Isabelle , Simon Ch. 02

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AN: Welcome back to the second installment of Isabelle & Simon, We (LitStory & I) hope you enjoy this chapter even more then you did the previous one. With that said remember to leave us comments and feedback with your thoughts and opinions on the series so far. We won’t abandon or ditch this series so don’t forget to drop a follow to stay updated.

Disclaimer: Isabelle & Simon are BOTH over 18! Any & all characters involved in sexual situations at any time or point in the story are over the legal age of 18!


Isabelle can be such a bitch!

I know I shouldn’t be saying that about her because she’s my sister, but I can’t help myself.

I woke up early and went to the kitchen to make myself a smoothie. Isabelle had come downstairs dressed in her exercise outfit, a red sports bra, black tights, and neon pink running shoes. She had an amazing figure which most guys salivated over. I tried to ignore her delicious body, but I couldn’t stop my eyes from drifting to the swell of her chest, outlined by her sports bra. She looked beautiful!

Being a nice guy, I offered Isabelle some of the smoothie I had made.

“You think I want the crap you drink?”

Sigh! Why did I bother trying to be nice! The irony is, Isabelle always has a smoothie canlı bahis şirketaleri before running, but if she didn’t want one from me, so be it! She could make her own!

Sure enough, she proceeded to do so, but there was a silver lining to her illogical behaviour. She had to stretch to reach the cupboard, not being as tall as I am, which afforded me a lovely side profile of her curvy ass and tits. I tried not to look, I really did, but my eyes were drawn back to her amazing body. Her C-cup tits are amazing, with no sag. They are award-worthy masterpieces of perkiness!

Unfortunately, she catches me staring at her before I can yank my gaze away. Oops! I ready myself, waiting for the response, which comes quickly.

“You fucking pervert! Don’t you have anything better to do than ogle your own sister?”

I don’t really, but my ego demands a response.

“I wasn’t ogling you,” I say as calmly as possible. I wasn’t going to let Isabelle get under my skin!

So you’re stupid as well as a pervert, staring at my tits counts as ogling me idiot. She turns her piercing hazel eyes on me and glares at me while she continues to make her drink.

I can only tolerate her bitchiness for so long and gulp down the rest of my drink and head upstairs to change for my morning canlı kaçak iddaa run. By the time I come back downstairs, Isabelle is nowhere to be seen. I head out and start my jog, quickly building up my pace, until I’m pounding along having caught my stride. I arrive back home from my run an hour later, hot and sweaty, and head upstairs to take a shower. Feeling refreshed in clean clothes, I head downstairs to watch TV. I just click on the sports channel when her highness strides into the room, back from her run. She’s showered and changed, and her hair smells like strawberries, and she’s wearing a painted-on pair of black jeans and a sexy white crop top. I would have been salivating over her, if she wasn’t my sister, as it was it took me a few seconds to tear my eyes away from her chest and back to her face.

“Going somewhere?” I ask, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, but it’s none of your business.”

“Actually, it is my business. You know the rules. If either of us goes out, we need to tell someone where we are going.”

“I know the rules, idiot! I’m older than you.”

I cross my arms and give her my sternest look. She’s not going anywhere without telling me! She may be a bitch, but she is still my sister and safety comes first.

Eventually, she relents. “I’m going to canlı kaçak bahis visit Rick and hang out with him and his friends, and then we’re going to a party later.”

“Where’s the party?”

“I left the address on the fridge.”

Amazing! A quick civil answer! Why couldn’t she be like that all the time! Isabelle must be excited about her evening! Maybe she’s going to fuck Rick, or Rick and all his buddies. The thought makes me nauseous, but I quickly shove it out my head.

Isabelle reaches over and grabs the remote from me. She changes the channel to some stupid romance film. We sit in silence for an hour. Isabelle texts on her phone the entire time, she doesn’t even spare a single look for the dumb romantic film she had put on. I finally take back control of the remote and change back to sports, Isabelle doesn’t even notice! Then someone, probably Rick, honks in our driveway, and Isabelle gets up and leaves. There is a squeal of tires and the roar of an engine and then silence.

I’m tired from my run and the psychological drain of dealing with Isabelle, so I head upstairs to bed. I drift into a restless sleep as I can’t stop picturing Isabelle in her skimpy training outfit from earlier. Soon I am mentally undressing her in my dreams, she is smiling seductively at me and wearing a pair of sexy red lingerie. She pulls my pants down and wraps her hands around me, a few minutes later and she leans down and the sounds of her devouring my cock follows.

Argh! What is wrong with me? That’s my sister I’m thinking about!

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