Bred by Daddy at Sea

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Kelly Ryan was an only child, the apple of her parents’ eyes, petted and spoiled throughout her childhood in an affluent suburb near the capital, where her father, Dave, ran an executive consulting firm.

Dave was a worldly, sophisticated man with a cosmopolitan sensibility and a pragmatic grasp on ethics that had accelerated his rise to the top of his field. He had married his stunning wife, Marissa, early in his career and they had had Kelly before he turned 30. Now in his late 40s, Dave and Marissa would have been celebrating his early retirement, Kelly’s 18th birthday and her high school graduation this week…except Marissa had died tragically when Kelly was only a little girl. She had died before they could ever have another child, fate cruelly preempting their plans to start a large family. Since that time, Father and daughter had grown incredibly close in their grief, and Dave never remarried, devoting himself to his daughter’s happiness.

As a result, Kelly was irretrievably spoiled and a consummate Daddy’s girl. She knew she had Dave wrapped around her little finger, and she used it to her advantage on many occasions. She coaxed him into getting her riding lessons as a child, and to this day she kept a horse at a private stable. She talked him into the astronomical tuition at an exclusive Catholic boarding school – the same one her mother had attended – where she was an indifferent student but among the most popular girls, her long caramel colored hair naturally falling in gorgeous waves above her navy cardigan and school uniform.

She also had talked Dave into getting her sailing lessons, which really was the thing he minded least of all— after all, he loved to sail, and had purchased a restored classic yacht years before. Since Kelly learned to sail, the two took almost every school vacation as an opportunity to take out the yacht. They had been up and down the coast together, joyful trips that strengthened their bond.

Now with Kelly’s high school graduation behind her and her 18th birthday properly celebrated during a weekend sleepover with all of Kelly’s high-spirited girlfriends, Dave had planned their most special trip to date: a three-month ocean voyage that would take them to a number of unexplored islands, and give them plenty of time together before Kelly left to start college at an elite women’s university in the northeast that fall.

Dave had just finished his final day at the office, and he could not wait to begin the trip with his beloved daughter. He set down his briefcase and ran his hand through his fine dark hair, now greying a little at the temples. He was muscular and fairly lean for his age, tall and attractive in a nondescript way. His good looks had helped him seduce many a succulent secretary or ingenue intern, but while he may have allowed them into his bed, he didn’t let any woman truly into his heart—there, his daughter reigned supreme. He loosened his tie and sighed as he poured a single-malt scotch and sat down in the den. He couldn’t believe his little girl was already grown up. He couldn’t believe he was about to say goodbye to her as she started her own adult life. He couldn’t believe his wife Marissa hadn’t been there to see their daughter blossom into a gorgeous young woman. He was so looking forward to spending the summer with Kelly, and had planned an incredible itinerary of never-before-seen destinations for them to explore. It would be the trip of a lifetime for them both.

Just then, he heard the front door bang shut.

“Daddy?” Kelly called. “I’m home!”

Dave looked up from his reverie just as she came in. A petite but curvy newly-18 teenager entered the room, flinging down her backpack, quickly discarding her sweater and revealing her straight laced plaid and navy schoolgirl uniform. Her long caramel blonde waves framed her round babyish face, her large blue eyes peering from a peaches and cream complexion, full soft pink lips with a perfect Cupid’s bow, the modest Catholic schoolgirl uniform clumsily disguising her big bosom, the short skirt showing off her gorgeously thick legs. She was athletic, played softball and lacrosse, but had always been a little chunky, still waiting for her babyfat to go away. Up until recently, the teenager had been fairly flat-chested but back during the Christmas vacation, Dave had been startled to realize his daughter’s chest had filled out dramatically. Now her breasts were large and round for such a petite girl, and he was discomfited as he noticed men ogling her wherever she went. Her big tits were straining against her shirt even now, the heavy weight of each large breast rounding out the spaces between her buttons. He found himself licking his lips contemplatively. Now she was speaking.

“Daddy, I have so much to do before we go! I can’t believe we’re leaving tomorrow! Did you get me everything I asked for? Daddy?” Kelly could tell her father was preoccupied. She waved her hand in front of him. “Hey, Daddy? Daddy!” She came up to him impatiently and pushed his hands aside so she could bahis firmaları sit down in his lap. She cradled her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. “Daddy you’re not paying attention to me,” she pouted, her face close to his.

He groaned and tried to get her off gently. “Kelly, you’re too big for sitting in my lap. Hell, you’re a grown woman now. Up you go,” he said as he pushed her off and up, his hands gingerly positioned against her hips, above the short skirt and the sweep of white cotton panties he had just glimpsed.

“I know, Daddy, but I love to be close to you. You shouldn’t shoo me away. You’re going to miss me when I leave this fall.” She was still pouting. She sat back down, this time next to him.

He leaned over and kissed the top of her head. “You’re exactly right. I don’t know what I’ll do without you, baby. It will be real hard. But I’m so thrilled to spend the summer together.”

She beamed. “I know! I’ve got to go get ready!” And with that she darted out of the room, her big boobs bouncing as she raced up the staircase to the bedroom, the short skirt flying up and exposing the full globes of her bottom to him as she ascended the stairs two by two.

Dave took a deep breath. He had been so grateful that Kelly had been cloistered at the girls boarding school, and he knew she was wholly innocent. He didn’t even know what they taught about sexuality at the school, but he imagined not much, since it was an abstinence-focused, faith-based curriculum. He had felt relief that Kelly was so shy around boys; and had never even had a boyfriend. But he knew how sexual and kinky her mother had been, and he suspected Kelly might have those same tendencies if she were initiated into it. The shy, innocent virgin would be an easy target for the wrong type of man. The girl seemed oblivious to how her now-womanly frame affected men. She was blissfully ignorant of the power of her female charms. He took another deep breath. He would have to protect her this summer, make sure boys didn’t come too close and take advantage of her sweet virginal trust. As he thought about the round, heavy jiggle of her breasts and the enticing weight of her full bottom against his lap, he knew it would be a very tough task to keep the wrong kind of man away from her.


Their sailing adventure started with two weeks of idyllic weather, and they went through familiar ports on their way down the coast. Kelly was an able sailor, almost as good as Dave, and together they ran a tight ship. Kelly spent more time these days in a skimpy bikini than she had in the past, and Dave couldnt help but notice how her recently expanded chest filled out the bikini top so nicely. The round sides of her big bouncing boobies slightly escaped the fabric, and the heavy weight of them formed a deep cleavage that he found his eyes constantly attracted to. Kelly seemed not to notice how her newly sexy appearance rattled him, and blissfully hugged and massaged and kissed him as she always had, with innocent devotion.

Both father and daughter enjoyed docking in marinas and dining at fancy restaurants. They had brought a few nice clothes to be presentable in, and the first night they went out together, Dave was fully astonished by how adult Kelly looked. She had applied eyeliner and mascara to her large eyes and blonde lashes, and lipstick made her innocent mouth appear both mature and sexual. A low-cut burgundy minidress displayed the deep cleft between her breasts, complementing the perfect hourglass of her figure. High heels completed the ensemble, putting her height just above Dave’s shoulder. He was content that he still towered above her slightly, giving him a little bit of an edge.

They took a taxi to their dinner reservation, Kelly’s knees knocking against Dave’s a little in the backseat as she wiggled her bottom next to him and smiled. He tried to look stern. Her mischievous nature was now only amplified by a new flirtiness. “Maybe she does know how gorgeous she is,” he thought idly, as she freshened her lipstick in a compact mirror.

The hostess greeted them warmly. “Mr and Mrs Ryan, it’s our privilege to serve you. We have your table all ready. Any special occasion tonight?”

Kelly spoke before Dave could answer. “We’re celebrating our honeymoon!” Dave almost choked. The hostess beamed. “Congratulations! What a beautiful couple. I’ll send champagne to your table, on the house.” She led them to a private corner, candlelit with a view across the bay.

“Kelly, why’d you tell her that?” Dave said with as much admonishment as he could. He would never actually have scolded her. “You lied to that poor woman, and now she’s giving us champagne for nothing. You’re not even old enough to drink!”

Kelly pouted. “Daddy, it is a special occasion after all; my birthday and graduation, and your retirement! Also, didn’t you hear her call us Mr and Mrs? She thought we were married even before I said anything, I just played along!” She kicked him under the table. “Lighten up, Daddy, we’re going kaçak iddaa to have fun together this summer.” He could swear she winked at him.

They ordered steaks and lobster and Kelly did indeed drink her fill of champagne, practically the whole bottle. Dave sipped a Bombay and tonic, and observed his daughter becoming more extroverted and teasing as the night wore on. He enjoyed her company so much. Even if she hadn’t been a brilliant student, she was talkative and charming, and she always flattered him. “Daddy, I think that lady across the room is giving you the eye,” she said when he returned from the men’s room.

“Oh?” He said turning slightly. A scantily clad matronly-figured woman at the bar was glancing their way. “Honey, should I get her number?” Dave said, teasing his daughter. “Daddy, she’s too old for you.” Kelly sniffed. “Besides, you’re married to me,” she said sweetly, twining her fingers into Dave’s and holding his hand possessively. The woman at the bar looked away abruptly.

Kelly kept Dave’s fingers wrapped in hers and met his eye. Dave watched her. Their hands were caressing in a way that felt…too good. Too intimate. He had not been in a serious relationship with a woman since Marissa died, but he had had a number of flings and he knew when he was being seduced. He carefully and gently unwound his fingers and returned casually to eating his meal. “Kelly, you have such a wild imagination,” he remarked lightly, hoping to defuse the frankly sexual tension that had just filled the air between them. “I know, Daddy, it’s my cross to bear,” she sighed melodramatically and ordered dessert.

That night, the drunken girl and her father took a taxi back to their boat in the marina, Kelly clinging childishly to her Daddy as she maneuvered in the high heels. “Carry me, Daddy,” she demanded. Dave sighed. “Oh honey. Fine.” He easily lifted the petite girl into his arms and carried her to her berth.

As he laid her down on the bed, she giggled drunkenly and locked her arms around his neck. “Kiss me, Daddy!”

He instinctively pulled back, knowing she had had far too much to drink. She wouldn’t let go, and brought her pretty face closer to his. He could smell the sweetness of her breath, and feel the inviting softness of her breasts under his arm. He thought fast, and moved in for a quick peck on her forehead.

“No, Daddy, I want a real kiss,” she whispered huskily as she kept him locked against her. He swallowed. If she were anyone else, he would have loved to have kissed her wetly, to test the boundaries of the frisky young virgin and seen how far she would go. But this was his beloved daughter. No matter how worldly and kinky he was in his private life, he knew he couldn’t corrupt his sweet baby.

“Honey, no more kisses tonight,” he said firmly, rubbing his nose against hers. “It’s time for good little girls to go to sleep. And I know,” he said slowly, unlocking her arms from his neck, “that you’re a good little girl.” Kelly was watching him with adoring eyes, reluctantly accepting his withdrawal. She yawned. “Ok, good night Daddy,” she said. “Good night, sweetheart,” he whispered.

Back in his double berth, he found himself thinking of her wet mouth begging for a kiss. The soft hands entwined in his. The physical chemistry that had arisen between them astonished him. When had this started? He tried to think, but no answer came. Perhaps it had always been there. It felt more pronounced now that Kelly had become so womanly. Her big, soft curves aroused Dave’s animal nature, and he realized this was going to be a very long and horny summer on the boat for both of them, apparently. He sighed, determined not to jerk off in case she woke or could hear him. It would be a long summer indeed.


It was only a few days later that they were out in the open ocean, trying to get ahead of some dicey weather. Dave had fallen asleep and Kelly had decided to take a quick swim before the sun went down. She was in a full swimsuit this time with a long sleeved shirt protecting her shoulders and arms from the sun. She descended into the water quietly, and swam expertly out away from the boat, enjoying the feel of the warm waves against her skin, the gleaming yacht a few dozen yards away. She floated dreamily for a short while. Noticing the waves picking up, she headed back toward the yacht but realized she was swimming against a powerful current. She thrashed forward for a bit before she felt herself hitting a wall of exhaustion. Panic overcame her.

“Dadddyyyy!!” She called out as loudly as she could. Foolishly, she wasn’t wearing a lifevest. She found herself having trouble keeping her face above the now-choppy waves. “Daddddyyy!!” She cried again, before going under.

Dave was on the deck dozing. Her first call for help roused him. “Kelly?” He lifted his head up in confusion. He didn’t see her anywhere. He realized she must be in the water. He stood instantly, alarmed. “Kelly, where are you??!!” He scanned the area around the boat and saw her small figure foundering kaçak bahis about ten yards away. He grabbed the life preserver and dove in, swimming energetically in her direction.

Within a few moments, he caught her in his arms and began to tow them back to the boat. With all his adrenaline pumping, he managed to carry the unconscious girl back on deck, where he laid her down and expertly began administering CPR. He lowered his mouth to hers and breathed life into her until suddenly she was choking, coughing water and breathing raggedly. “Kelly?? Kelly, baby, answer me!” Dave cried. She didn’t answer. She was still unconscious, but at least she was breathing. Her ragged breath rose and fell. He hoped she had just had a bad shock and fainted. She had not been underwater long.

Dave carried her below deck, and laid her down in his bed. He stripped off her sodden shirt, and began peeling off her bathing suit. “God forgive me,” he thought to himself as he gently lifted the straps of her bathing suit off to reveal the big bountiful breasts that had so recently budded on her girlish frame. Her large rosy nipples were cold to the touch, contracted and erect, and he resisted the urge to fully grasp them in his fingers and pull their thick length, so inviting did they look. He continued pulling the bathing suit down, straining to squeeze it off over her wide hips. He had to lift the fabric away from her skin and pull the lower half off as if he was removing her panties. Her skin was cold and white, but touching the bare skin of her hips so intimately still felt dangerous and forbidden. As the suit came off, it stuck between her legs and he had to use his fingers there to, quickly lifting and pulling it as his fingers brushed the silky curls of her pubic mound. “God help me,” he said to himself as he continued removing the suit down the length of her legs, the chubby thighs opening and his eyes filling with the vision of the pouting lips of her pussy facing him, the legs parting abundantly in total release as the unconscious girl murmured incoherently.

Dave dried her thoroughly, then rooted around and found his warmest fleece pajamas and roughly pulled them on her, then laid the warmest blankets around her. He went back up to secure the boat for the evening and laid down next to her under the blanket, hoping his body heat would help to fully revive her.


He had planned to sleep lightly so he could check the boat periodically throughout the night, but when he came-to, sunlight was streaming in and his mind was muddled. He had been dreaming about his most recent young secretary conquest and that he was caressing the generous globes of her ass as he parted them and worked his straining erection up to her tiny rosebud. “I’m going to fuck her big ass,” he thought sinfully as he felt the head of his cock pushing against the silky skin of her rear entrance. It was unlubricated, and resistant, and he had to push against it rhythmically to help his swollen member gain entry. Suddenly he heard a voice.

“Daddy, ow, that hurts!” mumbled Kelly sleepily. Dave woke, startled. He looked down and saw that he was spooning his daughter, her caramel hair fanned out against his shoulder, her torso flush against him in the heavy sweatshirt he had put on her last night—but her lower half was naked, and his hand had been on her hip, his morning erection throbbing nakedly against her big butt, a drop of his precum now oozing dangerously close to her naked skin. “Oh shit!!” he gaspedin horror.

“Kelly, honey, wake up! Move over, baby! Get over on the other side, there!” He firmly shoved her out of the range of his now-shrinking member, and searched about for his pants as the sleepy girl turned her head back in confusion. “How did you get naked anyway, honey??? We’re not supposed to sleep like that!” He tried to pretend this was just indecorous and not a nearly-x-rated anal incest fantasy come to life.

Kelly sat up slightly and rubbed her eyes. She yawned and croaked. “I got really hot in the night, I think I kicked my pajamas off.” She looked down, and realized she was partially exposed. She pulled the sheets up a little sheepishly. Dave was now standing, pants on and pulling a shirt over his broad, manly chest. Kelly watched him impassively. “Daddy, what happened last night? Did I almost drown?”

Dave walked back over and sat next to her on the bed, putting his arms around her. “Baby, you sure came close. Don’t ever do that to me, never ever again. It was so scary.” She melted against his chest, nodding her agreement. She looked up at him. “Daddy did you…take my clothes off?” She said shyly.

He made a sound between a cough and a chuckle. “You were freezing, sugar, I had to warm you up somehow. I couldn’t let you get hypothermia.” She nodded again, still against him. She put her dainty hands on his large, manly hand and held his fingers gently in hers. He sighed. He had been so worried. They shared a moment of silent togetherness. She now brought his hand down to her silky thigh, and laid it against her skin. He became cognizant now of the tension between them again- she partially nude, his large hand on the naked skin of her legs; his fingertips dangerously close to the silky curls of her womanhood.

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