Late Night Shower

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Double Penetration

“Of course it’s never that easy.” Branwyn muttered to herself as she turned over yet again, flipping her pillow over in the process and trying to find the elusive cool spot on the pillow case in which to rest her head. She closed her eyes against the darkness of her silent bedroom and sighed, waiting for the moment when sleep over took her and finally allowed her mind to rest. But it wasn’t meant to be. Soon enough she was turning over once again and before long she was simply staring at the ceiling. Or at least where the ceiling would be, if she could have seen it.

Groaning out her defeat, she sat up and reached to her bedside table seeking out her cell phone in the darkness and pressing the unlock button. The muted blue glow was enough to make her squint as she searched out the time and she dropped it back onto the table in disgust. Nearly 2 am. Anyone still awake at this hour was likely drunk and no good to her as a form of distraction. She refused to wake anyone up just to complain that she couldn’t sleep and suddenly felt very alone in her small house. Rubbing her eyes, Branwyn felt a stress headache creeping up from the back of her neck and knew that staying in bed and fighting with herself to sleep would get nothing accomplished.

Late night sex to calm her nerves and wear her out was out of the question, since her significant other was still away on business; a man whom she loved dearly but she usually enjoyed her time alone. It was almost like she was single again and she had no qualms about his enjoyment of breaks from her as well.

Finally, Branwyn threw the blankets off of herself in frustration and flipped on the three way light beside her bed. The setting she chose was a dim one and she glared around the room for something she could take out her irritation on. When she found no suitable victim she left the bed and crossed the room to the bathroom, not sure what her intentions were beyond a trip to the toilet and a drink of water. But when she saw the shower her mind was made up and she decided that perhaps some quality alone time with the massaging showerhead was just what her hyped up nerves needed.

Slipping out of the silky nightgown she’d donned before turning in for the night, Branwyn kicked the deep purple negligee into a quickly forgotten pile beside the bathroom counter with a flip of her manicured toes. She opened the shower door and turned on the water to nearly its hottest setting, in order to allow both the water and the shower stall to warm up before she entered it. Turning back towards the mirror she piled her long dark tresses atop her head and secured it with a clip. Then she turned this way and that, viewing her body in the mirror with a constructive eye that only a woman illegal bahis possesses.

Branwyn was paler than most of her friends, naturally white skin that seemed translucent in some areas of her body. She had filled out over the years and although she felt she carried a little too much extra weight around her tummy and thigh area, there really was little to complain about. Her breasts were still firm and although her critical gaze found them sagging in comparison to her younger self she also knew that few would see that same flaw. Her hips had widened but it was more appealing than not, giving her an hourglass figure she would have killed for in her teenage years.

Smiling to herself she flipped on a nearby radio and popped in a CD, a collection of Celtic music that would have given away her heritage if one had missed her very Irish coloring; pale skin, black hair and light blue eyes. Humming to the familiar tune she stepped through the building fog and away from her disappearing image. Branwyn rarely turned on the fan when taking a relaxing shower…. It tended to drown out the music and she childishly enjoyed the fantasy that she was some sort of water nymph emerging through the mist.

The water temperature caused her to gasp when she stepped beneath its forceful rampage and she turned slightly to allow her entire body to get wet. She plucked a loofah from its waiting hook and dispensed a dollop of body wash on it, squeezing it in her hands to build up the foam. She started with her arms, brushing the rough netting against her skin; down to her hands and back up to her shoulders. She was crossing over to wash her breasts when she paused, attention suddenly snatched away by a sound she thought she heard from the outer depths of the house. After a moment she shook herself and returned her attention to her body. She washed her breasts in large circles, outward in towards the nipple, and smiled to herself as she remembered something Derek had said the first time he’d gotten to second base. ‘Just enough for a handful’, he’d murmured in her ear trying to sooth her worries that she was not stacked to his liking.

Her movements paused again as she drew the sponge across her belly and this time she cracked the shower door open as quietly as possible in order to hear outside the shower. She couldn’t see her bedroom through the fog but heard nothing other than the music and so she shut the door and resumed her cleaning.

Although she had a slight pooch to her stomach and she missed the tight abs of her youth, Branwyn did her best to simply wash around her belly button and not think about it, she wasn’t even thirty yet. She had years before her to worry about it. Stomach turned to hips and then to her long legs, illegal bahis siteleri devoid of hair thanks to an earlier shaving. Turning under the shower again, she ran her hands over her body as the suds washed away. Branwyn dropped the loofah on the shower floor and applied facial cream to her face, taking care not to get any of it in her eyes. She took a deep breath before she put her face beneath the water and the sounds of flutes disappeared against the roar of the rushing water.

Suddenly, she was choking and gasping, nearly drowning where she stood. Hands had come out of nowhere and enveloped her hips, sending her straight into a panic as she recalled the last fifteen slasher films she’d been forced to sit through. Her hands slapped against skin, a strong chest, and she heard a familiar laughter at her attempts to fight back.

“Derek, you asshole!” She said between grinding teeth, slapping him again for good measure. “You scared the shit out of me. You’re lucky I wasn’t shaving.”

“I think you’re lucky you weren’t” He responded as he pressed his mostly dry body against her wet one, he’d been standing naked in the bathroom for the last several minutes watching her bathe and had gotten cold. “Share the warmth, love.”

Stepping aside just a little bit, Branwyn granted him a partial access to the hot water, though not enough to really warm up and he laughed again at her tantrum. Taking matters into his own hands he simply wrapped his arms around her and kissed her until her body relaxed and then turned her around. He smiled down at her as he wiped the last bit of cream from around her ear. “Are you not happy to see me?” Derek knew she only showered this late when she was tense and couldn’t sleep, often from being alone in bed for too long.

“You know I am.” She said and rolled her eyes at his doubtful look. As tall as she was, Branwyn still had to reach up to her tip toes to reach his lips with her own. “Yes, darling, I’m happy that you are home; surprised by your entrance, of course, but nonetheless happy to see you.” He responded by kissing her in return and pressing a hardening cock against her belly. She flipped him a coy look and arched an eyebrow at him, “Apparently you are happy to see me too.”

“Nope,” He replied, bending his head to press his lips against her neck, “It’s just the banana in my pocket.” Branwyn snorted in response and he laughed again, his hands moving around to her breasts. He lifted one in his hand and blew cool air on her nipple, grinning when it tightened in response to the change in temperature. Slowly he ran his tongue around the areola before drawing the whole thing into his mouth. She moaned lightly in response and Derek lifted the other breast to repeat canlı bahis siteleri the motions. Gripping his shoulders, Branwyn arched her back as he sucked her nipples, alternating between them in a manner that made her entirely forget the plan of a showerhead.

“Oh god,” She breathed, “God, that feels good.” His hair was barely more than stubble and she ran her fingernails across his scalp since there was no hair to run her fingers through. “You know how I love that.”

“Yes, I do.” He replied, moving from breast to ear as he sucked lightly on her earlobe. She took the opportunity of his closeness to brush her own lips against his skin, trailing down his neck to his chest where she lightly licked each nipple. She ran her tongue along them and brushed her teeth against them, not hard but enough to evoke a reaction from him. He groaned loudly and removed the clip from her hair, freeing the strands to cascade across her shoulders and down her back. Her gripped a fist of her hair and forced her head up again, kissing her hard.

Branwyn draped her arms around his neck and he lifted her, pressing the head of his cock against her hot, wet opening. “Is this what you want?” He asked, searching her face for a response.

“Yes,” She answered, her voice husky from lust, “I want you inside of me.” With that he thrust forward and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Pressing her back against the shower wall Derek thrust inside of her, the tightness of her pussy wrapping around his cock until his balls were pressed up against her. He started with slow strokes, taking his cock fully out of her before plunging it in again. She kissed his face and his neck as he thrust into her, their tongues dancing until he began to pick up the pace and she was bouncing too much. He began pounding her, slapping his sack against her ass and pushing himself deep inside of her.

The burning of his thighs was soon forgotten, she was making the sounds that indicated she was close to orgasm and Derek allowed himself not to hold back. He wanted nothing more to explode inside of her as she came. He rolled his hips forward, making sure that her clit was stimulated and she began to cry out loudly, juices flowing from her pussy as the mounting pleasure rolled over her. To feel that pulsating feeling of her orgasming pussy as it milked his cock was enough and he gave himself over to his own orgasm, his cock unloading inside of her.

They stayed there for a long moment, holding tightly onto each other before he silently let her go, allowing her to slide down the wall as he slipped out of her. He rinsed himself off and stepped out of the shower not bothering to grab a towel. Instead he waited until she had turned off the water and then picked her up and carried her off to their waiting bed.

The CD was over long before their night was and Branwyn got much less sleep than she’d originally been hoping for…. But a little sleep deprivation was well worth it, in her opinion.

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