A Beautiful View of Paris

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A few years ago I spent six months in Paris as an exchange student at the Sorbonne University. Paris, as you will know, is the most romantic city in the world, and as a 22 year old, being in my prime and all, I had been looking forward to half a year of fun.

My name is Alessandro. I’m half Norwegian and half Italian, getting the best of both Scandinavia and Italy. 6 feet high, athletic build, black hair, olive skin and the trademark deep blue Scandinavian eyes, I had never had any problems getting women. During my upbringing in London and schooling at the best schools around Europe, I had discovered that the magic combination of Europe’s north and south had a special effect on the ladies, making my life a hell of a lot more enjoyable, and more exciting. The stay in Paris was to prove this point to the full…

At the beginning of April, when the French spring had just started, but the tourists had yet to invade the city, I was strolling around the luxurious shops of the Champs Elysées. It was time to renew my spring wardrobe, the official reason for my excursion, but these outings often proved to bring enjoyable bonuses, so I was thoroughly enjoying my time.

Having spent a few hours walking my way through Dior, Armani, Gaultier and Dolce & Gabana, I reached my favourite ‘magasin’, the heaven of the man of style, Prada. Located on the middle of the Champs Elysèes, France’s parade street, three floors with great see-through glass walls, it had a peak view of Paris. I loved spending hours in this shop looking at the latest fashion, touching the fabrics, gaze at the town and, not least flirt with the women.

Prada did not only provide the world’s most stylish garments. They also provided the most beautiful assistants and clerks. I had often spent hours flirting in there, although never taking it any further than the flirt, and the occasional touch on the cheek. Things, however, were about to change.

I walked into the store, having left the catch from previously visited designers with one of the gay assistants in the entrance. Moving swiftly over to the reception, I smiled confidently. The personal shopping service provided by Prada gave you a personal consultant if you looked like you were worth it, and the secret was to give the impression you were looking for women’s creations as that would guarantee a female consultant. I therefore made the usual excuses, blinked my eye, and ended up with the most stunning personal shopper you could ever imagine.

The great thing about my Nordic-Latin combination of physique is that the greatest women in the world, the Scandinavians and the Latinos, all feel you have something illegal bahis they are not used to, although providing the familiarity that makes them feel they know you. Today I was to spend some quality shopping time with Aurèlie, a French stunner. She welcomed me with a shy smile that gave great promises for the rest of the day, and I felt sure that I would leave the store a happy client.

I lead her through the women’s department, faking a desire to get something for my mother. I flirted confidently, making her feel great, and I could feel that her initial reservation was being substituted with poise and a light degree of cockiness. As wee moved away from the women’s department and towards the lift reserved for VIPs, I could feel her breasts brush against my arm and the smell of her perfume against my face. Had she brushed against the front of my trousers, she might have felt that my credit card was not the only thing ready for action.

As we stood in the lift going up to the private shopping area, a whole floor reserved for clients ready to spend thousands, an area reserved for one shopper at the time, I noticed Aurèlie looking me over. She looked me up and down, and I could see her lip brushing over help lips as the noticed my strong chest and hard sic-pack. Her Prada suit was black in an extremely conservative cut, although accentuation her great breasts, slim waist and fit arse. The skirt was long enough to stay proper, but short enough to make me die to find out what could be find under it.

But before the lift came to a full stop, Aurèlie, turned from me, touched the “stop” button on the control panel bending over slightly, showing off her rounded, gorgeous, and obviously panty less bum. She made a slight, sexy moaning sound, while turning slowly around, now facing me. “You know” she said, “we have a lot of beautiful objects in here, but you are the hottest thing I have set my eyes on in a long time”. And with that she came towards me, slowly loosening her carefully set hair, letting it run along her beautiful face, down along her back. She took hold of my hand and run it down her face, touching my fingers with her tongue, feeling her breasts and finally putting it to rest on her hip. I moved it slowly down to her ass, where I grabbed her cheek and pulled her hard toward me, making my crutch push up against her stomach. She ground her lower body against mine, while starting to undo the buttons of my shirt. I could see that Prada was going to get an extra star in my shopping guide.

I lost my coat and shirt, and ripped of her jacket as she slowly licked my nipples, biting them lightly. Still not saying a word, keeping some illegal bahis siteleri of the sexy shyness, she moved her way towards part of my body that were in desperate need of attention. This must have been so obvious, because she soon unzipped me, letting my cock free from its designer entrapment.

Moistening her lips, she let out a sigh and gave me a shy smile. Her hand first grabbed my penis, before the tip of her tongue touched the head, sending electricity down into my balls. I thought she was going to go slow, but was proven wring when she suddenly grabbed my balls in her hand and took the whole of my huge member into her mouth, deep-throating me. Playing with my balls, she started pumping up and down on my cock, using her tongued to keep pressure on the head. Managing to get the head all the way into her throat, I was quickly feeling an urge to give her a portion of my home brewed goodness. Licking the pre-cum from the top of the head, moving on the a hand-job, she could see that I was about to shoot my load, and I could see that she wanted it. Bad!

Now licking my balls, one of my favourite tricks, I started letting out loud sounds of ecstasy, and I could feel fro her movements that she was digging it as much as me. I had not noticed that the hand not being used to jack me off was deep buried in her pants, obviously getting her to the edge of a hard orgasm. This made me so horny, and I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, as I shout my load straight into her mouth, more than willing to collect the reward of such a great effort. She swallowed most of my load, and gave out a great smile, bringing her fingers up to my mouth to taste. The savour of her juices was amassing, and I lifted her back up into a standing position. I already knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties, but I couldn’t wait to see what could be found under her skirt, so I sat down on my knees and brought her skirt up above her waist. It fell to the floor as she undid the buckle, and all she was wearing now was the white see-through shirt. I was staring straight at a perfectly shaven, obviously exited cunt, the lips fully exposed and shining with wetness. As I was about to take my first taste of this magnificent pussy, the lift cabin shook, and I realised that Aurèlie, had put it back into motion and that we had reached the top floor. The doors opened, and before I could move, Aurèlie walked out and over to the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the most famous street in the world. She faced the street, put her hands against the window, spread her legs and moaned “prenez-moi!” – “Take me!”.

I went over to her and assumed the position in which she canlı bahis siteleri had left me. Bending over even further, she spread the cheeks of her arse, and opened the lips of her pussy. I could no longer stand being so close to this gorgeous pussy, and I put my lips on hers’, slowly, hearing her breath heavily. I kissed her crack, licking the juices from her, letting my tongue separate her lips further and reach the inside of the softest pussy I have ever tasted. I started fucking her with my aroused tongue, making sure that she could feel me all the way inside. She started pushing against me at a rhythm I know all to well. Her breathing had turned into light screaming, and I could hear her say “enfoce-moi, enfonce-moi!” – “take me deep- take me deep”. I could only oblige, and continued to lick her cunt so hard that her juices came all over my face, filling my mouth, making me crazy. She screamed when the last of her energy went into clasping my tongue with her full pussy-lips, feeling parts of her that had obviously not been touched for a very long time.

Aurèlie turned around with the most wicked smile, and looked down at my cock, now bigger and harder than ever before. She motioned for me to get up from my knees, and as I did so, she placed her hand on the head on my dick, guiding it towards her crack. With her arse to wards the high-life streets of Paris, she put her left foot on one of the shelves close by, opening her legs wide. My cock touched her soft wet lips quickly, making me shiver, and she smiled like the horny fucker she was. I decided she deserved a real Scandinavian ravaging, and pushed my whole shaft into her twat in one hard to. The scream she let out, the second orgasm in only a few moments, must surely have been heard down on the streets, but neither of us cared. I continued to fuck her hard, making sure that my huge cock made her pussy stretch for each pump. Our rhythm was picking up, and I could feel her pussy-muscles clasp my cock. I decided to pull out and let her share in the great view wile being fucked from behind. She leaned against the window, and while enjoying the beautiful view of Paris, I slid my cock back up her pussy, now giving her all I had. I fucked her SO hard, SO quick and SO good, that she was screaming at the top of her voice, almost bringing the window down as we both neared orgasm. As I shot my load into her warm, soft twat, she spun around, sticking her tongue deep down my throat. I stayed inside her while she milked the last few drops of cum out of me, whispering “vous m’avez baissé comme une animal” – “you fucked me like an animal”. “Yes” I said. “I did”. “Wait until we get to the summer collection”! Prada had certainly deserved my loyalty for each season’s shopping spree, don’t you agree?

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments, please let me know. Cheers, Allesandro.

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