An Extra Marital Fling

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Chapter 1

It was a warm early summer day, the kind of day you look forward to all winter long, so I cashed in a vacation day. A bike ride along the coast would be just the ticket on a day like today.

I stopped for a quick breakfast before heading out to one of my favorite areas, looking forward to cruising along the narrow cottage-lined streets. I was riding down one of the more secluded roads when the bike began to handle a little strangely. Looking down at the front tire, I could see it was almost flat, with a small nail poking out of the tire. I always carry a repair kit and small air pump, so I wasn’t too upset.

While I was searching through the tool kit for the proper wrench, a small car drove by me and pulled into the driveway across the street. I didn’t really pay any attention to the car until I heard a woman say “SHIT” under her breath but loud enough for anyone to hear. When I looked up, I saw this woman bent over picking up some fruit which had fallen from a ripped paper bag. A couple of melons managed to escape and were rolling down the driveway into the street before stopping in the grass not two feet from where I stood. I had to laugh, as the whole thing seemed pretty comical.

After rescuing the melons from the grass, I walked over to the woman, who was still bent over picking up some oranges. She didn’t notice my presence, so I cleared my throat to let her know I was behind her, but not before taking a moment to notice she was wearing a short pleated skirt that hinted at a very nice ass. I really couldn’t see much, what with her back to me and bent down, but what I could see looked pretty good. When I cleared my throat it must have startled her because she jumped up and let out a small scream.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She just stared at me, wide-eyed.

I hate those moments of silence that feel awkward, so I blurted out something stupid just to end that silence. “You have very nice melons.”

“What?” she asked, glancing down the front of her blouse.

I realized she mistakenly thought I was taking about her breasts, which did look very nice through her see-thru blouse (unfortunately, she was wearing a bra, but they looked good anyway). With a little chuckle I held out the melons. She looked at them and started to laugh.

“I’m sorry. You startled me, and I thought you meant …..” She blushed as her words trailed off.

“I did mean it,” I said handing her the melons; it was my turn to blush.

“Can I help you carry this stuff in?” I asked.

She just nodded and carried the ripped bag into the house. I grabbed the last couple of bags from the car and followed her in. As she walked I couldn’t help notice the sway of her hips, accentuated by the short pleated skirt. I’ve always been infatuated by a woman’s ass; I guess you could call me an ass man. She also had a great pair of legs, which the skirt showed off very nicely. I would have to guess her age to be somewhere between mid and upper thirties. She must have been about 130 pounds and about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her hair was a streaked blonde, tied up in the back to show off a slender neck. She wasn’t classically beautiful but had a friendly face that I found pleasing and attractive without a lot of makeup.

“Thanks. I wish they didn’t put so much in one bag,” she said while placing the bags on the counter.

Holding out her hand she said, “My name is Susan.”

Taking her hand I said, “Kurt, pleased to meet you, Susan.”

There was another awkward moment of silence, neither one of us knowing what to say.

As she turned and bent down to put the food in the refrigerator’s lower drawer, I couldn’t help noticing how her dress rode up almost to her panties, giving me an urge to reach down and pull that skirt up just a couple of inches.

Instead I said, “I better go; I have a tire that needs fixing. It was nice meeting you, Susan.”

She turned back to me, smiled, and said, “The pleasure is mine, and thanks for the help.”

I walked back to the bike, feeling myself get hard thinking about her; she was definitely having an effect on me.

Chapter 2

“HELLLLOOOO! Anybody home?”

My eyes focused, and I could feel the blood rush to my head with embarrassment as I realized that I had been daydreaming of what would have happened if I did pull that skirt up to reveal what treasure lay hidden from view.

“I’m sorry; I guess I was daydreaming.”

“Would you like to fix that on the porch, out of the sun? It’s the least I can do after the way you came to my rescue,” she said pointing to the flat tire.

As Susan spoke, she squatted down in front of me to look at the tire and what I was doing. As I looked up, I couldn’t help but catch a look at her legs, which were exposed under her skirt as she squatted. In fact, she was so exposed to my gaze that I could see her white cotton bikini panties, and she wasn’t wearing the stockings she had on earlier. I couldn’t help but wonder why, but was very turned on by illegal bahis this wonderful sight! I’ve always wondered if women know how powerful a pair of panties can be.

“If you don’t mind, that would be nice,” I said looking into her large round, green eyes.

Susan led me through a gate at the end of the driveway along the side of the house, which gave us access through a tall stockade fence that separated the front and back yard. The rear yard was small but beautifully manicured, with gardens and a partially covered deck facing the ocean. Susan showed me where to set up shop: a spot out of the sun, on the deck.

“Would you like some ice tea?” she asked.

“Sure, that would be great,” I said while turning the bike over onto its handlebars for easier access to the tire.

She went into the house through the sliding glass doors, saying she would be right back. Fixing a flat isn’t a difficult job and should only take about ten minutes, but I was already trying to find ways to make this little project last longer than it should. I may not be 20 anymore, but an attractive woman still has that same affect on me. I guess some guys never grow up.

When Susan came back out, she had two large glasses of ice tea filled to the brim, which looked very tempting. After placing the ice tea on a small table, she sat down on a stool in front of me so we could talk while I worked.

We spent the next half hour or so learning a little about each other. She was married to a guy who worked in sales for an electronics firm which kept him away from home more often than she liked. Susan was a manager for a packaging company and enjoyed her work. Her schedule was a little more flexible than her husband’s, so on nice days like today she was able to work from home or just take the day off.

I told her that I was married also and worked for an environmental consulting firm, which didn’t allow much flex time, but occasionally I would take a “mental health” vacation day like I did today. My wife is a secretary and gets more time off than I do, but today she was not as lucky as I was and had to go into the office.

All the time we were talking, I was able to catch a glimpse of her panties as she unconsciously opened and closed her legs. With every glimpse concentrating on the conversation was becoming more and more difficult. In fact, I was enjoying the show a little too much and began to sport a noticeable bulge in my shorts. I couldn’t really hide it, sitting right in front of her, so I just let it happen.

“What do you do to keep yourself busy while your husband is away?” I asked.

“I have lots of things to do, but it does get a little lonely at times,” she admitted. “We make up for lost time when he’s home though.” She blushed a little, realizing what she said and how it could have been taken.

“I’ll bet you do,” I said.

There was another moment of quiet, and then she asked if I would like one of her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Chapter 3

“Hell yeah, chocolate chip just happens to be one of my favorites!”

Susan stood up and went back into the kitchen, with me watching every sway of her hips as she walked. Just before she slipped through the sliders, she glanced back and caught me looking. Not saying anything, she just smiled and continued into the house. She was really making me hot, and my imagination was visualizing her bent over a table with her skirt hiked up and her panties pulled down to her knees. This was beginning to drive me crazy.

All of a sudden I heard a crash and then “SHIT!” I ran into the house thinking Susan had fallen or something and stopped short in the kitchen doorway. There she was leaning over the counter with her back to me, reaching up to a shelf that was way too high for her. She was on her toes, stretching upward, with her skirt riding high. The cookie jar was in her hands but threatening to slip and fall onto the counter next to the top which had already fallen. It didn’t take long to realize she was in no danger but she was in a very vulnerable position.

“Could you grab the jar for me before it falls?” she asked with a little desperation in her voice.

“I could, but I’m rather enjoying the view,” I chuckled.

“You can enjoy the view later! Just help me out first!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t know Susan; I think this is the perfect time. I could pull that skirt up right now, and you wouldn’t be able to do a thing without dropping that jar.”

“Stop teasing me and grab this thing now,” she said so softly I could barely hear her.

I stood next to her and put one hand on her ass, gently massaging one cheek and then the other. With the other hand I slowly raised her skirt, exposing her panty clad bottom. Continuing my gentle assault on Susan’s ass, I ran my hand down between her legs, cupping her sex. Her crotch was damp and warm to the touch, and I could sense a very slight rocking motion.

“Please, the jar is slipping,” she pleaded with a whisper.

The jar was teetering illegal bahis siteleri on the edge and about to fall, so I stood behind Susan, reached up and took the jar from her hands. This position placed my cock in between the cheeks of her ass, and I had to press up against her while reaching up. She had to feel my cock pressing into her, but she didn’t say anything; in fact, she seemed to be pushing back into me.

I grabbed the cookie jar and pulled it down, placing it onto the counter. Without a second’s hesitation I brought both of my hands around the front of her in a hug and pulled her closer to me while kissing the back of her neck. Susan surprised me by dropping her head, exposing her neck to my kisses and moaning very softly. That one little action went straight to my cock and drove me to the next level of desire.

Raising my hands, which were wrapped around her belly, I cupped her breasts while continuing to kiss and lick her neck. She continued to whimper softly, but what really surprised me was the way she was rubbing her soft ass up and down along my now very hard cock. Taking this as a go-ahead sign, I began to push my cock back into her, rubbing against her soft cheeks while unbuttoning her blouse. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I ripped her blouse open, because I remember hearing the buttons bounce off the counter and onto the floor.

The next thing I knew, I had two hands full of her breasts, squeezing them, pulling and pinching her nipples. They stiffened and grew under my rough treatment. Susan began to groan and threw her head back against my shoulder, seeming to want this as much as I did. I brought my hands up to her face, touching every part of her, shoving one my fingers into her mouth which she began sucking on as though it were a little cock.

By this time I wanted her so badly that I picked her up and carried her to the living room, draping her over the arm of a huge overstuffed chair. This presented her ass to me in a perfect position for the taking. Just my earlier vision, I pulled her skirt up over her waist and her panties down to her knees, where they continued to fall to her feet.

This is when I had to stop and take in this intimate and erotic sight. Susan was looking back at me with her eyes half open and gleaming with lust. Her ass was beautiful, so full and round with a pink color spread all over. Her pussy was swollen and soaking wet, with her clit extending at least an inch from its hooded hiding place. This was a sight that would remain embedded in my memory for a long time!

Kneeling down behind her, I brought my face to her pussy, where I could smell her intoxicating aroma and even feel the heat radiating from her. I kissed her clit, and she jumped. I licked her lips, and she jumped again. I licked her tight little hole, and she groaned out load and pushed herself back, impaling her ass on my tongue. I attacked her with my mouth — sucking, licking, and nibbling every part of her that I could get to. I even sucked her clit into my mouth, wrapping my tongue all around it. Susan began humping herself up and down with her clit locked between my lips until I heard her scream and was rewarded with a huge gush of liquid, which drenched my face.

I’ve heard of women who could ejaculate a clear liquid when highly excited, but this was one of the few times I experienced it up close. It was a huge turn on! I lapped up as much of the liquid as I could but there was just too much, so I began spreading it all over Susan’s ass, licking her as I spread it all over her cheeks. Then I scooped a handful of this wonderful lube to her asshole and began working it in, sliding a single finger into her. Susan must have liked the feeling of my finger penetrating her ass, because she began to moan again while pushing herself back against me, sinking my finger completely inside her.

This was really sending me off into the land of no return, so while stroking my finger in and out of her ass, I peeled my shorts off with the other hand. My cock sprang up like a diving board; it was so hard it actually hurt! There was no way to hold back any more! Standing up with my finger still lodged inside her ass I placed the head of my cock against the entrance of her pussy and began to press forward, sinking further and further into her extremely hot and wet cunt. Susan’s eyes were closed, and she was shaking all over. I could feel more of her magical liquid engulf my cock and run down my legs as I stroked in and out of her.

I wanted to come inside Susan’s pussy so badly, to fill her up and watch it flow out of her, but there was something else I wanted even more. I think she wanted it as bad as I did but was either unwilling or unable to say it. I wanted to sink my cock deep inside Susan’s ass! I wanted to see and feel it disappear between those beautiful pink cheeks! I wanted to feel her ass grip my cock tight and milk the come out of it!

With a huge amount of regret and anticipation, I slowly pulled my cock out of her and rested canlı bahis siteleri it against her opening while moving my attention to the finger that was still knuckle deep inside her ass. Plunging first one and then a second finger into her extremely tight ass, I loosened her up and teased her at the same time. I have to admit to deriving a great deal of pleasure from teasing a woman during sex to increase her desire, and this was a perfect time to do just that. I had the strong impression that Susan was enjoying the tease a much as I was, so a plan began to form in my mind.

When she reached down, wrapping her hand around my cock and trying to pull it up to her anal opening, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand behind her back.

“Please, I want you inside me,” she said so low I just barely heard her. “Please!”

I withdrew my fingers, leaving her empty and exposed, and then with the palm of my hand I slapped her ass hard enough to sting my hand. She jumped, I’m sure from the surprise as well as the pain.

“What was that for?” she gasped.

“Because I was not ready to sodomize you yet, and you tried to put my cock into your ass!”

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again!” she said with tears in her eyes.

I spanked her several more times, turning her ass a much brighter red. I took a few moments to lightly rub a hand over her beautiful cheeks and then down to her pussy, which was incredably wet. I pressed two fingers inside her pussy, up and towards her belly, trying to find her special spot. Susan began rocking her hips again like she was going to come, but I didn’t want that yet; I wanted to tease her, keep her on the edge.

Withdrawing from her pussy, I moved my attention back to her ass. I bent down and licked all around her anal opening, occasionally dipping my tongue inside her, and once again she started humping herself against the chair and my tongue. I wanted to drive my cock into her ass so badly the precum was dripping out of the slit at the end of my cock. But I knew in my mind that this was a once in a lifetime thing, and I wanted to take it as far as I could. I gave her ass another slap and then pulled Susan up to face me.

She had a surprised, questioning look on her face as I leaned in and gave her a huge open- mouthed kiss.

Then, looking right into her eyes, I said, “Go get your toys and bring them to me.”

“Toys?” she asked with a perplexed look.

“Yes, toys. Everyone has a box or bag of adult toys, dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, those kinds of toys. You do have toys, don’t you?”

She nodded her head yes.

“Then bring them to me along with a couple of your husband’s ties. Be quick about it!”

Chapter 4

Susan turned and scrambled into the bedroom. Her skirt, which she was still wearing, fell back into place and swayed with her hips as she went. Again I was taken by her beauty! She was only gone for a few minutes as I played out the plan in my mind. When she returned, I got my first good look at her from the front. Her blouse was open, and she had no bra on (I have no idea what happened to that). Her breasts were as beautiful as the rest of her, with long erect nipples topping large brown areolae that were puffy with excitement. I could very easily spend several hours playing with and sucking on her breasts!

Without looking up, as if she was embarrassed, she handed me what looked like an old handbag. I could understand her embarrassment. To my surprise, the bag was chock-full of goodies. Lying on top were two silk ties, just like I said.

“OK, Susan, now we go out onto the deck,” I said, watching for her reaction.

She quickly looked up at me with a very surprised expression. “But you’re half naked!” Then looking down at herself, “And so am I!”

“Don’t worry, Susan; nobody will be able to see us. Your deck isn’t visible to anyone except for that house around the corner, and it’s unlikely anyone is home at this time of day.”

“What about the beach?” she asked.

“There’s no one there; it’s a private beach. The only people that might come by would be joggers, and that’s highly improbable at this time of day.”

“What about the boats on the water?” she asked with a worried look on her face.

“They’re way to far away to actually see anything unless they are looking through binoculars. And if they do watch through binoculars, then I hope they enjoy the show!” I said with a laugh. “Now go, before I have to spank you again, and this time all those people on the boats will be watching you get spanked!”

Susan gave me a wild look while rubbing her ass. I really didn’t think anyone would be able to see what we were about to do, but the prospect of being seen made this even more exciting. I wondered if Susan felt the same way.

She walked to the sliding glass doors, stopping to poke her head out and see if anyone was around. I was right behind her and gave her ass a swat when she stopped, which caused her to hop outside into the open air.

“Wait right there, Susan; I’ll be right back.” I said, turning around. It occurred to me that she might think I was going to lock her outside half naked, but I just wanted to grab a throw rug to soften our adventure. The wood on a deck can be pretty rough.

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