Mara’s Admirer

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Brian strolled into the Courtyard by Marriott and walked up to the check-in desk. Cindy looked up from her computer, and the attractive blond broke into a big smile as she said, “Hi, Mr. Parker. Welcome back.”

“Hello, Cindy. How are you doing today?”

“I’m doing well, thank you. How was your flight.”

“Not bad, thanks.”

This was the fifth week in a row that Brian travelled to his client, taking the same flight and arriving at the hotel at the same time every week. Cindy was always on the desk and was always very friendly. He figured she was in her early thirties — maybe five years younger than he was — and he noticed she didn’t wear a wedding ring. He wondered how strict the rules were about hotel staff getting too friendly with the guests.

Of course, he had no reason to think she would be interested in him. He worked out most weekdays — especially when he was travelling — so he had a trim body. He knew he didn’t have leading-man looks, but more than one woman had told him he was nice-looking. And though she was always friendly, she never flirted with him. And perhaps, even if she WAS interested, she just might have been reluctant since he wore a wedding ring. She didn’t know that Brian and his wife hadn’t had sex in at least nine months or that he’d be very open to feeling the warmth of hugging a woman’s naked body. In fact, he’d be VERY open to hugging Cindy’s naked body.

He snapped out of his momentary fantasy as Cindy pushed the little envelope with his key cards across the counter. “I put you in your favorite room.”

“Thanks, Cindy. Are you off at 6:00?”

“Ha, yep. You know my schedule better than my manager does! If I don’t see you later, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okey Dokey. Hasta mañana.”

Brian walked to the elevator, with his carry-on suitcase in tow. When he got to his room, he tapped his keycard and walked in. Yep, it looked just like it did last week. And the week before. And the week before that. It wasn’t fancy, but it was perfectly fine for business travel. It met his three key requirements: it was clean, the shower had decent pressure, and it had fast, free Wi-Fi.

The first thing he did was pull out his computer and check the web to see what was happening at the large university nearby. Sometimes travelling sucked, but he liked this town because there was usually something interesting to do in the evening. He decided to attend some presentations from PhD students in the Computer Science department. He figured it would probably be a little geeky; he would fit in perfectly.

He unpacked, hanging up his pants and shirts, and made a mental note to iron the blue one before he wore it. Then he headed out to a local sushi restaurant he liked.

When he walked in, the hostess greeted him. “Hello. Welcome back.”

He thought, “what a pathetic SOB I am. I stay in the same hotel and eat at the same fucking restaurants every week. My life SUCKS.” He chuckled out loud. His life didn’t really suck, not counting the lack of sex and his habit of repeating the exact same travel routine every week. He was a successful independent consultant, he was paid well for his services, and he lived in a very nice house. He and his wife actually got along quite well and loved each other, though the sex thing was becoming more and more of an issue. He wasn’t as much upset that they NEVER had sex as he was that his wife refused to talk to a doctor about her total lack of libido. He KNEW there could be lots of reasons — god knows he googled the subject enough. But she wouldn’t talk to anyone. Lately it started to piss him off.

He recognized the waitress who walked up to him. “Order of edamame and a Rainbow Roll?” she said with a smile. Jesus Christ, he thought, I really do order the same damn thing every time.

“You think you’re so smart, don’t you?” he said with a big smile. “Well, THIS time, I’m gonna have…… Yeah, I’ll have the usual.”

The waitress chuckled and said, “very good, sir,” before turning and walking away.

During dinner, Brian reviewed his email and checked out twitter on his phone. When he was done eating, he headed over to the University to listen to the presentations.

The event was in a newer lecture hall which had long, curved tables and stadium seating. There was a giant screen in the front of the hall to display presentations to the audience and a smaller screen at the back of the hall so the speaker could see the presentation without turning around or having to look at his computer. There were four students who were presenting. Each had 15 minutes to make his or her pitch followed by 10 minutes for questions. The students were in the fourth year of their program, so these presentations were supposed to be well-honed by now. Soon they would be giving a longer version of these speeches to their PhD. committees, hoping to be awarded their doctorates. A brochure included a picture of each student, a short biography, and a summary of the student’s topic.

The first presentation was given by Lee, a Japanese illegal bahis man with a fairly strong accent. His topic was related to the best way to store data on disks to maximize the speed of retrieving it. He used lots of formulas to prove how much time could be saved using his techniques. Although Brian found the presentation rather boring, he thought the ideas actually had a lot of potential.

The second presentation was given by Alana, a stunning, statuesque blond. She had huge breasts, which Brian thought detracted from her appearance. She, apparently, didn’t agree, as she showed enough cleavage to say, “I’ve got ’em, you love ’em, and here they are!” She came across as very smart, which was not surprising since she received her BS and MS from MIT. Her thesis was related to using Artificial Intelligence in the health-care field for faster diagnosis. Brian found it very interesting, and she was excellent at presenting her ideas.

The third presentation was given by Tim, someone who many would describe as a classic nerd. His topic was related to computer games and graphics animation. Although Brian hated computer games, it was certainly a big business and a hot topic in the field. But the nerdy part was the way he gave his presentation. He rarely looked at the audience, preferring to look down. He didn’t speak loudly enough. And it looked like he had slept in his shirt. Brian sympathized with him; fifteen years ago, it could have been him (except for the wrinkled shirt).

The last presentation was given by Mara, a cute brunette. Her topic was related to data mining, the process of looking through large amounts of data — usually collected by businesses — to discover patterns or useful information. She was developing new algorithms to search the data more quickly to find useful patterns. Brian found this presentation the most interesting, since some of his work related to data mining. He listened intently and thought she had some great ideas. He asked a couple of questions during her Q&A session, and he found her answers thoughtful and intriguing.

After her presentation ended, the moderator thanked everyone for attending and thanked the PhD students. When he was done, some people in the audience walked up to talk to the various presenters. A few people went up to Lee, though they appeared to be his friends. A LOT of people went up to Alana. A bunch of them were younger, so probably undergrads in the Computer Science program. Half were interested in her work; half just wanted to be near the beautiful bombshell they saw walking the halls in the Computer Science department. Two people walked up to Tim to ask about his work, but he was just as awkward at answering their questions as he was during his presentation.

Brian was the only one who walked up to Mara. In fact, she was packing up her computer and didn’t even see him standing next to her. Finally, he said, “I liked your presentation.”

She jumped as she yelled, “Oh, shit!” and grabbed her chest. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.”

Brian laughed. “No problem. I think you’ve done some interesting research and have some great ideas.”

“Really? Thanks. Based on your questions earlier, I take it you work in the field.”

“Yeah. I do lots of general IT consulting, but I’ve helped a number of companies select Business Intelligence partners.”

The two of them started talking about specific vendors in the field, what they thought were good and bad about each, and a little more about Mara’s research. After 15 minutes, they noticed they were the last two left in the large hall. Mara looked around and said, “Uh, I think they’d probably like us to leave.”

“Would you like to grab some coffee and keep talking?” Brian asked, hoping he wasn’t being too forward with the woman he had just met.

Mara hesitated for a second, looked at Brian, and decided he was probably safe. “Sure. Let me just call my roommate and let her know I won’t be right home. She gets nervous if I don’t show up when she’s expecting me.”

She pulled out her phone, walked to a corner of the room, and called her roommate. After a minute, she came back and said, “There’s a Starbucks just around the corner. That ok?”


After Mara finished packing up her computer, the two of them resumed their conversation as they climbed the steps of the lecture hall to the doors at the top. The Starbucks was packed with students, nearly every one sitting behind a computer — most of them some form of Mac. All the glowing white apple logos could have been right out of an Apple commercial.

They found a table, and Brian asked Mara what she’d like. He went to order the drinks, and she sat down. After he ordered, while he was waiting for the drinks to be prepared, she got up to grab a couple of napkins. It was the first time he really noticed how she looked and what she was wearing. Her hair hung just below her shoulders and waved back and forth as she walked. Her hair framed a very pretty face. She had on a stretchy knit black top with sprinkles illegal bahis siteleri of silver which hugged her beautiful B-cup breasts. Rather than creating a “ledge” across her chest, it showed two distinct mounds, which Brian found VERY sexy.

She also had on high-waisted pants that had a wide waistband. The material was also stretchy, and it hugged her lower half. When he saw her from behind, he realized the combination of the high-waisted style and the stretchy material highlighted the beautiful shape of her ass. It wasn’t huge and definitely not what some people call a bubble-butt, but he found it really attractive. It had a nice, small curve that he kept staring at as she walked away. Truth be told, he was much more of a boob man, rarely looking at or thinking about women’s butts. But this one really called his name. Suddenly Mara looked over her shoulder and caught him staring at her ass. Brian quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed; Mara broke into a huge smile.

Once the drinks came up, he returned to the table. He and Mara continued their discussion about her research and thesis, and they went on for another half hour. Then Mara asked, “so what did you think of Alana?”

“She’s got some big ideas,” he said, as he took a sip of his latte.

“And some big tits,” Mara replied, just as he was swallowing. Brian started to laugh as the coffee was going down, causing him to spit some coffee out of his mouth and have some coffee come out his nose, while he started coughing like he was choking to death. Mara burst out in a huge, loud laugh, causing everyone in the Starbucks to turn and look at her. She covered her mouth and jumped up to get some more napkins to wipe up the table while Brian tried to get his cough under control. She was still laughing quietly when she returned to the table and started wiping the table. She dabbed at Brian’s shirt where there was some coffee, along with the top of his legs. Brian thought it was innocent, but she slightly pushed on his package while she was wiping his pants.

Brian got his cough under control as Mara sat down. “Sorry about that,” he said. “You kinda’ caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Really? I never would have guessed,” she said as sarcastically as she could while wearing a huge smile.

“So, let’s see…. Where were we. Alana. I take it you don’t like her?”

“Not true. Actually, I like her a lot. She’s very smart. Went to MIT.”

“I saw in the brochure she went there. But I think you got your Master’s degree at a school that turns out some of the smartest computer scientists in the U.S.”

“Well,” Mara said, “I think it’s a good school, but maybe not THAT good. Where did you go to school?”

“I went to a school that I think turns out some of the smartest computer scientists in the U.S.”

Mara started laughing. “Ohhhhh…. THAT’S why you think my alma mater is so good! Was Professor Milton there when you were there?”

“Are you kidding?” Brian asked. “I think he’s been there since Charles Babbage built his first computer,” he said with a reference to the 19th century inventor of early computer devices.

Mara laughed and said, “I was never sure if he was a genius or a psychotic lunatic.”

“I think the answer to that is YES,” Brian said with a straight face. This elicited another laugh from Mara.

“But can we get back to Alana for a second. I didn’t notice. Did she have large breasts?” Brian said with a straight face. In return, Alana gave him her very best ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ look. He continued, “I actually thought it distracted from her presentation — especially the way she puts them on display. I think some people might not take her seriously.” Then he reached across the table and grabbed Mara’s hands, one in each of his. “You know, not all guys go for that look. I haven’t really known you long enough to talk like this, but I think your chest is much more beautiful than hers. I’d much rather look at you than her.”

Mara replied with the same ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ look, then said, “NO ONE prefers this,” as she nodded down toward her chest, “to Alana’s.”

“Jesus Christ!” Brian spitted out. “I am telling you the truth. I saw how all those people were drooling over her after the presentations, but SOME guys don’t find that sexy. I’d much rather see yours than hers.” Then he blushed a little, realizing what he said. “Sorry.”

He was still holding Mara’s hands as she processed what he just said. She also felt a tingle run through her body. For some reason he felt like he could say anything to her, and he continued, “Everyone talks about guys always thinking their dicks aren’t big enough…. When will you women — women with beautiful bodies likes yours — stop thinking your tits aren’t big enough?” Again, he started to turn red. “Ummm, maybe I should shut up, huh?”

Mara took her hands out of his and reversed the position, with her grabbing his hands. “For now I’m going to assume you’re telling me the truth. Thank you. I appreciate it.” They sat canlı bahis siteleri in silence for about 30 seconds, and then Brian started to take another sip of his latte. A very slight, wicked smile crossed Mara’s face, and just as he got the coffee in his mouth, she said, “so do you think your dick isn’t big enough?”

Just like before, Brian gasped, spit out some coffee, and some came out of his nose. And again, Mara let out a huge, loud laugh, with everyone turning to look at her. And again she jumped up to get more napkins. She wiped the table and again patted his pants, though this time she looked directly at Brian as she moved her hands dangerously close to his dick without making direct contact. When she finished “drying him off”, she sat down and looked at him. “I’m sorry.”

“Bullshit!” Brian replied while laughing. “You waited for me to take a drink. You are a cruel person.”

Mara joined him in laughter while pointing to herself and saying, “Moi?”

They continued talking for a quite a while covering all sorts of topics. While nothing explicit was said, Mara inferred there was some strain in his relationship with his wife. Eventually, she said, “I’d better get going. Would you mind walking me home?”

“I’d be happy to.”

It was a beautiful, warm night as they walked across campus. When they got to her apartment, she turned to Brian and said, “Can you come in for a second? I wanted to ask you something.”

Brian didn’t hesitate before replying, “Of course,” but he wondered what this was about.

When she opened the door to her apartment, it was dark. Brian said, “Isn’t your roommate here?”

“I don’t have a roommate. I live by myself.”

“Before we left the lecture hall, you said you were going to call your roommate to let her know you weren’t coming straight home.”

Mara tossed her bag on the floor and turned to Brian. A smile came across her face as she stepped close to him and put her hands on his waist. “That was just to make you think someone was keeping track of me in case you turned out to be a dangerous pervert and planned on kidnapping me.”

Brian smiled as he returned the gesture and put his hands on her waist. “Are you sure I’m not a pervert?”

Mara smiled again. “Actually, I’m quite sure you are. Only a pervert likes to shoot coffee out of his nose. But I don’t think you’re dangerous.”

“Thanks for bringing up the coffee and the nose. Greatly appreciate that. Makes me feel very sophisticated and debonair.”

Mara chuckled for a minute and then looked very serious as she pulled him closer so their bodies were touching. “Thank you for tonight. I really enjoyed talking with you about my research. You gave me some great ideas about other areas to investigate.” She paused for a second and looked deeply into Brian’s eyes. “And I liked talking with you about everything else, too. You’re a funny, sweet guy, and you made me feel good on many different levels. Although I’m usually a fairly confident person, I sometimes DO feel self-conscious about my body when I’m anywhere near Alana and see everyone fawning over her. You made me feel good about my body. You even got me excited.”

Mara felt Brian’s dick push against her as he started to get hard. He kept his hands on her waist but extended his thumbs onto the front of her stomach. Then he slid his hands up from her waist, stopping so that his thumbs were just below the bottom of her breasts, just barely grazing the bottom of each breast. As Mara let out a tiny gasp, Brian said, “I meant every word I said. I think your body is beautiful. In fact, I think it’s perfect.”

Mara moved her hands further behind him to pull him even tighter and to press into his package. She felt herself getting wet as she leaned in and placed a kiss on Brian’s lips. A quick kiss, and then she pulled back. She looked at him, moved one hand to the back of his head, and pulled him for another kiss, this one much more passionate. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, and he was happy to play with it. His right hand slid onto her breast, and Mara let out a soft moan. As they continued kissing, she was grinding on Brian’s crotch while he gently squeezed and massaged her breast. She knew her pussy was soaking.

She pulled back and Brian moved his hand off her breast. She looked at him with an angelic face. “Would you really rather see mine than Alana’s?”

“Yes. Absolutely. I meant it.”

Mara took her hands off of Brian, crossed her arms as she grabbed the bottom of her knit top, and started to pull up. When she exposed her stomach, with the top scrunching up just below her breasts, she let go and stuck her arms straight up. Brian grabbed the sides of the scrunched-up material, stretched it in front of her breasts, and pulled it over her head. He gasped as her bra-covered breasts came into view. He hadn’t been this close to a near-naked woman other than his wife in at least 15 years. Even in her white bra, she was beautiful. He could see the faint outline of her areolas through her bra. He pulled the top over her outstretched arms and tossed it onto a chair. He instinctively cupped both breasts and gave a gentle squeeze, causing both of them to let out a moan. Brian could have died a happy man right there, but he knew there was more.

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