Long Island Ice Tea

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I looked down at my rapidly disappearing drink and sighed. Damn! Beer always did have the same effect on me. Just one pint was enough to send me running to the bathroom. I signalled to the barman to prepare my second drink, a dark rum and coke, and got up to go to the bathroom.

Knowing that the lock on the door didn’t work, I just closed the door behind me and popped it out to start pissing. A couple of seconds later the door opened behind me and I heard a very feminine voice excuse herself saying that she didn’t know anyone was there. Not really worrying about it, I jokingly stated that unless she wanted to wait, she could use the ladies… next door. The door closed behind me and after finishing my piss, I went and sat down at the bar again.

My drink was waiting for me on the bar and I took a sip. It was mixed to perfection, but before I could savour the taste properly, I felt a small tap on my shoulder and heard that same feminine voice.

“I’m sorry about walking in on you in the bathroom,” she said, “but there was someone in the ladies.”

“No problem,” I stated, looking around to find a young, beautiful face looking at me, “the lock on the door doesn’t work so it’s not really your fault. By the way,” I smiled, “my name is Mark.”

“I’m Janine!” she cheerfully smiled back and leant forward to kiss me on both cheeks.

Her musky aroma flew straight up my nostrils, and affected my balls, resulting in one hell of a hardon. This was no ordinary turn on! The smell of pure sex she was emanating was just so overpowering. I suddenly wondered how I was going to get her into bed! She was wearing a very loose off shoulder top that showed off just enough cleavage to tantalise me. The way she moved to the music that was being played showed that she was not wearing a bra underneath her top. As for the bottom, oh wow, wow, WOW! She was in a skirt that barely reached to her thighs.

I am not a guy that likes the anorexic look on women and I find that having a little extra flesh in the right places gave a woman the curves that were enough to drive me crazy. She had ample hip that carried her ass beautifully! Oh what an ass she had!

I asked her what she wanted to drink and she ordered a ‘Long Island Ice Tea’. I thought that this was a non alcoholic drink, but when I saw the barman mix a potent cocktail containing all the white spirits, I could just begin to imagine what kind of residual hangover that drink would give you.

We chatted for a few minutes, but her fingers hardly ever left the side of her head, and I put paid to my chances of getting her into bed. Any advances from my part would probably result in the age-old excuse of her having a headache.

“Is your head hurting a lot?” I asked.

Although there was a slight tone of regret in my voice, my question was more out of concern than anything else. I am a migraine sufferer and I wouldn’t want the pain I feel on my worst enemy, let alone on the delightful specimen of femininity seated in front of me.

“It is a bit,” she answered, wincing slightly. “It’s all the built up pressure. I tend to get tense.”

“Close your eyes and relax,” I ordered, placing my hands on her head and resting my fingers on her temples.

She obeyed without hesitation and I started to massage her head, starting from the bridge of her nose, up to mid-forehead and out to her temples. After the first two strokes, she let out a sigh of relief, stating how good it felt. She kept her eyes closed, totally engrossed in the natural pain relief that my fingers were administering to her head. Her tongue protruded ever so slightly from between her lips and I could only begin to imagine what her it would feel like running over my cock. I could almost see her wrapping her moist luscious lips around my member and suck me off for all she was worth.

I continued massaging her head for about five minutes. My trained fingers could feel there was less tension in her temples and I instinctively knew that my fingers had once again worked their own particular little miracles. Not wanting to stop her enjoyment, instead of stopping, I traced my fingers to the back of her head, down the nape of her neck and onto her shoulders.

“Oh my God!” she croaked. “That feels so good! Where did you learn to massage like that?”

“I’m a masseur,” I explained, simultaneously smiling, but not stopping the kneading of her shoulders.

“Oh what I’d give for a massage on my back,” she said through tiny gasps of pleasure.

“Anytime you want, all you have to do is give the word and I’ll give you a full body massage. If you want,” I continued, pushing my luck a little, “I’d even give you a speciality massage.”

The look on bursa escort her face suddenly changed from pleasure to confusion. She had no idea what I was talking about and I could see a million thoughts rushing through her mind.

“Okay, I give up! Tell me what a speciality massage is!”

“Well really there are various, but there is one in particular that I would like to give you.”

“Really?” She seemed interested in finding out what speciality massages were. “I’d like to know more about this. What kind of massage would you like to give me?”

“Your pussy with my tongue!”

Her eyes shot wide open and a wicked grin formed on her face.

“Now that is very interesting. I’d like that! I’d like that a real lot… but only if I could give you a massage as well.”

“And what might that be?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Your cock with my mouth!”

Now it was my turn to be wide eyed.

“Would you really do that for me?”

“Absolutely! I love sucking a cock. I get so turned on by it. If you could feel my pussy right now you’d know what I mean. I am so wet! The touch of your hands on my shoulders was turning me on, but now just thinking about sucking you off has pushed me over the edge. You have made me so horny!”

I put my hand on her bare knee and very slowly let my hand move upwards. She offered no resistance and as my hand glided higher, she slightly parted her legs. As my hand cupped her love mound, she let out a small groan and shudder. She was not lying! This girl was very highly aroused! Her panties were absolutely drenched and it was very clear to see that she wanted it as much as I did.

“Do you want to leave so that we can find a quiet place to be alone?”

Without a moment’s hesitation she stood up, took a last sip from her drink and took me by the hand. We took a slow walk to my car and I put my arm around her waist, letting my hand slip down to her ass pulling her closer to me.

We had not been in the car for thirty seconds and her hand was already going to work on my groin, giving me a raging hardon. I tried to put my hand between her thighs but she roughly pushed it away and flung off her seat belt. Both her hands were suddenly on my groin and in a flash, she had unzipped me and had my cock in her hands.

“I need to suck your meat now!” she stated and promptly licked off the small dribble of pre cum that had formed. “Ooh that tastes so good,” and without any further ceremony, leaned forward and hungrily took my tool into her mouth.

This woman was awesome! Her mouth was so soft and warm that it was almost as much as I could do to keep control of the car. It would have been too much of a risk to keep driving while being given the best blow job of my life! It would probably ended up in a nasty accident so I pulled into a darkened lay-by.

I reclined my seat as far back as it would go and she promptly took me to heaven and back. She had been telling the truth when she said she enjoyed it because she was so good it was not only my cock that she was blowing. I felt that my head was going to explode with pleasure. I can honestly say that I never thought it was possible to do so many different things with a tongue.

It never stopped moving up and down me. Working my length with her hand she simultaneously licked and flicked as she teased and tortured me no end. She softly rubbed her tongue under the rim of my helmet and drove me wild with the need to cum. She abruptly stopped and then very slowly took my whole length in her mouth, deep throating me. I felt a constriction in my balls and knew that it was over. I knew my climax was only a few seconds away.

“You’d better stop because I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her but she completely ignored me.

Doubling her efforts, she picked up speed and pumped away at my rigid member as hard and as fast as she could. I could feel the first shot of cum rocket out of the head of my cock and instantly splash against the back of her throat. I felt her swallow hard, with barely enough time for her to receive the next rush of hot liquid. One hand kept working the length of my shaft while the other coaxed my balls to squeeze out every last drop. She hungrily swallowed all that I had to offer and then licked her lips to clean up what was left. She held my cock in her hand and milked every drop of cum from me, licking each bead as she squeezed it from my softening member.

“Now that was good,” she smiled with a satisfied look on her face as she pulled away from me, “but if you don’t fuck me soon, I’ll just have to spread my legs here and do it myself!”

She also reclined her seat and started to remove her underpants but I held her back by pulling bursa escort bayan her hands away from the flimsy material and placing my own hand over her boiling pussy. The material was now so soaked through that they were stuck to her like a second skin! My eyes had got accustomed to what little light there was available and I could see the difference in shades of her underpants. This could only mean one thing. Her mons was like a lush rain forest as dark as the night but her pussy lips were shaved as clean as if they had never had a solitary hair on them. I pulled at the side of her panties with one hand, fully exposing her bald pussy, while lifting her top with the other.

I uncovered one of her perky breasts. They were round and meaty and her nipples were so hard they almost seemed to be chaffed. As I took her nipple into my mouth I gently penetrated her pussy with my middle finger. She was so wet that my finger was sucked into her like light into a black hole. She arched her back and tried to push against my hand as her vaginal muscles clamped tightly against my finger but I slowly withdrew both from her pussy and also her nipple.

“What the hell do you think…” she began but I held up my hand to silence her and in a teasing manner, put my middle finger in my mouth, clasped my lips around it, and slowly drew it out again, savouring the full peppery taste of her love juice.

“Will you stop fucking around and fuck me instead!” she almost shouted at me. It wasn’t a request anymore… it was an order! “You are driving me fucking crazy with desire!”

I smiled at her and once again covered her snatch with her fully saturated panties.

“There is nothing I would like more than to fuck you silly right now but bare with me a while until we go somewhere else. Let’s go somewhere more secluded where we can get out of the car and I can do more than just fuck you. There is so much I want to do with you, it would be a shame to do it all cramped in a car. Can you wait a few minutes until we go somewhere else?”

She seemed to think about it and decided to take her chances.

“Okay! I agree… but on the condition that I stay as I am and you rub my pussy as we drive along.”

I nodded my consent and she relaxed back in the seat, spreading her legs as wide as she could in the confined space of the front seat. I started the car and drove off. I put my hand down between her thighs and fondled her pussy through the material. She started taking deep breaths and groaning for all she was worth. I took extra special care not to get anywhere near her clit. I did not want her to cum in the car. It would spoil what I had in store for her. Her hands crept underneath her top and came to rest on her breasts. As she toyed with her nipples, I continued to tantalise her puffy pussy lips. All the time she never stopped moaning sometimes telling me to hurry up to wherever I was taking her.

I turned off at the top of the hill and slowly drove towards the abandoned railway station. I parked next to some flat rocks and hurried out of the car. Janine also jumped out of the car and I went to meet her. Taking her in my arms, I lifted her top over her head and took one of her nipples in my mouth. With my free hand I loosened her skirt that fell to the floor and sliding my hand inside her panties and pulling them down I toyed with her clit. She suddenly sighed and pulled away from me.

“No!” she cried, almost in anger. “You promised you’d fuck me!”

She wriggled away and pulled my own T-shirt over my head. Quickly dropping to her knees, she loosened my belt, unzipped me and pulled my jeans down around my ankles. My boxers were already tented, held away from me by the raging erection I had. She cupped my balls and nibbled on my cock through the flimsy material. I felt my boxers also being pulled down and as my erection sprung out in her face I found it once again engulfed in her hot mouth and she licked and slurped, almost as if she were enjoying her favourite Chuppa Chups! Standing up, she turned and bent over the hood of the car. Her hands were on her ass cheeks and as she spread them she gave me a first class view of her awesome, wet, glistening, shaved love hole!

“Shove it in me!” she ordered. “Push your cock deep inside me and fuck me hard! I want to feel your meat pumping my slippery cunt as your balls slap against my pussy lips and clit!”

This was almost too much for me. Screwing a woman from behind is one of my favourite positions, but I was determined not to waver and give her as much pleasure as I could.

“No, not like this,” and I turned her around to face me. “Get on the floor. I want you that way!”

By the time I had stepped out of the escort bursa tangle of clothes around my ankles and we were both as naked as the day we were born, she was already on her back. With both feet flat on the floor and knees apart, she awaited my penetration. I knelt down between her thighs and pushed my helmet onto her puffy lips. She tried to push herself onto me but I moved away until she relaxed again.

Moving away a little more I changed my position and, going down on her, covered her pussy with my mouth. My tongue darted in and out of her and as her juices flowed into my mouth I tentatively flicked at her clitoris.

“Ooooh! Yeeeees!” she moaned as I worried her love bud. “That feels so good! Oh yes! Suck my clit and make me cum!”

I complied with her wishes and roughly lapped at her pussy and clit. As I slowly buried two fingers deep inside her, she arched her back and grabbed my hair roughly pushing my face onto her sweet succulent pussy. She suddenly tensed beneath me and I knew her climax had begun.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed in pure delight. “I’m going to cum! Finger fuck me while you eat me!” I rhythmically fucked her with two fingers and continued licking her clit, but it was not enough for her. “Faster! Harder!” she demanded almost out of breath. “Give it to me!”

As I pumped her pussy with both fingers and gnawed at her swollen clit, her body suddenly went into a spasm. As she writhed and bucked beneath me, I could feel her love juice splash against my face! This was awesome! She was actually having an ejaculation! It was something I had read about but never something I thought I would experience! As I continued to delight in the taste of her love juice with two fingers still buried deep inside her, it took almost all of my strength to keep her from bucking away from me as she thrashed around with raw animal desire. After what seemed like an eternity the throes of her explosive orgasm gradually subsided until she was left heaving and gasping for air.

“That was wonderful!” she gasped, trying to breathe and lifted my head from the depths of her pussy to look straight into my eyes. “Will you please, please fuck me now? I so need to feel you inside me!”

After nodding and smiling at her I fumbled around in my jeans pocket and brought out a small packet. I held it out in front of her and sitting up she took the condom from me. She rolled it onto my almost bursting cock and when she was satisfied that it was in place, she lay back again with both feet in the air.

“Now come and give it to me lover!”

I took her ankles in my hands and pushed them back towards her shoulders. This gave me a perfectly clear unobstructed view of her awaiting, glorious pussy. I trapped my helmet between her glistening lips and rocked to and fro, ending up on her clit setting off a new wave of whimpering from her. I suddenly pushed forward and catching her unaware, she let out a shriek of pleasure as I plunged into her very depths. Her pussy was so incredibly hot and tight that I thought I’d lose my load there and then. Her hands flew to her nipples and as she tweaked and rolled them between her fingers I slowly withdrew until only my head was still trapped inside her. I was literally coated in her juices and without warning I rammed home again. She emitted a grunt of pleasure and as wave after wave of ecstasy hit her, she found her voice.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! Fuck me with all you’ve got! Bang me darling and shove that cock of yours deep inside me!”

Without knowing I must have been hitting her G-spot because she was going wild beneath me. Here was a woman who knew what she wanted and knew how to take it. I was in pure heaven. My continued assault on her lovely tight pussy was edging her closer and closer to what seemed to be another explosive orgasm.

As she held her breath she unhooked my fingers from her ankles and wrapped her feet around my ass egging me to go harder. With her arms around my neck and her feet clamped to my back she lifted herself off the ground and swung backwards and forwards in time to the pounding of her pussy. Her vaginal muscles started to contract, her already tight pussy, amazingly, became even tighter. This was all too much for me. Her orgasm had set off my own and as she hung suspended beneath me, with my cock pumping in and out of her. I could feel my sperm rush up the length of my tool and into the condom as I collapsed on top of her. I never at one time stopped until I could feel myself absolutely drained of all the sperm I could muster.

After we both calmed down and had slowly disentangled ourselves, I held her close to me with her head on my chest as we both smoked a cigarette.

“If you’re not doing anything tomorrow night, would you like to meet me for dinner?”

“Yes,” she replied, looking up into my eyes and giving me a small squeeze. “I’d like that very much… but only if you promise me that for desert, you’ll fuck me again.”

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