Choosing My Sister’s Partners Ch. 07

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“Elpy…” Alison begins in a penitent, begging tone, leaning against my front and touching on my chest with her blouse-covered mounding breasts.

“I… don’t want to take the drug, I want your babies, to be your incubator.” Her eyes are wide, pupils fully dilated, concern and devotion welling within them.

We are standing in the kitchen of the shared accommodation, Marsa having taken her emergency contraception and Alison holding hers in hand. I’m taken aback by Alison’s fall into submission. Not something I intended, and I hadn’t thought about offspring in any serious way before. Initially, I take the light-hearted response.

“Imagine how much milk you could make…” I run my hands up the side of her torso and gently brush the side of her breasts. She snuggles sexually and presses me into her with her hands on my shoulder blades. But then I’m forced to lead her back to reason.

“Alison, you’ve got your studies and much of your youth in front of you. Don’t be hasty!” She buries her head in my chest as I burst her bubble of lustful delusion. Reality still holds sway to some degree here.

“So, if I finish my studies you’ll breed me lots and lots?” Alison bargains. I chuckle.

“Well, Alison, if you still want my babies in 4 years time then I reckon you’ve earned them fair and square.” Her eyes light up presumably knowing that it’s not that I don’t want to breed her, it’s just a timing thing. I kiss her on the forehead, she instinctively tilts up for her lips to find mine. We share soft kisses for a moment while Marsa downs her drug. I then lift Alison’s hand to her mouth and beckon her to swallow and drink as Marsa has done.

Eilidh comes into the kitchen diner area, having been to the bathroom. But she hasn’t washed her face and despite Alison licking her face, some of my semen remains like a spent gel facemask.

“Aaah!” Eilidh lets out a refreshed sigh. Marsa has put the kettle on and is trying to keep busy in the kitchen. Alison hangs off of me like a barnacle, her hands wandering among my clothes for a feel of warm skin.

“So Alison, if you are going to bear my children one day, you better do as you are told like a good girl. Think you girls can all manage that too?” I playfully threaten, however my tone doesn’t have a stroke of sincerity, as if I have a few nefarious ideas in store for these girls that they might need to swallow their pride in order to complete. Eilidh just squints at me as if to say, stupid question. Marsa’s eyebrows are raised a little, as if trying to imagine what might be asked of her. Alison remains puppy eyed and doesn’t even flinch. I try not to enjoy her smitten state too much.

“I’ll do anything ever…” Alison strokes my mind with her voice.

“To get that dick in me, I’ll do whatever.” Marsa stares at my pelvis in serious regard.

“I’m tempted to put this to the test,” I begin, thinking to myself what demand I can enact on these young beauties. I won’t force them to do things against their nature, but I will dare them to do naughty things.

“I have a task for you girls, once I am spending some time with my sister.” My mind goes back to yesterday, and the arguing couple at the cafe.

“Anything, my Elpy!” Alison’s hand dives into my boxers and clutches my hanging phallus as she blindly accepts my request before I make it.

“Hopefully something sexual,” Eilidh is nonchalant about it.

“Need something to pass the time while you are with your sister!” Marsa steps over to me and joins Alison in getting handsy with my penis.

“Girls, come and take this contact from me and start sending seductive pictures to it. Just call yourselves Elpy’s girls if he wants to know. The guy deserves some attention so don’t be shy.”

“Ohh, Hamish he’s called? Stocky guy!” Eilidh is first to take the detail and make comment, very much proactive about fulfilling my will.

“Oh, and let me get a picture of you together for myself too.” I want a flirty pic of the three beauties, so unique and yet my sexual attraction is equally intense. They gather together side by side and shoot me flirty gestures, Eilidh holding her hand to her breast and pushing it in whilst closing her eyes and blowing a kiss, Alison dragging her waistband down tantalizingly to show some abdomen, and Marsa looking serious and smoldering, her thumb and finger decorating her jawline as her other hand tightly wraps Alison’s waist. A picture for history to remember, I think as I confirm the shot in the digital gallery on my phone.

“The greatest picture ever taken. Simply euphoric, I just love it girls.” I stare at them looking all flush and giggling to each other, flashing gazes of lust in my direction as they muck around in line.

I send a message to Hamish with the picture, which will surely make his day.

‘Sorry I haven’t hooked you up yet man, this next day though I have arranged your entertainment. They have your number so enjoy yourself. – Elpy’

“Ok, he’s got it, so go wild girls. maltepe escort Actually before you do, I feel like eating some pussy. Any volunteers?”

“Yep!” the instantaneous response and trot over to me by Marsa is smart, at least she gets to be first in line to feel my mouth on her. It’s been a hot minute since we did anything explicit so I am glad she was so quick to offer herself.

“Me too!” “Yes, us please!” Eilidh is next, followed by Alison as they all crowd me.

My hand drifts slowly and firmly down Marsa’s abdomen, under her waistband and panties to stroke across her mons pubis and find her gentle silky labia. She exhales in shivering pleasure as he lips begin sucking my neck and she presses her body into me.

“There’s that sweet little pussy.” I grunt in her ear as her legs go limp and she holds on to my arm with failing strength. My fingers defeat her soft folds and press inside of her frilly gates. As I reach her g spot and begin rubbing gently, she fades into delirium as I growl into her ear,

“It’s so beautiful down there.” Carrying her overcome body to the couch, I lay her across it so that one of her legs rests over the arm and the other falls down by the front of the seat. Her legs spread just enough to be decent yet seductive. Eilidh and Alison both follow my lead and stand either side of me as I begin slipping off Marsa’s leggings and panties. Those panties have a wonderful sticky gusset from her chronically aroused pussy. It oozes with a hot wet coating of her manifest arousal. She breathes heavily and then exhales fully as my lips cover her labia and my tongue spoons out her pussy for the first time. The girls have also slipped their miniskirts and panties off to begin touching and exposing themselves, those vaginas waiting next to my head as I begin my first course.

I suck Marsa’s clit firmly and deeply lick into her pussy. The taste is dizzyingly potent, the richness of her flesh inside among her honey sweet nectar. My appetite grows, I start fucking her with my tongue and causing even more of her essence to flow over it. She pushes into my face as her pelvis thrusts in response to the penetrations. I make sure to lap at her clit as I recover breaths that I wasn’t able to take while my mouth and nose were coated by her slippery frilly labia that wetly seal my face. My nose continues to rub under her clit as I gorge into her with my tongue again, going as long as I can without a breath.

The now bisexually active friends Eilidh and Alison have started touching themselves, and each other as they stand at each side of Marsa and I. Deeply arousing moans come from Marsa, I feel them in my mouth as I taste her sensitive vulva and suck her clit to make her orgasm audibly. The added sound of fingers slipping between legs and delving among clitoral and labial flesh either side of me is a sensory delight. Their feint moans as they start to awaken into a sexual form heightened by the visceral image of their master gorging on their flatmate.

As soon as I can draw my face away from the irresistible taste of Marsa, I turn to Eilidh and her pussy is just at my face as if waiting for me to pay her some attention. As her fingers come away from inside her I suck on them to get that deep hidden taste from her vagina, a metallic yet deliciously light honey drawn from deep inside her body. Seconds pass and I begin lapping at her pussy, flicking her labia and clitoris with my tongue and closing my lips around her in a warm coddle to begin milking her pussy for more of that honey. Now with the taste of 2 unique pussies lingering on my pallet, I thirst for the third belonging to Alison, which she seems keen on me to get into. I get my fingers into Eilidh and Marsa while twisting to my left to face Alison’s tantalizing clit and floral looking vulva. She’s completely wet and the hot slime spreading over my face as I nestle into her pussy feels like nirvana’s massage. She tastes so fresh, like the honeydew nectar mixed with the saltiness of ocean air.

Even though I’ve ejaculated frequently today, This triple female combo of pheromones is too much, and I have to let my rampaging shaft free of my clothes. My fingers abandon Eilidh and Marsa’s cute vaginas in order to drop my trousers and, by now, really lewd smelling boxer shorts. So much sex smell from the last day. My penis is released to the open, and I urge to violate all these girls as much as possible at the same time. In some experimental attempt to pay attention to all 3 girls, I guide Alison to sit over Marsa’s stomach, giving me an easy way inside them both. As my cock throbs its way into Marsa, I pick up Eilidh with both arms, lift her up so that her legs pass over my biceps, and her pussy slides into my face perfectly so that I can eat her out while I take turns of penetration with Marsa and Alison.

The kitchen diner is a cacophony of female moans, underlaid by my gasps between plunging my mouth and nose between Eilidh’s labia, and the fresh slippery sounds of my escort maltepe big cock driving in and out of 2 different pussies. Their hands grasp at my cock every time I pull out and alternate to the next girl. The dilemma of who to gift my presumably final non-incestuous semen to plays on my mind. I decide on Marsa after a moment, as she has gone the longest without being bred. So as not to leave Alison out I manage to hold Eilidh onto my face with one arm while I begin fingering Alison as she splays herself across the couch above Marsa.

Marsa is lost in a back arching orgasm as she gets a lot of uninterrupted thrusts from me. My tongue flicks Eilidh into a decent spasm of pleasure whilst my fingers gently bump across Alison’s wet clitoris. I can feel Marsa pressing herself down on me, going for that cervical hit off of my glans. I meet her with equal force and she yelps in a spike of pleasure and invaded discomfort. Alison looks down at the inches of remaining shaft I have that vanish magically inside her flatmate’s frilly little vagina. She can almost see the nectar flowing out of Marsa that follows my big veins down towards my balls in a cascade of sex charged fluid. It is not a myth that a man can produce much more semen with access to more girls. Even now I can feel that this dose is going to be one of my biggest yet. I wonder what I can make for my sister considering the severe taboo of being with her. I feel like it could be substantial. Either way, Marsa is surely in for a treat, so much so that the Eilidh and Alison may be able to capitalize.

“There’s a lot going in Marsa!” I plunder her pussy with several firm, deep thrusts, my fingers hooked into Alison’s tight vagina and my lips sucking and pulling on Eilidhs labia. I have to fight my loss of motor skill to hold up Eilidh sitting on my face as I finally erupt inside Marsa.

“Mmm, I can feel so much!” Marsa really can feel hot semen gushing into her vulva, quickly sealing every pocketed valley of her walls not completely stretched against my shaft. Only the second injection of semen I pump into her is needed before it already spills out onto her butt and starts dripping to the couch. Alison is looking down past her finger fucked pussy and sees the overflow begin to happen. Almost as if instinctual, she reaches down and collects the now bursting amounts of semen from Marsa’s perineum into her hand before rubbing it onto her clit and mons pubis, dripping some down between her labia which begins getting wiped in by my moving fingers inside her.

She goes for another handful of second hand semen coming from within her flatmate. I am reduced to holding Eilidh and letting my cock pulse repeated shots of cum into this beautiful eastern European woman. Now Alison is rubbing my cum all over her breasts, hogging every spare drop she can gather onto her body.

“Oh, Oooh! Elpy seed is so creamy!” Alison moans in delirium at the overdose in male pheromone seeping into her skin. Her nipples are highly erect and her pussy is red with arousal.

“Hey I want some too!” Eilidh pipes up, apparently not content with my tongue inside her. I let her down and she stands beside me, bending down and taking the next mess of semen from the base of my penis and Marsa’s painted pussy. Only now are my powerful ejaculations passing their crest of intensity. Eilidh wipes my essence all over her pussy as well, and the pair then take turns taking cum from Marsa to massage into themselves, breasts, assholes, vaginas, lips, face, stomachs. Marsa’s eyes glint as she tilts her head forward to engage my gaze, her look of completeness as she feels how full of penis and semen she is.

“Uhhh, so much pleasure…” She sighs as she wiggles her pelvis to play with me inside her.

“You girls, looks like I’ve marked you all as mine now.” I state tyrannically. They all stare at me glowingly, with a lewd naughty look.

“I’m so happy…” Eilidh bends down and begins licking my balls to taste the mixture of Marsa and I’s cum.

“That’s so hot,” Alison coos before leaning over from the left side and licking to top of my shaft along towards Marsa’s labia, making sure to stop, I notice, before infringing on a heterosexual woman without permission. I’m sure she’d love to clean off pussy and penis at the same time, so I have to ask Marsa for her.

“Marsa, can Alison touch you too?” I smile at Marsa below me, pinned by my semi penetrated phallus.

“Oh, please I don’t mind, as you wish!” Marsa exhales a few times as she permits Alison some bonus fun. Alison goes to work immediately, making sure her tongue goes across the top of my shaft and into Marsa’s labia before she sucks on the clitoris gently, going easy on the heavily fucked vulva she now tends to.

“Ooh, it’s warm, it’s okay…” Marsa begins, feeling luscious female lips and tongue gently massage her very private and sensitive mound.

“Understatement.” I tease Marsa as she gets her first direct same sex intimacy, at least to my knowledge. maltepe escort bayan Gradually I ease myself inch by inch out of Marsa, each time new semen flowing from between us and Alison cleaning it off with gentle care given to our tender bodies. Eilidh continues sucking at anything that flows along the underside of my cock as I withdraw, which is definitely more than Alison is getting from the topside. Eilidh is ahead of the curve regarding sexual endeavors.

Once Marsa and I have finally separated ourselves, the 4 of us cuddle on the couch for a while, exhausted from the emotional and physical output of our foursome. We haven’t even retrieved our clothes from our ankles, and the couch is really suffering for the affect. The patch under Marsa’s pussy is saturated mostly with my semen, but her nectar also graces the fabric.

Thanks for taking such good care of me girls,” I sigh, nervous now about the slowly approaching time. Just over an hour.

“Shame we got the birth control…” Alison lets out an exhausted gasp as she paws at her sticky, semen covered skin. Obviously fantasizing about getting pregnant with me, still.

“Well Alison, it’s not 100% effective, so if you’re feeling lucky maybe?” I play it as though I’m not dead against the idea, which truthfully I am not, it’s just I have other priorities.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” Alison says matter of factly, jokingly hopeful about the possibilities.

“The more times I breed you, the more chances there are. Just try to share okay?” I tease at her obsession with my cum to the point of entirely painting her front with it.

“Eilidh and I will devise plans to increase your breeding frequency!” Marsa jokes, stroking my thigh and ‘accidentally’ brushing the back of her hand on my penis.

“Well, you girls can start by texting some sauce to that Hamish guy. I’ll be pleased if you do your duty with him.” Eilidh sits bolt upright and fishes through the clothes pile for her phone.

“I bet I can get him to choose me first!” She challenges the girls as she begins typing a message.

“Please, you haven’t a chance against me.” Marsa confidently stays down, playing with my penis casually and biding her time.

“I think I’m more his type actually,” Alison blurts out in an unexpected self-confidence. Seems this last day has brought her entirely out of her shell.

“I’m proud of you Alison, you seem to be appreciating more accurately just how much of a goddess you are.” I reach across and stroke her mons pubis and abdomen, supplanting the warmth of my hand into her core.

She smiles with a gaze into the ceiling for a moment, enjoying my touch and words before finding her phone and beginning proceedings with Hamish.

“I think I might commit sacrilege and take a shower…” I admit I want to be fresh for Jenna.

“Noo!” All the girls jokingly react.

“I’m so nervous now… It’ll take my mind off things.” I am serious and distracted now as the final hour looms before the greatest moment of my life. I can’t shake the dread of it somehow not happening. What if Jenna likes Bruce so much that she loses interest in me? Or any other man I might bring back! I shouldn’t be so confident to assume I am the one. My mind races and reminds me to be unassuming and open to my sister.

“Ohh no, Elpy’s got it bad guys…” Eilidh can see the self inflicted pain and worry in my eyes, no doubt. I throw her a nervous smile and redouble my sense of purpose.

“Right, shower!” I pick up my clothes, which need washed themselves and Marsa stops me.

“Give me your sex smelly clothes, I’ll have them clean and dry within hour.” I look at her with grateful disbelief.

“I… So… Thanks, Marsa.” I don’t have the words to address her benefaction.

“Use my shower, I will have them there in my room.” As she organizes me I pull her off of the couch and kiss her fully on the lips. I take off my t-shirt, the only thing that I had left on, and after a brief touching with the girls, I walk completely naked out into the corridor.

I obviously place an ear to Jenna’s door before I go into Marsa’s room. No sound this time, perhaps they are worn out. Soon I will hold her in my arms and I won’t let go. With this thought, I go into Marsa’s room and enter the en suite bathroom. Rather cosy for a bathroom, these are. The shower is a walk-in cubicle with full glass screens. There’s luckily some generic soap and shampoo on the tray. I feel a little bad for washing away all the lingering womanly essence that has been bestowed on me in the last 24 hours. I was almost beginning to smell only of strong vaginal intercourse. The shower is good, the water is hot, and I do feel as ready as ever to see my sister.

20 more minutes I think, as I step out and grab a towel, noticing the wall clock. I briefly rub myself down before securing the towel around my waist and going back into Marsa’s room. She’s there, using various gadgets and rails to dry my clothes as quickly as possible, having washed them also very quickly.

“Marsa, I could fuck your brains out, thank you for saving me…” I begin

“You already did that half an hour ago, but don’t thank me yet, it’s not completely dry…” She stops me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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