Lust Comes Quickly

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Harry was sitting in a bar, nursing a drink, when suddenly just about the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walked into the place. He stole a quick glance before turning away.

She paused briefly, surveying the room, selecting her prey. She had most particular tastes; only a small number of men could supply what she was looking for and luckily she soon found him. As she glided across the room the men in the bar drooled; she tossed back her flaming red locks and very, very briefly brushed her hands down her pert breasts. Harry looked up from his beer to see her standing in front of him.

‘Mind if I join you?’ she asked.

This had to be a wind up. Harry’s mind went into overdrive, trying to think which of his friends might have set him up.

‘’ he stammered as he gazed into her smoky green eyes. Her lips were scarlet and formed in the perfect pout; the horizontal representation of the vertical smile all men desired.

‘Want another drink?’ she asked.

‘That would be nice.’ Harry replied.

‘Good. A gentleman. I like that in a man.’ she told him and then smiled at him.

Harry smiled in reply and stole a quick glance at the other men in the room as she turned her attention to the barman. He could feel all on eyes on him. ‘What the fuck did he have, that they didn’t?’ the question knocking about their brains was almost audible, and he didn’t know the answer. Who she was, what she wanted, none of that mattered. She had smiled at him, and in that minute he had felt alive and felt like he was the most desirable man in the world.

No one but an ugly man knew the burden of being labelled thus. Harry knew he was far from attractive; mid fifties, balding, carrying too many pounds and with a face that out in the midwest would be called homely; the more scathing had simply called him ugly. But truth be told he was just a regular guy of his age and build. Since his divorce he he’d had to rely on paying for sex; somehow dates never seemed to get far enough for that.

Having ordered the drinks the beautiful stranger turned her attention back to Harry. It was like she had turned on a spotlight and he basked in the warmth of her smile, the penetrating look in her sexy eyes.

‘I’m Yvette.’ she said. ‘What’s your name?’


‘Pleased to meet you Harry.’

‘The pleasure is all mine.’ he replied. Her hand felt dainty and exquisite in his meaty paw.

‘Now Harry, I have just two hours to spare.’ she purred. ‘I’d love to sit and chat to you all night but time is on my side; you know, husband and all that. So I’ll be real up front if you don’t mind. You don’t mind do you?’

‘No. Not at all. What’s on your illegal bahis mind?’ he asked, unable to believe where this conversation was headed. Surely she wasn’t a hooker. There was just something about her that made that seem an impossibility.

‘I want you to fuck my brains out.’ she replied.

Harry coughed and spluttered as his beer went down the wrong pipe. No. No fucking way…there was no way he could have heard right. She could not have said what he thought she just did.

‘Sor..sorry…did you just say…?’

‘Yes. I did.’ she replied as she leaned in close. Her perfume wafted up his nostrils, subtle and expensive. ‘I want you to fuck me.’ She was expensive but oh so very direct!

‘But..but why me?’ he asked. He physically pinched himself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

‘You really want me to tell you.’

‘Yes, please.’ he replied.

‘I have this thing for ugly men.’ she replied. ‘You see, I have this really handsome husband who women think is an absolute dreamboat. He has an important job and makes loads of money. We live in a beautiful house. My life is all so picture book perfect.’ she told him.

‘I don’t understand.’ Harry said. ‘A lot of women would give their right arm for that kind of lifestyle.’

‘What you give for that lifestyle is not your right arm, but your freedom and your spirit. I always have to behave decorously. I have to entertain people I don’t like or care for. I’m married to my husband’s job. This…this little thing I do, fucking ordinary plain Joe’s, that’s the only thing that’s mine. Can you understand that Harry.’

‘Perfectly.’ he replied.

‘Good, so drink up, let’s get out of here.’

‘Where do you want to go to?’ he asked.

‘I’ve booked a hotel room, not far from here.’ she told him. ‘And before you think it, the answer is no; I never go with the same man twice. I hardly ever use the same hotel twice and never the same bar. So this is your one off shot to make me hot.’ she grinned as she saw the look on Harry’s face. He still could not believe that this wasn’t a dream.

She took his hand and they walked out of the bar. The other men in there shook their heads in amazement. That was one lucky guy, but what the hell did he have they didn’t?

As soon as they entered the hotel room Yvette started tugging at Harry’s tie.

‘Sorry to rush you, but you know how it is.’ she said.

Harry quickly stripped off. For the first time he was not embarrassed by his body when undressing in front of a stranger. His thick cock had not disappointed him; it pointed up towards the ceiling and she made a little sound of approval. He tugged off his socks and stood before her, bare illegal bahis siteleri assed naked and as hard as he had been in ages. Now it was his turn to feast his eyes on her beauty as she stepped out of her dress. He slowly stroked his thick dick as she took off her bra and then undid her suspenders and stepped out of her stockings.

The excitement he felt caused his face, chest and neck to flush a bright red. He could hardly breathe and feared he might he in danger of having a heart attack. And when she came and knelt in front of him and raked her red nails up and down his cock and balls he grunted and shivered.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asked.

‘Nothing,’ he said softly ‘ it’ just been a very long time since I was this turned on.’

She smiled up at him and then took his fat sausage in her hand and guided the mushroom cap of his throbbing cock into her red lipped mouth. He sighed as her warmth enveloped him and she worked her magic on his crown. Her tongue swirled all over his cock head, causing him to shudder as it licked the sensitive underside and ridge. Then she took him down deep, deeper than any woman had ever willingly take him until her slutty mouth was brushing up against his pubic hair. Just the sight of this gorgeous woman on his cock was almost enough to make him cum and when she started working up and down his shaft Harry had to really concentrate hard to stop himself shooting off too soon.

Her hands stroked Harry’s thighs and balls as she worked on his cock adding to the pleasure he felt. He was just wondering how long he should allow her to pleasure him before reciprocating when she came up for air. Her lips sought his and she kissed him deep. For a moment he was panicked by the thought of what had recently been in her mouth but he soon surrendered to the urgency of her kisses and those red nails raking down his back.

She pushed him down on the bed and knelt over him, rubbing her beautiful pussy lips against his wet cock. She had his hands pinned on the bed behind his head and was very firmly in control. He tried to thrust up into her, but she was having none of that. Not yet, anyway. She teased him, rubbing up and down his shaft, allowing just the very tip of his straining cock to slip into her warmth before moving on again. His eyes pleaded with her: please, please, please….

Yvette took her time. She loved that look of absolute desperation and hunger in a man’s eyes. She saw too little of that in her husband’s eyes. She knew that in that moment in time all her pickups wanted was a hole. She could have been an old hag with warts, or even a man, and they would still have rammed it in. They just needed a hole. And Harry needed one canlı bahis siteleri bad. He was beginning to wonder if this was all Yvette was going to do, tease him and then leave. It would serve him right, he told himself. She was way out of his league; how could he even have dared to believe that she might want him.

And then just at that moment she sat down on him. He bellowed as her warm, wet pussy slid down the length of his shaft. His cockhead felt so incredibly sensitive he could hardly bear being in her. He thrust up into her, meeting her bucking against him and then realized he didn’t need to do any work. She rode him like a pro. She had judged well this time. There was nothing she loved more than a really thick cock. She didn’t care how short it was, all she wanted was girth. The fact that Harry had seven inches was a bonus and one she would exploit.

Looking down at the ugly, red faced man underneath her made her feel so powerful, and also so deliciously naughty and sexy. If all the charity matrons she had to deal with could see her now, slutting her way up and down a super fat hog, they’d burst a blood vessel. It was these feelings that made her do it. They were a powerful aphrodisiac and were almost enough to get her off. Now that she was filled with a thick. hard dick all she needed was to stroke her clit and she was on her way. A quick look at her wristwatch told her it was time to bring this baby on home.

She started by tweaking her nipples, and then moved her hands slowly down her flat stomach. Harry watched her progress, and was happy knowing that he didn’t have to hold out forever; there was no way he could hold out much longer anyway. His balls were drawn up close and were demanding release. His breathing changed and she knew she had to hurry. Her fingers flew down to her clit, teasing herself just the way she liked it, the way only she could do it, and then the wave started building.

She could feel it working through her body as she moaned and bucked furiously on Harry’s truncheon. He looked up at this beautiful angel riding his dick and knew that never again would he know such perfection. Just as her low soft moan turned into a growl he gave one savage upwards thrust and saw stars. He cursed and shuddered as his balls sent a geyser of hot jizz blasting out of his cock.

She came off him immediately and grabbed her clothes and headed into the bathroom.

‘Please be gone by the time I get out of the bathroom.’ she told him.

From her tone of voice Harry knew that the party was over. He reached for his underpants and smiled when he noticed a small hole in them. He tucked his happy, spent cock back into his underpants and dressed. Looking around the room he realized that there was nothing to prove that she had so recently been there. But nothing would ever take this memory away from him, not even the strange end to their encounter.


Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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