Letter to a Long Distance Love

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After saying goodbye to you online, I crawled back into my bed, and slept…dreamt of you, and woke up wanting a couple hours later….I fantasized about you and me in my bed….skin touching skin, your tongue intertwined with mine….it didn’t take much to completely explode. After that I drifted back to sleep smiling, thoughts of you still on the forefront. When I awoke again a few hours later, a smile immediately crept to my lips as I thought again of you and of the day ahead….

I quickly gathered a fresh large cushy towel, as well as a fresh razor and padded my way down the hall. I drew a steamy hot bubble bath for myself. As I let the hot water envelop me, I sighed in pure relaxation. After some serious güvenilir bahis soaking….I began lathering up my body, with a bar of home-made soap I bought a few days ago (much like the one that accompanied me on my trip to see you….the one that washed our naked bodies pressed so closely together in the shower).

I smiled and my eyes gleamed with that look, the one you know so well, because I knew what I had in store. Slowly, ever so slowly I began to shave my legs, all the while caressing the soft soap into my skin. As I finished my legs, I began to work on another area with the razor. I carefully spread my legs one at a time and began to shave my most intimate area…my inner thighs, my outer lips….I türkçe bahis shaved the mound as only to leave a small patch to declare ‘here I am’….then I carefully parted each outer lip, and held it out, so that I could shave each stray hair from the inner lips as well.

As I did this, I thought of you, and how I would love for you to shave my pussy too. Soon all was smooth. I quickly drained the water, and turned the shower on so that it might stream down upon me and rinse me clean. I washed my hair, remembering when you had washed it with such care. I lathered my hands and let them wander my body, paying particular attention to my now bare pussy. I love being so soft and smooth.

I turned off the güvenilir bahis siteleri water, and let that thick towel soak up all the warm droplets trickling down my naked body. I padded back down the hallway to my room, where I proceeded to retrieve the lotion.

I let my hands warm up each bit before I began to caress the lotion into my skin….beginning with my toes and feet, then moving up to my calves, knees, and finally my thighs. I then gathered a bit more lotion, and gently began to rub it into my bare pussy. Mmmmmmmmm it felt so good, and I thought of you caressing me in the same manner. Your hands, your lips on me, sucking, licking…your tongue inside of me….and as I thought of your hard cock entering me, I exploded. With a smile (the smile that ones only gets after a particularly hot orgasm), I finished applying lotion to the rest of my body.

Slowly, sensuously I got dressed…still thinking of you, I began my day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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