Lil Slice of Heaven

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Jason Aldeen’s Dirt Road Anthem was playin on the speakers.

She came to this place many times growing up to find some peace and solitude, but now she finally had someone to share it with.

Suddenly she snapped out of it as he asked pulling in, “Is this it?” … “Yup!!” She exclaimed with excitement.

“Why don’t you grab the packs? I gotta put on my boots.”

“Alright mama, you da boss” he said with a big excited kiss.

She pulled over to the cut off and turned off the truck. He hopped to the back and lifted the stuff out with his strong arms.

Looking in the rearview mirror, she thought to herself

“Mmm good thing I can get these cloths as dirty as I want today!! Usually he likes everything all prissy. Now’s my chance to show him just how much I prefer to get messy. So much easier.” She chuckled to herself.

She reached back to get her shoes and started to put them on. Walkin back to front cab he saw her bending over, tying up her boot laces and noticed a bit of her plumy butt was showing. He bent over to tickle her a bit and straighten her out like a lady.

She immediately shot up and hit him on the shoulder laughing “You mutt! Go fetch a stick!”

He laughed at the big grin on her face. She still liked it when he did that. She didn’t realize how much he missed being around to take advantage.

She grabbed her stuff and came around the side of the truck and laid it by the big boulder with the other gear.

“Alright, we’re all suited up,” she said “Let’s have a smoke before”

He replied “That sounds like a fine idea, pretty lady”

She had stopped smoking, but he was still in between. It was alright though because she enjoyed the sweetness of the Clove vape, and secretly she still enjoyed the feeling of the big, slick, hard glass of her weed pipe all up in her lips.

He grinned at her again, knowing what was going to make her randy for the next few hours.

“So where’s this fishin spot?” He asked.

“Its down by the river. We have to go off trail and hike to it. Ready honey?”

She gently bent in to kiss him through his wholly beard, tasting of cloves. He licked his lips and bent in for a deeper kiss, pulling her closer. She teased him a bit and sucked his lips “You’ll just have to wait for more,” winking “Let’s go!”


Chapter 1

It was a cool morning with breaks in the clouds for sunshine. Not bad for an early fall. The coldness of the air bit at her lips and egged her to keep on going. They had just started.

Ava heard the crashing of the river in the distance, Humming quietly, but always moving. Soothing

Sean was right behind her. She knew he was checking out her cute butt in those tight yoga pants as usual, but she was too distracted by her thoughts of setting up camp. She hesitated for a moment, trying to remember if they brought the two rifles.

She turned her dirty blonde head back to see Sean had his for smaller, more experienced game. A Ruger 10-22 classic fixed stock rifle. It’s reliability and accuracy are legendary, and there are more accessories for the rifle.

She reached back to feel down the side of her pack for hers. It was for bigger medium game. A Marlin 30-30. Its slow to load, its slow to reload, but the 30-30 is compact, its easy for just about anyone in the family to shoot, its pretty accurate out to 100 – 150 yards and it has plenty of penetration power. One aspect that is often overlooked, the 30-30 shoots a 30 caliber bullet. Something to keep in handy for bigger critters and bein a little lady. She laughed at herself a bit.

Sean asked her “What ya thinkin mama?”

“Remember the first time I tried to hold a shotgun? It was too big for me and I couldn’t clear corners in the house. What good is it if I can’t even aim for a horse with a shot gun?”

They both chuckled a hearty laugh.

He said “Good thing you got that hunters safety and pulled tags. Now maybe we can start practice and eat new grub!?”

She nodded agreeing. “I got some new ideas reading up on some big game we’re aiming for. We’d have to bring the ATV’s. I read White River is a great place to test hunting skills. If you’re looking for Colorado elk, that would be the place you finally manage to find and harvest a bull. White River is a beautiful mix of wildflower meadows and rugged mountain cliffs.”

“Wow” he said “I’m game! Are you sure you really want to do this? I mean, do something so big for your first trip?”

“Of Course! The smaller game seems to be harder, and that’s what we’re practicing this trip, includin fishin. I think it would be a honor to hunt big game my first time with you and learn about how to prep the meat and skin. And no, I won’t cry.” Ava said rolling her eyes.

“The only time I do that is when the world is being stupid with each other. A man’s still gotta eat.”

Ava could understand why he was asking though. She was always a sensitive person. The down side and up side we’re one in the same. Being sensitive, you pick up on everything, But It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

She illegal bahis felt the same way about sex. There never was an off button for that either, she laughed. She was always in heat, but it taught her who people really were. Shaun respected her body regardless, knowing he hit the jackpot with her. Love would take it’s own time.

And they both had time. Lord, did they take their time.

What she needed was an emotionally mature man who could respect what she had to do for herself. She had her refurbishment business in progress, developing her writing, and hemp farming in the works. She was getting into shape the past year and fulfilling all her fantasy explorations. She was a bit more on the wild side and Sean was so good for her, being stable and consistent.

Sean was a self made man with the same interests, owning his own wood shop and garden center. He made a wonderful companion for some extreme sporting when he wasn’t immersed in work. He also got the big snip earlier that year, a necessary to keep up with both their sex drives. He was a bit more set in his ways and she kept him on his toes with a desire for new knowledge and experiences.

“Yeah, I got the gun,” he said, reading her actions.

She replied “I was about to say, I’m not coming on this trip about to do nothing!!” She laughed.

“Yeah, with any luck I’ll be the one getting my hands dirty” he smirked.

“Fat chance!!” She said shaking her butt at him.

Now she was getting her first big wind of energy.

All this talk about getting dirty and trying something new got her excited. She felt free as the wind carrying her faster in to her hiking pace. She needed it to get her body healthy. She liked to get her lungs going. One two. One two. She counted her steps zoning out all the distractions of her mind. So much that she barely noticed that she got far ahead of Sean.

Sean was a peaceful person at heart and enjoyed taking his time out in nature. The city was a different story. He hated crowds.

She stopped ahead and sat down on a fallen log to take in the surroundings.

The sky was clear blue with a few billowy clouds. Some light breeze and warm sunshine. The pathway was wide and both sides were lined tall with old Pines, Poplars and a few Aspens sprinkled in, encumbered by canyon walls on both sides.

It was still surprisingly colorful for a late fall. The ground was littered with moss, yellow daises, red Indian paint brushes and purple bluebells. You could hear nothing but the trees cracking and wind swaying the leaves, talking to you in their ancient language.

You could see far ahead and behind because of the wide path. A bit further up you could see a family of deer hiding in the tall grass that had over grown the cleared path. You could tell some of the park rangers came through to clear out old logs, but this one she sat on had recently fallen.

Ava had caught her breath when Sean finally met up to her. She stood up to greet him and lay a soft peck on his cheek. He noticed the deer and stopped to enjoy their surroundings together. Lifting both their packs off, they set them to the side hidden behind the big log.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” she said.

“I’ll join you, Let’s go up here. It’s not sloping too bad and there are some trees to hide us from the pathway.”

“Alright, I’ll follow you handsome.”

He lead on, like a guardian to her, checking all his surroundings. This was something she had always felt comforted by for all her brashness. His protective spirit.

He found a tall pine and she found a bush just to the side, both shaded a bit from the sky and trail.

She took off her pants quickly and set them to the side. While she squatted down she turned back to find him looking at her. He smirked, He always was a little but of a perv and she liked it.

She could feel the coolness of the mountain air on her inner lips. It felt good mixed with the hotness of her liquids. As she finished and began to stand up, she felt a pair of hands slyly grab her ass.

She closed her eyes and felt his chest press against her. He kept kneading her squishy ass with one hand and held around her chest with the other, holding her in closer. She was now standing bare ass in her hiking boots and her soft cotton blue sweater.

His hand slowly started moving into the soft crease from behind, feeling all her wetness, slowly spreading it between her cheeks.

“Is that just pee or are you excited to see me?”

In a moaning voice Ava said “Wouldn’t you like to find out?”

She reached behind only to find he had not put his Tommy Knocker away. It was hanging proudly over the zipper, still hard and warm from handling his business.

She turned around facing him now, and braced herself against the tree. She grabbed him at the base with his balls gently, and pulled him closer to her slit.

Still holding, She ran her wetness over the length of his entire member between her lips, squeezing her thighs tightly. For him.

She pulled his cock back up and it slapped HARD on illegal bahis siteleri top of her mound. He let out a heavy grunt.

She loved building him up like this. They hadn’t made love in almost a week due to impossible schedules.

She pulled him in to give him his favorite: a slow French kiss and asked him to help hold up one of her legs.

She put one of her hands deep down into her wetness, fisting herself with half her hand. She pulled out her glistening gold and began stroking his tip and rubbing him on her silky spread, teasing them both.

At this point she could feel her juices running down her leg. She couldn’t control the gushing a damn bit with how long it had been.

She dropped down to her knees on the soft underbrush to have him in her face. She was going to give him what he deserved.

She could smell them both mixed in with the sweet butterscotch scent of the pine trees. Her mouth was salivating to take him in. She began to deep throat him to get her mouth full, while grabbing his ass with both hands to lock him in close.

Oh how they both loved the sound of her gagging and spit filling her throat and below. He was finally forgetting work.

Again the coldness on her lips made her feel more exposed. She began to piss a steady flow below again, and just had to reach down and feel her soft hole swollen up.

He was bent over leaning to the tree, staring down at her with a heady love gaze. You could see the veins on his arms coursing with blood, just like his cock.

He now wanted her so badly he didn’t even ask. He just pulled her up, turned her around, and pressed her up against the tree, getting some of her wetness on his pants in a hurry. He held her close, grabbing her breasts firmly to steady himself.

He slowly introduced his throbbing cock to warm up her tingly pussy. She enjoyed the sheer feeling of his fullness alone. But there was more. She couldn’t believe in her bliss that the excitement kept building.

Not having any of her teasing anymore, he now mounted her like a mountain lion. He held her head back lovingly to the tree and biting her neck gently, but sternly. He caressed her with his cozy beard as that’s the only thing he wished to see her dressed in right now.

He didn’t always go hard, but his excitement for the whole trip and his strained love for her got the best of him and he was thrusting her hard to just to hear her ecstasy, that only he could give her.

8 Inches. Pounding Away. “Oh honey.. You’re a man. Fi-ill me uh-upp pp. Make me creamMMM. Uhhhh!!” Gushing out her remaining fluids over his legs.

He finally let out a manly roar with several last grunts and thrusts. He fell his face into her hair.

He loved the scent of her, like roses.

Nothing made him feel so complete and ecstatic as Ava did. She was so grateful to have him and that he was present in the moment with her.

They had separated and started getting dressed and headed back down to the trail. Lifting up the packs she realized just how hard he made love to her. Her butt a little sore, She made a quiet glow.

He noticed this and pulled her into a tight hold.

Then holding her face in his hands he said, “I promise you, there will be more time like this together. We’re just starting! I’m jus’ glad you wanna learn anything from this ‘ol boy.”

She said “You guide me, and I’ll trust you.”

“You too baby. I trust YOU. You only want what’s best for me.”

Sean asked her “How far do we have left?”

Ava said “We came about two miles and we have about 10 miles left.” Remembering passing some landmarks of a turn off dirt road and an old well.

“That’s a ways. Lets get headed” he replied.

“The shack that my grandparents put up is close by the river. Should contain a couple of kayaks and supplies. There’s also a radio there if we need to call. Larry and Rene will have theirs on, since the grams went into town.” Refreshed, they headed on.

Several hours had passed to noon time and they had stopped to survey some tracks. Deer and Brown bear, coming up from the river. Some of the bark was missing nearby and there looked like a scuffle had happened earlier, but nothing around at the moment. What was strange was there was a fire made in the same inlet more recently, that she hadn’t seen in the past.

“Well I guess we got some visitors. But that’s not unusual for gramps to let people come up here. I’ll have to run it by him when he gets back though to make sure all is good.” Ava said.

Sean agreed, “We’ll just have to be on guard to make sure everything’s good.”

They also encountered two rain storms with nickel sized hail, but they were getting close to their destination. They hadn’t seen another sign of a single soul so far on the trail with them. They thought that maybe the visitor’s just passed through and were gone already.

They had already stopped and changed into their rain gear, but they were getting hungry by now.

Ava asked Sean “Do you want to pull over and have our picnic now so we don’t have to fuss getting canlı bahis siteleri down to the river?”

“That sounds mighty fine. I’m gettin weak. What did you bring for Papa Bear?” She gestured to follow nodding her head.

Ava had remembered a small Aspen meadow that lay up ahead. As they approached the Aspen meadow, Sean could see a hidden set of wooden swings hanging from the canopy.

He sighed a little weary, putting down his pack by the base of the swing and taking a big drink from his camel pack. Then he sat down gently on the swing hearing the lonely wood creek.

She took out her pack and started displaying the little feast. There were cashews, grapes and strawberries. Also the butter crackers, smoked thick cut ham and sharp cheddar Sean liked so much.

He looked over, “Thank you baby, you’re always thinkin of me.”

“Oh, that’s not all honey. I brought a little treat for you.” She pulled out a few Snickers bars.

“Yooo!” he exclaimed. Sugar was a food group alone and always seemed to give him special powers. He would need it to set up camp soon.

Chapter 2

After they packed up they stared down the canyon w. all to a somewhat steep strip. It was hard to get down no matter where you were in the canyon. But

here there was an established bouldering pattern that made it doable.

They looked down the drop off, seeing a bit of open brush past the light mist when you got to the bottom.

This was a welcome sight. Setting up camp and resting sounded good after a full day of leg workout.

Sean decided he would follow Ava as she caressed and held these boulders tight like so many times before. Her being completely oblivious, He could see down her shirt at the top of her breasts as they shook and pressed with each bounce to a new boulder. This was makin him hard again. He wasn’t used to seeing a girl move so freely. They finally reached the bottom after about ten minutes.

After pushing past a few bushes, there was a small worn trail that led out from the boulders to a moderately lengthy strip of trees and short brush.

A small fire pit came into view. Just behind it a well made modern shack was set up to the right, near the incline, away from the lowered level of the river off the left. The river was unusually high though due to the year being especially wet.

This was Sean’s first chance to teach Ava the survivalist skills they were prepping for since she would be joining him on many trips. They had the shack just incase. It was a perfect set up.

“Why don’t you gather some kindling and get a fire going. I’ll check supplies in the shed,” Ava decided.

“If you say so honey. You know you’re better at makin fire than I am,” They laughed together.

“Well baby, I’ll light your fire if it’s that big of a problem.” She kissed back at him.

“I’ll have to wander off to find some drier stuff babe.”

“Alright, don’t get eaten by big foot.” She said sarcastically

With that he took his blade and pocket saw and set out.

Ava opened the shed. There was a decent amount of seasoned wood, fire supplies, cooking utensils, tools, a lantern and canned goods. Also some fishing gear, kayaks and first aid. Finally the hand radios and extra batteries.

She grabbed out the fishin poles getting them ready for their dinner, but first she would have to dig up worms from the nearby compost pit.

While Sean was coming back with gathered supplies and his feral rod, he noticed Ava shoveling away for worms. Her arms and hands a bit covered with dirt. Her jacket was off and he could see some sweat gleaming from her breasts.

‘Those breasts again. Focus!’ his dick getting hard again. This time it wasn’t going away.

The fire was up in a jiffy, magically. The sleeping mats were set by the fire and the poles were set up with bells in a small inlet by the river. All they had to do was wait.

He grabbed two beers from the shack and they walked over by the river bend. They sat down and finally relaxed as they both lit up some smokes and popped their bottle tops.

Ava started, “We should talk about your mom. I’m sorry we haven’t had the time.”

“It’s alright,” he replied “I’ve been too busy as well and getting the house ready to move in and the kids out of our hair. Don’t get me wrong. Everything I do is for this family. I hope you know that.”

She sympathized, “I know honey. And the kids drive me crazy too. We really need to make some plans we can stick to for our future. But I can’t do that unless I know my boundaries will be respected.”

She continued, “I’ve been thinkin and I agree with you. I think it would be a great idea to have your mother move in with us. Family will always be important. I would like to love her and comfort her into her last days. Plus, having her around the grandkids would be great. A strong family bond is irreplaceable. I want that.”

Taking a deep breath in she continued, “But, I have some limits”

Sean nodded, intently listening.

“I want to make it perfectly clear that I am the wife of this household. You are married to me. I don’t want her bossing us around or manipulating us. She is more than welcome to stay, but OUR rules are the bottom line. With parenting. With finances. With life goals and plans. I feel we deserve that much.”

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