Lessons Learned Ch. 01

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She stood at the board, rambling in her husky voice about equations. Jon sat at his desk in the front of the classroom, copying the examples from the board and trying to pay attention to Miss Moyers’ words. His grades were slipping in her class and if he wanted to keep playing baseball, he had to pull them up. The university had already scouted him and had invited him to come play next year, but he knew that they would look again if he didn’t have the grades when he graduated.

He understood the material. He did the problems at home without struggling. He could explain the theories and procedures to his parents the night before the test. However, whenever he was in Miss Moyers’ room, he was distracted. He couldn’t concentrate on his work.

Right now, his hand was copying the material from the board, but his mind was not accessing the information. Instead, he was thinking about the way Miss Moyers’ short dress moved up and down her thighs as she wrote on the board. His teammates had a bet as to whether or not she wore underwear. Judging by the snugness of the dress over her round ass, he suspected that she didn’t. The thought of the material moving over her bare flesh sent Jon’s temperature up several notches. He felt beads of sweat on his back and he jerked his eyes to his paper. He swore in his mind as he realized he had missed copying a few of the steps to solve the problem. He frowned and looked at the board in exasperation.

Miss Moyers was looking straight at him. She had long, full brown hair that feathered around her face when she wore it down. Jon liked it when she wore it down. Today, though, she had it pulled into a barrette at the base of her neck. She wore a peasant blouse with the black skirt. It was loose and had a scooped neckline. Her bra pushed her breasts upward and a bit of cleavage could be seen. He felt his dick hardening in his shorts. Even though he knew that she couldn’t see, his hand and arm moved down to cover his erection.

She studied him for a moment, smiling as if she knew what effect she had on him, and then turned her attention to the rest of the class. “I want you to do the problems on page 184. Start on them now so I can make sure you understand what you are doing.”

He looked at page 184 but the numbers swam on the page. As she circled the room, she stopped next to Sadie, the girl who sat next to him. He turned to find her ass close to his face. His fingers itched to touch it, to slide the material of the dress into her crack and see the division between her cheeks. His face turned red and he was having a hard time catching his breath.

Miss Moyers straightened and continued walking around the room, much to his relief. He attempted to focus on the assignment again. He jumped when a hand curled over his shoulder. She bent near him with a warm, comforting smile. When he turned to look at her, his eyes fell on her chest. The blouse had fallen away from her skin and he could see the white material of her bra. “Jon, are you all right? You haven’t even started.”

“Uh,” he muttered his mind racing. “It’s güvenilir bahis just warm in here, ma’am. I’m finding it hard to concentrate.”

“Why don’t you go turn on the air conditioning,” she suggested, patting his back.

He knew that his erection, which had grown several inches by now, would be visible to anyone if he stood up and walked across the room. “I’ll be fine,” he insisted, looking at his desk again.

“Nonsense. You are sweating. Go on. Turn on the air and see if that doesn’t help.” She gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze and moved on, her scent trailing behind her.

He reluctantly rose, hoping no one would look up. If he continued to refuse, he would bring even more attention to himself. His shaft protruded from his body, stretching his shorts to their full length. He felt the blood throbbing through his veins. The throbbing felt like a siren screaming an announcement to his classmates. He heard Sadie titter and whisper to her girlfriends. Sadie was a pretty, popular girl. She played volleyball and had blonde hair. Jon thought she was silly, though, just like the other girls in the high school. After sliding the gauge on the thermostat, he adjusted himself. Miss Moyers was right. The cool air did make him feel better. The walk had helped, too. His erection had softened a little and was less visible.

He turned to go back to his desk and froze. Miss Moyers was standing in his path, squatting in the floor and bent as she picked up her pencil. Her thighs were parted slightly and he could see the dark shadow between them. He also had a full view down her blouse. Her bra had shifted a little and he caught a glimpse of a brown areola. His cock jerked violently. He thought he was going to explode.

“Hey, Jon,” Sadie said. “Do you do a lot of camping?” Several around the class chuckled softly.

Miss Moyers looked up at Sadie’s voice. Jon’s erection was less than three feet from her face. She would have been blind if she hadn’t noticed it. He saw a blush creep into her breasts. He felt his balls clench.

“Not really. Why?” he asked, his mind muddled.

“I just noticed you were packing a tent,” Sadie continued. Now, everyone laughed out loud. Several of the guys in the back of the room guffawed. Jon wished the floor would swallow him.

Miss Moyers stood slowly, the _expression on her face sympathetic. Thankfully, the bell rang. Jon remained frozen in his spot as everyone gathered their books and walked out around him. The girls were all whispering and casting glances his way. Several of the boys made crude comments. Soon, he was alone in the room with Miss Moyers, still unsure what to say. “It’s perfectly natural, Jon,” she finally said. “You are a young man and can’t always control your hormones.” She leaned against the corner of her desk, stretching her long legs in front of her and crossing them at the ankles. “Is this why you have been struggling in class?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled.

“I’ll move Sadie away from you. I want you to stay in the front of the room so I can help you as you need it, türkçe bahis but I don’t want you being distracted unnecessarily. I’ll move her tomorrow.”

“That’s not really necessary, ma’am,” he said, walking toward her.

“I suppose if I move you tomorrow, everyone will know why. I’ll wait a few days and then rearrange everyone. Will that help?” He shrugged his shoulders, his mind reeling from being alone in a room with Miss Moyers. His hard on continued to strain at the fly of his shorts. “I’m actually surprised, Jon.” He looked at her quizzically. “A handsome, sexy, young athlete like yourself, bright, charming, I would think you had a girlfriend. Several of the girls have crushes on you. I’m sure you could find someone to help you control your hormones.”

“Girls my age really don’t do anything for me,” he answered, lifting his eyes to look at her. He was surprised when the words came out of his mouth, but he was also surprised to be discussing his erection with his math teacher. “They are so silly. I can’t get into the university clubs yet, so I don’t have a girlfriend. You really think I’m sexy?”

“Yes, I do,” she answered honestly. She dropped her eyes to his crotch. “I would think any girl would be very lucky.”

He was in front of her in two steps. He grabbed her wrist and pressed her palm to his hard cock. She cried out and tried to pull away, but he held it in place. She could feel the length and the heat through the khaki material. “Jon!” she exclaimed.

He began moving her hand, his eyes focused on hers. “It’s not Sadie that does this to me, Miss Moyers.” He stepped closer, tilting his head as he moved to place a kiss on her lips.

“Jon, this is not appropriate,” she whispered, pulling her head back. “You are my student. I could lose my job.”

“I saw you looking. I know you are curious.” He pulled her hand back and unzipped his fly, allowing his erection to escape. Her eyes dropped to it. The head was swollen and purple. He was as thick as her fist and nearly eight inches long. She felt warm liquid rush to her own inner folds and gush against her legs. Unconsciously, she wet her lips. “Do you like it?”

“Y-yes, it’s very nice, Jon.”

“I know how to use it, too,” he said, suddenly filled with confidence. “Do you want to see?”

“Y-yes,” she began, then immediately changed her answer. “No! Jon, zip your pants. This could get both of us in trouble.”

“I won’t tell. I know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. I see it in your lips.”

“You are just a boy,” she insisted, her resistance weakening.

“I’m a man. Old enough to buy cigarettes. Old enough to vote.”

He put his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down. Under his strength, she had no choice but to go to her knees. His body pinned her against the desk. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head against her lips, sweeping it back and forth until she parted her lips. The fat head slipped between them, into her hot, wet mouth. She closed her eyes as she closed her lips and began sucking softly, drawing more of him into güvenilir bahis siteleri her mouth.

He groaned, pushing into her as her tongue and lips worked its magic on his rock hard rod. Her tongue was rubbing all over it and he felt the head hitting the back of her throat. He hesitated, letting her guide him. As her talented mouth worked on him, drawing the strength from him, he knew it would not be the last time he was in her mouth. He could wait for her throat.

He dug his fingers into her hair as he thrust his hips, forcing his shaft in and out of her mouth. He loved the look of her lips stretched around him, but too quickly felt his balls tightening and ready to release. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off his cock. Her mouth fell open and she was panting, her eyes filled with fear and lust. “You’re a slut, aren’t you, Miss Moyers. Some of the guys thought so, but not me. Let’s see if I was right about other things.”

He pulled her to her feet, turning her body as he swept her desk clear. He forced her face first across it and pushed her skirt over her ass. It was bare. He rubbed his hand over her cheeks. He trailed his fingers over the slit of her pussy lips, and then probed inside. “You are soaking wet. Tell me what you want.”

“Jon,” she gasped. “This is wrong.”

Still using his grip in her hair, he lifted her head and slammed it against the desk. At the same time, he pinched her clit. “I said tell me what you want!” he growled.

“I want you,” she answered immediately. On command, he slammed his cock into her pussy with one forceful thrust. It drove into her hole, her muscles sucking him into the hot tunnel as well as her mouth had. He slid in all the way to the base with one move and then pulled almost out. She whimpered, and then moaned as he slid back in. His rhythm picked up, her wet pussy drinking him in and out as he pumped his hips repeatedly. His balls slapped her pussy and his hand spanked her ass cheeks.

Soon they were panting and moaning and groaning as he pushed in and out, pounding her legs against the side of the desk. He knew he was nearing climax again, so he reached down and began working her clit, rolling it back and forth in opposite time with his strokes. He heard her sound, her effort to maintain her silence, and her soft cries of encouragement.

She growled as she came and he wandered briefly if that was the sound she made every time she came or if it was only a result of their need for quiet. He didn’t think about it for long as he began shooting thick streams inside of her. He felt like he came for an eternity, their bodies quivering together in time as he buried himself to the hilt.

He pulled out, picking up a piece of blank paper from her desk and wiping himself off. “Here’s my homework,” he said as he zipped the fly and laid the paper in front of her. He slapped her ass with his palm one more time, and then pulled her to a standing position. He held her against him, searching her face for a moment. Then he kissed her softly.

Smiling, he released her and left the room with a confident swagger. She sank against the edge of her desk as he left, holding her head in her hand. She’d never been taken with such force. She immediately knew she was in a quandary, because she wanted him again already.

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