Hands of Clay Ch. 14

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Hello all!

As I said before, I went to Myrtle Beach and did some writing. I should’ve been working on my most current Ice Era Chronicle… but it was cold and rainy. That is my favorite weather for gay romance and hot man-on-man sex…

Anyway, I want to thank you all who are here reading this little side story of my Ice Era Chronicles. It’s nice to share it with someone who gets me.

Be well, my friends!


~M. From C.M. Moore

*Chapter 13*


According to the camera placement, if Clay walked on this side of the trainer’s hall, he wouldn’t be caught by anyone monitoring the area.

To be on the safe side, Clay held up a five-stack of towels to block his profile as he strode purposely toward Brice’s room. Butch always said that if he acted as if he belonged, he would get fewer questions.

After chow, Clay had grabbed the towels from a lady at Custodial Services and headed to Brice’s floor. He planned that if anyone asked what he was doing, Clay would say he was dropping the bath towels off at one of the trainers’ rooms. He would also add that he was earnestly looking for grid squares. The first task sounded plausible, and the second like the trainers were screwing with the newbie.

The hall was empty, and Clay grinned. He got to the end of the walkway and reached Brice’s door. From the quarters, music played. The thumping sounded like a lively jazz band had set up in Brice’s living room.

Slipping Abdul’s twenty-six-piece lock picking kit out from between the folds, Clay used the set to unbolt the door. Freeing the latch didn’t take long. Quietly, Clay snuck into the instructor’s room.

Silently and with precision, Clay closed the door behind him and locked the bolt again. He turned around expecting to face an angry Brice. The area was empty. The music blasted the sofa, but his grader wasn’t on his couch. Just as Clay wondered if he’d missed the instructor, the faint sound of the water in the bathroom melded with a clarinet solo.

Setting the towels on Brice’s kitchen table, Clay strode across the room while tucking the pick set in his cargo pocket. On the mattress, the blankets had been arranged neatly. All the pillows were in a row by the headboard. He pulled his lubricant out of his other cargo pocket and placed the bottle on the dresser. He would sleep in this bed again, but first, he would do naughtier things between those silky sheets.

Yanking off his shirt, Clay stashed the garment. He wanted his clothes where he could easily reach them if he had to dress in a hurry. After toeing off his boots and socks, he hid those items with his shirt. Once his pants and underwear were folded, Clay drew back the covers.

The music came to an end as he climbed into the center of the softness. Groaning, Clay snuggled into a plump pillow. Closing his eyes, he made up his mind he was never leaving.

The click of a gun had him looking over his shoulder at the bathroom entrance.

Brice’s hair dripped down his neck. A white towel hung on his hips. The grader was glaring. As far as Clay was concerned, Brice could scowl all he wanted as long he was shirtless, and Clay could enjoy his cut pecs and sexy abs. The handgun clutched in the instructor’s palm made Clay’s eyebrows rise.

“Do you normally shower with a gun? I can get used to it.”

“When you’re sneaking into someone’s home, don’t groan.” Brice slipped the magazine out of the weapon. Shaking his head at the towels, Brice walked toward his kitchen and set the pistol and ammo on his table. “You need to be silent. Like a ninja. I thought you were an intruder.”

“I am an intruder. A naked one.” Clay laughed. “But thank you for the lesson, Instructor Brice. When I sneak into your bed tomorrow, I’ll do it silently.” Even though Clay said that as a joke, he meant every word. Tomorrow, Clay would be in this bed and every day until he died.

“I’m not a shell.” Brice flipped a switch on his music player, and a softer instrumental began. “I can’t keep up this fight.” After Brice muttered that sentence, he walked to the dresser. He picked up the lube and then scanned Clay, still belly down, hugging his pillows. “I’m a man.”

“I know you’re a man.” Clay’s brow wrinkled. “I had your man parts in my mouth.”

“You get an A on your memory.” Sighing, Brice set down the bottle before he turned to face Clay. “Are you naked? Not even underwear?”

“Everything is under the bed. It’s in position if I have to make a quick exit.” Clay licked his lips. “I’m here for you to fuck me.”

“I don’t have enough discipline for this,” Brice whispered. The look Brice gave Clay didn’t scream get-out-of-my-bed or get-out-of-my-life. The gleam in his dark-brown eyes was pure want. This time Clay was positive he wasn’t going to get a lecture or the word over. Brice was about to cave.

“Does that mean you’re getting naked too?”

“Naked.” Brice unknotted the towel from his waist and dropped the cloth to the floor. “We’ll start there.”

Clay’s jaw dropped. That maltepe escort was easier than he anticipated, but he wasn’t going to jinx it by saying that out loud. The grader was already up to screw. His cock pointed forward, thick and drooling. Now that the towel hit the carpet, Clay drank in the sight of all Brice’s exposed scarred skin available to touch.

Smoothing back his damp hair, Brice picked up the blankets and tossed them to the side. The action exposed Clay. He rolled to the middle of the bed, both shocked and elated. He didn’t think Brice would yield, but he thanked his lucky stars that the man did.

“I ah…” Pausing, Clay didn’t know what to do now. “I want…” He stared up at Brice, feeling overwhelmed, slightly nervous, and swamped with sexual desire. He wanted Brice to do this bossy-teacher-thing and tell him the plan. His dick pointed toward the other man as if begging to be in his mouth.

“You want me?” Brice asked.

“I wasn’t going to say that, but yeah.”

“I want you to say it. Say you want me,” Brice commanded as he tossed two of the pillows to the floor. “I want to hear it.”

“I want you.” An animal side of him, carnal and deep, snarled the word mine. That’s what Brice was. Clay’s. He wanted this man forever, and there was no way he was going to let Brice’s list of five stupid reasons not to date stop them. “Tell me what to do.”

“I’ll teach you as we go.”

As Brice blanketed Clay’s frame, all at once, Clay was flooded by sensations. The trainer’s mouth lightly brushed over Clay’s neck and collarbones. He lifted his hips to grind on Brice’s erection. The move was a test. Clay was having a hard time believing what was happening. It was amazing that this power between them had finally torn down Brice’s walls and got him into bed.

Suddenly, Brice’s mouth was on his. The man kissed fiercely and desperately. That frantic need was Clay’s favorite. Clay’s hands wound into Brice’s damp hair as the grader’s fingers traveled over his arms and chest. A fever, that unending heat, was turned on and cranked high. Clay bathed in the fire, and he refused to leave until they were both ashes.

As he kissed Brice, Clay prayed this would be more than one tonight. He didn’t want to ask or check at this moment. Right now, he accepted what Brice was offering. Then maybe, just maybe, he could convince him they were perfect for forever. Brice kissed him as if he could fill up with the scent, taste, and Clay’s lips could brand him. The pressure and intensity already owned Clay. The feel of Brice’s warm, naked skin held him captivated.

“We have to—” Brice began as he started to lift away.

“No,” Clay groaned in a near helpless moan. “Don’t say stop. Don’t say over.”

“We have to go slower if you’re a virgin.” Brice clarified as he grinned down at him.

“I’ve been with men and women.” Clay met Brice’s dark-brown gaze. “I’m not…” He shrugged. “I’ve never had anyone inside my ass. Slower is fine, but stopping is out. Clear?”

“Crystal.” Brice lifted onto his biceps. “Are you ready? Do you need to do anything before we start? I’ll wait.”

The offer was both kind and understanding. Brice was truly giving in completely. He was even offering time for Clay to prepare if he had to, but Clay was set. He’d never wanted someone as much as he lusted for Brice, and he planned for this encounter.

“I have accomplished every task to complete this important operation. I even brought my paperwork if you want to look at my bloodwork. To continue the mission, Head Instructor Brice, all I need is you.”

“Too good to be true.” Brice’s heavy hands tightened on Clay’s hips possessively. Needy lips returned to Clay’s mouth. Their breaths mixed and swirled together, and all Clay’s feelings pursued the same path. The love that spun down Clay’s insides landed in his gut. The devotion to his man stayed like a knot waiting for Brice to either free him or break him.

This feeling must be what Brice meant about his heart in a rock-crushing machine. Brice had his fingers hovering over the button. His grader could destroy him.

As Brice tried to lift off him, Clay hugged his shoulders. He considered that he might be bruising his instructor. After peeling out of Clay’s grip, Brice gave him one more sensuous kiss before he straddled Clay’s thighs and leaned back.

Dark-brown eyes dropped to Clay’s cock as Brice’s balls snuggled against his sack. Keeping his stare on Clay, Brice snatched the lube off the dresser.

“You get an A for thinking about all facets of this mission and bringing the proper tools for execution.”

“Still no A plus.” Clay laughed and studied the man sitting on top of him. The powerful body had a brawny barrel chest and sleek sinew. In this position, Clay could hardly take in the sheer size of Brice’s raw strength and quiet discipline. The grader looked like a wild force of nature, but he was caged and controlled. Brice was gut-wrenching and real and scared and magnificent.

Brice took his breath away.

“Are you escort maltepe sure you want to do this?” Brice eased backward. So much strength and brains and self-control. All that hid the gentle soul Brice had inside. That was the real secret Brice carried. That he was fragile, and that’s why he didn’t date. It was also why Clay loved him. “Did you change your mind?”

“I want you.” Clay reached for Brice again. “I haven’t changed my mind.” His heart pounded, and he traced Brice’s abs and taught skin. His fingers skimmed Brice’s hard length. “It will never change.”

“You can fuck me instead,” Brice offered.

“No. I want you inside of me.”

“Thank God,” Brice said before he pushed Clay flat to the sheets. “I’m glad you didn’t give up, and I’m glad you snuck into my room.” Brice guided Clay’s hands above his head and restrained them to the last pillow. He interlaced their fingers. “I’ve dreamed about you since the hut. I’ve thought about you since we met on the top floor. I can’t fight this anymore. I want to fuck you, Claymore Wicks.”

“Then do it.” Clay twisted against the hold and Brice’s iron grip, but the man was immovable. “And you can call me whatever you want while we fuck.” He rubbed against him until that hot kindling turned into a wildfire. “But just so you know, I’m about to let you put your fingers in my ass, so I think using my full name is unnecessary.”

Brice laughed. “I’m going to put more than my fingers in your ass. Is that okay?”


For long moments, Brice swayed against Clay’s frame and simply watched him. When Clay’s eyes closed, Brice kissed him. His weight forced him deeper into the mattress.

“Clay,” Brice murmured. Using gentle kisses, Brice traced the tip of Claymore’s nose to his jaw. He traveled to his ear to bite the tender flesh before he licked his neck and chest.

“It’s hot when you say my name like that.” Clay’s stomach jerked as if sparks sizzled on his skin. One kiss after another was doled out as Brice moved to his nipples. He sucked and played as he let go of Clay’s hands. When Brice’s mouth closed over his nipple, suckling hard, Clay’s back bowed. Finally, his cock found some of Brice’s hot skin. He arched against him in shameless ecstasy.

“Keep your hands next to your head. Hold the pillow. Clear?” Brice murmured as he licked and kissed down Clay’s abs. He moved away from Clay’s cock until Clay considered demanding a firmer touch.

“Crystal,” Clay hissed when Brice nipped at his inner thigh.

Just when Clay thought he knew what Brice was going to do next, the man surprised him. Hips twisting, Clay followed Brice’s mouth until he thought this might be torture. The grader wouldn’t touch his cock no matter which way Clay bent. Instead, he kissed everything else.

“I think you’re forgetting something,” Clay panted. “It’s hard, pointed at your face, and it’s about eight inches.”

“I have this situation well under control, Wicks.” Brice spread his thighs wide. Clay’s toes curled in the eagerness of what the man was going to do next. Gripping Clay’s ass, Brice set Clay’s knees on his broad shoulders. Each kiss from his calves to his groin teased and tormented. The swipe of Brice’s tongue on his balls had Clay whimpering. Soon he was gasping in anticipation of every lick.

“Please,” Clay moaned.

“I’m teaching you what I like. And you’re teaching me what gets you hot. I promise that by the end of this, I’ll be coming inside of you.”

Clay gulped. As his blood surged, he sank back onto the sheets.

Brice adjusted himself until he rested between Clay’s thighs once more. His erection pressed into Clay’s skin. There was no mistaking Brice’s arousal. He would be coming inside of him and soon. The thickness of Brice’s shaft nudged Clay’s balls, and he could feel wetness smearing on his skin. Brice caught a few of Clay’s rough exhales before he trapped his lower lip with his teeth.

“Is there anything you have ever wanted to do? A fantasy? Something you pictured for the first time?” Brice studied him. “I’ll do it.”

“No.” Clay shook his head. Brice was his fantasy. Hell, sitting on the couch with his man having dinner was a dream come true. He didn’t know how to explain that sex had been a chore, a tedious, unpleasant task up to this point. But with Brice, everything they did was pure magic.

“I want this.” Brice caught his eyes. “But I know I can be…”

“Bossy? Give instructions? Always finishing my sentences wrong?” Clay chuckled. Now he was finishing sentences like Brice sometimes did.

“I was called unexciting and too much like a teacher.” The flash in Brice’s eyes was hurt. The pain zipped by, and then it was gone. If Clay hadn’t been so in tune with the man and watching him so closely, he might’ve missed the wounded look. Brice pulled away from Clay’s panting frame. “I can try being more exciting and listen and —”

Before Brice finished, Clay yanked Brice back down on top of him. His lips seized Brice’s words. His instructor froze like he was made of stone, but Clay maltepe escort bayan didn’t let him get away with creating either mental or physical space between them. Grabbing Brice’s hands, Clay settled back on the bed. When their fingers became intertwined, Clay planted his knuckles to the pillow above his head.

“I like all those things about you,” Clay whispered in Brice’s ear. “I like then you try to finish my sentence, and you get it wrong. I like it when you tell me what to do, and when you’re bossy and instructional, and you pin me down. I like it all. It’s reassuring knowing what you want. I like hearing it. I like seeing it.” Clay licked the scar down Brice’s cheek. “And nothing about this is unexciting, and the teacher thing you do is sexy as hell. You can call me Recruit Wicks or use my full name and do whatever you want to me. I’m yours, Brice.”

Brice’s taunt muscles started to relax. “Are you being teacher’s pet again?”

“Do I get an A plus if I follow all your commands, Instructor?” Claymore teased as he drew the other man into another long kiss. The solid weight of Brice on top of him was like he wanted it.

When Clay finally released his lips, Brice’s eyes were drowsy with sexual hunger.

“You’re too good to be true.” Brice shuddered and let go of Clay’s hands. Slowly, he stroked over Clay’s shoulders to his hips as if molding Clay like C4. Clay twisted into the touch and offered only a sigh of pleasure. Brice caught him up under his knees and spread his legs. He set each of Clay’s calves on his well-built shoulders again. His grader had him exposed almost to the point of feeling awkward.

As Brice’s mouth engulfed his cock in one long suck, Clay sucked in a ragged breath. So much for awkward. Clay couldn’t think. When the instructor’s lips slid up his length, Brice’s devilish tongue flicked out to circle Clay’s swollen crown.

“I think you were a vacuum cleaner in a past life,” Clay moaned.

“Stay still.” Brice chuckled and then once more took Clay’s cock into his mouth. The gripping wet heat enveloped him. A stroking deviant tongue had him soaring higher and higher. The pleasure concentrated and vibrated in that pulsating place where Clay would climax. Now Clay’s entire system became connected to that part of him that was uncontrollable and bright like fireworks.

Knotting handfuls of the sheets, Clay thrust into Brice’s mouth in a steady rhythm. Every firm lick carried him closer. When Brice traced the underside of Clay’s shaft along the vein, Clay held his breath. The man wasn’t going to…

Brice drew his balls into his mouth. Clay moaned. That was new. Brice didn’t stop there; he headed down until the wet, firm pressure slid along his entrance. No one had ever touched him there, let alone licked his hole. The nerves woke. The world narrowed to Brice’s tongue sweeping and then pushing and releasing.

Right as Brice’s gripped his cock, his ecstasy hit a crescendo.

“I’m going to…”

“Not yet, Wicks.” Brice leaned back and tightened his fingers around the base of Clay’s shaft. The moment was precise timing before his orgasm could crash over him. Clay shook with the need to finish.

“I need to—” Clay squeezed the pillow until his knuckles were cramped.

“Come?” Brice didn’t let him go. Only the wisp of Brice’s breath fluttered on his skin.

“I was going to say fuck,” Clay panted.

“We’ll do that, but first, I have more to teach you.”

“Then do it.” Clay held in the barrage of swear words. “Teach me,” he muttered. “But I should get an A plus for not coming just then.”

“You just keep trying to earn that A plus.” Brice grinned in a slow, confident madding smile and slipped from between his legs. As much as Clay wanted to wipe that smirk from his face, the look had his heart bursting. That grin held promise. His expression held aptitude and possibilities.

As soon as Clay was flat in the center of the mattress again, Brice bombarded his body with rough kisses and light touches. The man only paused for a moment to get the lube that Clay had brought. Using his thumb, Brice flipped open the cap. While Brice returned to kneeling between Clay’s thighs, he slicked his fingers in glimmering liquid. Pushing himself up on his elbows, Clay fought an anxious feeling and tried to concentrate on his excitement. A part of him kicked himself for not doing this with Abdul.

He was really going to do this. No more corpse-cock.

“You want to back out?” Brice asked. “You can change your mind at any time, Clay. You can leave. I’ll understand.”

“Leave?” Clay laughed. “Hell no. I can’t leave. I’ve wanted you since the hut, and I can’t escape this need. I just thought that I should’ve let Abdul or Gavin do this to me before. That way I’d have some experience. I’m such a virgin right now.”

“No.” Brice’s eyes darkened dangerously. A little of the man he’d seen in the rain showed up to the bedroom. That expression explained how Brice could survive being shot and tossed into a grave. “I’m pleased I’m your first. I want to teach you. I’m going to make this phenomenal for you. And when we’re naked like this, I never want to hear your old boyfriends’ names in my bed. Is that clear?” Brice’s gruff voice had a snap at the end. The jealously had Clay smiling.

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