A Bonus At Work

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Big Dicks

“Hello,” she whispered as she slipped into the office, gently closing the door behind her, and quietly setting the lock.

“You’re late,” Andrew said, checking his watch.

“I had to be sly,” she laughed. She crossed over behind his desk, sat in his lap and kissed his neck gently. “I’ll make the two minutes up to you.”

“Five,” he corrected, smirking.

“Four, and don’t piss me off,” she said nipping him.

He chuckled lightly, wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her closer, his lips meeting hers. His mouth firm against her soft one as their lips gently clung together, and she sighed against him. Her hands came up and splayed across his chest, feeling his heart beat heavily in his chest as their lips moved together.

The tip of his tongue slipped between her lips and gently touched hers. Her mouth opened slightly, allowing him access. Their tongues began to play, first gently, and then more insistent. The kiss deepening and their mingled breath became heavy. Her finger tightened, holding handfuls of his shirt as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, teeth gently grazing it.

His hand slid up her smooth bare leg, across the swell of her hips, and then crept up to cup her breast, gently squeezing it, feeling it’s fullness. His hand slid around to the front, catching her nipple, erect through the thin material of her shirt, between his thumb and forefinger; rolling it between them. She cried out, her mouth momentarily slack while he played with her nipples and nibbled along her jaw.

His other hand came up, capturing her other breast as his mouth descended, pushing her back to kiss her collar bone, while he pulled her shirt up and off, throwing it across the room. He kneaded her breasts, barely contained in the black lace bra, and then pulled the straps of her bra down exposing her hard pink nipples to his hungry mouth. His lips covering one of them, pulling it into his mouth and running his tongue over it.

One of her hands came up, running into his hair and holding him there, eyes closed and neck arched as he sucked on her breasts. “God, Andrew,” she murmured. Blindly, she began pushing his jacket off of his shoulders, wanting to feel his skin. Her hand, shaking, unbuttoned illegal bahis his shirt, opening it to his waist, and then pulling it free of his pants and running her hands up under his undershirt to feel the hairs on his torso against her hands. She ran a hand across his nipples, feeling them harden as she explored the hard ridges of his body.

Abruptly, he pulled away from her, grabbing her by the waist, and setting her on edge of his desk. He looked up at her, her lips swollen and eyes dark, locking her gaze as his hands slid up her thighs, under her skirt, and found her pussy bare.

“Megan, where are your panties?”

“I was operating under the pretext that they were un-needed,” she smiled slyly.

“Mmm,” he smiled, his thumb running up and down the seam of her pussy., already so wet for him. He gently pressed her shoulders back with his other hand, her body resting on her elbows, her feet on placed on the arm rests of his chair.

His thumb parted her smooth lips, causing her head to fall back, eyes closing as he split the lips of her sex and ran his thumb up and down her slit. He gently circled her clit…once…twice… and then slid it down to her opening, easing it into the burning wet heat that he had started. She whimpered, pressing against his hand. He pushed her knees further apart, feet still on art rests and wrapped his arms up under her thighs, holding her in place and he leaned down and laid a kiss on her nether lips.

He licked along her labia, swollen and open for him in long slow strokes, causing her to body to twitch every time he crossed her clit, moaning softly with every stroke. Her hands reached back over her head, and held the other edge of his desk, gripping it as his tongue dipped into her pussy and began fucking her with it.

He slipped his tongue out of her hole, and slid it up to the top of her crease, easily finding her hard clit and circling it. She cried out, arching underneath him as he run his tongue around and over it.

“Fuck, Andrew.”

“You like that?” he murmured against her clit. “You like when I eat your pussy?”

“Yes, please don’t stop,” she begged, her hips arching against his lips.

He smiled against her, and then buried illegal bahis siteleri his face in her pussy, tongue moving over her clit in earnest, and he was rewarded by her instant reaction as she cried out, body tensed and coiled in his arms. He let go of one of her legs, sliding his hand around to her pussy. He slid the finger over her wet lips, wetting it, and then pushed it into her. Fucking her with one and then two fingers. Her pussy walls gripped his fingers, holding them tight as they moved in and out. Treating them like they would his cock. He began to fuck her harder with his hand, pushing them into her in short fast strokes.

He could feel the coiled energy building in her body, and decided to make her cum. His fingers pumping in and out of her, he clamped down on her hard little clit, sucking it into his mouth and attacking it with his tongue. He moaned into her, clit vibrating on his tongue.

Her moans swiftly became desperate cries, and her muscles tightened rapidly, approaching climax. Her hips jerked against him, her back arching off the desk as she came, wordless noises coming from her mouth as her body shook, her pussy clamping down on his fingers, trying to hold them in place.

He slowed his tempo as her contractions diminished, unwrapping his other arm from her leg and slipping the chair back away from the desk as he stood.

She sat up, her legs dangling over the edge, skirt around her waist. She reached forward, face lowered, but eyes raised to his, and quickly made work of his pants. Deftly slipping the belt out away from it’s buckle, and dropping his pants to the floor. Soon his shorts followed, and her reached out to touch the silken hardness of his cock. Her hand filled, she slid her fingers along it’s length, catching the pre-cum on the tip of her index finger, and then slipping it into her mouth

She reached back down and placed the head of his glistening cock against her soaking wet hole, and whispered, “Fuck me, Andrew. I need you.”

He pressed forward, just letting the head slip into her heat, his hands holding her hips tightly, not allowing her to move toward him.

“You want me to fuck you with this dick?” he asked, his voice throaty.

“Yes, canlı bahis siteleri baby.”

“Do you want me to fuck you hard?” he asked, easing his head back and forth just inside her labia.

“Mmmhmm,” she moaned, her legs coming to lock behind him.

His mouth came forward and caught her lip between his teeth, holding it as he drove into her. Her whole body tensed as she cried out, her pussy pushed open in a single thrust. “Fuck,” he hissed, feeling her tight pussy, impossible hot and wet on his cock. He began to slide back, unable to stop himself from this. Unable to stop himself from thrusting into her, pushing her body apart with his enormous cock as he pushed into her over and over again.

Her legs still locked around his waist, she clung to his shoulders, as he wrapped his arms around her back and held her in place, and drove his shaft past her lips and into the velvety hot moisture. Her face buried against his shoulder crying out and driving him to fuck her harder, faster. His pubic hair and hard pubic bone hitting her exposed clit repeatedly.

He held tightly on to his control, but kept ploughing into her, sensing that he was close to feeling her pussy cumming again, this time on his cock. Her mouth was wet against his neck and chest as she told him over and over again how good his hard cock felt. His hands slid down, and cupped her ass. She was so close. He grabbed her ass, fingers spread across the soft flesh, and he held her fast and began to slam into her. His balls slapping against her cheeks.

Her body started to tense up, her back arching, and he could feel the tremors start to build in her legs. “God, baby your pussy feels so good,” he whispered. “Cum on me, “Megan. Cum on my cock.”

She screamed out, her cunt gripping him hard as she shook. Her pussy flooding the place where they were merged. He groaned, unable to stop himself, and pumped into her hard, feeling the cum moving up from his balls as he pushed over the edge and exploded into her. He roared, violently plunging his hard cock into her as she came around him and his seed shot into her, jet after jet into her body. Filling her with his cock and his cum.

Panting, hearts pounding, they came down, bodies still moving together in progressively slower thrusts. Not able to move away and disconnect just yet. Not wanting to give up the heat built up between them. Her hands wrapping around his neck as she whispered, “We’ll continue this tonight when I get home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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