Love and Quarantine

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It was March. She was on her drive home. It was raining cold and she was soaked. She had to run to her car from the hospital loading bay. The rain was refreshing on her face after wearing a mask all day, but it had seeped through her sweatshirt, her scrubs, and her sports bra. Kayla had the heat up to keep from catching her death. Her nipples were as stiff as slate.

She looked forward to seeing her husband Samuel. He had weekends off and had most likely cleaned the house shortly after he woke up. It had been about a week since they had done anything in their bedroom you could call sexual. She assumed tonight would be it. Sometimes sex felt clinical or as if she had forced herself to commit to it.

Prozac had fucked her up pretty good. So had life. But hey? Anything was better than feeling buried.

She got to the apartment door and fumbled for her keys, it was still raining, there was no awning over their unit. She was completely soaked. She stepped inside and took her work sneakers off at the door. It was a long day and she hated being essential.

Her grey cat milo greeted her at the door with his signature “brrrrrp.”

Samuel was in the kitchen tidying up from making coffee and toast. He always slept late.

He looked up to meet her gaze. His smile was pure oxytocin, after the day she’d had.

“Hey sweets, you want me to put the kettle on?” He asked, seeing her damp hair and clothes.

“No, I’ll just get a shower. I wanna wash this day off.”

She couldn’t even hug him after the day she’d had. The things she’d seen.

She stood in the hallway and peeled of her sopping periwinkle scrubs, her hoodie, her socks, and last her wet bra and panties. She stared at her curves in the hallway mirror. She was 28 but was already noticing her body somewhat aging. It was still beautiful in the sense she felt all bodies were beautiful. She turned the faucet knob in the bathroom. She always kept the door open for some reason.

Kayla turned back to the mirror. She ran her hands over her thick thighs and breasts. She admired her hands, even some of the cellulite on her ass. “Everyone has it.” She said in her head. “Time takes everything.” She thought to herself. She learned that lesson anew every day. It was killing her. She needed release.

Kayla startled as Sam popped his head in and furrowed his brows and jesting, said “you gonna shower, or not?”

He smiled. His smile was so fucking contagious. She wanted to cry.

“You wanna join me?” She asked. She knew he would say no.

“No I want to get dinner ready.”

Kayla nodded, got in and closed the curtain. The two of them had been very affectionate everyday, but a part of her felt like they should fuck a little more often.

She washed quickly and throughly. She washed her pussy and ass first. She washed her hair. She ran the bath pouf over her breasts and stomach, and thick thighs covering them in thick lather and scrubbing as she did so.

After her shower she put on a pair of small fit cotton underwear. She never shaved her armpits or pussy. She liked the natural look of her body and didn’t really have much arm or leg hair to speak of. She toweled off, and put on button up pajamas.

The dinner Sam had made was ultimately just for Kayla as he had eaten an hour before her return. Eggs and broccoli. A common easy meal in their home. Sam was basic with cooking skills but anything was appreciated. That was his love language. He liked doing things for her. He made her life easier and that was his testament of passion and commitment. He was a quiet man.

She finished eating and tuzla escort sat with Sam on the couch. He was laying down watching one of their shows. She put his long legs over her lap. Sam smiles his toothy smile, excited to see her after a long day.

Kayla wanted more than cuddling, or a quiet night watching tv. She looked to Sam her grey thick lidded eyes boring into his. She placed her hand on his lap over the grey sweatpants she had bought him, so she could admire him walking around the house. Her had moved softly over his pelvis.

“Oh?” He said. His smile quickly faded into small grin, his eyes welled with anticipation.

Kayla grinned and stretched her shoulders, half shrugging, half seeking better vantage to touch his growing bulge. He was firm, but not completely hard. Kayla pulled at his waistband gesturing for him to give her more access to him. Fuck he was cute. Sam gently slid his sweatpants and underwear down just past his balls. His dick sprung from the fabric, and Kayla’s eyes moved to it. She spit on her right hand and ran it along the length of Sam’s pink shaft. His breath hitched as her hand went over the head of his cock. Kayla looked pleased. She massaged his right leg across her lap through his sweatpants while she worked his cock with her right hand. Sam started to stretch and moan.

“Do you want to take this to the bedroom?” He shuddered in a pleading tone.

“Yeah.” She said getting up and moving his legs from her lap. She went to their bedroom and got under a siege of blankets in wait for him.

He shuffled after her pants half down, and finally conceded in taking them all the way off.

He strut into the room with a black t-shirt and a raging hard-on. Sam looked at her dreamily, and got under the covers.

They kissed. She took his tongue in her mouth, feeling his mustache bristle against her top lip. She kept jerking his cock in her hand. His breathing was getting faster and he began to moan more. She bit his bottom lip and pulled him close. She ran her fingers through his blond hair. She pulled back to look at him, once more in the eyes. Admiring the subtle flecks of green and blue. He gasped as she worked the head of his cock. He quickly kissed her hard on the mouth and on the neck. Panting harder. Sam began undoing the buttons to Kayla’s pajama blouse. He ran his hands over her soft tits, exposing them. He sucked her nipples. Kayla began to groan. He sucked the left while twisting the right in a hard clockwise motion. That always set her off. She kissed him again moaning into his lips. His right hand was now working at her waistband pleading her to remove them. She quickly did, to his satisfaction.

Sam licked his finger and ran his hand between her labia. He circled his thumb on her clitoris and she whined, kissing his neck with soft bites. Her cunt was already wet and he loved it.

Kayla was still faithfully using her had and gasping as Sam rubbed her clit between his thumb and index finger.

“Fuck baby you’re so wet. Did you play with yourself before we started?” he whispered in her ear. No she said with a soft smile.

“Can I go down on you?” Kayla asked. She didn’t want to cum yet and she was already quite close. He nodded.

She pushed Sam onto his back from his side. She pulled up his black shirt and he removed it entirely.

She ran her hands along his waist. She lowered her head and began licking Sam’s dick in a teasing way. He took a sharp breath. Kayla looked him in the eyes and started moving her lips over his head. All the way down the shaft. He exhaled with a sigh. She tightened her mouth and started tuzla escort bayan to deep throat Sam in ernest. He was huffing as they made eye contact. She swirled her tongue around him inside her mouth as she took him all the way in.

Kayla pulled back up rested her arm on Sams stomach. She gripped his cock with her left hand and sucked his head with her mouth.

“Yeah baby.” He groaned.

She loved when he made a fuss while she ate his dick. She loved something else more.

Kayla grabbed each of Sams hands and put them behind her head so they gently cupped her skull. Fingers latticed in her deep hickory hair. She ran her left hand down his bare leg making him shiver. Kayla looked Sam in the eyes and gently nodded his head still in her soft, warm mouth.

Sam hardened his grip on the back of Kayla’s head and began to thrust upward. First at a soft pace then at a faster one. He groaned fucking her mouth. Her warm tight mouth felt euphoric. His cock hit the back of her throat and he grunted. Kayla tried to swallow to make the deep throat more pleasurable for Sam. When Kayla needed more air or a quick break she double tapped Sam’s thigh. He quickly obliged. She felt amazing and what they were doing was dangerous.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Sam said fucking her mouth and throat. His cock made a rubbery “pock” noise as it hit her throat hard. She loved it. He would slow down and speed up occasionally to the point he was fucking her mouth much like he did her cunt.

The effortlessness of him fucking her face after a long day at work was perfect. His eagerness to be inside some part of her turned her on. She loved the feeling of his cock moving against her lips. Her lips were so sensitive. His gasps and groans made her even wetter.

He stopped suddenly. Removing his hands from the back of her head he pushed her shoulders up.

“He wants to return the favor.” Kayla thought.

He gently moved her arms and legs gesturing her to lay on her back. He parted her thick thighs and held each leg tight. He kissed the inside of each thigh. He then, gently blew soft breath over her vulva, making her shiver

Kayla whined as he buried his face in her. She could hear him lapping at her wet, hot pussy. She groaned as his tongue circled and flicked her clit. She buried her hands in his hair, massaging his scalp, as he ate her out with everything he had. She tasted sweet and bitter to him.

He loved her smell. He was married to that smell and it was his alone to enjoy. He fingered her delicately as she breathed sharply above him. He ran the fingers inside of her over her vulva and clit and kept eating her.

“Oh fuck Sam, I love it when you do that.” She said with sharp exhale.

He worked his tongue over her vulva and sucked on her smaller labia and clit. He made a noisy slurping noise. As unpleasant as the sound was, he knew what he was doing. They’d been together most of their lives and fucking for almost a decade.

Kayla didn’t want to come yet.

Kayla pulled Sam up, embracing him in a kiss. She could taste herself sour, sweet and pungent on his breath.

She sighed as he fingered her. She gripped his shaft hard, making her hand a tight seal for his dick. He thrust against her hand grunting, writhing, and enraptured.

He was firm, as Kayla straddled him.

She was soaking wet. She ground her pelvis against her husband in a thrust motion back and forth. Sam’s cock rubbing her clit. Her eyes rolled as she moaned. Sam thrust up against her huffing and groaning. His cock cradled in her wet labia. Sam would get tired and Kayla would have a go escort tuzla at it. She thrust hard and slow. Her hips moved in a cyclic motion. Each time Sam’s cock found her clitoris she felt pleasure pulse from her groin to her stomach. Her clit was harder, and she could feel her climax building. Maybe Sam could too. That fiery feeling inside the womb and behind the vulva that felt like light entering the body.

And just like that, the man who had known her body over ten years began bucking his hips in a wild motion. Kayla moaned loud.

“Fuck baby, I’m going to come on your dick.”

He thrust even harder with even more enthusiasm. Kayla was practically shouting. It wasn’t as intense as the orgasms she had when Sam would finger her or eat her out, but intense nonetheless. It was intimate. It was amazing. She felt it roll from her clit, to her pussy and asshole. It went up her back and she felt it settle and concentrate in her temples, between and behind her eyes. She was so loud. She bit her lip out of habit to stay quieter. It was little use. The climax left her panting and pathetic on top of Sam.

Running his fingertips across her back and making her shiver in the aftershock of it all he asked “Can I cum in you?”

She felt it wrong in that moment to refuse Sam anything. She had wanted him to come inside her anyway.

“Of course.”

Sam positioned his cock at the start of her vagina. He thrust up. Both of their breaths hitched. Kayla felt more sensitive after she came. Sometimes to the point of pain or vaginismus. But this was nice. It was different. She could come off the high of a good climax with a beautiful man inside of her, getting what he wanted. He was thrusting straight up, in the way she loved.

“Baby you’re right on my g spot. Oh fuck” she whined through gritted teeth.

He thrust harder spanking her ass. He moaned as her pussy tightened around him. The friction inside of her was perfect. Kayla was so warm inside. He wanted to stay in her forever.

But he wanted to get off too. He moaned as his hips bucked upward. His thighs hitting her ass and wet pussy in a slapping sound with each thrust.

“Baby you feel so good. You’re so fucking wet.”

His panting became faster and so did his fucking. He moaned and held Kayla’s hips firm in place as he fucked her hard. He began to moan louder.

“Yeah baby you like that?” She said.

“Fuck I’m close. I’m so close.” He cried out.

He thrust a little slower trying to stem the intensity of his climax. Kayla wanted him to remember this one. She flexed her kegels and bore down on him in a fast piston like motion. He squeezed her ass and one of her tits so hard it almost hurt. He moaned loud and long. Kayla could feel his cock throb inside her. She could feel jets of his cum fill her inside, hot and syrupy. He had nut a great deal, they hadn’t fucked in awhile. She kept grinding making Sam shudder and whine. Sam firmly grabbed her hips forbidding her to move.

She smiled pleased with herself. She could already smell the alkaline peroxide smell of his semen as it slowly seeped out of her. Still poised above him, with her cunt wrapped around his cock. He had post climax sensitivity so she waited a moment. Before asking if she could get off. He nodded and she spirited herself into the next room for a clean towel.

She squat over the it, feeling his hot pearly cum seep out of her into a towel.

Sam lay gasping on the bed. She handed him the towel and he groaned as he wiped his cock off.

Sam got up, kissed her forehead and headed for the shower.

Kayla cleaned herself and put her pajamas back on. She relaxed on the couch, in front of the tv. Sam joined her after his shower. They held each other close enjoying the smell and feel of one another. Kayla later fell asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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