Job Interview, Anal Intentions

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Hannah Chen wore her version of a power suit — a cute polyester blouse with a pencil office skirt and heels — as she made her way up the building. This was a nerve wracking experience, despite her outward confidence. Last week she had interviewed with the hiring manager. Today she would be meeting with the boss.

When the elevator door opened, a rush of adrenaline flowed through her and she felt right at home. Working at this digital media company would be a dream. Her mind swirled with pre-rehearsed answers and she felt confident in her resume despite her young age.

As a 28 year old daughter of immigrants, upholding the principles of democracy was her guiding light. It was her way of giving back to this country, along with doing her part in the world, however big or small.

The only obstacle in her way were the million other applicants who had also applied for the very same job. For good measure, she brought with her a portfolio of all her past articles, even ones written for high school and college publications.

She approached the lobby and saw the open-space work floor. She loved seeing people at their desks, on their computers. She enjoyed watching people talk casually amongst themselves. The atmosphere was like heaven.

Gleefully, she went to the receptionist and announced her arrival, followed by a cute wink at the end.

The receptionist discreetly winked back. “Ms. Chen, I’ve been told your appointment will be earlier than expected. Please have a seat and I’ll notify you when ready.”

“That’ll be great. Thank you.”

They decided to keep their sisterly bond a secret. Office politics can be a liability. They both understood that.

After sitting on the comfortable couch for a few moments, she saw her sister’s polite smile after getting a notice.

“Ms. Chen, I’ve been notified that Mr. Brennan is ready to see you now. I’ll escort you to his office.”

Hannah smiled and stood. “Thanks.”

Walking down the hall, the Chen sisters shared a silent bond as they pretended to be strangers. Hannah had already been given insight and strategy from Gina regarding what the boss liked and disliked.

“You’ll do great,” Gina whispered. “Stay on your toes, though. Things seem really busy today. The boss looked tense all morning.”

Hannah gave a short nod. “I’m prepared for anything.”

Or so she thought…

The receptionist made first entry towards the open door of the office, getting the attention of the infamous Mr. Brennan, who appeared to be in a small meeting of sorts. The boss was standing by the window having a lively discussion with two young employees; one male, one female.

On a board, the headline Holiday and year end goals/deadlines was written with a marker, followed by a list that was scribbled sloppily below.

“Mr. Brennan, I’ve escorted Ms. Chen for the 10 am job interview.”

He checked his watch. “Right on time, let’s begin. Thank you, Gina.”

Hannah softly gulped as the attention shifted towards her, but was eased by the feeling of her sister giving her a soft touch on the arm before leaving. With the boss and two employees now staring at her, Hannah wondered if this job interview would be a group affair.

“Ms. Chen, it’s a pleasure,” the boss said with a handshake extended.

“The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Brennan,” she beamed in return, shaking hands with the boss and the two employees.

Oddly, the two employees seemed invested in this process, as if this were part of a corporate duty somehow.

For a split second, they stood there awkwardly and Hannah wondered why she wasn’t offered a seat. They exchanged small talk and other pleasantries as the other employees were unusually quiet.

“I’ll get to the point,” Mr. Brennan said with authority. “Your resume looks good. The hiring manager likes you. You seem personable. I think we’re on the right track. We’ll need to do a background check and all the other formalities before we can officially make a decision. How does that sound?”

Hannah almost asked reflexively, ‘Are we skipping the interview?’ but then she fortunately stopped herself. She had been praying for a break, maybe this was it?

A smile burst onto her face and her posture became even straighter. She did her best to contain her emotions. This was a professional setting, after all, and she needed to make a strong first impression.

She nodded and handed over her portfolio. “That sounds great. I brought an extra copy of my resume, along with articles I’ve previously written. Everything is sourced so you can find them online for proof.”

“I see,” the boss said, taking the portfolio then quickly skimming through its contents. “Hmm… good… good… I like that… good…”

Was the boss actually going through her life’s work this quickly? She wondered. She did hope the boss would take a closer look later, but if she was truly on the fast track for landing a writing gig here, then it didn’t matter.

Though she still had to wonder why there was a sudden sense of illegal bahis urgency. For the past two weeks, it seemed like everyone in the building was dragging their feet when it came to hiring.

Closing the portfolio, the boss tossed it onto the desk. The other employees in the room tensed a bit more, squirming almost.

“Here’s the deal,” Mr. Brennan said. “Based on your resume, you’re quite versatile. I like that. But how do you feel about our Lifestyle section? First, do you even read our Lifestyle section? Let’s start with that.”

“Oh yes, I’m familiar with that section and I read many of those insightful articles.”

Of course she was familiar with the Lifestyle section. The Lifestyle section was well-known for having lascivious and salacious opinions on sex. Those articles often went viral on twitter and sometimes made national news.

But then again, the Lifestyle section hosted other non-sexual topics that appealed to men and women alike. Judging by the tone in the boss’s voice, Hannah was becoming a bit more convinced what route this conversation was headed. Why else was the boss speaking so cautiously?

Mr. Brennan gave an affirmative nod. “Our main Lifestyle writer quit without notice. I won’t get into that. Anyway, that means we currently have a big opening that needs to be filled right away. Sound interesting?”

She gave a polite smile. A Lifestyle writer? She wanted politics. She wanted film. She wanted interesting stories about people. Anything to contribute to the national conversation in a positive way, but who was she kidding? This was a job and she needed her foot in the door.

“I’m very interested,” she said, maintaining her perfect and well-rehearsed smile for a corporate environment. “To be clear, I thought I was applying for…”

“Yes, yes,” he interrupted. “I know what your interests are. Can you work with me on this? Then I’ll let you write whatever you want.”

She managed to smile even wider. “Sure, of course.”

With a stern face, the boss signaled for the female employee in the room to get something. The woman brisked out of the room like a loyal servant, while they all stood around awkwardly, or at least it was awkward for Hannah while the boss remained stone-faced.

The woman returned and blushingly placed a packaged object on the desk, before standing next to the boss again.

Hannah looked at the heading of the product.

It read: The Anal Trainer by HeyAllSexToys

Below it was the tagline: The key to not only making anal sex palatable, but something you truly crave!

Through the clear plastic, Hannah saw the purple device, which was shaped like a 5 inch dildo with waves and curves to it. There also seemed to be buttons on the end of it, almost like a vibrator.

Hannah was a good girl, raised conservatively, but like many good girls, she often fantasized what it might be like to be bad — to be someone’s sex toy — subject to any of her lover’s perversions.

Mr. Brennan remained straight-forward. “This new product is receiving quite the critical acclaim. And do you know who’s leading the charge?”

“I don’t know,” she gulped.

He pointed directly at her. “You are.”

“Me? I’ve never seen this before in my life.”

“You’re seeing it now,” Mr. Brennan said in a way that would make Tywin Lannister proud. “The web traffic from our Lifestyle section is driven primarily by the sex articles. Data analytics show that many of these users stick around to read our entertainment and political content as well. Sex sells.”

Hannah nodded in a daze. “I’ve been privy to traffic analysis. I know how the business works.”

“Then we understand each other.”

Struggling to maintain the perfect posture on her petite frame, Hannah gave a quick answer.

“I… umm… yes.”

The boss didn’t miss a beat. “Good, because we also earn revenue from product placements and reviews, aside from traditional advertisements.”

“I’m assuming HeyAllSexToys is paying this company for a glowing review.”

“Correct. Can you guess why?”

Being up to date on all the market trends, along with the recent articles on this company’s site, Hannah was able to form a sound and articulate conclusion.

“Black Friday is coming up,” she said. “I know that sex toys as gifts are becoming a thing, either as gag gifts or real gifts. Like erotica novels years ago, sex toys are seeing a dramatic rise in mainstream appeal. Fewer people are ashamed of buying them; more people are open about it.”

Mr. Brennan smiled. “Smart. And you’re right, they’re gearing up for a huge push. No pun intended. Additionally, the parent company of HeyAllSexToys are friends of ours — financially speaking — so we need to stay on their good side.”

As gingerly as possible, Hannah wondered how she could pivot this conversation back to her true interests. She knew it would be tough because of how determined and fixated the boss was on this.

“I’m sure I can handle this story,” she said, before adding, “along with other illegal bahis siteleri stories I can contribute. I’m working on…”

He interrupted. “This will be your priority if you’re hired. I know this is unconventional, but I need assurance that you can be a team player.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Good,” he replied. “Writing about sex is still very taboo for women, so I’ll need to conduct a further check to see if you’re up for the job.”

She nodded helplessly. “Sure.”

“Have you ever written about sex? Private erotica? Sex-related articles? Anything noteworthy? I didn’t see anything like that in your portfolio.”

Hannah was in awe by the sheer audacity of the boss. Especially as the two other employees in the room were staring at her with great curiosity. This was such a breach of her privacy, but she understood, given the nature of what they wanted her to write about.

She sucked in a deep breath. “I… umm… read Literotica sometimes?”

“Was that a question or statement?”

She cleared her throat. “That was a statement.”

“Good. There’s a baseline at least. You have comfort around sexual words. Now, have you ever had anal sex before?”

Once again, she looked at her audience while she puckered her lips. Desperate for the job, she gave an honest answer.

“No, never.”

She blushed, wondering if she should feel embarrassed, prudish, or proud of that admission.

“Not even a toy?” the boss asked. “A finger, at least?”

“No, and no.”

This time, she felt more embarrassed than anything else. From the tone of things, she was the prude of the group. Especially in a liberal environment such as a digital media company.

Mr. Brennan shrugged it off. “I guess there’s a first time for everything. But now that I think of it… hmmm… this will probably make for a better story and advertisement. I guess we got lucky with you being an anal virgin.”

Beneath her panties, Hannah could feel her anus instinctively clench. It was like a natural defense she never knew her body had under the threat of anal invasion. Her asshole said one thing, but her pussy had a much different reaction. She could feel her pussy dampen and she prayed that no one in the room would smell her aroma.

Then it dawned on her. If she were to accept this job and do this lewd assignment, then her name and face would also be attached to this. Her reputation and career would forever be linked to this anal sex toy. Not just that she had written the review, but that she actually used it inside of her virgin asshole.

“My parents will know about this,” she blurted out, before stopping herself.

He was emotionless. “Writing for Lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you want to turn down the job, I’ll understand. I have another candidate coming this afternoon.”

Hannah’s inner-fighter came out and her desire was strong. She was so close to landing her dream job that she could practically feel her butt sitting on a leather chair behind a nice desk.

“I want the job,” she said politely. “But if we can negotiate, then I want a promise that I can write political articles after this.”

“We’ll put that in a contract once I know you can handle your new responsibilities. Pardon the bad pun, but we need to probe deeper for your background check, which is right now. Slide your panties down.”

She froze in horror. “Excuse me?”

“I already know you can write, I just need to know if you can do the job.”

Hannah’s eyes shifted to the other employees in the room, who acted as if this was all part of an initiation.

“Here?” she asked. “Now?”

Her eyes once again shifted to the other employees and it was clear that no one would intervene on her behalf.

The boss gestured to the female employee. “Christine, why don’t you show Hannah what we had been discussing a moment ago for a different story.”

Without missing a beat, the female employee lifted her skirt to reveal a cleanly shaven pussy with a skinny rubber handle hanging from her entrance. It was clear she had a sex toy inside and her clitoris was swollen and aroused. The employee blushed but was brave about it.

“I’m writing an article about sex toys,” Christine explained, holding the hem of her skirt up to keep her pussy out. “Particularly when it comes to the various uses they have, including in the workplace.”

“Turn around, show Hannah how easy anal is,” the boss said.

“No problem. My pleasure.”

The female employee turned around and bent over. With spread legs, and with her skirt hoisted over her lower back, her bare butt was showing. So was the sex toy inside of her pussy. Christine used her hands to generously squeeze both cheeks, pulling them in opposite directions.

And just like that, a tiny pink asshole was revealed to everyone in that office. Being a trooper, the female employee sucked her two fingers, giving them plenty of saliva lubrication. She then used those fingers to penetrate her own asshole, digging deep and fingering herself the way most canlı bahis siteleri women finger their pussies.

Hannah couldn’t believe how much the office exhibitionism was turning her on, and the way the boss simply called out commands and the girl so willingly and completely complied. Hannah felt an inner compulsion to lift up her own skirt and touch herself, lewdly reveal her bare sex in front of everyone.

But being a good girl, Hannah kept her hands down.

“It’s that easy,” Mr. Brennan said, returning his attention to a very stunned, yet turned on, Hannah. “Relaxation, lubrication, and confidence are the keys.”

Hannah watched mesmerized as the female employee fingered her own ass like it was nothing. It was a worthy demonstration. Pulling her fingers out, the employee stood upright once again, fixed her dress, and rejoined the job interview in a casual manner.

“And you expect me to put…” Hannah couldn’t finish her sentence.

“We can handle that for you. You can start by sliding your panties down.”

She was struck by how the word ‘we’ was casually thrown around as if this were now a group thing. To be fair, it may have been better this way. She knew her limitations and maybe it would be better if the experts took charge of the matter.

When it came to her delicate asshole, someone better have experience. And it certainly wasn’t herself. She turned her head to look at the open door and hallway. Anyone could walk by. A new coworker. A potentially new best friend. Her sister?

“Can we close the door first?” she asked, as if these were her last words.

“That goes against my open-door policy.”

It was pointless to argue. The boss was a stern man. Hopefully this would be over quickly, but she doubted that.

With apprehension and anticipation, Hannah pinched the ends of her pencil skirt and shimmied her hips to lift it upwards. All eyes were on her skinny and milky white thighs. Before she knew it, her light gray satin panties were now visible, stained in the front which made her embarrassed, yet the boss showed no emotion over it. It was a position she never thought she’d be in during a workplace, much less today’s job interview.

“Turn around,” Mr. Brennan said, seemingly unphased by any of this. “Lay across my desk and we’ll finish the rest.”

She tensed again. Jesus her pussy was never hotter. Not only was she about to take something large into her tight virgin ass, but she was going to do it in front of her potentially new superior and colleagues, chronicling every moment of her debasement.

Her dark nipples were now so hard they ached beneath her bra, and her cunt — a nice word like ‘pussy’ no longer applied — her cunt was absolutely swimming in desire.

As she laid face down across the boss’s desk, all she could think about was that her parents, friends, and family would know the sexual things she had done with a sex toy, and what her internal thoughts were through the article she’d soon write.

She was raised as such a good girl, so proper, and yet at this very moment she had never been so turned on. Why was that? She composed herself, lifting the back of her skirt so that her pale white butt would show.

Her dark nipples were like hard pebbles, craving attention under her bra. With her head turned to the side, she watched Mr. Brennan giving orders about how they should proceed as a team. The boss suggested that the female employee get on her knees for a clearer observation, while the male employee should get lubrication for a smooth entry.

She was almost impressed by how clinical and detached Mr. Brennan was while giving commands. Did she think she had the best, most desirable ass in the world? No. It was rather small and kind of flat. But it was a virgin ass nonetheless and she was amazed that an older man could be so composed over it.

Closing her eyes like a frightened kitten, Hannah felt hands across her ass. One pair was feminine, one pair was more manly. The two employees were spreading her butt cheeks and undoubtedly getting a good look at her tiny anus.

She heard a bottle cap open. That was followed by the surreal feeling of a cold gel pressed against her anus by a strong, thick finger. A simple push and the finger went inside her butt.

“It’s very important that you get a good feel,” Mr. Brennan said while personally lubing the asshole. “As you can expect, our partners are expecting this article to give their sex toy a generous boost in sales during the holiday season. They have a large shipment ready, but that’s useless unless we can spread the word. Can you do that?”

She struggled to speak while penetrated. “I can. I can… hmmphh… do…uh, I mean write anything for you.”

The boss’s finger wiggled and twirled inside of her butt.

“Not just write about it, but participate and articulate the sexual experience you’re feeling. Authenticity is imperative. That’s what we’re being paid to deliver. A strong sales pitch heading into the holiday shopping season.”

Another push, and there it was, two fingers were playing with her tight little pucker, circling it and teasing it with the cold lubrication. All the while, the boss kept giving necessary advice to the associates, giving them direction while loosening her asshole.

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