. They walked along the side until they were a little more than waist deep in water.

She stood with both hands gripping the edge of the pool. He positioned himself behind her, pressing the tip of his cock against her ass hole. Slowly he pushed himself inside. She gasped very loudly as he inserted his cock. “Just relax. I’ll be gentle and take it slow,” he assured her. She nodded. Marca gripped the ledge tightly. She felt a little pain as Derek’s cock eased inside her tight ass hole, but it felt good. Really good! Slowly more of his Dick entered her until the last inch was in. Marca was breathing hard. Just as slowly as he moved before, he pulled his prick out, until just the head was inside. Then slowly he slid back inside. He kept up this pace for several minutes. Then he moved a little faster. Marca started pushing herself back to meet his thrusts. Before long Derek was slamming his Dick into her ass.

The cool water stopped Derek from cumming too soon (and he already cummed twice). Marca was screaming so loud that Derek had to slow down so she wouldn’t wear out her voice. Before he knew it, he was shooting his seed into her aching ass. He collapsed on top of her and they fell against the side of the pool. They stayed like that for some time, gasping for air. Derek eased himself out of her. They moved deeper into the water to cool off. Derek wrapped her legs around his waist and held her up. They stood in the water for sometime, holding and kissing each other. After a while they finally left the pool and dried off. They got dressed and Marca kissed him good-bye and headed inside for a shower. She took a nap and dreamed about the other clients that her boyfriend might have and she could meet.

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