Mount Vesuvius

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I made sure to park my car out of sight, as it wasn’t the best part of town. The redbrick building was nondescript. Curtains covered the tinted windows and a neon sign reading “Vesuvius Massage” was above the door. I shrugged at the name and went in. An aroma of potpourri hit me in the nostrils. The lobby was lit by yellow and orange light. I could hear but not see a fountain running somewhere and there was a soft soundtrack of wind chimes being played from a stereo on the counter. An Asian girl who I judged to be about 22 years old smiled and introduced herself as Mali and motioned for me to follow her down a darkened hallway. She was wearing a white V-neck sleeveless t-shirt, Yoga pants and flip-flops. At about 5 feet tall she was very slim with medium sized breasts and a tight looking ass.

She asked, “Won Howa?” with a thick accent as she motioned me into one of the rooms. I nodded and she came in with me. I told her that I had been very stressed at work lately. She nodded sympathetically told me to take off my clothes. I obeyed, freeing myself of my t-shirt, jeans and socks. She grasped the waistband of my boxer briefs and I moved back slightly. She whispered “everything” and I slid my boxers off. She gazed at me for a solid ten seconds. I am not a shy guy, never have been so I let her look. I’m 5’10, in good shape with some body hair and no part of my body embarrasses me.

“Shower first, you need to relax”. Mali turned up the lights to reveal the table with its various chrome showering attachments. “lay down pwese” she gestured to the table with an open palm, “face down.” I did as I was told and eased myself onto the table in sort of slow push-up, placing my head in the designated hole. Mali moved to the side and I heard the sound of her clothing hitting the floor.

I turned and saw that she was only wearing a black bikini. When she came to my side I could make out the crease of her sex through her bikini bottoms. illegal bahis She smiled slightly noticing me noticing her. She bent over and messed around with the taps and I heard the water coming into the pipes from deep under the floor. She waved the wand over me and I tensed as warm water hit my back. “Relax..” she cooed patiently. She lathered me up with a big sponge. The soapsuds smelled of citrus and I breathed in the scent and tried to relax as best as I could.

She rinsed the soap off and then said. “The pwessure will be a little stronger now” and before I could react I felt the end of the shower wand enter my ass and send a good deal of warm water inside. I felt my cock and balls stirring underneath me as the warm water coated my anal walls. She withdrew the wand and placed it back in the chrome cradle at the side of the table. She looked at me and gestured for me to turn over on my back. I did and she started to spray my front with warm water. I tried to relax as she got to work washing me with the sponge again creating tons of bubbles. She slowly and deliberately grasped my cock and I felt it growing as she washed it. I reached out to her and ran my hand from her thigh up to her waist where I slid my hand under her bikini strap, my thumb very close the crease that was her sex. She continued to work as I explored her smooth, soft skin. Her sponge made its way around my entire under carriage. She finished soaping me up and then rinsed me off and walked away.

Moments later she returned handing me a large warm towel. I stood up and ran the towel over myself to dry quickly. “We go to other room now” I wrapped myself in the towel and followed her straight across the dark hallway into a very traditional looking massage room. The table was neatly made and she gestured for me to climb onto it. I positioned myself to mount the table and lay on my front but she stopped me and said. “No, on your back – I make you relax first.”

I illegal bahis siteleri did as I was told and lay on my back and closed my eyes. I felt the sensation of warm oil being squirted onto my stomach and chest and Mali’s hands as she kneaded the oil into my skin. Her hands worked their way down my chest and stomach towards my crotch and I felt my cock hardening again. Mali undid my towel and it fell away.

“Oh…” she said regarding my cock with some surprise. She smiled and said “I know what make you relax”

She ducked down and disappeared and I heard the sound of metal clanking under the table and a slight draft as I realized my asshole was now exposed through a trap-door in the table. I felt her tiny fingers apply a generous amount of lube between my cheeks and something gently but deliberately slide into my ass. “This Ok?” she asked when she appeared again. I nodded my approval and she turned a tap at the side of the table and I felt the rhythmic steady pulse inside my ass. She’d targeted my prostate with a vibrator.

Mali grasped my cock and squeezed it a few times. With her left hand she firmly massaged my perineum and her right she rubbed my cock inside my ball sack. This action combined with the vibration in my ass was causing my cock to get harder and harder and I felt a steady stream of pre-cum oozing from my slit. I could see the veins on my 6.5 inch, 5.5 inch around cock standing out as I started to breath heavily.

Mali continued and started to add occasional pumps to her squeezes of my throbbing cock. I hadn’t been laid in a while so I knew I couldn’t last very long with this intense stimulation. I felt the first tingles of orgasm building behind my balls when she changed her movements. She was now stroking my cock from base to head with both hands fast. I was marching double time towards climax.

“You will go BOOM!” she giggled, And she continued to pump my cock.

Orgasm canlı bahis siteleri enveloped my entire body and I shook from head to foot. I erupted spewing hot cum all over my chest and onto my face. I found myself tearing up from the totality of the experience.

Mali continued to pump my cock. She looked at me and said matter-of-factly “I know you have more” and continued the intense stimulation of my cock. She began to use the palm of her hand on its head in a circular motion. I lay back and surrendered to the insanity. My head was spinning as I felt another orgasm starting to build from deep inside. My head bucked against the pillow and my legs went straight and stiff as the wave hit and I came again. I shot onto my face, chest, stomach and all over Mali’s hands.

I was still hard in her hands and Mali didn’t let up one bit. She squeezed my balls in rhythm with her pumps and my cock started to throb again. She continued with her palm on the top of my head and with her other palm she focused on my million-dollar spot and after a minute I was heading for climax number 3. I writhed on the table as the intensity grew and grew. My mouth dropped open with a loud groan as I surrendered once again to orgasm. My cock throbbed and pulsed and several good size dribbles came out.

I was breathing hard and felt like I was going to pass out. Mali, still holding onto my cock, smiled and said “one more time.” I looked back at her my eyes wide in amazement as she used both hands, one covering my head in an upward squeeze and the other at the base of my cock. This time it took a little longer and I bucked back and forth on the table the entire time. 4 minutes later orgasm slammed into me like a freight train and I felt like I was going to explode but nothing came out of my cock but a few streams of clear liquid. A single bead of cum sat in my slit.

I lay there completely spent. She turned off the wand and withdrew it from my ass slowly. My breathing slowed as my cock relaxed into the puddle on my stomach.

No wonder they named this place after a volcano, I thought.

Mali used a warm cloth to clean me up and said; “Now you relaxed enough for massage.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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