Lunch Ch. 2

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This story follows on from my story called “Lunch” which is about a relatively inexperienced male who is seduced by an obviously more knowing woman. In this story, the man returns the favour.

* * * * *

He couldn’t get that lunch out of his mind. He’d wanked over it almost every night, but no matter how hard he had tried he couldn’t recreate the amazing sensations her hands, mouth and body had given him. Every time he thought of it, his prick began to harden. And whenever he saw her around the office all he could think of was that final scene when she’d licked and sucked his cock clean of his spunk.

He decided he had to at least attempt to return the favour, so he finally plucked up the courage to send her an e-mail. It read, “Meet me 5:00 pm my office. No underwear. Don’t reply, just come.” He wondered if she would pick the double meaning of ‘come’. For the rest of the day he was on tenterhooks, he couldn’t concentrate on any of his work, he just kept fantasizing and planning how the meeting would go.

At last 5 o’clock came round. He’d been looking at his watch every minute for at least the last 20. The suspense over whether she would turn up or not was almost unbearable. His heart was pounding, his mouth felt dry, but his prick kept twitching.

At 5:02 she stepped into his room, closing the door quietly behind herself. She was smiling, but said nothing; just looked straight at him. He asked her if she had followed his instructions, and in response she slowly lifted her skirt to reveal first her shapely thighs, then her shaved pussy lips. She let go of her skirt and slowly unbuttoned her blouse far enough so he could see there was no bra underneath. He let his eyes look at her, slowly moving from her face down past the V of flesh revealed by her open blouse, to the short skirt still riding high on her thighs, to her sandal clad feet and then back up again till his eyes met hers.

Her look sent a tingle down his spine. He saw that she was as ready as he was, the tip of her tongue slowly licking her lips illegal bahis told him his fantasy was about to become reality. When she still didn’t move he understood that this time he was to lead. He asked her to come over and sit on his desk in front of him, with her feet on the arms of his chair.

She moved to the desk, faced him and used her hands to push herself up onto it. As she parted her legs to put her feet on the arms of the chair, he could see her pussy lips slightly open and glistening. He leaned forward slightly and drew a deep breath through his nose. He could smell her. That wonderful smell of aroused cunt. She wriggled a bit to get herself comfortable, and her lips opened further. His cock was now straining at his trousers, but he tried to ignore it, wanting only to pleasure her as she had him the week before.

He placed his hands on her outer thighs, hooked his fingers under the hem of her skirt and pushed it up towards her waist. She watched his hands on her, then, when he got close to her bum, she raised herself to let him push the material under her, exposing every part of her ass and pussy. He paused, looked, enjoyed.

He moved his hands to her blouse, opening it more so he could see her breasts. She pushed her tits towards him, the nipples hard and standing up. Again he paused, letting his eyes drink in her gorgeous body now almost completely exposed to him; her blouse totally unbuttoned, and her skirt scrunched up round her waist.

His hands went to her tits, played with her nipples, squeezed gently, rolled them between thumb and forefinger, pulled, squeezed, rolled… Then he took her breasts in his hands. He was aroused by the fact that they were firm and full. He pushed them together, playing with her nipples while holding her tits firmly.

He brought his mouth to her nipples, licking them as he continued to squeeze her tits together. He sucked her left nipple into his mouth, running his tongue round and round its hardness, gently biting with his teeth, caressing with his lips. sucking harder illegal bahis siteleri and then softer, tongue, then lips, then teeth, then tongue. He moved to her right breast, pleasuring that nipple in the same way. He drew back, blew gently on her saliva covered nipples and heard her moan softly.

She was asking for him to touch her cunt, to please put his fingers up her. But he leaned back to again look at her exposed body. Her cunt lips were now wide open, her clit was poking out, her juices were beginning to run down to her arse. He looked up and his eyes met hers: her eyelids were drooping, her eyes appeared slightly unfocused.

He wanted to smell her cunt, so he moved forward and began to lick her inner thigh, moving his tongue close to her pussy, but not quite touching it, while his hands continued to play with her tits and nipples. He breathed through his nose, her smell pungent but oh so pleasant. Her moans were getting louder. She was telling him to touch her pussy, to run his tongue round her clit, to tongue fuck her.

Finally, he let his tongue brush against her soaking pussy lips. She bucked, nearly pushing him away. He licked her from her ass to her clit and back, up and back, mingling his saliva with her wetness. Tasting her juice, smelling her smell, hearing her moans of pleasure, touching her engorged nipples, seeing a beautiful woman lost in sex.

He moved one hand down from her breasts and inserted one finger into her pussy, moving it rapidly in and out. She pushed herself forward to force it further up her. She demanded more, more, more. She begged for him to stick more fingers into her, to stretch her, to satisfy her. He pushed his middle and ring fingers into her, they entered so easily, and again he put his mouth to her, sucking on her clit.

She was moving her lower body up and down trying to force herself harder onto his fingers and mouth. When she tried to use her hand to pull him to her, he pushed it away. And when she brought her legs together, lifting her feet from the chair, he canlı bahis siteleri pushed them back.

He told her to turn round and kneel on the desk. She did as he said. Now he could see her cunt and her arse hole spread open before him. He looked, enthralled. He saw her cunt juices mixed with his saliva; she was wet, wet like he’d never seen before. Her shaved lips allowed him to see her pussy clearly. Her clit was engorged, her hole wide open to him.

He pushed the thumb of his left hand into her cunt, and gently rubbed two fingers round her bum hole. She pushed back against him, and his fingers slipped easily inside her arse, lubricated by her cunt juice. He rolled his thumb around inside her pussy, and when his fingers and thumb met, he pressed and rubbed them together through the thin wall between cunt and arse, then rolled his thumb around again.

He brought his mouth to her clit, licked it, sucked it, flicked it with his tongue. She was moaning loudly now, her breath coming in gasps through her mouth. He finger fucked her harder, pushing against her. His tongue, lips, mouth working her clit. He could feel her starting to squeeze his fingers and thumb as she tensed and approached orgasm. He sucked harder.

He pushed three fingers from his other hand into her sopping pussy, using them to rub the inside front wall of her cunt, looking for that special spot. His thumb played with her clit, adding more sensations to those from his lips, tongue, teeth and mouth.

She trembled, went rigid for a second, then her body began to spasm. Her cunt and ass tightened on the fingers inside her. Her clit seemed to grow even harder in his mouth. She made noises he’d never heard before, like she was in agony. He continued to lick and finger fuck her, and she kept coming. Finally her knees collapsed, and she lay prone on his desk.

He pulled away, looked at her as she juddered and moaned. He saw her soaking wet, finger fucked, sucked and wide open holes, saw her breathing heavily. He gently licked her ass and moved his tongue as far down into her cunt as he could reach. He blew a gentle stream of air down onto her burning clit, and was rewarded with a sigh and a shudder. He felt that he had returned the favour. He hoped that he had given her a wanking to remember.

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