Ellie’s First Time

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Ellie sighed. Friday nights with no plans were just about the worst thing she could imagine. She was a work-hard play-hard kind of girl, and this week had been particularly hard at work. Multiple project deadlines, clients who kept changing their minds, stress with investors… she shook herself to try and get rid of the litany of woe that was threatening to accompany her into the weekend if she wasn’t careful. Being a manager was fun, but it had its tough moments and stressful weeks. Normally, she’d distract herself from thoughts of work with a night out with colleagues, a cinema trip, or just a bottle of wine with a girlfriend. This week was an exception to that rule, and although she was alone in her flat, she frowned to the world in general.

She checked her phone for the twentieth time; still no messages with spontaneous plans. She considered her options. A night in front of the TV and some good netflix shows would probably not kill her. But first, she needed to work out some of the stress of the week. She traipsed upstairs to change into her yoga wear: a black crop top and skintight black leggings. Just putting sports clothes on improved her mood, so by the time she came back down to the living room and rolled her mat out, she felt better already. She chose a sequence on her phone, cast it to the TV, and started the routine.

An hour later, Ellie’s muscles were warm, her skin was slightly flushed, and she could feel the endorphins from doing sport giving her a clearer head and more energy. As she was rolling up her yoga mat, she noticed that her phone was showing a notification. It was a message from Sam, her colleague and friend.

‘Hey :)’

That was all it said. That was all it needed to. Ellie was smiling already, her pulse quickening at the prospect that Sam’s plans might have changed and that there could be some spontaneous fun. After all, their tryst in the office had been over a week ago – and Ellie was dying for more. She quickly wrote back.

‘Hey! How’s the family party going?’

As she sent her reply, she saw he’d sent his message twenty minutes ago. Dammit. Maybe she was too late. She was about to put the phone to one side when she saw the status change to ‘typing’. She sat down on the couch.

‘Yeah, change of plans. Brunch tomorrow instead of dinner tonight. My dad had an important work thing.’

‘So you’re free?’

Ellie’s hand had dropped to her lap and was slowly stroking the top of her thigh. Just the thought that she might get an evening with Sam to continue what they’d started had her excited.

‘Yep! No plans’

She hesitated briefly before sending the next message. It would be pretty clear what she intended.

‘You wanna come over?’

His reply came quickly.

‘That works out well 😉 I’m in the area. Be there in 5?’


As she finished writing, Ellie realised that she now had no time to change or shower. She figured that the yoga hadn’t been too strenuous; a quick spray of deodorant and some water on her face was going to have to suffice.

She barely even had time to do that before the doorbell rang. She opened it to Sam’s smile, which only grew wider when he saw her outfit.

‘Looking good Ellie.’

Her lips moved into a crooked smile.

‘Glad you like it’.

Sam moved into the hall, taking off his jacket and shoes to reveal that he was wearing a simple red t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Even in such casual clothes, he looked fantastic.

‘Come on in’, said Ellie, leading him into the open kitchen and living area. She selected two wine glasses from the cupboard in the kitchen. ‘Red OK?’


She chose a bottle from the rack, opened it, and poured a generous amount into the two glasses.

Sam stood close to her as they both took a first drink. Ellie leaned back on the work surface behind her and sighed happily.

‘I’m glad you came over. I really needed a distraction after this week at work. I’m fairly sure that drinking the wine on my own would have been a bad plan.’

‘That bad?’

‘Aw, just a few things didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted them to. Now I have more chasing up to do next week, and I kinda needed the time to work on the next projects. And Jacob from accounting kept driving me nuts.’

‘Poor little manager. Such a hard life’. There was a cheeky twinkle in Sam’s eye.

They both laughed and took another drink. It was good to talk about the frustrations of the week and realise that they were done for the next few days. The conversation turned to other colleagues, new projects, most annoying customers, and the general gossip from around the company and their lives. At some point, the wine glasses were empty, so Sam refilled them, and they continued talking.

Ellie could feel the tension of the week leaving her. The combination of yoga, wine and good company had vastly pendik escort improved her mood. Sam was a fantastic conversationalist, the closeness of him had her mind going into overdrive with desire, and the wine was making her just tipsy enough to relax more.


She realised she’d been daydreaming a little.

‘Sorry! I was just…er…’

‘What were you thinking of?’

The smile on his face let her know that he wasn’t annoyed. In fact, he looked amused that she’d lost the train of conversation – probably because he was guessing correctly where her mind had been.


He put his wine glass down and she followed suit. His left hand dropped casually to her waist; the feeling of his skin on hers causing a small spark in her belly. He was the first to speak.

‘Things like our last evening meeting? I’ve been thinking about that quite often.’

‘God me too. A lot’.

Understatement of the century, Ellie thought. The memories had been constant companions, making concentrating at work almost impossible. The fantasies of what could come next had been playing through her head like erotic films on a loop. Most especially, she had been remembering how Sam’s finger had felt as it pushed into her ass. The promise of his cock doing the same was enough to get her soaking wet every time she thought of it. And she’d been thinking of it a lot. In bed, in the shower, on her couch…

Sam’s hand grasped her waist a little tighter and pulled her closer, so their hips were almost touching. He was so close he could whisper into her ear, the feel of his breath near her neck sending tingles down her spine.

‘You felt so great.’

‘Mmm… ‘ Ellie’s answer was half agreement, half pleasant memory.

Sam continued. ‘And I’ve been thinking all week of how great it would feel to do that again.’

His hand traced slowly down to cup the curve of her ass, squeezing slowly.

‘And not just that…’

Ellie’s breath had quickened and her eyes had closed. All week she’d been thinking of the way Sam’s cock had felt pressed against her tight asshole. She’d fantasised about him pushing it slowly in, wondering what it would feel like. In her fantasy, it felt phenomenal. She’d wanted to try anal for so long; now she might finally get the chance.

‘God yes. I want that so bad.’

Sam dropped his other hand to her ass and pulled her yet closer so their bodies were touching. She could feel the unmistakable heat radiating from his pants, and pushed her hips against him, hearing him take a deep inbreath as her pelvis brushed against him.

‘You’ve never tried?’

He bent forward a little to graze her neck with his teeth. She tilted her head to enjoy the slight pain on the sensitive skin, and he saw tiny goosebumps as he slowly kissed upwards to her ear again, then looked into her eyes for the answer.

She looked at him, biting her lip and shaking her head slowly with a small smile. Sam’s response was a low growl, and a tightening of his grip on her ass cheeks. He could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of being the first to have Ellie’s ass, and how he was seeing this dark and naughty side of his boss.

‘Then we’ll have to rectify that, won’t we?’

He leaned back a little and moved his hands back up to her hips. Slowly, he traced along her sides up her stomach to reach the band of her crop top. With his hands on the sides of her ribs, his thumbs slowly circled the lower area of her breasts, moving then to stroke her rapidly hardening nipples through the soft material.

Ellie arched her back, feeling the work surface behind her. Sam’s thumbs continued to circle, and his head moved forwards to kiss her collarbone. His hips pushed against her, trapping her deliciously between his erection and the cupboard. He moaned softly into Ellie’s neck as she moved her hands down his sides, past his muscled waist and onto his firm ass. She pulled him even closer onto her, opening her legs slightly and enjoying his contented sigh as he pressed against her.

Sam’s heart was racing. Nevertheless, he didn’t want to rush Ellie. As it turned out, he didn’t need to worry. Smiling cheekily at him, she let go of him and crossed her arms over her chest, pulling her crop top off in one movement. It only took him a moment to copy her action and throw his t-shirt onto the kitchen floor. For a second, they admired the sight of each other. Ellie’s hands traced Sam’s chest muscles with a feather-like touch, while his eyes feasted on her pale breasts, toned tummy and her hard, pink nipples. His hands connected with her naked skin, and he moved his mouth to her right breast. Taking her nipple between his lips, he squeezed gently and massaged her breasts in his strong hands at the same time.

Ellie was moving her hips slowly back and forth in small circles against him. It escort pendik was easy to rub against his hard cock through the thin material of her leggings, and her clit was tingling with anticipation. As if he was reading her mind, Sam moved one hand slowly down her belly, and pushed his thumb under the tight waistband. He stroked the soft skin there, and lifted his head to see Ellie’s eyes half closed and her mouth slightly open as she waited desperately for him to finally touch her.

‘I think we need to get rid of these tight pants.’

He hooked both thumbs into the top of the leggings, and tugged gently to drag the stretchy material over her slim hips. Ellie felt his hands travel down her legs, pulling the material and her soaking underwear with them. Sam knelt down slowly in front of her, grazing his lips over each new piece of exposed skin, then helped her step out of the pants completely. His head was level with her hips, and she saw him inhale deeply.

‘God you smell so good. I bet you taste even better’.

His hands were slowly working their way back up the insides of her legs, circling and massaging her muscles. His face was so close to her clit that she could feel his breath on her. A small moan escaped her mouth, and she opened her legs to make room for his hands. Sam slowed his pace, looking up at her, and enjoying the expectant look on her face.

‘Sam, you’re such a teas…ohh’

The words caught in her mouth as he pressed his tongue onto her clit. Ellie hardly had time to register the intense pleasure before she felt a single finger entering her pussy, sliding in easily through her wet lips.

Sam was done teasing. Ellie was soaking wet, she tasted phenomenal, and he was dying to be inside her again. His finger moved more quickly, and he increased the pressure from his tongue. She tilted her hips forward, and dropped her hands to his head, pushing him harder onto her. She felt him flatten his tongue across her clit, and reach towards it with his finger from inside. She stiffened, repeating his name and mumbling incoherently as she came.

Sam remained in the same position while her orgasm coursed through her. The muscles of her pussy clenched around his finger, and she ground her clit onto his tongue in rhythm with her quick breaths.

Her movements had hardly died down before he slowly pulled out his finger and backed his head away a couple of inches. Making sure she was watching, he first sucked hungrily on the finger that had been inside her, then made a twirling motion.

Ellie understood. She turned slowly around so her ass was pointing at Sam and her arms were resting on the counter. She could no longer tell if her legs were shaking from the after effects of the orgasm or from the excitement of what was to come.

Sam moved his hands to her ass cheeks and spread them a little. To his surprise, Ellie reached back and held them apart, exposing her wet pussy and her tiny virgin asshole right in front of his eyes.

Sam moved his head closer to her and placed his hands on her hips. He stretched his tongue out and touched her slit gently with the tip. The taste of her orgasm was immediately in his mouth again, and he licked tenderly along her wetness, enjoying the small movements her hips made towards him. Ellie felt the slight pressure of his tongue on her sensitive skin and opened her legs a touch further in the hope of coaxing his tongue deeper into her pussy. Sam was definitely tempted, but he had another goal in mind. Keeping the pressure light, he licked slowly up from her pussy, along her taint and stopped just before he reached her asshole. Then he started from her lips again, and repeated the movement, this time edging closer to her small hole. When he was close, he stopped, resting his tongue in her cleft.

Ellie was breathing heavily and rocking her ass towards him.

‘Fuck… please Sam…’

Hearing Ellie beg him to lick her ass was even hotter than he’d imagined. He flattened his tongue and pressed fully against her asshole, feeling it twitch as Ellie gasped in pleasure.

‘Oh my god! That’s… fuck… yes… oh god…’

Ellie couldn’t believe the sensations gripping her. Sam went to work on her ass with his tongue, licking around her asshole, pushing against it, and alternating between soft caresses and small jabs with the tip. Ellie’s hands were still grasping her ass cheeks, pulling them far apart, and her legs were stretched to push her ass hard onto Sam’s face. Sam increased the speed of his tongue, then the pressure. Suddenly, he tightened his grasp on her hips, and firmly placed his lips around her to create a tight vacuum for his tongue to move in. Ellie cried out, feeling her legs buckle, but Sam’s hold was relentless, and he continued sucking as she writhed underneath his tongue. His right hand moved between her legs, and his thumb slipped inside her pussy, with pendik escort bayan his finger brushing her still sensitive clit. Ellie finally let go of her ass to support herself on the work surface as Sam’s tongue pressed into her tight ring in perfect time with his thumb in her pussy, and she shuddered as she reached a second orgasm.

This time, Ellie couldn’t even speak after coming down. Sam stood up slowly, and removed his jeans and boxers, finally freeing his rock hard cock. Ellie was still leaning on the counter, her legs splayed apart. The slick wetness of her cum and Sam’s saliva covered her from pussy to ass. Sam moved behind her, and with one swift movement, pushed his cock deep into her pussy.

Ellie inhaled deeply as a perfect feeling of fullness took over her. Her whole body was tingling from the hips down. Sam leaned around to cup her breasts and feel the skin of her back on his chest. Ellie arched up to meet him, loving the feeling of his cock deep inside her. Sam didn’t even have to move – the simple sensation of penetration was intense enough.

But they both knew that this wasn’t where it stopped.

‘Are you ready?’

The anticipation in Sam’s voice was audible. Ellie’s pussy was warm and wet, but he had been fantasising about her hot ass for days.

Ellie didn’t trust herself to speak. She simply nodded, and cast a quick glance over her shoulder. Sam caught the naughty grin she threw him, and felt his insides clench at what they were about to do.

Enjoying every last sensation of being in her pussy, he pulled his cock out, and rubbed the head along her lips. The range of his movement increased, until the tip was resting at the threshold of her ass. Sam looked at the view. Her asshole looked so small compared to his cock.

‘Just relax’

Easier said than done, thought Ellie – but nevertheless she tried. Yoga practice had to be good for something, right? She breathed deeply as she felt the first push against her impossibly tight hole, then she felt the first penetration as the tip pushed in.


It wasn’t pain, just unexpected. She could feel herself stretching around him, and unknown nerves were firing in rapid succession. Next to the slight discomfort, there was an overwhelming and growing sense of pleasure. The realisation of that alone caused her to relax some more. Sam sensed the diminished resistance, and began to inch slowly deeper inside her. His initial anxiety of hurting her vanished quickly as she pushed herself backwards onto him, taking his cock deeper inside her. He felt intense tightness envelop his cock as he buried his whole length into her ass, feeling her muscles spasm around him.

Ellie could hardly breathe. Sams cock felt huge so deep inside her. Her muscles caressed him, and each time her body moved a fraction, fireworks exploded inside her. She suddenly realised she had him completely, and relaxed yet more. One hand moved to her clit, and she started rubbing gently, moving her hips back and forth, letting Sam’s cock glide out and back in.

Sam watched the motion, seeing his cock invade Ellie’s ass. He couldn’t help himself; he started to move his hips with her, increasing the depth of each thrust and pulling further out each time before plunging back in. Ellie’s hand quickened on her clit.

‘Fuck me Sam…’

Sam moaned in pleasure, and started fucking her in earnest. Ellie felt each thrust push against her muscles, feeling every ridge of Sam’s cock held tight inside her. Each time he moved out, she felt the intense pleasure of his tip stretching her ring, then the heat of him deep inside her as he moved his hips forward. Her own hips were matching his movements, and she thrust back harder and harder to increase the pressure inside her. Her finger on her clit was pressing and pushing, edging her closer to orgasm.

Sam felt every tightening of her muscles as they gripped his cock. Increasingly often, they would spasm harder, leaving him gasping for breath and close to the edge of his own orgasm.

‘Fuck Ellie, I’m gonna cum’

‘Yes…’ was the only answer she could give. She was in rapture, hardly believing at how close she was to coming. Sam’s movements became more forceful, and she felt him swell inside her, stretching her yet more than before. With a final push, he started to come, remaining deep inside her. Ellie reached back through her legs with her left hand and caressed his balls as he came, before the sensation of him coming inside her ass sent her over the edge, and she joined in his moans as her finger pushed hard against her clit. She felt her ass contract tighter around Sam’s pulsing cock, and lost herself completely in the throes of her first anal orgasm.

When Ellie’s body had stopped shaking, Sam gently placed a kiss between her shoulder blades and slowly removed his cock from her ass. Ellie moaned softly in pleasure as her sensitive nerves were briefly activated again. Sam’s hands stroked her ass gently, and she turned to face him, her eyes half closed and her mouth moving into a slow smile.

‘That was definitely worth waiting for’.

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