I Think Of You

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Seems like ninety five percent of my day is filled with thoughts of you. The most innocuous thing gets me randy for the feel of you sliding deep within me. Pushing past my lips and deep into my mouth. Letting me taste the flavor of you. Feeling your hard, silken shaft sliding in and out of my mouth as I caress your ass, your hands tangled in my hair. Pulling and tugging as I take you deep , sliding my tongue around your dick and humming in delight. Oh, yah. The taste and feel of you.

I am so hot with the thought of you. With the desire to feel you pounding into me. I can feel my entire body vibrating with the need for your penetration. And, yet, I make it linger on. I want to linger over the taste of you. I slide up your body and kiss you deeply. Tongues waging war, as hands entwine deeply into hair, and moans escalate through my body. I feel your hardness against my inner thighs, pushing to be in my wetness, and I ache to oblige you. I feel my body thrumming with the desire to encase you, to feel the pressure of you deep within me, touching me in so many right places.

I move back down your body, sliding my hands to cup your ass as bahis firmaları I begin to suck your wonderful cock again. Moving my fingers until I begin to fondle your asshole. Slipping my mouth from your cock and sliding down to gently take your balls in my mouth, teasing them with my tongue. Letting my fingers continue to caress you, as I taste every inch of your sex. Slowly moving my mouth to your anus, and I begin to follow the path my fingers have traced. My tongue slowly moving closer and closer. Gently pushing into your ass, and out. I fuck your ass with my tongue as my hands replace my mouth on your cock. You roll over so I can have better access, and I suck you into my mouth. Loving the taste of you. One of my hands leaves your body to find mine. I plunge two fingers into my wetness and groan with the feeling of it. Pushing my face further into you, wanting more of you. I feel you vibrating in desire under me.

Moans escaping into the air. I pull away from your ass and put my fingers in my mouth….combining the flavors of us. Feeling my body pull tight in exquisite desire. I find your mouth again, and kiss you deeply. Gasping in shocked kaçak iddaa pleasure as you plunge deep into my swollen puss. Grasping my hips and pushing deep into me, time and again you thrust into me….then, with a groan from the depths of your being, you flip me onto my stomach and push yourself into my ass. Pausing to feel that wonderful moment of adjustment.

Easing deeper into my ass, shifting me into position, you begin to pound deep into me. I feel you so deeply. Touching me, Stroking me. Pushing me higher even than the stars. Knowing I am about to explode, I can’t hold back my moans of ecstasy. You shift my position. Keeping me on the brink of release, but not allowing me over the edge. Pulling out of me, you slowly enter again, and begin a slow and torturous dance. Pushing as deep into me as you can. Shifting me to find new points of pleasure.

You take me to new levels of desire. And you slip yourself from my ass and plunge into my puss, deep and hard. Pounding deeply into me, lifting me, shifting me. Bringing me to the edge again…and you stop. Suddenly. You completely remove yourself from my body. I ache at the loss and groan kaçak bahis out loud, pouting. You roll me over and tell me to suck your cock, and I greedily oblige. The taste of me coating and mingling with the taste of you. I get high on the flavors that flow through my senses, and I take as much of you as I possibly can into my mouth. Sucking every last drop of our mingled juices from your shaft….wanting more….aching to have you in me.

You push me away, gently, and lift my legs….Sliding deeply into my aching loins, you coat yourself with my juices, and I squeal in exquisite agony. You pull from me, and lift my hips further, pushing my legs further back, sliding slowly and steadily into my ass. You pump into me, hard and deeper. Faster and stronger. I feel the stars tingling upon my skin and know I am going to explode into a million pieces. This time you don’t stop. You take me over the edge, and I shatter.

You roll me to my stomach and lay me flat, pushing deep into my ass, you bring me immediately to the brink again. Exhausted and exhilarated, I reach for the nova that I become with you, and as I explode for the second time, I feel you pulse deeply within my ass. Pouring your seed into me, and I hear you groan in release.

Sweaty and content, I smile a satisfied smile, and wonder to myself how soon we can start this dance all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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