Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 07

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Sacred albeit salaciously sacrilegious, with Sister Kathryn reluctant at first, Father Thomas has his wicked sexual way with Sister Kathryn and has anal sex with the fallen nun.

Continued from Chapter 6:

“Matter of fact, with you a student of the Bible, as you may well know, there are many passages of oral and anal sex in the Holy Scriptures,” he said in a whisper.

As if they were two, blue emeralds shining in the sun, her blue eyes popped open with the ridiculousness of his comment that compared the Holy Scriptures and her giving him oral and anal sex. She couldn’t believe he was comparing the passages of oral and anal sex in the Holy Scriptures with the unholy sexual union he was hoping to have with her orally and anally in the rectory. How dare he even suggest such a thing? She was a married woman. She was married to Jesus and she had taken a vow of celibacy. How dare he tempt her, tease her, and test her faith?

‘What? Huh? Seriously? Is he kidding me? This man will obviously say anything to get my hand around his cock, his cock in my mouth and his prick in my ass,’ she thought.

With him a priest and her a nun, how dare he be so blasphemous of the Bible? He must think her as stupid and as sexually deranged as he is. He must think she sexually wants him as much as he sexually wants her. He must think she is as sexually perverted as he is and if he thought that, he wouldn’t be wrong. With her losing her faith and with sex playing a more dominant role in her thoughts, he’d be right in his assessment of her.

“But those passages were meant for the sexual relations between a husband and wife, Father,” she said hoping he’d put her mind more at ease and that would encourage her to blow him.

As if nothing in the Bible was an absolute, he waved a hand of gobbledygook.

“Nonsense. Don’t worry. If those scriptures were translated to modern times, they’d embrace any man or woman married or not. Trust me, my child, I have your best interest at heart,” he said putting his hand over his heart as if he was about to pledge his allegiance to the flag.

Her red flag and her red light of warning, both that she chose to ignore, she looked at him as if she was talking to a crazy person. Her wanting to believe again and her hoping for her faith to be restored made her desperate to do and to try anything that would help. Especially with sex involved and with her having been so horny and so sexually frustrated lately, how could she say no to his sexual proposal of renewing her faith by having sex with her? Suspending her disbelief, it sounded good to her.

Normally, she’d laugh if someone had told her that reverse exorcise could renew her belief in God and her faith in her religion by allowing her priest to cum in her mouth and again in her ass. Yet, for the ritual to work, she needed to trust her priest and to believe in the ritual that has already proven to work on other nuns of the Holy Order of Virgins and even on Mother Superior herself. Especially when it comes down to doing something she so loves to do, stroking a cock while sucking a cock, she was the last person on Earth not to believe in miracles. Perhaps, for this reverse exorcism to work, anal sex was the key. Willing to try anything to restore her blind belief and her unquestioned faith, especially if it included blowing her priest, what did she have to lose? Seemingly, she had so much more to gain.

“I don’t know Father. This is a lot for me to wrap my head, my hand, and my lips around,” she said.

He gave her his best reverent smile.

“We can circumvent the entire marriage thing by me penetrating your lips and humping your mouth instead of penetrating your pussy and causing you to lose your virginity,” he said touching her lips with his finger again. “We can circumvent the entire marriage thing by me fucking your ass with my cock instead of fucking your virginal vagina. Now to begin the rite of reverse exorcism, pray with me, Sister Kathryn,” said Father Thomas pushing down on her shoulder and pushing the nun to her knees. “Silently pray with me while you fondle my prick, cup my testicles, and stroke my prick before sucking my prick.”

Chapter 7:

Unable to resist him, she moved to her knees in the way she moved to her knees in the morning and in the evening when alone in her room, in church, and during prayer time to pray to her Lord God, Jesus Christ. In the way she moved to her knees to stroke and suck so very many men before becoming a nun, she moved to her knees to fondle, stroke, and suck her priest now. A familiar posture, having grown accustomed to being on her knees, she was comfortable on her knees. Only, this time, instead of just imagining a stiff prick while praying, as if choosing her as the one, she had her priest’s stiff prick pointing directly to her mouth.

This time was, indeed, different. This wasn’t a sexual fantasy. This was her reality. Comforted by the encouragement of her priest and with other nuns and by even Mother Superior having taken bursa escort this path before her, nonetheless, if she wasn’t breaking her vow of celibacy she was certainly bending the definition.

“But Father—”

He stepped closer to her to position his priestly prick by her full, soft lips. With her thinking that he was teasing her, testing her, and perhaps even entrapping her, he slowly ran the head of his erect prick across her lips in the way he did with his finger. Surely, with him a priest and her a nun, just as an undercover cop wouldn’t go through with having sex with a prostitute before arresting her, her priest wouldn’t go through with her blowing him. Right?

Unable to help herself, in the same way that the priest was unable to control his sexual lust for her, she was unable to control her sexual lust for him. She reached out her hand to touch him before wrapping her fingers around him to grasp him. She fondled the head of his cock with her fingertips before reaching down to fondle his testicles and before slowly stroking him. With it so long since she had a cock in her hand and in her mouth, as if testing forbidden waters with her toes, she tested the forbidden waters by licking his cock with her tongue. She flicked out her tongue to lick him before she parted her lips to take him in her mouth to suck him.

‘Oh, my God,’ she silently thought. ‘She couldn’t believe she was ready to take him in her mouth. Oh, my God, she couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to stop her.’

“Hush my child. Don’t talk. Just suck,” said Father Thomas touching her golden hair before putting a gentle hand behind her blonde, pretty head.

While waiting for him to stop her from stroking him and sucking him, when he didn’t, she was surprised. Instead, adjusting his stance to move his hips closer, he took his prick in hand and inserted his priestly prick deeper in Sister Kathryn’s mouth. Humping her mouth, he was fucking the nuns face. Humping her mouth with his blessed penis, he began the process of reverse exorcism on Sister Kathryn’s mouth before continuing the process of reverse exorcism on her ass.

“Yes, Father. God bless you father for helping me to restore my faith,” she said meaning it and believing it while ejecting his tongue from her mouth for her to speak.

Done talking, she took his her priest’s prick in her mouth again. Hungry for his cock, she stroked his priestly prick while sucking his holy prick. As if she was a sexually frustrated whore, and indeed she was, Sister Kathryn sucked her priest in the way she had never sucked any man before him. Once becoming a nun, never thinking she’d ever have a cock in her mouth again, and here she was sucking her priest.

With it being such a long time since she felt a cock in her hand and tasted a cock in her mouth, she was enjoying every second of sucking him. It had been such a long time since she gave a blowjob that as soon as she took his cock in her mouth, dozens of men she had blown in her previous life flooded her thoughts. As if they were all there watching, cheering her, and applauding her blowing her priest, she thought of all the men she had previously blown while sucking her priest. Sucking and sucking him while stroking and stroking him, she couldn’t wait for him to cum in her mouth. She couldn’t wait to swallow his divine cum.

“Dear Heavenly Father, bless my penis as my gift to Sister Kathryn,” said Father Thomas. “Allow her to suck me without guilt, without remorse, and without embarrassment. Then, after I ejaculate my holy load in her mouth, guide my stiff prick in her ass. Through the process of reverse exorcism, allow her to receive a double dose of my holy cum in her mouth and in her ass as my magical elixir that will renew and restore her faith,” he said with all seriousness. “Allow me to inject Sister Kathryn with my holy seed in her mouth to begin the process of reverse exorcism. Then, allow me to inject Sister Kathryn with my holy seed in her ass to complete the process of reverse exorcism.”

Being the obedient nun that she was, Sister Kathryn of the Holy Order of Virgins, after mildly protesting having sex with her priest, accepted Father Thomas’ cock in her mouth. As if she was receiving a tubular sacrament of Communion instead of a round, thin, wafer one, she sucked his swollen penis. As if she was a ten thousand dollar a night call girl, she gave him the blowjob of his life.

Sucking him deeper while stroking him faster and harder, as if she was blowing the Heavenly Father Himself, she blew her priest with great exuberance and pent up sexual lust. With her not having given a blowjob in more than ten years and with her having given thousands of blowjobs to hundreds of men, she was giving her priest the best blowjob she had ever given in her life. Truly believing that he could, she was intent on having Father Thomas cum in her mouth to help restore her faith before cumming again, this time in her ass.

On the chance that he really could restore her faith by merely having her blow him, she was just as sexually excited blowing him as he seemingly bursa escort bayan was being blown. Seemingly just as he couldn’t wait to cum in her mouth, she couldn’t wait for him to cum in her mouth too. With her renewed faith an added bonus of her blowing him, she was even willing for him to fuck her in the ass to complete the reverse exorcism process. On the chance that he could make her believe again and return her blind faith to her again, she couldn’t wait to taste and to swallow his cum. On the chance that he could restore her faith, she was willing to do anything that he wanted her to sexually do.

Sister Kathryn stroked Father Thomas’ cock faster and harder while sucking him deeper. Having sucked enough men, she could feel him getting ready to cum. Having sucked enough men, she knew it wouldn’t be very long now. Then, when he stiffened his posture, she knew this was the beginning of her having her believing in God again and having her blind faith in her religion restored. When he put a heavier hand to the back of her head, she knew he was ready to cum in her mouth.

Suddenly, as if a second coming with his first cumming, as if a miracle, praise God, it happened. When she felt his cum splash against the back of her throat and coat her tongue, she was so relieved. As if she was touched by the angels and by the hand if Jesus himself, she not only felt the warmth of Father Thomas’ cum but also the warmth of the spirit of Christ Himself. As if she was sucking Jesus who was prominently displayed on Father Thomas’ huge tattooed prick, she was so happy that she could make him cum. She was so happy that the process of being saved by the rite of reverse exorcism had begun and was working.

‘Hallelujah,’ she thought.

As if she had just been christened and born again, he helped her to stand by lifting her beneath her arms.

“Let us stand. Let us pray,” said Father Thomas.

Sister Kathryn interrupted Father Thomas’ prayer by touching his hand.

“Thank you for saving me, Father,” she said while truly believing that he had.

As if he was the Pope instead of some sexually perverted priest, he gave her his best priestly smile.

“Bless you, my child,” he said.

Sister Kathryn returned his smile with hers.

“Bless you too, Father,” she said.

As if God was there looking down from the ceiling of the rectory, Father Thomas lifted his head before closing his eyes to pray.

“Dear Heavenly Father, through the ritual of reverse exorcism, use me as your sexual servant to restore Sister Kathryn’s faith,” said Father Thomas bowing his head and keeping his eyes closed while praying. Amen,” he said.

* * * * *

When he opened his eyes, as if he was a police officer arresting her, he turned her around, and kicked at the back of her feet to spread them.

“Amen,” said Sister Kathryn.

As if she was a mannequin and he was an interior store window designer, he turned Sister Kathryn around to face his desk.

“Now spread your legs Sister, wider, a little wider, a little more. Now, lean over my desk, and place your forearms and hands upon my desktop,” he said as if he had done this many times before. “Relax, Sister Kathryn, relax.”

As soon as Sister Kathryn stood, as if she was Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lee Holloway in The Secretary, Father Thomas pushed her down on his desk in readiness to obediently assume the position of a bitch in heat. As if she was a dog instead of a nun and as if he was a wild animal instead of a priest, he was ready to sexually sate himself while saving her. Obviously knowing what was coming next, she spread her legs, arched her back to raise her buttocks, leaned forward, and placed her hands and forearms upon the priest’s desk. Having never had anal sex before and hearing that it hurt, she was nervous about feeling pain but excited to renew her faith in God and in her religion.

Again, as if Father Thomas was James Spader as Mr. Grey in The Secretary and Sister Kathryn was Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lee Holloway, he lifted the back hem of her Sister Kathryn’s habit. Up and up, he lifted her habit past her ankles, past her knees, and up to her thighs. The higher he lifted the back of her habit, the more sexually excited she became. Unlike many of the other nuns in the convent who no longer bothered shaving their armpits, their legs, and/or even trimmed their pussies, she was glad she had shaved her armpits, her legs, and trimmed her blonde pussy somewhat.

Lifting her habit higher to expose her white panties, he pushed the back of her habit higher up and all the way past her buttocks, past her breasts, and up to her shoulders. As soon as her panties were exposed to her priest, feeling her face turn red and feeling a familiar wetness between her thighs, she was just as embarrassed as she was sexually excited. Seemingly ready to break her vow of celibacy, she wished he’d fuck her virginal pussy instead of fucking her virginal ass.

She was now naked from the shoulders down but for her bra and panty. In the way they draped the religious statues and veiled the escort bursa crucifix in black for Lent, Sister Kathryn looked as if she was participating in some sort of bizarre and antiquated, religious ritual of sacrifice. She looked as if she wore a black shroud over her head. She looked as if she was a sub and her priest was her Dom.

Uncovering her beautiful, long, lush, blonde hair, rather than removing her habit, he pushed down on her habit to bunch the black material around her neck. Now she appeared as if she was wearing a black horse collar or the yoke of an oxen put there as her religious sacrifice needed to restore her faith. With her panty clad ass poised in the air, she stood there in that immobile, immoral, and immodest position with her bra and panty totally exposed to the horny eyes of her priest.

Along with her morals and modesty, with her nudity obviously heightening her sexual arousal, he slowly pulled down her white, granny panty underwear. Exposing the top of her ass crack before exposing her ass, with her legs spread her blonde bushy pussy was revealed. Then, necessary to allow her freedom of movement, with her now naked from the waist down, he squatted down to remove her panties from her ankles.

Spreading her legs wider while she was bent over his desktop, by the prone position of her pose, she looked as if she was being crucified on the cross in a modern day crucifixion. Getting her ready by getting her more sexually excited, he rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy before sticking his face between her legs to lick and eat her pussy. Sticking his whole head between her legs he turned himself so that his eyes looking up at her bra clad breasts to give Sister Kathryn sexual pleasure.

Taking care not to break her hymen, he licked her virginal pussy while fingering her virginal pussy. Then, not stopping there, extricating himself from between her legs, with her having such an incredible virgin ass, he did something she had never experience before. While feeling her ass and squeezing her ass, he stuck his tongue in her ass. Licking and licking her the inside of her ass, he tossed her salad.

‘Oh, my God,’ already sexually excited from seeing his penis, stroking his penis, and sucking his penis, then with him cumming in her mouth, as soon as he touched her pussy in that sexual way, she thought she’d cum. As soon as he fingered her pussy before licking her pussy, she thought she’d lose it and have an orgasm right there. Then, if that wasn’t enough, while he was licking her ass and tossing her salad, never had she ever felt such forbidden, sexual pleasure.

It had been long time since a man had not only seen her naked ass and pussy but also felt her naked ass and fingered her naked pussy. With her always ready to give men oral sex, it had been a long time since anyone had returned the favor and given her oral sex. Seemingly, once she told them she was a virgin, men were seemingly afraid to touch her pussy. Besides, once she started blowing them and once they came in her mouth, seemingly they were done and no longer interested in sexually satisfying her too.

Then, wasting no time in stripping the nun naked, Father Thomas unhooked her brassiere from the back and reached in front and beneath her to lift her bra up and over her breasts to free her big tits. Oh, my God, just as it had been a long time since she held a cock and sucked a cock, it had been a long time since anyone had played with her tits and fingered her nipples. In the way her panties were lowered with her morals and modesty, her breasts fell forward with her morals and modesty too.

A tragic shame to waste such beautiful tits by hiding them away in a convent, she had big, shapely breasts, at least a D cup. Again, not wasting any time with formalities or with kissing, he reached around her to feel and fondled her big boobs while fingering her already erect nipples. Readying her for anal sex, as if he was going to fuck her without lubrication, he teased her by rubbing his erect cock along her ass crack.

Then, as if he had done this many times before and assuredly he had, he reached his hand down to remove a tube of lube from his desk drawer. When she looked at him while wondering what he was doing now, he smiled at her before winking at her. Then, he flipped open the tube with his thumb and squeezed some gel on his fingers to lubricate her. She jumped when he touched the inside of her ass with his fingertips and she felt the cold gel lubricate her anus. Something she had never experienced before, as much as she was sexually excited, she was nervous about having anal sex for the first time.

Again, wasting no time in inviting her to take him inside of her, as if he was Moses parting the Red Sea, he parted her ass cheeks with his hands before parting her ass cheeks with his cock. Sidestepping her blonde, bushy, burning bush of a pussy, he pushed his hard penis against her asshole. Gentle at first, when he felt her opening up to him in the way that a flower opens up to the morning sun, he humped her harder as his penis carefully and gently slipped inside of her ass. As if his cock was a bee and he was pollenating her ass with his big prick and his ejaculation of cum, once he was inside of her, he reached up to feel and fondle her breasts in his hands again.

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