Logan and a Chance Fire

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Handing Logan the keys to the apartment after what must have been the fifth time saying goodbye, his mom cheerfully proclaimed “Okay honey! The apartment is all yours!”

Logan had just turned 18 and was leaving for college after the summer. The timing of his parents’ first vacation in years (to Europe nonetheless!) was likely not a coincidence. Bobbing the keys in one hand while he held open the door with the other, Logan watched his parents gleefully depart on their European vacation.

“Should I be offended that they seem so happy to be on their way?” Logan wondered ruefully.

Watching his parents disappear as they turned the corner at the end of the hallway, Logan entered into the apartment and let the door close shut behind him. A strangely-deafening silence greeted him.

“I guess I’m supposed to throw a wild bachelor party now…” Logan mused to himself. Readying himself for as wild as the night was likely to be, Logan instead walked to his room, grabbed his basket of dirty clothes, carried it to the closet, and threw the clothes into the washer. Satisfied with his latest conquest over dirty laundry, he began to wonder what he should do with his night. Staring at the washer as if for answers, it eventually dawned on him: Logan could play video games without interruption from his parents.

“Sounds like a pretty fun night,” Logan figured. “I should go buy a soda or two before I begin…”

Again staring at the washer, Logan reached into his pocket to verify that he had the requisite soda-money. The washer’s blinking red lights seemed to judge him as he counted enough money for three sodas. “Don’t judge me – I don’t do this very often!” Logan reasoned with the washer.

Escaping the judgemental washer, Logan walked to the front door of his silent apartment, opened it, and bounded off for the floor’s vending machine. Approaching the machine, Logan’s hands reflexively began depositing bills. “Maybe the washer was right – maybe I do this too often…” Logan mused.

Pushing the judgemental washer from his mind, Logan pushed the big plastic button for his favorite soda and was greeted by three musical *clunk!* sounds. Placing two of the resulting sodas between fingers of his left hand, Logan grabbed the remaining soda in his right hand and began heading back to his now-empty apartment.

“Ya know those ain’t good for ya, right?” Jessica’s sweet voice sliced through him and momentarily turned his insides into mush. In most circumstances, Logan would have done (almost) anything to see Jessica’s radiant beauty. Being the fitness addict she was though…he couldn’t bear to see her judging gaze lock on to the sodas he now so-triumphantly carried.

Stuttering his way through a response, desperately hoping that a good excuse would eventually coalesce, Logan turned to her and replied “Umm yeah…well…my parents are gone for the weekend…and…”

“Your parents are out for the weekend, and you’re celebrating by drinking – what? – *three* whole sodas!? C’mon man…” Though the words Jessica was saying were a bit harsh, her tone was playful – and her brilliantly-white smile helped take the edge off, too.

Truthfully, Logan could barely hear the words she was saying – he was too smitten with her beauty. She must have just come back from the gym, because she was wearing a cropped workout top and matching yoga pants. Beads of sweat were actively drying on her brow and muscular, ebony abs peaked out from under her top. Logan thought the rest of her was just as sexy – everywhere he looked, she proudly sported athletic-yet-supple curves.

“When you’re my age, you gonna regret drinking so many of them sodas…” she teased.

“What?” Logan exclaimed, more confused than anything. “You’re not that old?”

“Well, I just turned 30. You don’t care of yourself at 30, it starts to show. I know you seen some crunchy 30 year olds. You pretty fine now…but you keep having them sodas and you gonna be one of them crunchy 30 year olds.”

Not for the first time, Logan reflected that he liked her confident-but-playful mannerisms. Logan had had a crush on his next door neighbor for years…and he’d had more than a few vivid fantasies of her. Her athletic beauty aside, he found her demeanor quite sexy, too. She had a tendency to change her mannerisms of speaking depending on the situation. A successful lawyer, he’d seen her almost become a different person when talking business. But just now, he appreciated she was being her authentic self.

“Ummm…yeah… maybe I should cut out the soda…” Logan agreed.

“Yeah, maybe you should. Look, you can knock on my door any time and I’ll take you to the gym down on the second floor. Work them sodas outta you. But just now, I gotta take a shower after my workout. Talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay.” Logan simply replied.

Flashing a final, beaming-white smile, Jessica began walking the hall towards her apartment. As she walked, Logan spent almost as much time admiring her amply-athletic ass under her yoga pants as he did looking forlornly at his three bursa escort sodas. Then Logan, too, began walking towards his own apartment.

Mid-stride, a thought occurred to Logan: “Wait, was she *flirting* with me? She called me pretty fine – or was it fine?” Logan reflected that the subtle differences had large implications. But then he realized that there was no way a confident, very-sexy woman would want anything to do with a barely-18 guy such as himself. “She’d said ‘pretty’,” Logan finally agreed.

After arriving in his apartment, Logan set the three sodas down on the coffee table in front of the TV he was about to turn on to play games on for the rest of the night. Staring at the three sodas, Logan changed his mind: Jessica had called him “pretty fine.” “A big difference,” Logan reflected. Still staring at the sodas, Logan told the sodas “You’re just trying to convince me otherwise, so that I’ll drink you. But I won’t fall for it!”

Now convinced that Jessica found him “pretty fine”, Logan questioned whether or not he really wanted the sodas. “Better not ruin my pretty-fineness with these sodas.” Logan mused. He even momentarily considered taking Jessica up on her offer and knocking on her door tomorrow – but quickly pushed the intimidating thought from his mind.

Unsure of what else to do with the sodas now that he’d convinced himself not to drink them, Logan decided to put them in the refrigerator. Opening the refrigerator and shoving them in, Logan became aware of an acrid smell. “Is that smoke?” Logan wondered.

No sooner had Logan become aware of the acrid smell than the apartment’s fire alarm pierced through the air. With the alarm rattling in his head, Logan resigned himself to exiting the apartment and waiting for some undetermined amount of time while the fire department gave the all-clear. “I bet that damn washer has something to do with this…” Logan reflected.

Opening his door, Logan saw that the entirety of his floor was simultaneously opening their doors and shuffling away from the sonic assault. Like everyone else in the apartment, Logan eventually found himself standing on the grassy lawn area of the apartment. Being a Friday evening, Logan saw that the people around seemed to be dressed in various states of preparation for their night – including Jessica.

Like a number of other women, Jessica was dressed as if to prioritize comfort: she wore loose-fitting (and very short) shorts and a similarly-short cropped t-shirt. Without a bra, Logan immediately noticed that her nipples protruded from beneath her loose-fitting shirt. He’d never seen a woman quite like her (not in-person, anyways…) Logan realized that he was staring at her very-slim, muscular waist clearly accentuated by thick, athletic thighs. When Jessica caught his gaze, she flashed a smile and began walking towards him. Logan tried not to stare as her breasts bounced with each step as she approached.

“Hey, did you have something to do with this?” She teased.

“I hope not!” Logan replied jokingly. Looking down at one of her feet peeking out from under her sandals, he noticed that two of her toenails were painted and three were not. “She must have been painting her toenails when the alarm went off…” Logan reflected.

A sudden wave of courage washed over him, and Logan foolishly felt the need to ask her a question: “What were you doing when this alarm went off?”

“Not drinking sodas! I kid. Naw, I was painting my toenails.” As she spoke, she laughed heartily. Logan found it sexy.

Before Logan could reply, Jessica pulled her phone from seemingly-nowhere, furrowed her brow, and studied its screen. “Oh shit! I gotta take this, sorry.”

Jessica bounded away more-hurriedly than she’d arrived. As she did, Logan noted that her perfectly-round ass cheeks peeked out from under her shorts. With the image of her perfect ass cheeks seared in his memory, Logan realized what he was going to do tonight: he was going to masturbate yet again thinking of Jessica.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the firefighters finally showed up. And after yet another eternity, they finally gave the “all-clear” to re-enter their departments.

Singularly-focused on the way Jessica’s perfect ass peeked out from her shorts (and the way that her braless breasts bounced), Logan found himself at his apartment. Thoughts of Jessica quickly vacated his mind when he saw a firefighter near his door.

“You live here, kid?” the firefighter inquired as Logan approached. This man looked to be a firefighter’s firefighter. He looked as if he’d come fresh off of a firefighter assembly line.

“Yes…?” Logan’s tone was uncertain – he knew that there was a good reason that the firefighter was at *his* apartment.

“Okay, kid…so. I just spoke with the residents here – your parents – so they know the situation. I’ve never seen anything like it – it looks as if a mouse chewed through your washer’s wires and started a fire. What are the chances? But a fair amount of your laundry room is burned – and your apartment is gonna smell smoky bursa escort bayan for a while. I’ve opened the windows..but it wouldn’t be healthy to sleep there tonight. I told your parents that you should stay somewhere else tonight, and they’ve told me you’ve got a few choices.”

A thousand thoughts simultaneously raced through Logan’s mind. Somewhat in shock, Logan simply replied to the firefighter “Okay.”

“Okay, kid. I’ll letcha go. I gotta go do some fucking paperwork. The job isn’t all saving kittens, ya know?” The firefighter’s assuring smile put him at ease as he readied himself to text his parents.

After texting his parents and telling them that he was gonna pack to stay at his uncle’s, he entered his apartment. The acrid smell was overwhelming. As Logan passed the washer, he noted that it somehow had survived the fire unscathed even as everything else around it was clearly charred. “I see you,” Logan assured the washer. “I know.”

Reflecting on the night, Logan quickly packed his bag and exited his apartment. Head down in thought, Logan closed the door behind him and started walking down the hallway.

“Hey! What did you do?” Logan welcomed Jessica’s songlike voice, even if she’d managed to catch him unawares yet again. Looking towards the source of her voice, Logan saw that Jessica was wearing the same short-shorts and cropped shirt from before. She looked *hot*.

“Heh. You won’t believe this, but our washer. I swear that thing is evil. A mouse chewed through its wires and it caused fire. Get this: the washer isn’t charred – not even a little.” Logan explained.

“Well, what happened to the mouse?” Jessica teased.

“With that washer? It’s better not to ask too many questions.” Logan’s wry grin betrayed that he was somewhat afraid of that washer – somewhat.

“So what ya’ll packed for?” Jessica inquired.

“Well, it smells really bad in there right now with the smoke and all. The windows are open, but I am gonna stay with my uncle tonight while the smoke clears.”

“Where does your uncle live?” Jessica’s playfulness seemed to melt away to be replaced by an authentic concern.

“Up north. About an hour’s metro ride from here.” Logan answered.

“Well, listen. That’s a long way from here. You’re welcome to crash on my couch tonight, if you want.” Jessica’s tone was matter-of-fact, but her statement still caused Logan’s brain to short-circuit.

Logan’s mind went into overdrive. So many of his fantasies of Jessica started this way. Was it real? For a moment, fear of the unknown almost made Logan assure her that his uncle would be waiting for him. But then his senses got the better of him. First, she was just being a good neighbor. And second…if she wasn’t…this was an opportunity he wouldn’t have at his uncle’s.

“Ummmm, sure.” Backpack slung over his shoulder, Logan entered her apartment as she pushed open the door and signalled for him to come in. Logan was immediately greeted by the opposite of his own smoke-ridden apartment: a clean fragrance wafted in the air. Her apartment was simply-yet-tastefully decorated in various hues of pink and blues.

Following Jessica’s lead, he walked behind her as she gave him a condensed tour of her apartment. “Alright, this is your couch. My room is there and the guest bathroom is there. And over there is the kitchen if you’re hungry. No sodas, though – sorry!” Logan smiled shyly in response to her playful barb.

“Listen, I know it’s not even that late and you’re 18 and you probably wanna stay up all night like the young man you are…but I gotta work tomorrow. So I’m going to bed as soon as you’re all set on the couch. But you’re welcome to watch TV or whatever, okay?”

Unslinging his backpack and setting it next to the couch he was going to spend the night on, he simply replied “Okay. Thanks a lot.”

“Sure, no worries,” Jessica assured. “I don’t have any clothes for you – you’re gonna hafta sleep in the shorts and shirt you have right now…but let’s get you some blankets, okay?”

Standing near the couch, Logan studied her as she walked to a closet and pulled out some blankets. He admired how her muscles subtly rippled under the barely-dimmed lighting of her apartment.

Handing the blankets to Logan, Jessica cheerfully proclaimed that she was going to bed. Blankets in hand, Logan watched her walk towards her room. Just before she opened the door and entered her room, she spun towards Logan and flashed a smile before flicking off the lights of the room. “Was that my imagination?” Logan wondered.

Resigning himself for the night, Logan grabbed a pillow and “made his bed” as it were. Perhaps worn out from the events of the day, sleep quickly washed over Logan after he laid on the couch and settled under the blankets.

When Jessica’s door clicked open, though, Logan quickly snapped awake. In disbelief, Logan watched as she emerged from her room wearing provocative white lingerie. Fixated on her legs adorned in fishnet stocking, Logan sat up and watched her stalk towards the couch. Somehow, her lingerie escort bursa simultaneously hid nothing and yet hid everything he’d fantasized about so many times.

As she approached the couch, she wordlessly hefted herself up onto the couch and then his lap. Without hesitation, her mouth approached his…and he met it with a passionate, tongue-infused kiss.

“Is this really happening?” Logan thought to himself.

Grabbing his hand in hers, Jessica guided Logan’s hand to her crotch. “Feel how wet I am…” Jessica murmured in between kisses. Jessica wasn’t kidding – as Logan traced a finger over the concave fabric covering her slit, he could feel that it was drenched in her arousal.

“Slide it in…” Jessica again murmured between kisses. Pulling aside the white fabric of her lingerie, Logan easily slid a finger into her sopping wetness. “MMmmmm just like that…” she encouraged, as his finger slid in up to his knuckle before beginning to pump in and out.

Then a creaking sound snapped Logan awake, and the fleeting memories of his intense dream began to fade.

“Damn! It *was* too good to be true…” Dejectedly, Logan scanned the dim room fully realizing that he was not likely to fall asleep after his dream. “TV it is…” Logan whispered to himself before he grabbed the remote control and flicked the TV on.

Flipping through the various apps on the TV, Logan settled for boring-old-news. Well, maybe boring for others. Logan actually quite liked the news. Setting the remote down, Logan eased back into the couch and resigned himself to watching the news until he was sleepy.

After a few minutes watching the TV in silence, Jessica’s door creaked open. Already burned once, Logan set his expectations low for what came next. Surely enough, Jessica emerged from her room – this time without provocative lingerie. Instead, she wore the same short-shorts and cropped shirt from before. At the very least, her clothing indicated that this time, at least, was probably not a dream.

Squinting her eyes as she adjusted her eyes to the light coming from the TV, Jessica asked “Can’t sleep?”

A sinking feeling came over Logan – he realized the act of him turning on the TV may have woken her up. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you up…”

“Naw, it’s okay. I kinda have a big case next week – I usually can’t sleep the nights before those kinda cases.” Signalling to the couch, Jessica asked “May I join you?”

“Ummm…sure!” Logan focused intensely on making his tone playful – lest the fact that his throat was drying become obvious. Recalling the many of his fantasies that began like this was getting himself excited. Focusing on not making the movement obvious, Logan pulled the blankets over his lap to hide his growing erection.

His senses heightened, Logan was acutely aware of every little sensation occurring from Jessica sitting down on the couch beside him and pulling the blankets over her own lap. That much, at least, indicated that this wasn’t a dream.

“Whatcha watching? The news? What are you – 18 or 50?” Jessica again flashed a teasing smile his way.

“Heh. Yeah. I actually kinda like the news…” Logan admitted.

Replying with a shrug and a smile, Jessica simply said “Hey, works for me.”

Not knowing what else to say, Logan didn’t say anything. Although his eyes were looking at the TV, his mind was elsewhere. Part of him was imagining the raunchiest, most-vivid fantasies of Jessica…and the other part of him was telling himself to calm down – Jessica just wanted to watch TV to kill time.

Logan felt the time drag excruciatingly by. It was a stoic effort not to turn his head and ogle Jessica’s nipples so-obviously protruding out from beneath her shirt. Impossibly, time did somehow pass as Logan remained laser-focused on keeping his eyes on the TV.

That was until Logan felt a rustle under the blanket emanating from Jessica’s direction. When he felt her hand slowly moving under the blanket, Logan almost panicked. But he kept his composure, and continued looking forward. “She’s just readjusting herself…” Logan assured himself.

But her hand continued to move a long and slow trajectory towards him, evidenced by the blanket creasing under her hand’s movement. Panic set in as he realized that she was definitely not “readjusting herself”. “What am I supposed to do? Is her hand actually moving towards me?! Is her hand moving towards my crotch!?” Logan’s panic was palpable.

In his panic, Logan froze. He wanted so badly for her hand to continue moving until it was under his shorts and resting on his cock. After all, many of his vivid fantasies of Jessica started something like this. Logan didn’t know what to do. If he made a move and he was wrong…he could potentially make a scene, gross her out, or something…If he made the wrong move, he was afraid it would ruin his chances. But if he was right…

As time drew to an adrenaline-infused standstill, Logan was afraid to move even the slightest muscle. Agonizingly slowly, Jessica’s hand continued towards him. In his panic, Logan had decided the best option was to play dumb – as if he noticed nothing. Instead, he stared intensely on the TV in front of him. If he was wrong, oh well. But if he was right…well, the night was young still…

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