Lust, Pain, Revenge and Love

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Alex Grey

Simone sat in her chair, deep in thought, considering what her evening had in store. She was dressed in her favourite LBD, (little black dress) that was short enough to show off her attractive legs, but long enough not to be seen as tarty. Her underwear consisted of new black silk bra and pants; a treat to her self in an attempt to raise her spirits, not to encourage her new man. A pair of sheer black tights and black shoes finished her attire.

She was due to attend a works dinner with Stuart, a man she had been dating for about a month. They had met at a mutual friend’s dinner party and at the end of the evening he drove her home. He asked her out for a drink the next night, which she had declined but they swapped phone numbers and she agreed to see him the next weekend. A pattern of drinks, dinner and the cinema had been established. They had their first kiss on the third date. He tried to invite himself in for coffee on the fourth. She gave him a lame excuse and rebutted him. On the next date he was more withdrawn and reserved, and made no attempt to force the issue as he kissed her goodnight at the end of the evening.

It wasn’t that she was a virgin. She had lost her cherry to an older and more experienced (and married) man just after her 16th birthday, some eight years ago. A number of lovers had enjoyed her charms since, and she had enjoyed their company and attentions too. It was just that she didn’t want to jump into bed with anyone and there was something holding her back from turning what was a nice and pleasant relationship into a physical one. But maybe tonight would be different. She felt she was ready to take the relationship to the next stage.

Her mind focussed on the evening ahead. Stuart was due to pick her up at 7.30 pm, drinks at 8.00 pm and sit down for dinner at 8.30 pm. The meal should be over by 10.00 pm and then dancing, something she hated with a vengeance, until 2.00 am. All she knew about Stuarts work was that he seemed to be an up and coming finance manager in a firm that specialised in taking controlling stakes in companies that were in trouble. They would help the company get better and then sell the stake, hopefully at a profit. Simone was a book keeper at a small solicitors so had some idea what the company did, but had no idea who the other people would be at the dinner. She was also concerned, that in addition to her hatred of dancing, she struggled with remembering people’s names and she was sure she would be bombarded with names as she was introduced to people.

Her thoughts and fears were interrupted by the ringing of her mobile phone. It was Stuart.

“Hi, it’s me,” he said. “I’m in a cab downstairs. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ll be right down.”

She disconnected the call, picked up her bag and left her flat. Stuart was standing by a taxi smiling at her as she approached.

“You look amazing,” he said as he kissed her gently on the cheek and admired her outfit, opening the door and guiding her into the car.

“Thanks,” she smiled, “you don’t look too bad yourself,” she added looking at him smartly dressed in dinner jacket and bow tie.

He held her hand as they took the short drive to the hotel where the dinner was being held.

“I’ve booked a car for later,” he said to the driver as they arrived. The driver nodded. “I thought booking a room would be a bit presumptuous,” Stuart said to Simone.

She didn’t comment but accepted his hand as they walked through the lobby of the hotel and towards the bar.

As they entered the bar, trays of champagne were everywhere and she grabbed a glass and sipped it slowly as she was introduced to numerous people. Try as she might, she couldn’t remember their names and thankfully, they were all soon asked to take their seats for dinner. The next challenge was the introductions at the table. There were eight others on their table and fear struck Simone as she hoped she would not make a fool of herself and introduce herself to someone she had already met. Thankfully, Stuart must have sensed her fear as he introduced her, and in doing so made the comment such as “this is Sally of course who we just met” if appropriate.

The meal was served, accompanied by fine wines, and Simone started to relax.

Before she knew it, the dancing started and Stuart invited her to dance.

“Do we have to?” she asked.

“No of course not,” he replied. “You OK?”

“Yes, I just hate dancing,” she laughed looking embarrassed.

“Me too,” he smiled. “Let’s go to the bar.”

They walked out of the room, looking at the dancers, some good, some bad and most very drunk!

He ordered some champagne and they laughed at their mutual dislike of dancing and were soon joined by other couples who took the decision to chat rather than dance.

One of the men, George, who was clearly on the way to being very drunk, let the group know his view on dancing: “They say you can tell how good a person is in bed by how well they dance,” he said, adding, “so we must all be crap in bed as we don’t want to dance.”

“Speak for yourself George,” bahis firmaları one of the other men laughed.

“”It’s all about the movement,” George continued, swaying his hips in a suggestive way as he spoke.

“George, pack it in,” one of the women said in a harsh voice. A woman who Simone assumed was his partner.

“Am I embarrassing you?” George slurred

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Well don’t worry,” he added. “I’m probably too pissed to get it up so you wont know if I am good in bed or not.”

“No change there then,” she said looking at him in disgust.

A silence now hung over the group like a thick fog.

“I think it’s time we made a move,” one of the men said looking at the attractive lady to his left, who nodded and now looked relieved.

“Yes, we should be going too,” Stuart said, looking at Simone.

The two couples headed to the door and the other man said, “I have a car and haven’t been drinking, can I give you a lift?”

Stuart looked uncomfortable, but looked at Simone, “that would be great if it’s not too much trouble,” Stuart said without emotion, adding “I had booked a car but they needed 15 minutes notice so I can cancel them, no problem.”

The four of them headed into the car park and a nice new and shiny Range Rover.

“I’m Fred and this is my wife Jane,” the man said to Simone, holding out his hand to shake Simone’s hand.

Stuart and Simone got into the back of the Range Rover, Fred and Jane sat in the front.

“Yours or mine?” whispered Stuart.

“Mine,” answered Simone.

They directed Fred to her flat and were soon there, Getting out of the car, Simone got her keys ready. “You had better come in,” she said quietly.

She unlocked the door and gestured for Stuart to come in and take a seat.

“Coffee or something stronger?” she asked.

He smiled. “Coffee please.”

As she went to the kitchen to make the coffee she wondered what the next few minutes would entail. Would they go to bed? Was she really ready?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Stuart joining her in the kitchen. “It’s a nice flat you’ve got here,” he said standing beside her.

“Thanks, I am very happy here,” she replied turning towards him and noticing he had removed his jacket and bow tie and undone the top three buttons of his dress shirt.

With the coffee made and poured they walked back to the lounge.

“Sorry,” Simone said smiling “these have to go,” as she removed her shoes and tucked her long legs under her as she snuggled onto the armchair opposite where Stuart sat.

“I hope tonight wasn’t too bad,” Stuart said sipping his coffee thoughtfully.

“No it was fine, I enjoyed it, especially as you have the same dislike of dancing,” she laughed. “I bet that George will be in for a tough time,” she added. “And a sore head in the morning!”

“Yes, I think you will be right there,” he smiled. “That was a very inappropriate thing to say, I do apologise on his behalf.”

“God, no need. I have heard much worse and I’m not that easily offended!” she replied smiling at Stuart.

“Interesting concept though isn’t it?”

“What is?” she asked.

“A person’s ability on a dance floor giving some indication of their ability in bed,” Stuart said.

“Rubbish,” she laughed. “It’s nothing to do with a dance movement. It’s…” she stopped herself.

“Yes?” he enquired.

“Nothing,” she said looking embarrassed.

“No, go on, what were you going to say.”

“More coffee, or a brandy or something?” she said trying to change the subject.

“Oh, a brandy would be nice, yes please.”

She unfolded her legs and stood up, went to a cabinet in the corner and filled two glasses with brandy, handing one to Stuart.

“Cheers!” she said raising her glass as she sat down.

“Cheers,” he replied, “and what were you going to say?” he added mischievously.

She hesitated before replying; “I was going to say its about chemistry and that performance in bed is only part of the deal and is good when a couple are in synch in many ways, not just in the sack.”

“I agree,” he said draining his glass. “I must be off; can I phone for a cab?”

She nodded, “Yes of course, or you could stay.”

Stuart looked at her. “That would be nice, is the sofa comfortable?”

“I don’t know,” she smiled, “but my bed is if you want to share it with me.”

He stood up and walked over to her, kneeling down in front of her. “I would love to share your bed with you,” he said as he leant forward and kissed her.

They were soon in a deep and long and passionate kiss; their tongues fighting as their hands roamed over each other. Both Simone and Stuart were moaning as the passion increased.

Simone broke off the kiss.

“Let me get my self ready, I want a shower,” she said quietly.

“I might join you,” he smiled.

“You won’t, it’s too small,” she smiled “but there is another bathroom if you want a shower. A towel should be hanging up.”

She stood up and kissed the top of his head as she pointed out where the bathroom kaçak iddaa was and she in turn headed to the en-suite shower. “See you in bed,” she said saucily as she looked over her shoulder at him.

Simone was soon showered and in bed when Stuart walked in the room with a towel tied around his waist. He quickly dropped the towel and joined Simone in bed, allowing her only the briefest glance at his manhood.

She lay on her side and smiled at him as he reached out and pulled her towards him, starting to gently kiss her and stroke her back as the kiss gradually got more and more passionate.

His hands roamed her body and were soon stroking the side of her breasts before they touched the hard and extended nipples, which resulted in a gasp of pleasure from deep inside Simone’s throat.

He continued playing with her nipples as her gently pushed Simone onto her back, breaking the kiss. Silently he moved so that his lips and tongue started paying homage to her breast, marvelling at the way they tasted and hardened to his licking and sucking.

Stuart moved again so he could continue licking her engorged nipples while allowing a hand to stroke down across her flat stomach and then lower again as he felt the soft fuzz of her pubic hair. Simone opened her legs to allow him access to her secret parts as he slowly and gently opened her pussy up to his exploring fingers.

His sucking of her breast got more intense as he gently entered her wet pussy. Simone opened her legs further imploring him to finger her. As she moaned in appreciation her withdrew his finger and started to slowly circle her clit that was pulsating as the blood flowed to its sensitive nerve endings.

“Yes, yes, there!” she cried out as her stopped his licking of her nipple to concentrate on her hard clit.

He felt her hands move and seek his manhood, and as she circled it with her fist, she slowly started to stroke him.

“I want to suck you,” she whispered.

“And I want to lick you,” he replied, moving down so that his face was now close to her pussy and he breathed in the erotic smells of her arousal. He bent forward and started to lick her clit which resulted in cries of passion and her bucking against him.

“Oh my God yes!” she cried as he entered her pussy with his finger as he licked her clit.

“I’m going to cum, don’t stop!” Simone cried, her internal muscles clasping his probing finger as she came.

“Stop, stop,” she cried. “I can’t take any more!”

He slowly withdrew his finger and stopped licking her as she fought to regain her composure.

Simone looked at him lustfully. “My turn,” she said as she moved down the bed, throwing the cover off and looking at his erect penis. She started to stroke it before taking the head in her mouth and started to lick and suck him.

“Oh, that’s good. That’s so nice,” he murmured.

She took more in her mouth as she continued enjoying the reaction she was getting from him.

She was in two minds whether to continue or stop and let him make love to her. He made the decision for her.

“As much as that is heavenly, I want to make love to you,” he said.

She stopped and lay down on her back.

“I want that too,” she said, “and I am protected, so don’t hold back.”

He lay on top of her and kissed her deeply as Simone reached down and guided his hard wet prick into her willing and welcoming pussy.

He thrust slowly yet forcefully. She met his every thrust, her next orgasm building already. He was unable to keep up the slow yet forceful pace and started thrusting harder. She continued to meet his every thrust and urged him on.

“Don’t hold back, cum for me!” she said as she knew she was getting closer and closer.

“God, yes I’m cumming again!” she cried raising her bum and clasping his waist with her legs.

He grunted as he thrust harder and faster, aware that he too was close and no matter what he did he couldn’t hold on.

He felt her clasp him deep inside her. This was too much and he came at the same time, flooding her cavity with his hot seed.

As he lost his hardness, his prick slipped out of her and he moved to lie beside her, both of them trying to regain their breath.

“Simone, that proved that dancing has nothing to do with bedroom activities,” he smiled.

“You’re not wrong there!” she replied.

They soon fell asleep and woke the next morning as the sun came through the bedroom window,

They showered and returned to bed. After much kissing and hugging, they found themselves in the 69 position. This time Simone knew what she wanted and after her second or third orgasm courtesy of his inquisitive tongue, she made him cum. She let him fill her mouth with his hot and salty sperm, before swallowing it and marvelling on the effect that a blow job has on a man.

They got up and showered again, before dressing and having a leisurely breakfast.

“I really must be going now, and get changed,” Stuart said. “I’ll see you later?”

Simone nodded. “That would be nice. Where should we go?”

“Bed?” he smiled.

“Is kaçak bahis there no satisfying you?”

“No,” he laughed.

“Go on, get out!” she said laughingly. “See you later.”

Simone got on with some domestic chores smiling to herself at the way things had developed over the last few hours, not for one minute regretting what had happened.

About noon, her phone rang.

“Is that Simone?” said a male voice that was vaguely recognisable.

“Yes, who is that?”

“It’s Fred, Jane and I gave you a lift home last night.”

“Oh yes, hi Fred.”

“Sorry to disturb you,” he continued, “but you left your mobile phone in my car last night.”

“Oh, stupid me,” Simone said, realising it was not on the small table where she always put it.

“No problem, I thought it was yours and dialled “home” to make sure.”

“Oh thanks.”

“I can drop it off if you like, in about an hour?”

“That would be very kind, thank you. Are you sure its not too much trouble.”

“Not at all,” he said. “I have nothing on and it will be my pleasure.”

“Well thanks, it would be much appreciated.”

“See you in an hour.”

“Yes, thanks.” She said.

An hour later her phone rang again.

“It’s Fred the stalker, I’m outside,” he said with what sounded like a smile.

“Well you had better come in; I don’t want the neighbours to talk.”

She opened the door to see Fred outside with the phone.

“Here you are,” he said handing the phone to her.

“Well thank you, you are most kind.” She smiled. “Would you like a coffee?”

“Yes, thanks, that would be nice,” he said as she invited him in and gestured to a chair.

“Milk and sugar?” she asked.

“Only milk,” he answered. “I’m sweet enough.”

“Is that right?” she said smiling, warming to his banter and friendliness.

With the coffee made she joined him in the lounge and sat opposite him.

“Did you enjoy last night?” Fred asked.

“Yes, it was good. Thanks. Did you and eh..?”

“Jane, “he answered. “Yes I did, she hates those things and only goes under sufferance.”

“Oh dear that’s a shame.”

He nodded. “Yes, you know how it is. Marriage, kids, rut, business dinners.”

She was silent.

“Sorry, don’t want to sound like Mr “She doesn’t understand me” Simone, anyway, you and Stuart seem to get on well. Everything Ok?”

She nodded and smiled. “Yes, very. But its early days.”

He smiled. “Yes, I guess it is. He has done a lot of talking about you though. He seems smitten.”

“I am flattered,” she smiled.

“You do know he is married don’t you?” Fred said.

“What!” Simone exclaimed.

“Oh shit! You don’t?”


“Sorry, I didn’t think you did.”

Fred looked at Simone.

“Tell me everything,” she said biting her lip, trying not to cry.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded.

“Well,” Fred started. “I can tell you what I know. I think he has been married for a couple of years. Things started going wrong fairly soon after they married and she had a fling and then he had a tat for tat fling. They tried to get it together but then the last I heard was that he was carrying on with someone who then dumped him. She probably found out he was still married and didn’t want to be the other woman.”

Simone looked at Fred. “Is that it?”

He nodded, putting the empty coffee cup on the table. “Pretty well, then I heard him talking about you and then saw you last night. That brings us up to date.”

Fred stood up. “You OK?”

She nodded silently and stood up.

Fred stepped towards her and hugged her. She dissolved into his arms as he held her tight.

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

He bent down and he gently kissed her lips. Soon they were exploring each others mouths and kissing passionately. Fred’s hands started exploring Simone’s flesh under her tee –shirt, before expertly undoing her bra. She tried to stop him but the sensations were too much and with the confusion she was facing, she allowed him to continue. He was soon caressing her soft breast and feeling her nipples harden to his touch.

He stopped kissing her and removed her tee shirt and bra, marvelling at her breasts. He looked at her with lust filled eyes and went to undo her jeans and lowered them and then slid her pants down, leaving her standing in the middle of her lounge naked.

“This is so wrong,” she said as he moved back to kiss her.

“Yes,” he murmured, resuming the kiss.

Fred reached down between Simone’s legs and felt the wetness and heat that emanated from her pussy. He entered her with first one then a second finger and marvelled at her reaction as he fingered her.

“Fred no, this is wrong. Please stop.” She tried to push him away.

“You know you want it,” he said gruffly.

He led her to the sofa and removed his clothes. He lay on top of her and entered her, swiftly and without any further teasing.

They were soon fucking madly and quickly and both knew that this was going to be a quickie.

It was all too much and soon Fred filled her with his cum.

Fred withdrew and sat down at her feet.

She sat up and tried to hide her nudity, amazed at what she had done and the reaction to Fred’s news.

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