Me and My PA Ch. 02

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If you read Part 1 of this story, it won’t come as a surprise that Megan got the job as my new PA and I’m pleased to say that she was definitely the one with the best ‘all round’ experience. It truly wasn’t only my cock that decided! Today is Megan’s first day and as I approach my office building, I’ve obviously got quite a spring in my step to see if her first impressions at the interview last!

I walk through the glass doors to reception and the sexy 32 year old is already awaiting my arrival. She looks just as fabulous as I remember. Smartly dressed for her first day, she’s wearing a pin stripe dark business suit, skirt above the knee but not too short for the office, white silk blouse, nylons again (of which sort I’ll hopefully find out later) and high heels. Her hair is long and partly down this time but clasped up at the sides away from her beautiful face and piercing green eyes.

As our glances meet, we both raise a knowing smile and she rises as we greet each other very formally in the reception area.

“Congratulations on getting the job Megan. I hope you’ll be very happy working here.”

“I’m sure I will be,” she replied. “Thank you for choosing me for the position.”

“No-one else came close I assure you Megan.” and with her pleasing smile, I organised her security pass and we made our way towards my office.

Megan’s high heels on the tiled reception floor were the only sound that caught my hearing within the busy and bustling reception area as we made our way into the near-empty lift.

Megan leant over to me in the lift and whispered “I loved feeling your cum ooze out of my pussy on my way home after the interview.”

I was a bit taken aback that she’d risk anyone overhearing us but she was already on my wavelength. I wanted her again so badly and she’d made my cock gently throb with that comment but at this point I only returned her sexy words with a wicked yet somewhat smug smile.

I led the way to her new desk just outside my office on the 7th floor of this 8 floor office building, all the time remembering how exceptionally good her tight warm pussy had felt around my cock the last time we met.

“Drop your things off here and I’ll show you around.” I told her.

Megan sorted her things out quickly and with a sexy smile said “Right boss I’m ready for you.”

My cock started hardening at hearing those inviting words but slamming my cock deep inside her right here right now wasn’t quite appropriate in front of our colleagues so I had to calm myself once again. For now at least.

I introduced Megan to her colleagues and then the rest of our first day together in the office entailed exchanged glances, her leaning close to me at my desk and ‘accidental’ brushing past each other more than a few times, with each of those times causing my cock to throb and I wondered if her clit was throbbing just pendik escort as much.

By the end of the day, my cock was aching so badly for her and my mind was well into sexual overdrive! I asked Megan to wait behind and she smiled expectantly as I led her into a meeting room that I’d booked out previously under the pretence of an ‘Introductory Meeting’.

We sat down beside each other at the meeting table. I could feel my cock hardening again as Megan turned her chair and faced me, her legs crossing right thigh over left in front of me, her silk blouse with a gap, tantalisingly showing the top of her cleavage.

“Now that you’ve settled into things, I was going to start by going through the formalities of what I expect you to do.” I started.

“If it’s anything like my interview, I’m sure I’ll be the perfect assistant for you.” Megan replied. “What’s my last job for today?”

“Well after your comment in the lift and all of your teasing throughout the day, your last job is to make sure you still have what it takes to please me, so let’s see how good you are at sucking my thick cock again.”

Megan smiled widely at me, her eyes sparkling, her teeth white and perfect. She licked her red lipsticked lips slowly and teasingly then took off her suit jacket, laying it on her chair behind her and then knelt down in front of me. She looked up at me with pure desire in her eyes as she undid my belt then unbuttoned my perfectly pleated suit trousers and slowly ran the zip downwards.

I could feel my cock straining in my underwear as she opened my trousers, reached under the bottom of my shirt, lowered the waistband of my underwear, pulling it slightly towards herself and down, allowing my thick cock to spring out and point to the bright meeting room lights. She hooked the waistband under my balls, freeing my full length in all its glory but preparing for a quick pull back up of my clothing should we hear anyone approaching.

I told her to unbutton her iwhite blouse more, allowing me a better view of her sexy cleavage between her full breasts as she knelt in front of me. As I looked down, I could imagine my thick cock between her tits. Megan teasingly unclasped one blouse button slowly at a time until her blouse was open loose and her beautiful breasts perfectly encased in a white see-through bra with white lace top edging causing a perfectly curved V pointing down between her cleavage. My cock was so hard and throbbing my heartbeat as I watched Megan reach behind herself to undo her bra and she released her voluptuous breasts, her nipples erect, her areolas darker and larger than I’d remembered before.

Megan moved closer towards me, still on her knees. She told me to lie back a bit and I leant back, sitting on the edge of the seat now, my legs astride her as far as my open topped trousers allowed, my body at more of an angle. She kurtköy escort undid her hair clasps, her thick dark hair brushing against her shoulders and she finally leant her head towards my throbbing hard cock.

I wanted to see as well as feel what was about to happen, so I gathered up as much of her soft hair as I could and held it away from her face in a ponytail, noticing that Megan seemed to like her hair held tightly as she let out an approving moan as I did so. She opened her red lips and in one smooth motion, moved her lips over my shiny cock head, sucking firmly as her lips reached under the ridge around the base of my head. My body reacted by tensing up, my cock hardening further if that was possible and I must’ve pulled at her hair a bit more, making her moan out again.

Megan lapped her tongue at the underside of my cock head, really working me up perfectly then she took as much of my thick cock deep inside her mouth as she could, then her lips dragged backwards up my shaft smearing some of her obviously recently reapplied lipstick onto my cock and just before the tip of my cock head came out of her mouth, she’d do it all again.

Her lips sucked firmly and perfectly on my cock head. Her tongue lapped the underside, she’d then suck me deep then she’d slowly drag her lips back upwards again. This woman knew exactly how to drive me wild for her!

I could feel my trimmed balls tightening and I was readying myself to cumming down her throat when she released me from her mouth, rising up onto her knees and positioned my cock in her cleavage, grabbing a tit in each of her hands she then pressed them tight against my cock and she started tit fucking herself with my thickness.

The lubrication from my pre-cum and her saliva allowed my wet cock to glide perfectly and tightly up and down her ample cleavage and my hips moved with the motion she’d commenced with. As Megan watched my cock fucking between her tits she started rubbing a nipple with the tips of fingers on each of her hands. She leant her head down, her chin tight against the top of her chest and her lips then sucked on the tip of my cock head with each upward fuck between her tits. I was so close to cumming, Megan had me exactly where she wanted me, teasing the hell out of me but I wanted more! I wanted to fuck her so badly!

I pulled away from her, stood up and as she was startled and surprised she stood up as well wondering what was wrong. I spun her around though, leant her over the meeting room table and she let out a loud gasp as I pulled up her skirt, ushering her legs apart as I stood behind her, very much in the commanding position.

What a sight she was, her warm breasts pressing firmly against the cool polished wood table, her blouse loose but still covering her back, her skirt ruffled up around her waist, her smooth pert ass pointing in my direction, those kartal escort black lace top stay ups I’d hoped for and a very sexy white lace thong that drew a line between her ass cheeks and which parted her pussy lips, no doubt pressing against her clit.

Before Megan knew it, I’d grasped a handful of her long hair which caused her back to arch in a downward curve and her ass to push back up against my hard cock which I’d guided and was now pushing firmly past her wet lips, the juices of which were quickly covering her recently shaved pubic area, my cock stretching her tight hole with my thick cock head, her hole grasping tight around my hard shaft and I started fucking her firmly and deeply.

Megan let out a small scream just above talking volume as she braced herself against the table, grasping where she could as she felt her boss’s cock penetrate deep inside her. She was clenching her now soaking wet pussy as tight around my cock as she could and to me it couldn’t have felt any better.

I’d been concerned about the volume of her little scream that had then turned loud moans matching my grunts as I fucked hard into her each time but I took the risk of someone coming in and I was never going to pull out of her before we both came.

My right hand still grasped Megan’s hair, my other hand against her hips, stabilising and pressing her against the solid table as my eager cock slammed deep inside her. “Oh fuck, yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” she panted out.

I let go of her hair, grasping her hips in both my hands, once again feeling my entire thick length drive deep and tight inside her warm wet pussy time and time again. A few long hard deep fuck movements later and Megan let out a muffled scream as she came, covering her mouth with a hand.

Her pussy muscles contracted and clenched so firmly around my cock and that blew not only my mind but tipped me well over the edge as well. I felt my warm cum shoot so intensely up from my balls, along every inch of my throbbing hard shaft and out my cock head which was now buried as deep inside Megan’s pussy as possible, me holding us both steady and tight against each other.

Feeling my cum fill her deep and high wave after wave sent Megan into another orgasm, our juices mixing perfectly, her pussy clenching out another orgasm, sucking every last drop of that first orgasm out of me.

As our orgasms subsided and we caught our breaths again, I slowly withdrew my cock from Megan’s mixed cum filled soaking wet pussy, I stepped back, she leant back up, turned around and we kissed for what seemed like an age.

When our lips parted, we smartened ourselves up again, headed out the meeting room, back to my office and while Megan gathered up her things before she left for the evening she walked up to my desk, leaned over towards me and quietly said “I can feel your cum oozing out my pussy. My thong is drenched with our juices. And incidentally I’ve loved my first day. I do really think I’ll love working here.” With that, we both smiled, she turned around and headed out my office door, both of us very much looking forward to the next day.

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