Love is Blind (Folded!)

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Big Dick

To begin with, before I share this experience, I felt it necessary to go into more of the details of it so that you could appreciate just how fantastic and mind blowing this was for me. This has got to be one of the all-time best sexual experiences I have ever had! This is a true story. So relax, read and enjoy. (I get hot every time I think about it.)

My wife (Jill) had indicated to me that she would be willing to try something new in our bedroom. Jill was open to my suggestion of bondage, which we had never done before. I told Jill that I often fantasized about me being tied up and then letting her has her way with me. I was pretty excited at the opportunity to live out that fantasy. This of course would require me to trust my wife explicitly. I was very intrigued and wondering just what she may have in mind as she eagerly agreed to this idea.

Jill had planned this tryst one evening after I came home from work. I think she was as excited about doing this as I was. When I arrived home that evening, Jill greeted me at the door. She appeared in a robe and nothing else. Jill said she had been relaxing in our hot tub outback and rehearsing in her mind how this fantasy would play out. She invited me to soak in the hot tub to relax a bit after my hard day at work. I guess Jill wanted to make sure I was good and relaxed and that we were both clean from a good soak. She said that the hot tub was a clothing optional zone tonight! I thought that would be fantastic to sit and stare at her totally nude. And so we disrobed. Jill had elected to keep her bikini bottom on. I suspect that was to tease me and heighten my sexual desire. In any case, it was working! My wife has the most perfect firm breasts and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. She could see the heat turning up in me as I gazed at her firm, pink nipples. After 20 minutes or so, we were getting very hot, not just because of the warm temperature of the hot tub, but also because of the heightened sexual tension that was building between us. Jill said that we were both hot enough to move on to the next phase of my fantasy, and that it would require us to move to our bedroom. We got out of the hot tub, toweled dry, and then went to the bedroom.

Jill again repeated to me what we had discussed earlier about my fantasy involving some bondage. I said, “I’m all yours, do what you want.” She then told me to lie down illegal bahis face up on our bed. I complied while she brought out some nylon web straps that looked like small dog collars about an inch and a half wide. They had Velcro on them that allowed for custom and comfortable fitting around an ankle or wrist. There appear to be a nylon tab on each of them with a metal islet. This islet allowed for a medium (parachute type) nylon cord to be attached to them and tied off to some object for my immobilization. Jill went around the bed and one by one attached them to my ankles and wrists. She tied the nylon cords to the bed frame so that my arms extended up to the two corners at the top of the mattress. She did the same thing with my feet. Whoever designed these thought of both strength and comfort. They were not irritating at all, but also, they were so strong that no amount of struggling on my part would ever set me free.

After I had been thusly bound, and she made sure I was comfortable, Jill stood at the foot of the bed and began to seductively wriggle her pelvis as she slowly removed her bikini bottom. To my amazement, her pussy was totally shaved (which she had never done before). It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. To tease me all the more, she sensed I wanted to see everything, so she turned around and bent over so I could see both her shaved pussy and ass as she stared at me with a taunting grin between her legs. I couldn’t believe my eyes and my flagpole was hard as a rock and craving attention. The next thing I knew, Jill said to me, “Okay now take a picture with your mind.” She then put a blindfold on me. She said that this was to heighten my experience by diminishing some senses so that others will take priority. In keeping with that goal, she stated she was now going to put earplugs in my ears. Therefore, the only senses I would have would be taste, smell, and touch. Boy was she right about the increase this gave to those senses!

The next thing I knew I was being slowly licked and kissed from my toes up to my thighs (skipping over my manhood) and finally to my nipples. I could feel her breasts rubbing me as she made this fantastic voyage. She then began kissing me deeply on the mouth. She had some sort of strawberry flavored lip-gloss on that tasted fabulous. Her tongue was exploring every part of my mouth and my lips. Meanwhile, my illegal bahis siteleri cock was throbbing and screaming for attention as she occasionally rubbed her smooth shaved pussy against it. I can only imagine what this all looked like, and literally that’s what I had to do since I was blindfolded. This whole bondage thing was more exciting than anything I had ever known.

After kissing me for the longest time, Jill decided to change her position on me. She turned around and straddled me so that we were in a 69 position. She began to slowly and gently tease the head of my cock with her tongue. Meanwhile, her pussy was within inches of my face and I could smell it sweet scent. I wanted to kiss it and lick it as deeply as she had kissed me with her mouth. I begged her to put her pussy on my mouth, but she only teased me by brushing it on my face and then pulling it away just out of reach of my mouth. All the while she was turning up the heat on my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening! She was driving me crazy with desire, and her teasing drove me up a wall! As she licked and then slowly took my cock in her mouth, she succumbed to her own desire and placed her pussy on my mouth. She must have put that Strawberry lip-gloss all over her pussy because it was drenched in the taste and smell of Strawberry’s. I was in pussy heaven! But it was driving me absolutely bonkers not being able to see that yummy tasting shaved thing of beauty I had only briefly been allowed to see.

My tongue devoured her pussy lips and then found it’s way deep inside her as I forced it as far as my tongue could go. I could vaguely hear her moaning from my tongue action. I could eat this Strawberry heaven forever! And she did give me plenty of time to explore every part of her pussy. I even think my tongue was able to brush her ass hole a few times as she feverishly ground her pelvis into my face. As she slowly sucked my cock, she could sense that I was about to cum. And each time I was close to that point, she would stop her oral action to my manhood. Again, she was teasing me beyond belief! At least I could enjoy the fact that she was allowing me to continue to kiss and suck and lick every inch of that smooth pussy. After bringing me to near orgasm several times she decided it was time to do something else.

Remaining in the 69 position, she slowly scooted down so that canlı bahis siteleri her pelvis was over my aching cock. She then took it with her hands and gently and ever so slowly worked my shaft inside of her. I couldn’t believe how fantastically tight her pussy was tonight. I could hear her vague moaning as she worked me deeper and deeper into her. I wanted so bad to be able to see what was happening, but at the same time not being able to see was an absolute turn on. She eventually worked my cock all the way inside of her as she sat on me with her full weight. She was enjoying every minute of this, as was I. So, to prolong the moment, she just sat there with my cock buried deep inside her and didn’t move at all. She must have been facing away from me because after few minutes with me all the way inside of her, she leaned over and I could feel her warm breasts brush against my legs. This was so awesome and mind blowing at the same time. She must have taken some classes in using her pussy; because while she just sat there I could feel her pussy muscles occasionally contract and tightened around my rock hard cock. I have heard of women that could do this, but I had never experienced it to this extent with Jill before. She had great control and milked my cock without even moving. I thought to myself, I am one hell of a lucky guy. After a few minutes of massaging my cock with these muscle contractions, she began to rise up until just the head of my cock was inside her. She then used that same muscle action on it. Damn she was good at doing that! I’ve never felt her pussy so tight and working my cock with such muscle control ever in our married life.

Jill then began a very slow and methodical pumping of my cock. She rode it up and then down so slowly that it seemed to take forever. This was driving me absolutely insane! Soon she had my cock so worked up that it was about to explode! She sensed that I was close to cumming and her timing was right on. So, just as I was about to give her every drop of cum I possessed, she reached around and pulled off my blindfold. To my utter shock and surprise, what I saw was beyond my wildest dreams. All this time I had been thinking she was fucking me with her tight pussy when what did I see; she had me all the way up her ass hole! The minute I saw that, my whole body shuttered and I exploded what seemed to be buckets of cum into that tight little hot ass. When I was through, she gently eased herself off of me and use a warm wash cloth to massage my cock clean from all traces of my cum. She gave me a wickedly sexy smile when she was done.

Surely, this was a night I will never forget!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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