A Wanton Wife Ch. 02

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Black Cock

“Damn, damn, damn,” I mutter as I race downstairs to meet you. “You’re home!” I cry as I wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply. I am so hot that I’ll take what I can get, even if it means a vanilla fuck instead of the ass reaming that I want. I reach down and start undoing your belt.

“You’re especially eager tonight,” you say, laughing. “Let me just put my stuff away…”

“No,” I interrupt. “I want you right here, right now.” I drop to my knees and unbuckle your belt, yanking it out and hoping you don’t see me casting a longing glace at it, thinking of all the ways you could use it on me. You could use it to spank me, tie me up, gag me…

I shake my head and toss it aside, unzipping your pants and pulling out your rapidly stiffening cock. I slide my lips over the head and start sucking enthusiastically. You harden immediately and I tease you, working my way up and down about a third of the way, and then half way, and then back to a third of the way. You lean back against the front door, moaning. I tease you for another few minutes, then grab your hands and place them on the back of my head while at the same time gulping down your entire cock, deep throating you while forcing you to force my head down. I push backwards and tease the head of your cock again over and over until you moan with frustration and force my head down. If you only knew how much I love to be forced, that I try and get you so hot that you get rough with me, would you be turned on or turn away?

I deep throat you enthusiastically as you instinctively force my mouth all the way down your cock. Every time you ease up, I go back to teasing you until you can’t stand it and shove my head back down. I’m trying to communicate what I want without saying the words because I’m afraid that if you knew what whorish desires I have you’d turn away in disgust.

Finally I can’t take it anymore and slowly slide my mouth back up your cock, sucking hard the whole way until the head loudly pops out of my mouth.

“Why’d you stop?” you ask, opening your eyes and focusing them.

“Because if you don’t fuck me right now, I’m going to explode,” I answer.

I pull myself unsteadily to my feet and run into the living room, where I bend over the arm of the couch and pull up my skirt, showing you that I’m not wearing any panties.”

“I see,” you say laughing at your double meaning as you walk up behind me and I feel the head of your wonderful cock pressing against the entrance of my tight, wet pussy. I thrust myself backwards, taking your entire length in one deep stroke until the tip of your cock slams into my cervix and I wince a little at the pain.

“Are you alright?” you ask with concern, pulling out quickly. “I can go slowly or even stop if you want…”

My frustration makes me bold and I answer with words I wouldn’t usually have the courage to say aloud, “I want you to fuck me right now, as hard as you can. I want you to make me scream until I don’t know whether I’m screaming for you to stop or for you never to stop. I want you to pound your cock into me over and over until you come so hard that you lift me off the ground. I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t sit down for three days and every time I do, I gasp at the pain to my poor, sore pussy and get all wet thinking about how hard you fucked me and come home that night and beg you to do it again.”

For a moment, there is nothing but silence from behind me. I wilt a little, thinking I’ve scared you off, that you finally see what a slut I am. I start to turn around, reaching back to pull my skirt down when your hand stops me.

“I see,” you say again, your tone betraying nothing. After a few seconds that seem to last an eternity, your hands shove my skirt all the way back up. Your force your knees between mine, roughly illegal bahis spreading my legs. You shove me further over the arm of the couch, lifting my ass higher into the air. When my face in buried in the couch and my ass is so high in the air that I am on my toes, I feel the head of your cock pressing against the opening of my pussy. I’ve started to cool off a little from my fear of scaring you away, and I know I’m not as ready as I was a few minutes ago. I don’t say anything, both because I don’t want you to stop and because I want it to hurt a little bit. I start to press back again you again, but you quickly put a hand on the small of my back, stopping me.

“No,” you whisper. “I’m fucking you, remember? You don’t get to control it; you just have to take it, all of it, as hard as I want to give it to you. I believe you said something about me fucking you so hard that you can’t sit down without wincing in pain for three days, not you fucking me. If that’s how you want it, that’s how you’re going to get it.”

I can’t tell anything from your tone. I don’t know if you’re excited or angry or disgusted with me. I am so afraid of how you’ll feel about me after this that I bury my face in the couch, both wanting you fuck me just like you described and wanting it to be over.

Your hands grab my hips in a viselike grip and you force my hips a little bit higher, until I can barely touch my toes to the ground. I can’t move or get away. I am pinned down and spread open, unable to do anything but fearfully anticipate the feel of your cock ramming into my tight and cooling cunt, and I love it. As the blood starts to rush back to my exposed and vulnerable pussy and I begin to get wet again, you ram your cock all the way into me, this time slamming into my cervix so hard that I let out an involuntary scream which I hope is muffled by the couch. I so don’t want you to stop, but you do.

“Did that hurt?” you ask. “Tell me honestly or this ends here” you add.

“Just a tiny bit,” I answer, “But not very much at all, so please don’t stop,” I implore.

“You seem to like it to hurt,” you observe. “Do you? And, again, honesty please.”

“A little,” I answer, again burying my face in the couch cushions in shame.

“I see,” you say for the third time. “Well who am I not to give you want you seem to want so much?” you ask, as you pull all the way out and slam into me with all your force, causing me to cry out involuntarily into the cushions again.

“Scream all you want,” you demand. “You seem to want me to make you scream, so I will.”

Again you pull all the way out and then ram your rock hard meat back in to the hilt, before you steady into a deep pounding, punishing rhythm. It hurts so much and feels so good at the same time that soon I am screaming incoherently into the couch cushions in time with the deep, powerful strokes of your cock bottoming out inside my bruised and battered pussy. Unable to move (assuming I wanted to), I feel vulnerable and unable to refuse or resist or escape, pillaged and plundered, and I love it. You ram into me over and over for what seems like hours. Finally I feel the deep, fast strokes that signal you are about to come.

“Yes,” I scream into the couch. “Come hard. Give me every inch and every drop. Fill me with your cock and cum, cum and cock! Give it to me, give it all to me.”

Abruptly you stop without finishing. “What..?” I start to say, turning my head.

Smack! Your hand lands hard on my ass, much harder than the play spankings you’ve given me before. “Not a word from you. Stay there quietly and don’t move, and I’ll be right back. Put your face back into the cushions and wait for me.”

Wordlessly I obey, wondering what’s going on, why you stopped. You are only gone a few minutes, but it seems like forever as I lay illegal bahis siteleri panting into the cushions. My heart is pounding so loudly into my ears that I don’t hear you return until I feel the tip of your cock again pressing into my bruised pussy. I jerk involuntarily, but again have nowhere to go. You say there, not moving, until I moan in frustration.

You take a step back from me and ask again, “You really want it to hurt?”

I nod wordlessly into the cushions, my face burning with both the heat of shame and desire.

“OK, I’m new at this, but here goes,” you say as you press down on my back with one hand, immobilizing me, and press forward into my pussy with the other. I feel something rough and unfamiliar and I twitch forward in surprise.

“Dry washcloth,” you whisper. “You were so wet and slippery that I bet it had stopped hurting, hadn’t it?”

“Yes,” I moan unhappily in reply.

“You like?” you ask as you continue to press into my swollen pussy with what feels like a baseball bat wrapped in the washcloth but is probably only your hand.

“Yesssssss,” I moan again, unable to stop myself, anticipating how it will feel when you ram your cock into my sore and mostly dry pussy.

“Good,” you say. “I’d hate to have been this creative for nothing.” You force your washcloth wrapped fingers all the way in and twist them, drying out much of my wetness before abruptly pulling out.

“Of course,” you add, “I don’t want to fuck you mostly dry – that might injure my cock and we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

“Noooooooo,” I answer, wondering where this is going, as I feel another sensation replace the rough feel of the washcloth.

“So, I’m wearing a condom and I lubed myself up before so that I don’t rub my cock raw in you, so that you’re the only one who ends up sore. You like pain, not me, alright?”

“Yes, I understand,” I reply. “I would never want to hurt you or to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

“OK, then,” you say as you settle the tip of your cock into the opening of my much dryer pussy. “I should tell you a couple of more details. This is one of those ridged and bumpy condoms that you like so very much, and I wiped most of the lube off of the outside so you should feel every bump and ridge as I ram into you. Is that OK with you?” you ask.

“Yes,” I reply a little uncertainly. You’re scaring me a little, but I don’t want you to stop.

“Also, I seem to have discovered that I like it when you say ‘no’ which is something we’ll have to explore a great deal more in the future, but for now what I want – what I want for you to do for me since I’m doing what you want – is to say ‘No’ every time I thrust into you. Can you do that for me?” you ask.

Hesitantly, and more than a little fearfully I nod yes, both dreading and desiring what I think this is going to feel like.

“And the final detail is this,” you add. “Remember last Christmas you gave me that numbing cream. You said it was to make it last longer and I realize you meant it as a joke, but you hurt my feelings. It bothered me a lot and until now I didn’t think I needed it, but now I see it has a few uses. I slathered it all over my cock before I put the condom on, and it really seems to work. I got some on my hands and I bet this won’t sting a bit,” you say as you smack my ass really hard.

“Ow!” I scream, “That really hurt!” I reach back the rub my ass but you grab my hand and stop me.

“Not me, it didn’t, and that’s the point, isn’t it?” you ask. “You wanted me to hurt you. You insulted me and hurt my feelings, and I get to assault and hurt your pussy. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?” You ask. Without giving me a chance to answer you ask another question of me, “Are you ready?”

“Wait, stop, no…” I start to say, but you canlı bahis siteleri interrupt me…

“Perfect! That’s it! You just keep saying no and I’ll keep pounding your pussy!” you say cheerfully as you force your cock into my inflamed pussy and ram it into me all the way.

“Ow that hurts, no stop, please no!” I beg, as you ignore my protests and begin to pound away, battering at my sore flesh.

“Really?” you ask. “I can hardly feel a thing. Oh wait, you mean it hurts you. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking about hurting you, just of myself. But you wanted it to hurt like this, right?”

“No, owwww, no not like this, not like this, it really hurts, god you’re so big and hard owwww owwww owwww please stop, please. Nooooooooooo!” I scream. “Please, stop, please, nooooooooooo!”

“Perfect,” you cry cheerfully over my screams. “This is really doing it for me, too, especially the ‘big and hard’ part. Despite the numbing cream, I think I’ll be able to come sometime tonight, though I’m not sure when.”

“Nooooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, noooooo,” I cry out as you punish me mercilessly. I realize that I tried to lead you somewhere, into something whether you wanted it or not, and got caught instead. I wonder how long you’ve wanted to punish me, and what other things I’m going to be punished for. I am both dreading and eagerly anticipating finding out just what else you’re going to do to me.

“You stopped screaming ‘No!’ ” You admonish me, “But I can see that you’re getting wet again. Do you want me to stop and dry you out again?”

“No oh god no please no don’t do that!” I beg in terror. “It hurts so much already please don’t!”

“But you love it and you know it, don’t you?” you ask. “If you do, say ‘No! to please me. But if it’s not true, just tell me ‘No!’ and I’ll stop,” you say, laughing.

“What? No, please nooooooooooooo!” I cry in pain and frustration, realizing that I’m pinned and can’t move and that you won’t stop no matter what I say or how I beg, that you set it up perfectly so that I can’t stop you with my pleas and I can’t move away because I am pinned and helpless. “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!” I scream over and over for what seems like hours.

I hear you grunting and growling behind me as you pound me harder than anyone ever has before. Occasionally I hear you grunt, “Yes!” as you slam into me hard, but mostly it sounds like I’m being ravaged by a merciless animal, and it feels like I am. It hurts so much than I ever thought, but some small dark corner of me loves it so much that I manage to keep crying out, “Nooooooooooooooo!” each time you say yes, both challenging you and begging for you to keep going.

Your grunts come harder and faster as your thrusts go deeper than I thought possible. I can feel the head of your cock forcing open my cervix with each extra deep thrust, and know that I will never, ever forget this fuck – or try to maneuver you again.

Finally, with an incoherent howl you slam into me all the way and I feel the hot streams explode into my ill-treated pussy, and realize that you came so hard that the condom exploded.

You collapse on top of me and take a dozen shuddering breaths. “Well,” you say, “I enjoyed that a great deal, and I think you did, too, though I would have done it anyway and plan on doing it again, whether you want me to or not, OK?

“No!” I say loudly, trying to push you off and get out from under you.

“Exactly!” you say with enthusiasm as your hand lands on my ass with a hard slap. “It’s good that we have reached this understanding, and in the future I expect you to tell me about any ‘special needs’ you have, rather than try to lead me by the dick into doing what you want. If you try this again, I will not only not do what you’re trying to get me to do then, but I will never, ever do what you’re trying to get me to do. Understand?”

Not knowing how to answer, I nod wordlessly into the couch cushions, fearing what else you might do to me – and wanting it so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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