A Visit to Granny’s Farm Ch. 03

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On my journey home I wondered what the hell had just happened but my weenis knew as it stood tall and proud in the confines of my clothes

A visit to Granny’s Farm Ch02

“What the fucking hell are you doing Terry? You bloody fool.” I shouted to myself as I drove to the main road. My weenis knew exactly what I was doing and again it was trying to stand up to attract my attention.

I knew I had to put a stop to the incestuous activity, I also knew my little Plinky would be very upset if I said no more.


Todays visit was very quick, no frills, no spills… But thrilling to bed my young aunty and we spilt the juice on the straw.

A visit to Granny’s Farm Ch03

Two or three weeks later I found myself pulling into the track leading to ‘High croft’, a couple of hundred yards and the track turns revealing Granny’s cottage and I could see a red dressed person picking runner beans. When I arrived at the cottage the trailer was still parked by the woodshed so continued just like last visit to the small barn and parked in front of the door. My walk to the cottage, or possibly the vegetable patch was stopped abruptly when I found a topless Aunty Annabella just inside the barn door.

“Hello Plinky, you look a bit keen to see me.” I said in a cheery voice and a beaming smile internet casino on my face. By then I was in touching distance and offered my arms for the expected hug and usual climbing frame activity.

Instead the greeting was a severe; “Suck this.” And a hand squeezed the little amount of breast flesh to create a bigger mount topped by the red nipple.

Never one to refuse a lady I bent down, sucked the nipple into my mouth and felt both arms circle my head and neck. One hand between her shoulder blades and the other under her buttocks, a pull and a lift and I was standing up straight with a pair of slim legs clamping themselves around my chest.

“Oo Terry, so strong.” The pressure against my head changed and I found it being directed to the other nipple.

“Bloody heck Plinky these feel much harder.”

“I… Have… been… playing… with…them… a… lot… since… last…time.”

“And today it’s my turn.”

“Ohh yes please Terry. Put me down.”

I eased the grip and as athletic as ever she hopped down from her vice like grip.

“Race ya.” And she shot up the bales like a rat along a sewer. The skirt vanished to leave her in her apple catchers by the time I reached the top and instantly my t-shirt was being ripped up over my head before I had chance to gain a proper canlı poker oyna footing. While I was completing the task with my t-shirt my jeans were tugged open and roughly pushed down my legs. I fell to a sitting position dumped my t-shirt on the straw and removed the bunch of my jeans, pants, socks and trainers in one mass.

“Breed me.” Annabella was on all fours on the top bale and I, stepping to the lower bale, inserted weenis into my aunties sex pocket expecting to start with slow movements. She was wet and ready with big fat W “Hmmff, hmmff, hmmff, hmmssyatterrrrrrrrrnnzya. Hrfff harrfff, hafff harrhh, yes. Yes. Yessss. Oh Terry. Why, why, why didn’t we start this before?”

We had both gone across the top and breathless we collapsed in a tangle of limbs.

“My guess Plinky is you didn’t see Jenny in here before.”

“Ha ha that? Oi bin wachin’ ‘er fe yars.” (I’ve been watching her for years).

“I love the way you drop into Granddads speak sometimes.”

“‘appen ziff. Come on Terry let’s see the puppies.”

“I just don’t get you sometimes Plinky.”

“Awww there, there. Get dressed, let’s go.”

We dressed in record time, climbed down the straw bale steps and made our way to the pen shed where Jasper was walking around with four puppies following, four puppies which poker oyna seemed to be nearly the same size as her.

“Crikey haven’t they grown?”

“They have, we reckon it must have been the Labrador, especially when you look at the brown one.”

“How are the chicks doing?”

“Oh they’re up in the run with the others now, they grow far too quickly. Dad’s planning to let some more hatch. Which way are you going when you leave?”

“Trying to get rid of me then?”

“Course not Terry but I need to do some shopping and a lift into town would go down well.”

I looked at my watch, “It’s quite early, did you want to go now? I could hang around and bring you back too.”

Annabella gave me a big squeeze. “Let me put a bra on.”

We walked to the cottage where I washed my hands and face then turned the car round and picked her up from the woodshed Annabella had changed into a different jumper and her little bumps were missing. Her hair had been brushed and I noticed how long it had grown. Since forever it had been just about shoulder length and now it was well down her back.

“Your hair has got really long Plinky, it looks good.”

“Ta.” She reached across to kiss me before we both fitted our seatbelts and we headed off up the lane.


This really was a wham bang thank you mam… In and out without chance to take a breath.

My notes could easily take this tale in three different directions roughly labelled; good, bad or ugly. Where should I head next in chapter 04?

Thank you for reading.

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