Aunt Cathy Pt. 11

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I hope this reads well. I didn’t have a lot of time to once it over.

{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

When Bonnie broke the kiss there was dead silence at the table. Sob’s mind must have melted, he reverted right to his old self, jumbling words in sentences. “Ok, I’d really like to eat you out right now.” Bonnie’s eyes flew open, and we all broke out laughing, sob’s schooner hit on the table. “The hell man, I mean take you out to eat, fucking hell.” Cathy tapped my foot under the table and gave me the most witchy up to something look.

She picked up her purse asking, “Bathroom ladies?” No discussion, no agreement, just chairs pushed back, bodies risen and off to the chamber of secrets.

Sob was slunk back in his chair not too happy with his goof up. Popoff grinned, “Wish I was a fly on the wall.”

If we all could have been, it would of been, information over load.

(Going to use the first letter in each girls name again. It’s just easier.)

Cathy wasted no time gathering a big wad of paper towels, soaking them, stripping her panties off and throwing one heeled leg on the sink. Bonnie caught Misty in the mirror licking her lips as Cathy scrubbed away the last of the sugar from her pussy.

C: “I am never putting candy in me again I swear.”

M: “Yeah, you will, but I’ll lick it out before it melts. Although even fully melted you tasted great.”

Cathy just grinned pulling her panties on while Bonnie stood, back against the wall, her mouth agape.

B: “Let me get this straight. You ate Cathy out, and I’m guessing it was in a changing room somewhere.” Misty giggled hard,

M: “I’m a sugar junkie.” (That came with a smile to Cathy)

C: “She’s a animal, a very, very talented animal.” Cathy made sure to lock eyes with Bonnie for those last few words.

Bonnie took the signal to find out just what this new girl was all about. “Hey you, Misty, right? Look I want to fuck your sob friend, but he’s drunk, I like performance. Can you help get my panties off so I can leave him a message on them?” Bonnie had wanted to slow tease this new girl, raising her dress bit by bit, getting her drooling over her thighs. What she got was a furiously hungry Misty swooping under her dress.


Under the dress Misty started to chew on Bonnie’s pantie covered pussy. She bit and nibbled on the cloth covered lips and clit, in no time they were soaked.

A finger slid under each side of a silky thong, and Misty very slowly, using her fingernail tips, slid them down Bonnie’s legs causing goose bumps and shivers all over the woman’s body. Bonnie lifted her leg to free one side of her panties, and Misty pushed the heeled ankle aside and dove into the pussy she’d exposed.

Bonnie’s pussy was hit with the strength of an industrial vacuum, everything sucked together while Misty’s tongue trespassed into places never before felt. Bonnie slid up the tiled wall her legs spread and stretched till just the tips of her heels touched the floor. “FUccKK!!” With a snake like tongue Misty flittered and darted in, around, and over Bonnie’s sex. “Cathy she’s too extreme.”

C: “Yeah she’s pretty nymphomatic.” The words came out in short pants of air.

Cathy had dropped her panties, rubbing her clit with one illegal bahis hand, the other three fingers deep in her steaming pussy. Under Bonnie’s dress, Misty’s head could be seen making nodding motions mixed with furious head shakes. Every movement caused a groan, tiny yelp or a lascivious, all most pleading moan. Watching Bonnie react to Misty’s doings under that dress had turned her lust on full blast, Cathy’s body shook with an orgasm, juices flowing down her legs.

Bonnie’s arms had stretched out to her sides, she was desperately searching for anything to grip on to, but there was nothing but tile. The repeated clenching of her hands did nothing except cause little squeaks from her nails on the tiled wall. Cathy knew Bonnie was on the edge of her orgasm, it was time to let Misty onto a little secret.

C: BONNIE! That’s enough, stop now! RIGHT NOW!

Bonnie looked at Cathy in total disbelief, she only saw serious ice-cold eyes looking back. Reluctantly raising her dress, she pulled Misty from her pussy drenched thighs and whispered, “Yes Mistress.” The tip-toe stance she’d been holding for so long, plus a ‘So very fucking close’ orgasm had made her legs weak, she turned to the cool counter holding the edge panting and steadying herself.

Misty’s was a mess. Sitting on the floor with her arms propping her up, a huge grin was on her face. Combined with the red lipstick smudged around her lips, she had a very ‘The Joker’ like appearance. “This is to fucking good. Two long legged, hot chicks with horn dog hormones, huge tits and delicious pussy, are into bondage too!? I’m either in heaven or hell.”

Misty lifted herself up “Us three are going to have a bondage porn movie night. I’ll make some licorice whips, they sting like hell, bring my handcuffs and a oh so cool strap-on; feels like you’re fucking who you’re fucking.” Bonnie and Cathy were both a little caught off guard at that.

C: “Does your boyfriend know your like this?”

M: “Oh yeah. He likes to watch and fap out, which is cool, I love watching that. Real good at rope work too.” Misty giggled, “also a good inventor. That’s as far as it go’s though, I don’t want to see him banging another woman any more than I want to fuck another guy.” She changed subjects, “So about this message for sob? Your panties are drenched Ms. B, will be hard writing on them.”

Cathy saw Bonnie mouth the word ‘damn’. Misty who had redone her lipstick undid her jeans, pulling them down and retrieved a feminine pad from her panties. She reached in her purse getting another to replace it then put her jeans back in place.

C: Bad time to get your period, I think popoff was looking forward to a marathon fuck tonight.”

M: “Not on my rag. After eating your candy pussy I got dripping wet, jeans may be black but a wet spot will show, so I slid one in like a sponge. Then getting to eat a hot red head, finding out bondage is in the mix, well, kind of made me pour. When my poppy drives into me he’s going to think my cunt’s melting around him.

C: “Girl you do not mince words do you?”

M: “Waste of time.” She looked at Bonnie, “I think your dolly needs some help with her note.”

Bonnie had tried everything in her purse to put a note on the crotch of her panties. All she had to show for it was a ugly looking yellowish illegal bahis siteleri stain. “I give him these he’s going to think I got every S.T.D known to man.”

M: If you had another pair, I know what we could do.”

C: “Here, try mine,” Cathy handed over her panties that had come off from when she’d fingered her pussy “I don’t plan on us needing these tonight.”

Misty’s eye’s started blinking rapidly, “What do you mean us?” Then the light bulb went off in her head. “OMG! You and razz are lovers!? Like a aunt, nephew, incest thing?” Bonnie put a thumb tip in her mouth and bit, Cathy whispered ‘shit’, her eyes closed, shoulders drooping. There was a long pause before she answered truthfully and sincerely.

“Yes, and he loves me more than anyone ever has. He trusts me, cares about what I feel and say. He’d stand for me anytime; we’ve even talked about all the people that we’ll lose when we get married. His touch, his kiss; comforting words when I need them, all of it. I love him and that’s all there is to it.”

Misty immediately answered, “I don’t care either way, love is love, sex is sex. What you both do is none of my business…but, one question, is he really as thick as the rumors say?”

Bonnie laughed pulling the panties out of Misty’s hands, then using both hands made a sizable circle. Cathy gave her a dirty look.

M: “Seriously?”

B: “Deadly. Ok little nympho licks a lot, what do we do with this lacy note pad?”

Misty held her hand out to Bonnie for the panties. Once she had them she pulled a knife from her purse (causing another glance between Bonnie and Cathy) then cut a slit through the inside layer of crotch material. The padding was removed leaving a pocket where a note could be added.

B: I’d say someone has done this little trick before.

C: Maybe we should call her Misty MacGyver.”

Misty giggled at that, “It’s no big trick. All us girls used it to sneak our smokables into concerts and stuff. Ok, all that’s left now is a note.”

B: “I got this part.” She paused for a minute, “Misty? You don’t think he’d go around showing this to everyone do you? Might not be so good for my job.”

M: ‘No. Definitely not. Those three guys out there are trustworthy. Besides razz and popoff would slap him into next year.” That seemed to quell Bonnie who pulled a pink note pad, perfume and lipstick from her purse. In no time the note was written, spritzed with perfume, folded and kissed shut. She slid it into the pocket made in the panties.

C: Well? What did you write?

Bonnie shook her head no. Misty groaned, “C’mon, you know it’ll drive us nuts.”

B: “Ok, Ok. I wrote: ‘Text this number, what these covered is dripping for your cock.’

Misty looked at Cathy, “And you were worried he’d bend her over the table?”

B: “Excuse me?”

C: “I’ll enlighten you later.”

M: “Well, now we only have one problem.” Cathy and Bonnie both gave a quizzical look. “Pheromones, were all so dripping wet horny we’ll probably leave a contrail of them behind us walking back to the table.”

That got all of them laughing till Cathy walked up behind Misty and squeezed her breast while Bonnie took the front and cupped Misty’s jean covered Pussy. “Movie night is going to be awesome with you. You think Cathy?” Cathy pushed canlı bahis siteleri open the bathroom door.

C: Dreamy, creamy and VERY obscene Bonnie. Misty giggled.

As soon as they appeared it was obvious (to me at least) more than chit-chat or a pee break had gone on. All of them had that sparkling glow and satisfied smile from a good orgasm. Sliding a chair under Cathy I whispered in her ear, “I don’t know what went on in there, but I want a full debriefing on it later.” That grin again.

“You’re going to want a lot more than that after I tell you, might even show you the pic’s I secretly snapped.” That got my curiosity up, what she said next red lined every bit of curiosity, attention and interest I had. “You know something? That little Misty is one kinky, pro pussy munching sex pot. She almost slurped Bonnie into oblivion.” I wanted to ask if popoff knew that when sob interrupted.

“We going to eat or what? I’m freaking starving people.” Half my tongue went missing when Misty blurted out,

“Oh god yes! I could munch, munch, munch all night long!!”

I felt Cathy put a death grip on my thigh, she was trying so hard not laugh I thought a rib may break. Bonnie’s head was buried in sobs neck, her shoulders moving up and down in muted laughter, he was looking at me with a ‘What the hell’s going on look’. Now you can be a dick or miss a opportunity, making a thumb, pointer finger circle just to pump my other hands middle finger through let me be a dick, without missing the opportunity. Sob gave me a duck face, “Yeah when the world spins backwards. Can we go eat?”

Turns out sobs place was before Bonnie’s by a few miles, the restaurant a little after that. Bonnie and sob dropped his car off at his place then piled into my back seat,

popoff was close behind us when we got back on the highway. The girls wanted to go to a place called ‘Roberts’ not overboard expensive but not cheap either. When we got there the first thing we saw made me and my line mates, in unison, enunciate ‘FUCK’ in a disdained tone.

Parked right in front of (and almost blocking) the entrance was the ‘City Wolves’ bus, as usual parked where you couldn’t miss it. The games between us always sold out just for the pure fact we hated each other. This season we’d tied even games, a fact they did not like (we hadn’t faired so well in the overall standings though) they usually had two games up on us. When we got out of our cars Misty walked up to us guys.

“Any of you start a fight and us three girls will have your heads! Got it?”

Popoff nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

I’m thoroughly convinced Bonnie is a witch rearranging and shaping sobs social skills. He put everything into a perspective that surprised me and popoff.

“Dudes I give you a bus,” He pointed at said vehicle. “Now we all know what kind of girls follow these dogs; Instagram models, influencers…cookie cutter snot chicks. Now turn around and look at the women were walking in with.”

He was right. Cathy looked playboy country, Misty looked glamour gothic and Bonnie was just smoldering red. That was enough for me. I gave Cathy my arm, the rest did the same, Bonnie stopped us before we entered. “I hear the word hooker, it’s mine.”

All the worry about my bank account ended with that. They’d say it, I knew it; then the off ice hockey brawl of the century would erupt, depending on what Bonnie meant.

I thought if it happened, that would be the nights highlight, but in a few hours a grand finale like I could not imagine would leave me drained and mind blown.

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