Life Gets Better

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this story picks up where Life Intervenes left off…

* * * * *

Saturday morning has come and gone and besides providing some much needed extra hours of sleep it’s allowed him to take a leisurely pace as he enjoyed his first coffee and cigarette of the day not to mention actually reading a newspaper. No scanning the headlines today. By the time he was hungry enough to do something about eating it was almost 1pm and he headed off to the shower to get cleaned up for the rest of the day. He didn’t hear the phone while he was showering.

He did however notice the blinking light on the base unit when he walked back in to the room and smiled when the caller ID showed who had called. There was no need to listen to the message but he made a mental note that lunch would have to wait for a while longer.

There was just enough time to change the sheets, let a bottle of wine start breathing and get back in the bathroom and shave. Where he was going stubble was not an option. He was splashing a bit of aftershave on when he heard the door to the apartment opening.

“You didn’t call me back,” she said as she took off her coat and dropped it and her keys on the first chair she came to.

“Didn’t think I had to,” he replied. “You said you would call if you got finished and were heading over. I just assumed the best and here you are.”

“You mean you got lucky,” she said and continued to drop pieces of clothing on her way to the bedroom.

“How much time do we have?” he asked.

She smiled at him, standing at the foot of the bed with nothing but her g-string left on and said “the rest of the damn weekend unless you have other plans.”

“I did, but how am I to say no to a woman that looks like she might not let me out of the bedroom for the next 36 hours,” he said and started his own quick removal of clothing.

She took a sip of the wine he had next to the bed, lit a cigarette, climbed into the bed, and lay back against the pillows propped against the headboard. He loved watching her even just laying there. Classic lines were the best description of her body even if the breasts were slightly large for her frame. He would never complain and it added to the allure of her sultry good looks. When she tipped her head back to exhale it accentuated her long neck and he would never tire of just watching her.

“Looks like I’m having lunch here,” he said and climbed in beside her before reaching to take a drag from her cigarette.

He handed it back, reached for his own wine glass, and settled back against the headboard. The remote for the CD player was close at hand and he listened to bits of the first track from two of them before deciding on a third. Today was a perfect day for some blues. His fingers followed the slow, deep rhythm of the music and began tracing light circles along the top of her thigh. She would let him know when she really wanted to get started. In the mean time he was content to watch the rise and fall of her breasts as she left the week behind her and relaxed.

When she rolled over to put out the cigarette in the ashtray he couldn’t resist sliding his open hand around and then under the curve of her ass and she made it easy for him when she stayed on her side and took a few sips from her glass. She slid down a few inches as she rolled back and his hand stayed on her body ending up just under the swell of her breast. She stretched both arms up over her head; almost daring him to continue and said, “don’t stop now.”

It was cool enough in the room that the first time his fingertips trailed around her nipple it became erect immediately. He wanted to take it in his mouth but decided to tease her instead and continue the slight stimulation. Their previous meetings had been hurried by necessity and today for the first time, he knew that there was no reason to hurry. Besides, if she had wanted a hard, fast fuck, she would have initiated the action already.

“Screw lunch'” he thought. “I’ve got everything I want right here next to illegal bahis me.”

His fingers traced everywhere he could reach, both breasts, her shoulders, the side of her neck, her forehead and down the line of her jaw, finally returning to toy with her nipples. He got the message though when she reached with her left hand to the back of his neck and pulled him to her breast. He licked at it with his tongue for a few seconds before taking it between his lips and began to suck it, pulling at it while trapped between his lips. At the same time his hand reached for the other breast and his fingers started teasing around it, occasionally tugging at the nipple as well.

She had started moving beside him, her breathing a little deeper now, her legs spreading a bit as her hips and stomach began to move slightly, following the music in the room. He could see her left hand move from squeezing her breast, trail down past her stomach, stopping only when her fingertips were at the bottom of her pussy and then part the lips as she slid them back up. He knew she wasn’t bashful about masturbating in front of him and she knew that it excited him watching her.

Dipping her fingers inside for a moment, she stroked in and out a few times and brought some of her initial wetness from arousal up to her clit so that her fingers would slide around it easier. He sucked a bit harder on her nipple, taking more of it into his mouth and her fingers and his rhythmic sucking soon found similar timing. His free hand kept up the massage of her other breast while with a finger on either side of her clit she worked the skin at the top of her pussy in tiny circles.

She whimpered a little when he lifted his head and the nipple he’d been sucking on was left exposed to the cooler air. When he rolled away from her she moved her free hand to continue the stimulation of her nipple. The ride had started and she had no intention of slowing down.

The bottle of massage oil was close at hand on the nightstand and he reached for it when he put the wine glass back down. When he turned back to her he held the bottle a few inches above her and let a couple of drops fall onto each nipple, left a trail down her stomach and then drizzled enough to thoroughly moisten in between her legs.

He rolled back, supporting himself on his elbow and kissed her, starting at the base of her neck and worked his way up till their lips met, open mouthed with their tongues both fighting for dominance. They kissed hard for minutes and he could sense how she had sped up the pace of her fingers dancing around her clit. He reached a hand down to add to her own fingers and when she felt it slide by she grabbed it, covering it with her own hand and pushed his middle finger quickly inside of her. As soon as it was in, her fingers went back to stroking her clit. The added stimulation quickly put her over the edge and she shivered briefly as her first climax rolled through her. When he felt her contract around his finger he reached as far in as possible, just holding it inside of her and waited for the walls to release their grip. As soon as they did he added his index finger and for the first time today she let out an audible groan.

She finally spoke when he curled both of the fingers up and towards the opening. Her hand covered his and she rocked her hips up and into the heel of his hand, fucking his fingers as she moved quickly to a second climax, then a third.

“God I needed that,,,,,,,,,,,,unnhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sooo good,” she moaned out.

Without removing his hand he moved so that he was kneeling beside her, sitting back on his heels as he continued to massage her breasts with one hand and once more began sliding both fingers in and out of her. She dug her fingers into his arm as she continued to move with his hands, wanting desperately to cum again. She was already dripping from her lips and it didn’t help matters that he used another of his fingers to slide her wetness from one end to the other between her ass. illegal bahis siteleri She quivered a little each time his fingertip grazed her other opening and when he finally let just the tip slide in she went off again. Each climax drew that other finger in further until it too was buried inside and she could feel it rubbing against the membrane separating the two openings. It was all she could do to turn on her side and reach for his cock, almost completely erect, hanging between his legs.

Her hands were still slick from the oil he had drizzled on her and her hand slid easily up and down the full length of his cock, curling under at times to cup and massage his balls before sliding once again from tip to base and back again. He bent forward in response and though he had to remove the finger from her ass she didn’t care because his lips and mouth had moved to her clit and he was licking her now, accelerating her climb back to the climaxes she wanted so bad.

Soon enough they were laying side by side, their heads resting on each other’s thigh, both mouths busy trying to please the other. When he once again slid his fingers inside of her and pinched her clit between his lips she had to take her mouth of the head of his cock as she started cumming again, three times in succession and would have gone on longer had she not reached down and held his hand still. She needed to come down a bit, just for a minute or two.

She still jumped a little as he kissed and nibbled inside of her thighs and every time he slowly dragged his tongue the length of her lips. He knew her well enough to keep her on edge but not over stimulated and smiled to himself at what he knew was coming next. She was normally not the aggressor but eventually she just had to take control and he was pushing every button he knew to get to that point.

“Ready for more, ” he asked?

“Lay back, let me do this,” she responded and moved her body so that she was kneeling beside him.

He could still reach her side and he stroked his hand down it until she took him deep inside her mouth and he could do nothing more than reach for and cup his hand around the curves of her ass. She was hungry now and bobbed her head quickly up and down his length. Her tongue moved over and around the head of his cock each time she lifted her head and her hand was soon following her movement, sliding up and down the shaft.

It would have been so easy to cum, right then, but he wanted, needed to be inside of her so he held back and savored the sight, the sound and the feeling of her mouth as she sucked and stroked him to an almost painful hardness.

Finally he could take no more and told her, “I need to fuck you, NOW.”

“You sure as hell are going to fuck me,” she spat back at him and rolled to her back pulling her legs apart, knees almost to her breasts.

She reached down as soon as he had moved between her legs and guided him inside and before he could even move she was driving up against him. There were no words, just the look in each other’s eyes as he slid all the way in and ground his hips against her clit. She hooked one leg over his, reached with the other hand to hold his ass, and started indeed to fuck him, lifting and lowering her hips against him as he stroked in counterpoint to her movements.

“AAAHhhhhhhhhhh……..” she groaned as she came once again and he felt her contract against his whole length, release and then twice more squeezing his shaft.

He held almost still, just rolling a little side to side for a few more seconds before beginning again to stroke in and out of her.

“Faster,” she hissed at him and he did, increasing the pace by only withdrawing a few inches before sliding back hard inside of her.

Her free hand reached down between them and furiously rubbed side to side across her clit. She wanted more and was soon rewarded with another series of deep contractions as she continued her ride of just off the top and back over the edge every couple of minutes.

They canlı bahis siteleri were both breathing heavy now and the sweat had begun to drip from him onto her chest. He had reached a point where his cock wasn’t so much numb as it was just over stimulated and he wasn’t sure that he could even finish like this. He slowed, then stopped, and rested his head next to hers while he caught his breath and finally said, “turn over.”

“I need something to drink first,” she said and as they unwound from each other he reached over to grab her wine glass, handing it to her before reaching for his own.

“Light a smoke, would you?” he said as he put back his glass and leaned back once again to a kneeling position.

“How close were you?” she asked after she took the first drag.

“Stuck is a better way to describe it,” he said. “If you want me to cum we have to slow it down a little.”

“It’s hard to do that when you’re behind me you know.”

“And the alternative?” he asked, taking the cigarette from her.

“Gotta be my mouth and I promise to be nice and pay you back.”

He exhaled slowly, smiled and said “I’ll settle for a little bit of both.”

She stubbed out the cigarette, took another sip of wine, and then slowly got to her knees next to him.

“C’mon then, I could use some more cock inside of me,” she said and laughed little as she said it.

The bottle of oil was still on the bed and he reached for it as he moved to get in between her legs. Her hand had already moved back to her clit and he dripped a little of the oil at the top, between her ass and let it roll down to her fingers. He poured a bit more in his hand and then slid it the length of his shaft, stroking slowly over the head as he watched her play with her clit once again. He moved close enough so that the top of his thumb was sliding between her lips as he continued to stroke himself. It wasn’t long before he was sliding the head inside of her, pushing slowly all the way in and then reaching for her hips.

She tried to stay still and let him set the pace, pick the angle, but she was hungry again and was soon pushing back against him, lifting and lowering her hips to increase the amount of contact inside her pussy. Her fingers moved faster and harder across and over her clit and when he finally increased his tempo she was cumming once again. He felt it when she started and pounded against her, driving her head down into the pillows as he slammed into her.

She lost track of how many times in the next few minutes that she climaxed. They were both breathing hard again when he pulled her back and he leaned back on his heels. She pulled herself off of him and when she turned around to face him, said, “don’t move.”

Her mouth engulfed his entire length and he groaned in pleasure as her mouth and hands caressed him. He was able to get his legs out from underneath and as soon as he did she pushed him onto his back and spread his legs wider apart. One hand was at his balls, massaging, pulling at them. The other was working with her mouth as she continued to suck and lick around the head. The sliding and twisting of her hand had him close to cumming and he knew she could sense it.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” he managed to say before closing his eyes and losing himself to the pleasure she was giving him.

She felt the first spurt from his cock hit the roof of her mouth and she increased the amount of suction she was applying as well speeding up the action of both hands. That first one was soon followed by at least half a dozen more and now he was the one moaning loudly.

By the time he had lowered his hips back to the bed she had slowed her motions considerably but never took his cock out of her mouth. She really was hungry and wanted to be sure that she had sucked him dry before she would let him go. When she did, she didn’t move far from his hip, wanting to be close enough to lick up the last of the cum as his cock eventually softened.

“Yummy,” he heard her say as she lay there.

“I think we’ll stay in tonight and I’ll cook something,” he said.

He smiled at her and added, “I hope I can still walk to the market.”

Somehow red meat sounded like a perfect meal tonight.

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