Loving in Italy

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Jim’s job required us to move to Sorrento, Italy for three months and we were looking forward to it. We knew there were long hours ahead for him to finish his project, but we were hoping to find some time to relax and take in the scenery along the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The people he was to work with rented us a private villa for our stay . . . they knew we hadn’t been together long and we’d want to spend Jim’s limited free time together. Tessa, who worked for the company Jim was going to work with, met us at the airport.

Tessa was about our age, late 30’s, and I thought very beautiful – tall, slender with very small breasts, and long dark hair. Jim had met her on his previous visits and she greeted him by holding both of his hands and kissing him directly on the mouth, not the famed air kisses Italians were famous for. She stood close and smiled up at him as she asked about our flight and I wondered if I should be jealous, as she focused solely on him. He laughed at something she said in Italian, and then turned her around to me for introductions. She smiled over her shoulder at him and then leaned in and kissed both of my cheeks. As she did so, her long, dark hair fell forward onto my shoulder. Her breath was warm on my cheek, and her hand lightly grazed my breast as she reached up to brush her hair away from my neck. Startled, I stepped back and looked quickly at Jim. He didn’t appear to have noticed and before I knew it, Tessa had taken my arm and was leading us out of the airport, to the waiting car and driver.

We got in and soon found ourselves on a road along the coast with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It wasn’t long before the car pulled into a private drive, up a steep hill, and to the front of a small stone house. Tessa guided us into the tiny villa . . . and it was perfect! Just enough room for two – with a private terrace and pool with views of the Sea and the island of Capri. I thought we were in paradise!

Tessa was very helpful in showing us where everything was and explained that we should get settled and she would be back later to take us to dinner. She hugged each of us, gave lingering kisses to both of our cheeks, and left.

We quickly unpacked and explored our private villa. Despite being exhausted from the long day bahis firmaları of travel, we found our swimsuits and went out to the pool. Jim jumped right in with a big splash – I forget sometimes that he’s just a big kid! He was grinning as he surfaced and saw me sitting on the side of the pool. I saw the look in his eyes and held my arms out to him. He walked slowly towards me, nudging my knees apart, and then stopped, looking into my eyes.

Placing my hands on Jim’s shoulders, I leaned down and brushed the softest of kisses across his warm lips. I slid from the side of the pool into the water, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I could feel his smile against my lips and then we were kissing deeply. I closed my eyes and felt him slowly lower us both into the water and then below it.

The kiss was great . . . . . but I soon felt myself running out of air. I tried to push us up, but felt Jim’s strong arms holding me down. I opened my eyes and pulled my mouth from his . . . . only to see his playful, laughing eyes teasing me. As a former lifeguard, he can hold his breath for long periods of time, and knows that I can’t. I twisted in his arms but he held on for another moment longer. I could see his grin as I twisted harder and this time he let me turn and break free. But as I shot up to the surface, I felt the tug at the back of my swimsuit top. I was gasping for air as I felt my swimsuit top floating away. I’d barely caught my breath again when I felt Jim wrap his arms around both of my legs and pull me under again. I was pushing at his shoulders when I felt him tug on the strings at the sides of my swimsuit bottom . . . . and just like that, I was naked! We both came up, me sputtering again, Jim grinning and holding my suit.

“Ha ha, funny guy,” I said as I started over to the side of the pool. I felt Jim coming up behind me and braced myself to be dunked again. But I was wrong – this time he had something else in mind. I felt his hands reach around and slide smoothly over my breasts and squeeze gently. He tugged me back until I felt his body up against mine and I let my head fall back onto his shoulder. He turned his head and rubbed his lips across the sensitive skin just below my ear.

“Damn, the man knows exactly what totally kaçak iddaa turns me on,” I thought as I felt his warm breath on my neck and his fingers lightly circling my nipples. I moaned softly and relaxed back into him. Jim continued to rub and softly pinch my nipples. Each tug on my nipples brought a corresponding pulse in my clit, until my hips started moving, thrusting back at him. His trunks felt rough on my bare ass as I started rubbing against him, but I could feel his hard cock straining towards me.

Abruptly, Jim grabbed my hands and placed them on the side of the pool, practically growling in my ear, “Don’t move!” I felt the cool water as he stepped back from me and I knew he was taking off his trunks. Then with one hand, he pushed my chest towards the pool wall, while pulling my hips out towards him with the other. I felt his knee slide between mine and spread my legs. Jim leaned forward and again placed his lips on the side of my neck, just below my ear. He whispered, “don’t move,” and sunk his teeth sharply into my ear lobe.

As I gasped, I felt Jim moving away and heard the splash as he ducked below the water. I felt nothing for a moment and then one of his hands settled on the curve of my ass. I felt movement between my legs and my knees almost buckled when I realized what he was doing. I felt his head move between my legs and then his warm lips against mine, which were cool from the water. He rubbed his closed lips across me until my lips parted and my clit was exposed. And then he opened his lips slightly and blew bubbles directly on the most sensitive part of me. The feeling was startling and unbelievable but soon I felt his lips close around my clit . . . . and then he sucked . . . . . a long hard pull, drawing my clit into his mouth and caressing it with his tongue.

I was panting and gripping the side of the pool tightly when he surfaced again behind me. Once again he pulled my hips back towards him and with one fast, smooth glide, slid his hard cock into my wet pussy. He stopped all the way inside me, holding my hips with both of his hands and leaning the upper part of his body back. I could feel his cock pulse inside of me and I clenched my muscles down to hold him tight. His groan sounded far away and as I felt his hips pressing closer and upwards kaçak bahis into me, my feet left the bottom of the pool. His hands gripped my hips harder . . . . and we swayed, locked together for a long moment.

Jim’s hands were guiding my hips and slowly lifted me up until just the head of his cock was inside me . . . . and then slowly back down . . . . slowly up . . . . and slowly down. I could feel the hot Mediterranean sun beating down on my shoulders, the cool water of the pool teasing my hard nipples, and his warm hard cock, fucking me. I couldn’t move on my own because Jim was gripping my hips and controlling all of our movement . . . . . except . . . . I could still squeeze his cock with my cunt . . . . I concentrated on squeezing hard as he entered me, and releasing slowly as he pulled out. I know he likes this and could feel his cock get harder and longer each time I squeezed.

I heard Jim’s breathe get faster and with it his strokes got faster . . . . faster and faster he slammed in and out of me until I was panting and begging him to fuck me. “Harder honey . . . . faster . . . ohhhhhh,” until I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw my head back and moaned one long continuous cry as my pussy spasmed and I came hard on his cock. I felt him stiffen behind me and give one more hard thrust, holding my hips tight against him . . . and as I felt my pussy spasm one more time, I felt his cock jerk and squirt hard inside me . . . . three times . . . . and just when I thought he was done, his cock jerked upwards and he moaned as he shuddered and squirted one more time.

As I felt Jim slump over my back and lay his chin on my shoulder, he lowered my hips until my feet were once again on the pool bottom. I twisted around to face him and he turned us around until he was leaning against the side of the pool and I was leaning on him. We kissed softly and slowly . . . . really more just taking quieting breaths against each others’ mouths. We were looking into each others’ eyes and breathing together when I saw the teasing glint come back. Knowing what was coming, I took a deep breath as he once again pulled us both under the water.

I twisted and swam away with him following close behind. We both came up on the other side of the pool, sputtering and laughing . . . and that’s when we saw her . . . Tessa . . . . . standing just outside the door of the villa on the patio. She smiled and gave a little laugh at our expressions and said, “Perhaps you’d rather stay in for dinner?”

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