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Karen smoothed the sexy black nightie over her hips. She had been so embarrassed when she bought the nightie at a sex shop downtown. The nightie was sheer black silk with lace over her small, pretty breasts going down into a deep “V” past her belly button. The lace teased her sensitive nipples making them jut out. The hem of the flouncy skirt just barely covered her irresistible rounded ass. She wanted to pull the hem down but it bounced right back up.

Looking at the clock, she knew that Jerry would be home soon. A glance around the room showed the perfect setting for her birthday surprise. The candles were lit, the music was on, the lights were dimmed and best of all the kids were at their grandparents for the weekend. She had rented X-rated videos for later and piled pillows, blankets, wipes and towels all around the TV.

Nervously, she sat on the couch listening to the music and waited for the sound of her husband’s car.

Jerry knew his wife was planning something for his birthday. Every year since they had been married, 12 years, she had made his birthday special by throwing a surprise party, cooking a special dinner, buying him a present he wanted but would never have bought for himself or taking him out to a play or musical. She had been acting so nervous all week that he knew she was planning something really big. Today was his birthday and for once, it fell on a Friday. Whistling, he inched slowly home in rush hour traffic.

Jerry had first met his wife in high school. He was a senior and she was a sophomore. Stuck in traffic, he remembered her sparkling brown eyes and compact luscious body as she lead cheers at the basketball games. He had been in the band and spent a lot of time trying to catch glimpses of her cute ass as her trim legs did kicks and cheers. More than once, he missed his cue to play because he was drooling over her.

When he finally got the nerve to ask her out, he was amazed that she was willing. The fact that he was a senior and she was a sophomore had a lot to do with it. They had waited until he was out of college before they got married and it was several years after that before they had kids.

Car horns woke him out of his reverie and he cursed when he saw the accident up ahead. He didn’t know what his wife had planned, but he wanted to get home and find out. He loved her now more than ever and was looking forward to the weekend.

Karen heard the car door slam and Jerry whistling up the sidewalk. She stood up quickly and struck what she hoped was a sexy pose. Jerry opened the door.

Jerry looked into the dimly lit room and drew in a breath when he saw his wife standing, posed for him. She looked breathtaking! Her long, soft brown hair cascaded in waves around her shoulders, her body outlined by the soft blackness of her silk nightie. She wore a garter and matching stockings with trampy high-heeled shoes. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. Jerry felt his cock spring to life. He shut the door behind him.

“This is the best present you have ever given me honey,” he said. He smiled at his beautiful wife. After two kids and twelve years, she still had the sexy body of a cheerleader but with a little more voluptuousness to it. Her breasts were still small but fuller, her tummy a little more rounded and her ass was incredible. Rounded, firm but definitely a handful. He loved her plump ass even though she dieted and exercised trying to get rid of it. He saw the flouncy little skirt of the nightie barely covering her gorgeous ass cheeks. His cock twitched in his pants.

“Just wait, big guy,” she said. Walking to him a little wobbly on the high heels, she reached him and wrapped her arms around him giving him a big hug. “I’ve thought about you all day, I couldn’t wait for you to get home.” She rubbed her body against him, placing her hand on his hard-on and feeling the rigid length of the shaft. “Mm, just what I have been wanting all day.”

Jerry and his wife had a great sexual relationship. He heard the moans and gripes from his office buddies about how their wives were cold as fish and didn’t want sex. But he and Karen still acted like teenagers. They couldn’t get enough.

He looked around the room and saw all the preparations she had made. “You’ve been busy. Kids?” He asked.

Snuggling into her husband’s arms, she said, “Grandma’s”

Smiling broadly, Jerry leaned down and gave his wife a big kiss. He knew just how she liked it and proceeded to kiss her forehead, eyes, cheeks and finally her mouth while holding her face between his big hands. He pushed her up against the wall and pressed his hard cock against her soft, warm body. His tongue began to lash her lips, diving into her mouth, claiming her.

Soft whimpers escaped Karen as her husband kissed her. She melted every time his big hands held her face as his mouth devoured her. She slid her leg up his until it was hitched around him and pressed her pussy against him. She was so hot and wet she left a wet spot on his pants where she rubbed against him.

Jerry felt the heat of his little minx wife and firmly grabbed her ass and pulled illegal bahis her roughly against him, grinding his hard cock within his pants against her heated box. “Oh, baby you get me hot after all these years,” he panted. Humping her, he felt his balls swell and cock get harder. He kissed her hard and pinned her against the wall, his mouth seeking her hardened nipples. Biting them through the lace, he licked and sucked on them.

Karen moaned feeling his cock, covered by his pants, humping her bare pussy. She hadn’t worn any panties and had shaved herself almost bare, leaving only a little bristle of hair above her clit. The material rubbing so hard on her felt abrasive. She loved it. “Oh yes Jerry!” She called out when his teeth bit into her nipples. She arched her back off the wall, offering her breasts to her husband. “Oh yeah, baby, bite and suck my nipples!”

Jerry’s hand found his wife’s shaved pussy and he caressed the smooth skin there before fingering her clit. He kept sucking and fingering until his wife’s pussy was dripping and she was sagging against the wall, her legs barely able to hold her up. He loved getting his horny little wife weak and needy. “Yeah baby, I’m going to fuck you good tonight. My little hot birthday present.” He bit her nipple again, hearing her moan and buried two fingers into her tight little cunt. “Your going to be my little slut tonight, honey?” He pulled his fingers out slow and pushed them back in watching his wife’s sexy face.

Karen whimpered and said, “Oh yes baby, your slut for the whole weekend, I’ll do anything you want. Anything at all, happy birthday!” She squealed as his fingers stroked her clit again.

Jerry continued to finger his wife, pressing her up against the wall, as he thought about her words. He knew that she knew he wanted to fuck her up the ass and had for years. Was this her way of saying that he could? His cock leapt in his pants at the thought of poking his beautiful wife’s sexy ass, fucking her up the ass. He had sought to fuck his wife’s asshole more than once, but she had always been too shy and embarrassed to let him. One time, he had actually gotten her to let him try but she couldn’t relax enough for it to work. It hurt too much. As much as he wanted his cock inside his gorgeous wife’s butt, he didn’t want to hurt her.

Jerry leaned over and whispered hotly in her ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass.” He wanted to see what her reaction would be to make sure he was going in the right direction with her birthday present. He knew his wife enjoyed games and role-playing. She also liked it a little rough, not enough to really hurt her, but she liked him taking control and overpowering her. He felt her pussy drench his hand at his words. He smiled. “I’m going to make you want me to fuck your tight little ass. You’re going to want my hard cock meat up that virgin asshole, you’ll be begging me for it.” His own words were making him tense with lust for his wife’s ass, his cock was jerking, twitching, ready to plunge into his wife’s hot little butt.

Karen heard his words and shivered, her body responding to him as he continued to finger her. She spread her legs wider in response, humping his fingers coated with her juices. She loved the way her shaved pussy felt, so soft and smooth. His fingers played over them, messaging them, pulling them and then rubbing her clit back and forth just right. She moaned loudly. “Please, baby, I can’t stand up anymore!” She exclaimed.

Laughing, Jerry picked his wife up and carried her to the pillows in front of the big screen TV. He quickly saw that she had put a tape in the video and he found the controller and pressed play. The title of the video went by, “Anal Annie in Paris”. Chuckling he said, “You want my cock up the ass, don’t you baby?” He laid her back on the pillows and pulled her nightie down so her breasts were exposed. She had nice firm tits, with puffy areola around 1/2-inch nipples. He loved to suck on them for hours. Her pussy was slick and shiny with juices but he devoted a few moments to her breasts. He pressed and kneaded them, pinching the nipples and vibrating them back and forth in his fingers. He watched his cute wife close her eyes and moan, her head moving side-to-side. He bent over and licked each nipple, sucking, nipping at it until they were tight and full.

Karen moaned. She loved the way her husband made love to her. He knew just what to do but could still surprise her. She gasped as his teeth scraped across her nipple. “Oh baby,” she said over and over.

Hearing his wife so hot and horny made Jerry crazy. One hand stroking his wife’s body, he undressed quickly with the other hand. He lay down beside her and pulled her into an embrace. His cock poking at her leg.

Karen felt his warm, naked body against her. She felt his hard cock against her leg. Her hands rubbed his back up and down and then gently squeezed his ass. She loved him so much and wanted him so much. She breathed him in, smelling the days sweat and his aftershave. She loved the smell of him; it was like an aphrodisiac. She flung a leg over him and moved around until illegal bahis siteleri her shaved pussy was resting on his thigh. Moaning, kissing him, she rubbed her slick pussy up and down on his leg, her clit ready to burst.

Jerry let out a shaky moan when he felt his wife’s hot little pussy rubbing his leg. He knew she could cum like this and kept up a steady pressure. He kissed her hard and soft, licking her lips and tonguing her mouth, sucking her earlobes, and fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples. Her gasping getting louder, he knew she was about to cum. “Cum for me, baby. Cum on. Rub that hot little pussy on my leg and soak me with your cum,” he said urgently. He put his hands on her pumping hips, gripping her and guiding her frenzied rubbing.

Karen felt her husband’s hands on her hips, gripping her, helping her and knew she would cum quick. Trying to hold the feeling a little longer, she finally screamed letting the waves claim her. “Oh yes, Jerry, god yes! Ughn! Nnnn,” she purred as she came.

Jerry’s cock felt ready to explode. He loved the sound his wife made as she came. Sexy, wanton, sweet, uninhibited. He stroked his cum spent wife, her body sweaty and hot. “Mm, baby that was a good one. My leg is coated with your cum.” He felt her hot little snatch still rubbing him softly. The smooth lips sliding on his now drenched thigh. Disentangling himself from his horny wife, he lay her back in the pillows and spread her legs.

“What are you doing, baby?” She asked but willingly exposed herself to him.

He took off her shoes and slipped her stockings off. He rubbed his hands up his wife’s shaved legs. “You got all ready for me today didn’t you baby doll?” He asked. He bent down and sucked her toes, laving each toe with his tongue.

She purred in response.

Licking his way up her leg, he began kissing and licking all around his wife’s puffy, wet pussy lips. Smelling her scent, he didn’t hold back and opened his mouth wide, trying to taste her hot little box all at one time. His tongue found her love button and lashed it.

Karen cried out and tried to jerk away. She was so tender after an orgasm. But Jerry held her firm and lashed her swollen clit without mercy. She felt another orgasm welling up, her muscles tightened. Lifting her hips off the floor, pressing her pussy against her husband’s devouring mouth, her body tensed as the orgasm rippled over her belly and down her legs to her toes. “Oh god, Jerry, that was good!” She cried.

Jerry felt his wife’s juices drench his face when she came. Her pussy was slick with her cum. Taking a finger, he got it wet with her juices and rubbed it up and down her slit. Then he slid it lower and teased around her little puckered asshole. He felt her go still but she didn’t protest so he continued. Keeping his finger well lubed with her juices; he circled the rim of his wife’s virgin asshole until he felt her relax.

Karen knew what Jerry wanted to do. When she felt his finger touch her asshole she tried to relax. It was hard to do. She just couldn’t believe that anything up her ass could feel good. She had prepared for this by taking two enemas and flushing her system out. But even so, she still felt like it was dirty, nasty. Still, she was determined to give this to her husband for his birthday. Shakily, she let out breath. She tried to think of something else, but couldn’t ignore the insistent tingles coming from around her asshole as her husband fingered her there.

Feeling his wife relax just a little, Jerry pushed one finger just barely inside her asshole. The tight hole seemed so hot around his finger. His cock jerked and began to leak precum. “Baby, get on all fours for me.” He asked his cute, reluctant wife. He was all the more excited because she was doing this for him. He helped her lay on her tummy and put some pillows under her hips so her ass was jutting up, round and sassy right in his face. Now her asshole was right where he could get to it without any trouble. Her swollen, puffy pussy lips were a pretty sight, shaved and smooth and still wet from her cum.

He bent over and ran his tongue along the outside rim of her asshole, delicately at first. Then he probed gently into her asshole, testing the tightness with his tongue.

Karen gasped as her husband’s tongue pushed into her asshole. She trembled at the feeling of the hot, wet muscle forcing it’s way into her. Surprised, she found that it felt good.

Jerry was getting hotter and more turned on by his adoring wife reluctantly offering her virgin asshole to him. Putting his mouth over her asshole, he sucked gently. Hearing his hot wife moaning softly encouraged him. He dipped a finger into her wet pussy and then pressed it into her asshole up to the first knuckle. She felt her muscle tighten convulsively around his finger and relax, then he pushed it in some more. He kept licking all around his finger and the puckers of her asshole as he pushed it in further. Her moaning was music to him; his cock was drooling a constant stream of precum in anticipation.

When his finger was all the way inside canlı bahis siteleri her asshole, he gently began to work it in and out. Watching his finger disappear into his wife’s heretofore off-limits asshole made him tremble with desire. “Baby, you doing ok? You like my finger fucking your asshole?” He asked hoarsely. “Do you want me to stop?” He waited breathlessly praying she didn’t say no.

Karen closed her eyes, feeling his thick finger in her asshole, fucking it. She was surprised at how good it felt. Different from anything else. She was moaning softly almost constantly now and had to think to answer her husband. “Mm, no baby you don’t have to stop.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Jerry asked, pulling his finger out a little and then pushing it back into the forbidden orifice.

Karen moaned, pushing her ass back towards his invading finger, wanting to feel more. “No baby, don’t stop!” She said.

Smiling, Jerry said, “Don’t worry baby, I’m not stopping till I fill your tight luscious asshole with my cock! I’m going to stretch your asshole so wide the neighbors next door will here you squealing when you cum!” His finger fucked her asshole a few more times. Then he pulled all the way out. Wetting another finger, he prepared to push two fingers into his wife’s asshole. He watched the tight bud twitching, clenching in front of him and licked it. His warm tongue pushed up inside his wife again, straining to taste her.

Karen groaned, feeling her husband’s tongue up her asshole. It felt so fucking good, she thought. How can he do it though? Then she felt him put his fingers against her asshole, pushing. She knew he was using more than one finger and felt frightened. But as she felt both fingers slip into her asshole, it didn’t hurt, it just felt really tight and good. Wiggling her ass, she helped him push them all the way deep inside.

Breathing heavy, Jerry licked dry lips and said; “You like this don’t you baby. You like my fingers in your ass.” He heard her moan and didn’t really expect an answer. Gently, he messaged the inside of her hot ass tunnel, rubbing the walls and stretching them. He felt her tight sphincter relaxing little by little until he could pump his two thick fingers in and out of her ass without any problem. He kept finger fucking his beautiful wife’s ass and with the other hand, he began to frig her pussy. Her clit was swollen, ripe as a berry, and he stroked, patted and rubbed it until he heard his wife’s telltale signs of cuming.

“Oh yes, Jer! God don’t stop, do it just like that, it’s…” She broke off as an impressive orgasm ripped over her body, her asshole clenched down on his fingers so hard he nearly came too. Once again, her warm pussy juice coated his fingers and trickled down her thighs.

Whimpering softly, his wife lay spent. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her and licked her pussy and asshole. She was so plaint and relaxed now that he knew she was ready. Kneeling behind his luscious wife, her plump round ass just begging to be fucked, he gripped both her asscheeks and spread them apart. He positioned the head of his cock right at the entrance to her tight, virgin asshole.

“Ready baby? Want my big cock up your ass now?” He grunted out. The head of his cock pressed against the puckered outside of her asshole. He felt her tense up but kept pressing harder until the tip of his glistening cock was inside her. Groaning, Jerry concentrated on this his cockhead invading his wife’s virgin asshole. He had lubed her up pretty well, but his cock was still dry, and the friction of him forcing his way into that tight orifice was maddening. His precum coated the tip a little and he was able to push inside his wife’s butt. Watching the tip of his cock disappear into her asshole was almost as good as doing it.

Karen felt her husband big cock ready to fuck her asshole. She concentrated for a moment but didn’t feel any pain as he entered her asshole a little. Once again, she was surprised at how good it felt. All of a sudden, she wanted him to fuck her ass hard. She wanted his big cock inside her tight asshole, stretching her, filling her. She felt ready to explode just thinking about it. She had this incredible urge to push her bottom back, impaling herself with her husband’s cock.

“Jerry! Please fuck my asshole; fuck it hard, I want your cock ramming into my asshole. It feels so good. I want you to fill up my asshole with your hot sperm. Do it! Just do it!” She screamed out, wanting it so bad it made her beg.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass, but I’ll do it nice and slow and then I’ll do it hard and fast.” Jerry said, pushing into her a bit more, the head of his cock now embedded in his wife’s asshole. He watched the head disappear and moaned. With just a little more pushing, he felt the head pop past her sphincter muscle into the walls of her asshole. Feeling the way clear, he shoved his cock all the way up her, his balls slapping her pussy. The little tight hole stretched wide, taking his whole cock eagerly. “Oh God, baby, you are so hot! So tight.” Jerry grunted. He wanted so bad to slam fuck his wife’s ass but knew to take it easy for a while. He pulled out slowly until just the tip of his cock was inside her, then slammed home again. The incredible sight of his dick fucking his wife’s asshole had him sweating with tension.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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