Late Night Lollie-pop

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It had been a pretty good Saturday night, even though – or maybe because – my girlfriend Natalie had gone home early. It had become routine at this point. She’d pretend to be excited for a party all week, and then when it came around, she’d be in a bad mood, always making me feel guilty for wanting to stay for more than a couple of measly hours. Usually, I begrudgingly obliged when she started badgering me about leaving. Tonight, however, was my friend Aaron’s welcome home party after two years abroad, so when Natalie started with her faux-tiredness at just ten o’clock, I had to put my foot down. After a few minutes of mind-numbing negotiation, she reluctantly agreed to head home without me.

By some mystical coincidence, the rest of night was the most fun I’d had in months. Aaron and I recounted old times, and I saw many old faces, as well as a few new ones.

By around 1 o’clock the party had begun to wind down, and I started to look up cab numbers on my phone. Just as I did, one of Aaron’s friends, Lollie, tapped me on the shoulder. Lollie was a gorgeous, curvy latina I’d met earlier that night, whose sizeable breasts were pouring out of her tight leather top. I had to make a great effort to keep my eyes above her neckline as she began to speak to me.

‘Hey Alex, are you staying here tonight?’

‘I’m going to head home I think. I was about to call a cab actually.’ For a second I thought I noticed a slight look of disappointment in her eye as she spoke – but I told myself I must be seeing things.

‘Is everything alright?’ I asked.

‘Well, it’s just that Chloe is supposed to be staying at my place tonight, and she’s a complete mess. One too many tequila shots I think. Could I ask a big favor?’

‘Sure, how can I help?’

‘Would you mind helping get her back to mine? I’d feel bad leaving her here when Aaron’s already got a lot to clear up. It’s only a few minutes down the road.’

If I was unsure about the disappointed look, there was no mistaking the way Lollie subtly pushed her breasts together as she asked me this. Even after a quite a few drinks, I managed to avoid letting my eyes wander as I responded.

‘Sure, no problem’. I figured it was only a short walk, and I could just order a cab from her place.

We travelled through to the kitchen, where Chloe was an absolute state, writhing around the room trying to stick her tongue down the throat of the nearest guy (and even a couple of girls). Though not as beautifully curvy as her friend, Chloe looked sexy in a translucent black top and jeans that showed off her magnificent rear. Everyone seemed amused enough by her drunken antics, but Lollie’s instincts were good – a couple more drinks and she’d likely pass out.

Chloe spotted Lollie, let out a slurred cheer and stumbled quickly towards her, smothering her face with kisses.

‘The best friend in the worrrrrld!’ she exclaimed. ‘The best boobs in the worrrrrld!’ she followed, grabbing Lollie’s boobs and wobbling them about, making us all burst out laughing, before collapsing her arms around her friend in a wild embrace. Lollie smiled at me and ushered me over to help her with her friend. We said our goodbyes to everyone and, despite some incomprehensible protests from Chloe, managed to get her out of the door and set off down the road.

By some miracle, we managed to avoid any regurgitation incidents on the walk there, though Chloe’s fine form from the party continued. She was clearly still feeling frisky as she drunkenly spewed stories about the cocks she’d sucked, with far more information than we needed on how well-endowed her exes were.

‘Went out with Natalie last month, Alex…heard you’ve got a huge one!’ she blabbed. I laughed nervously as the girls chuckled away at the revelation. I was surprised Natalie had been bold enough to talk about such things with others girls, to be honest. She’d always seemed quite conservative about sexual stuff to me.

Suddenly, I felt Chloe’s hand slip beneath my underwear and grab a big handful of my ass. I almost stopped in my tracks, but tried to act as naturally as possible so Lollie wouldn’t notice. I locked eyes with Chloe, who stared deeply into my eyes before murmuring, ‘lucky girl…’

Lollie giggled at her friend’s salacious remarks, letting off an exaggerated sigh as she gave her a friendly pat on the ass and pecked her lovingly on the cheek. ‘What are you like, Chloe?’

As she said this, I finally succumbed to the urge to take a brief peek at Lollie’s magnificent cleavage, and became momentarily hypotised watching her tits wobble as we walked along the street. I managed to come back to reality and pull my eyes away – but as I returned my gaze to eye level, the look on Lollie’s face confirmed I was busted. Fortunately, she just gave my a wry smile and a playful ‘tut-tut’ as we continued on.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s hand was still confidently caressing my ass. Part of me thought of Natalie and of asking Chloe to stop. Another part of me, however, was quietly enjoying the sensation, and didn’t want to draw Lollie’s attention to what was happening illegal bahis or ruin the good mood. The feeling of her hand and the image of Lollie’s breasts were giving me another problem, however…a problem that was rapidly growing between my legs. A problem that was being exacerbated by the fact Chloe’s hand had moved away from my ass cheeks and one of her fingers had begun slowly but surely looking for an opening between them…

‘We’re here!’ Lollie exclaimed, pointing towards a house just a few yards away. I let out a sigh which was part relief, and part disappointment that Chloe’s finger hadn’t been able to reach its destination.


Lollie opened the front door and we managed to bundle Chloe upstairs, taking her shoes off and sitting her down on Lollie’s king-size bed.

‘I quite fancy a cocktail, Alex, shall I make you one too?’ Lollie asked.

‘That’d be amazing, thanks.’

‘Oh, me too!’ Chloe slurred.

‘No way missy, I’m bringing you a water!’ Lollie laughed as she walked down the stairs.

‘Well then, I guess it’s my bed time,’ Chloe sighed, before staring at me, her eyes clearly exhausted but also filled with desire. She then brazenly peeled off her tight jeans and black top, revealing some very alluring silk lingerie that stopped me in my tracks.

‘Well?’ she asked.

I could only gulp and stare at her incredible figure as she spoke. The swelling in my pants, which had never fully subsided, was now growing even faster than earlier.

‘Not going to give me a kiss goodnight?’


My hesitation was all the approval she needed to bound towards me and bury her tequila-soaked tongue down my throat. I was helpless – or at least, I told myself I was helpless. In reality, I was loving the taste of this drunken girl on my lips, and was beginning to wonder what other parts of her body tasted like…

The sound of footsteps on the stairs broke our embrace, and Chloe briskly jumped under the covers. ‘Goodnight big boy, and don’t worry, our little secret,’ she whispered before Lollie entered with a glass of water for her friend.

‘I’ve made us a couple of Daiquiris, Alex, on the table downstairs. I’m just going to change in to something more comfortable.’ I thanked her and headed down, a little disappointed she wouldn’t be wearing her revealing leather top any more.

She returned downstairs a few minutes later wearing an oversized hockey top which left a lot more to the imagination than her party outfit had, but I figured that was for the best. I should just have this drink and call a cab, I thought to myself.

For Lollie, however, the night was far from over, and she coaxed me into staying for some more Daiquiris and a few rounds of cards. Though I’d had a few drinks at the party, it wasn’t until now that I was really starting to feel sloshed, as Lollie and I laughed and talked about some of the gossip from our social circle. About 5 drinks in, she caught me off guard with a question about Natalie.

‘So, how’s your sex life?’

I paused timidly, a little taken aback and unsure how to respond.

‘It’s just, from what I know of Natalie, she doesn’t seem like the wild type.’

‘I mean, she’s nice. Things are, erm…things are good I guess.’

Lollie grinned. ‘That bad, huh?’

‘I mean, you know…she’s maybe not the most open-minded person in that department. But everyone has different taste, you know?’ I replied.

‘What’s your taste, then?’ Lollie confidently replied. I was thankful her cleavage was no longer on show to tempt my eyes away from hers.

‘I dunno. I guess…’

Her sultry green eyes willed me to reveal more.

‘…I guess she’s not really into oral…’

A look of genuine astonishment appeared on her face.

‘Oh wow. I’d never have guessed it was that bad,’ she said before pausing and making another enquiry. ‘Giving or receiving?’

‘Erm…well…both actually.’

Lollie gasped and starting laughing in disbelief. ‘Fucking hell, Alex, I’m sorry. That really sucks.’

‘Maybe not the right choice of words there,’ I quipped. We both burst out laughing, feeling a little more relaxed about the topic now.

Lollie proposed another round of daiquiris and popped into the kitchen to start making them. As she did this, I checked my phone for the time and was stunned to realise it was past 3 o’clock – we’d been drinking here for over two hours. I figured it was definitely time for me to sort a cab.

I looked up a few numbers for local taxis and tried to sort one out. One company said they’d call me back if one became available, but there was no response from any of the others.

‘Who are you calling?’ Lollie asked as she came back in with the drinks.

‘Just trying to get a cab, but no luck yet.’

‘Oh fuck Alex, don’t worry about that. You can crash here,’ she offered. ‘I’ve got an air bed you can sleep on if you like.’

‘Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out.’

‘No, please stay. I was expecting you would at this point.’ It was probably just the alcohol, illegal bahis siteleri but I could have sworn there was a lustful look in her eye as she said this. I was again thankful that her cleavage was concealed by her top.

‘Well…okay then, that would be great,’ I replied.

‘Yay!’ Lollie exclaimed, putting the drinks down and wrapping her arms around me. I could feel my cock stir as I felt her enormous chest press against mine. We held each other for slightly longer than was probably appropriate. ‘How about we have a drink to celebrate?’

We had another couple of daiquiris and played another few rounds of cards, laughing and joking with each other. As she went out to get the final round of drinks, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any shorts and that the back of her top was caught in the lining of her panties, giving me a great view of her sumptuous right ass cheek. I wondered if she was aware of the exbition she was putting on as she strutted into the kitchen.

Finally, after God knows how many cocktails, Lollie suggested that we head upstairs. ‘I’ll blow up the airbed,’ she offered, before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek and heading upstairs ahead of me, giving me another astonishing view of her thick behind.

As I walked up the stairs, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I took it out and saw it was the cab company I’d called earlier, probably calling to let me know there was one available.

I didn’t pick up.


We slipped into Lollie’s bedroom, initially careful not to wake Chloe, though when we got in there we realised she was sound asleep. ‘A bucket of ice water probably wouldn’t wake her at the moment,’ Lollie chuckled.

She flicked her bedside light on and rummaged around her wardrobe, pulling out a pretty decent looking airbed that came with an electric pump. As she plugged it in, I noticed she had a very sexy nurse’s outfit hanging up, and envied the guy who had been lucky enough to see her in that.

Lollie fiddled with the pump for a couple of minutes, becoming increasingly exasperated as she struggled to make it work. ‘Shit,’ she sighed, ‘I think the damn thing’s broken – I’m sorry.’

‘Do you want me to have a look at it?’

‘No, I think it’s beyond repair, I’m really sorry Alex.’

‘It’s no problem at all, I’d be happy to sleep on the floor if you have a pillow I could use.’

‘No, don’t be ridiculous!’ Lollie exclaimed. ‘You can sleep in the bed – it’s huge, there’ll be plenty of room for all of us.’

I gulped at her suggestion. I knew Natalie wouldn’t be too happy if she found out I’d slept in a bed with two attractive women. My head told me to give that cab company a ring back and see if there was a ride available after all.

I think Lollie saw the hesitation in my eyes, as she quickly added, ‘if it’s Natalie you’re thinking about, don’t worry – we’ll just say you slept downstairs.’ She wandered over to the bed and pulled back half the duvet. To be fair, it did seem like there’d be plenty of room, even with Chloe sound asleep on the right side of the bed.

‘I’m just going to take my make-up off – make yourself comfortable and I’ll be back in a minute.’ Lollie blew me a kiss as she left the room.

I removed my jeans and slipped into the bed, trying to avoid touching Chloe, though she seemed fast asleep. Well, I thought, I’ve really gone and done it now. I tried to rationalise my decision in my head. We’re both pretty hammered, we’ll be asleep in no time, I thought. There’s no way she’d tried and make a move on me anyway, I thought.

All my thoughts went out the window, however, when Lollie walked back in to the room.

Gone was her oversized hockey top. All she was wearing now was a stunning black lace bra along with the incredibly skimpy panties I’d caught a glimpse of earlier. I felt myself go pale as all the blood in my body rushed towards my groin area.

‘I always sleep in my underwear…you don’t mind, do you Alex?’

Before I could splutter out an answer, she started moving her delicious body towards the side of the bed. Her breasts bounced and her belly gently jiggled as she strolled across the room. I caught her smirking as she turned off the bedside light and joined me under the covers.

I felt her legs slide against mine as she snuggled up against me and laid her arm across my chest. I hoped she didn’t notice my rapidly beating heart.

‘Thanks so much for helping me tonight, Alex. I don’t know what I have done without you,’ Lollie whispered into my ear.

‘It was my pleasure…’ I slurred in reply. Shit, I was really starting to feel the effect of all those daiquiris. I turned my head to the right and caught Lollie’s gaze as the word ‘pleasure’ lingered in the air. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel now, searching for any scraps of willpower I had left.

We stared deeply into each other’s eyes, clearly thinking the same thing, but knowing it was a step we couldn’t take. My cock was as stiff as I’d ever experienced, and I was grateful her arm was placed across my chest and not any lower. canlı bahis siteleri

I noticed she had a little red smudge next her lips, and told her about it.

‘It’s probably just me not wiping my lipstick off properly’, she smiled. ‘Would you mind getting it for me?’ I gulped once again as I slowly moved my hand towards her pursed lips. I began to gently wipe off the lipstick, and in a few seconds it was gone…but my fingers remained, tenderly caressing the cheek and lips of this gorgeous latin woman. I knew that words were now beyond us both – physical touch was our only language. As I brushed her moist lips, I began to feel her mouth envelop first one, then two of my fingers. She began to seductively suck on them, her piercing green eyes examining mine for any sign of surrender, any sign that I would give myself over to her completely. She sucked for what seemed like an eternity, every drop of her saliva pulling me further away from reality and deeper into her sexual universe.

I was using all the willpower I had left to try to remain resilient. I tried thinking of Natalie, but that only led to thoughts of the half-assed handjobs and the dull missionary sex we always had. Those thoughts only weakened my will to resist.

Lollie’s head continued to gently bob forwards and backwards as her lips engulfed my fingers. Her hand however, was beginning to slowly make its way down my body, its destination unmistakeable. I knew if I was ever going stay faithful, this was my last chance…

I sprung suddenly upwards, pulling my fingers out of Lollie’s mouth and clambering across her, as I got to my feet and stumbled across the room. I saw her glare at me with a disappointed look on her face.

‘What’s wrong, babe?’ she queried.

‘I…I just…’

I felt her stare at me with a confident look in her eye, like a predator determined not to let their prey escape.

‘I was just…feeling a bit hot in there, sorry…’ I stuttered. ‘I think maybe it’s best I just sleep on the floor, or try the airbed again.’

I fumbled around in the dark room trying to find the airbed pump. Somehow, I was able to grab it and plug it in fairly quickly, and, to my shock, it worked almost immediately.

At this point, Lollie switched the bedside light back on and sauntered over towards me, before kneeling down and switching the pump back off.

‘You’re not sleeping on the airbed,’ she informed me. Given how easily the pump worked, I was beginning to think that was never her intention in the first place. The expression on Lollie’s face told me she knew that I was now completely under her spell.

‘It was a bit hot under those covers. Luckily, I have a solution for that.’

With those words, she began to remove her bra, teasing me by first pulling down the straps, then slowly unclasping it before finally revealing her hidden treasures. I let out a helpless squeak as her magnificent mammaries sprang free from their lace prison, unveiling a pair of the biggest and most incredible nipples I had ever laid eyes upon. I had found a new God – or should I say, two new Gods – and I was ready to worship.

Next, Lollie turned around, bending over to give me a first-class view of her fat, juicy ass. My cock was on fire as she pulled down her skimpy panties and tossed them across the room. I drooled uncontrollably as her meaty rear jiggled. She stood back up, turned around and stepped towards me. She then pushed me firmly against the wall, pinning me back with her heaving breasts before whispering softly in my ear. ‘You see, Alex, you were always going to be hot under the covers wearing all those clothes.’

She pulled up my t-shirt, lifting it over my head and casting aside. Finally, she focused her gaze on my underwear, the thin fabric struggling to contain my pulsating shaft. I started to tremble as she sunk to her knees and placed her fingers around the elastic of my boxer briefs.

‘Let’s see if Chloe knew what she was talking about.’

Lollie yanked the underwear down to my ankles and immediately gasped as my cock sprang free. Standing tall at 9 inches long, with a monstrous girth to boot, I knew it was my best asset. I’d seen that look of simultaneous shock and desire on a woman’s face before – just never a woman as voluptuous as the latin goddess kneeling in front of me.

After admiring my meat pole for several seconds, she licked her lips and began to feast. I could tell this woman was a sexual carnivore from the moment I felt her tongue. She expertly worked it along my member, taking time to slurp on my balls each time she reached the base of the shaft. After several minutes of masterful tongue work, she gave me a hungry stare and opened her mouth wide, permitting my entrance. To my astonishment, she was able to fit most of my giant rod down her throat – no other woman had ever managed much more than the head. This unfamiliar deep-throat sensation filled me with new energy. I was revitalised, no longer the trembling wimp pinned helplessly against the wall but a man, ready for my turn to dominate. I began commandingly sliding my cock further and further down her gullet, reaching parts of her skull no other man had ever gone near. For a second, I withdraw, allowing her a spluttering breath before re-entering with a confidence force, her eyes imploring me to go deeper still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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