Life’s Little Pleasures

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We had an intense relationship for lack of any better words. It was the kind of relationship that set me on fire; it was all I could do to not jump you every time I was near you. The way that you looked at me, that you touched me, every little thing that you did brought out the most sexual — and sensual — parts of me, and all I could think about was all of the things I wanted you to do to me and the even more extensive list of things I wanted to do to you.

So, one day, as I usually did, I came over to your house after work. We would usually curl up on the couch or in your bed and watch a movie, study, or do whatever it was that we needed, or wanted, to accomplish that day. Today, however, was not like so many of those other days. I had had a rough day at work and wanted more than anything else, to please and be pleased by you, so I did something that you never would have expected.

When I walked in the door, you barely had time to shut it behind me before I was wrapped around you, pushing you back against the wall and kissing you with such zeal that you were left trying to gather your thoughts, wondering what had gotten into me. When we finally paused, you had the opportunity to at least begin to gather your thoughts, and I began to work towards what I wanted most.

I pulled back, reached down and started by unbuckling your belt. I pulled it loose, and handed it to you. I un-buttoned and unzipped your pants, dropping them to the floor.

I let out a gasp as your half-harden form sprung towards me. I had been expecting you to be wearing boxers that I would have been able to steal later. Since you weren’t wearing any, you made my job even easier. I knew what I wanted, but I wanted it for selfish reasons. I had always loved pleasuring you, and after the day I had had I couldn’t think of anything that sounded better.

I couldn’t get you out of your pants fast enough, but as soon as you were, I took you in my hand and began to slowly massage and play with growing member. I was trying to make up my mind as I played with you as to which method I wanted to employ to achieve my goal. I finally decided that I wanted to just go all out, so I stopped trying to make you hard with the manipulations illegal bahis of my hand. I sat you in a chair, knelt between your legs and lowered my lips.

I had once been told that feeling a man come to life in your mouth was one of the most rewarding experiences and I knew from the experiences that we had had together that this was completely true. Since you were already wall on your way to being fully hard it wasn’t like starting with a soft cock, but as soon as my lips touched your tip, I relaxed.

The frustrations of the day melted away as my tongue began to slowly swirl around your cock, finding each of the little places that I knew appreciated the attention. I lightly grazed my teeth over your ridge as I slid down your strong cock. I didn’t force myself even as far as I had gone previously, but I just went far enough to give you the sensation of being deep-throated without having to actually do it yet.

I remembered that I was forgetting one of your favorite parts. I slowly, careful, and seductively withdrew your cock from my mouth. I dropped my head a little bit more and slowly sucked one of your balls into my mouth. I lightly sucked on it, teasing it with my tongue, before gently releasing and focusing my attention on the other.

After doing this a couple of times, I licked up your shaft, massaging it with my tongue before swallowing it hungrily. This time, I took it down farther than I ever had before. You took my hands from your body, and maneuvered them behind me.

I could tell that you were overjoyed with my actions when you wrapped your belt around my wrists behind my back, and took my head and my hair in your big strong hands. You skilled hands began setting the pace for me.

It was a complicated set up and rhythm that we had going. It seemed to be somewhere between you taking my face as your own and me willingly and passionately using my face for your pleasure.

You were such a careful master that you never intentionally made me cough or gag and when you did you only assisted me in getting past it, you didn’t force it.

I couldn’t believe how much better I felt or just how much I was enjoying it. It had started out as me taking the illegal bahis siteleri control and now all of the sudden; I was kneeling at your feet in your total control. I was giving myself up to you to use in any way that you liked, and you didn’t disappoint, though I couldn’t recall a time in which you ever had.

Up until that night, you had never cum into my mouth. It hadn’t necessarily been my decision for you not to, but you had always felt that it was easier or better on me if you pulled out right before you did. You would always give me a taste, but I think you were trying to give me time to get accustomed to the taste so you didn’t overwhelm me with it.

Yet, on this night, that is not what you did at all. Since you had me tied up and were practically doing my face in the same manner you wished you could do other parts of my body, you forced your cock down my throat as far as it would go. I could feel it twitching as your body prepared to bless me with its seed.

I was doing my best to not cough and gag around it, as you pulled back on my hair extremely hard, and furiously pumped your cock up and down my throat.

In any other circumstance I might have screamed with how hard you were pulling on my hair, but with everything else that was going on, all it did was cause my wetness to flood down my thighs.

About this time, you remembered the remote stowed in the breast pocket of your shirt, and amped up the vibrator buried deep within the fire already blazing inside of me to high.

Then with another flip of a switch, I felt the plug you had so purposefully placed in my ass start vibrating\ as well.

I had already been so aroused by everything I was doing to you and having done to me that the vibrators were quickly throwing me over the edge. So I began to suck harder and even more passionately than before, if that was even possible.

I knew I wanted you to come first and I knew that if I had any control over it what so ever I wanted to show you just how good of a little cock sucker I was by swallowing and loving every drop of your precious juice.

However, I also knew that if you didn’t come in the imminent future, I was going to have one canlı bahis siteleri of the most mind blowing orgasms known to man without finishing off the one that this had all been for in the first place.

And, like always, you had impeccable timing. Just as my orgasm hit, your cock finally let loose, and I sucked and swallowed as if my life depended on it, which miraculously seemed to prolong my orgasm even further.

Once I had milked every last drop from you, and cleaned you with my tongue, I thanked you for the gift you had bestowed on me. You pulled me to my feet, steadying me, as you kissed me, enjoying the ability to taste yourself on my lips and tongue.

You then proceeded to pick me up and carry me into your bedroom, since we hadn’t made it past the entry hall. Once you had deposited me on the bed. You began to slowly remove my clothing, teasing me about the mess that I had made.

All I could do was laugh and tell you how it was all your fault. We both knew that it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t texted me earlier insisting that the vibrators already be installed before I walked through the door.

I had to admit that wearing a skirt had made that a lot easier to comply with, but then as I lay there, allowing you to sensually undress you I remembered about the text and that it had occurred only after I had shared with you my stress and desire to thoroughly unwind.

It was only at that moment that I realized that I had unintentionally screwed up any plan that you had had to help me unwind and pleasure me, but when I questioned you about it, you promised that though I had forced you to have to change your game plan; I hadn’t completely derailed your plan.

You gave me a very stern look and told me that my complete disregard for your plan would result in punishment. You suggested that sixty-nine would be a good number of strikes to make sure that I would never repeat the mistake again.

However you must have thought better of that because you then smiled and said that since it had only been slightly derailed by one of the most pleasurable experiences you had had in your life, and because your plan could commence just as soon as my punishment was finished, you would settle for having me bend over your knees and spanking me 21 times, instead of anything harsher.

After that, you did exactly what you had been planning on doing all along, but that, my friend, is a story for another day.

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