A Beach Vacation

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Special thanks to SteveWallace for help editing some of this story and offering advice to help me grow as a writer. SteveWallace also publishes on this site under TLCgiver and Romantic1.

This is an edited version of the original story I posted here before. All mistakes are mine.


Cruising down the interstate, the sun cast it’s orange glow inside the car. I look to my right as the sun illuminates my girlfriend Jill. The sun dances across her breasts. My view is enhanced by the seatbelt separating her breasts; it seems to make them larger. The inevitable bumps in the road making them bounce slightly.

She looked so comfortable, the tank top she wore provided those glimpses of cleavage and breast. She also wore cutoffs highlighting her sexy tanned legs. Even her toes, which she painted red for this week, stirred a response in my shorts.

Jill and I have lived together for a year. We met in college: she was a finance major, I was working on my computer engineering degree. We met through mutual friends on a biking excursion through the wooded areas surrounding the college. Our friends thought it was a long shot anything would come from it. But we hit it off and have seen each other since.

I found a job after graduation close to college where we attended. We rented an apartment together in the city. From there, she launched her job search. Within a matter of weeks, she landed a job in town at a national company doing accounting. The local office was large considering the size of our city.

So we plugged away at life, looking for the first break to get away. Jill found some oceanfront beach houses for rent while surfing the web. She’d been looking for something we could rent for a week. It was a ten-hour drive, but we knew it would be worth it. The owner had multiple beach-houses located together.

On either side of the house, were large sand dunes effectively separating the adjoining houses. Basically, we’d have our own little paradise on the ocean. All this information was listed on their website, with pictures, maps to show where they were located. The beach town that thrived on tourism within easy walking distance, but far enough away for the house to be immune to traffic and tourists.

When I pulled off at our exit, we were only a few miles from the beach. But with the car noise subsiding as the car rolled to a stop, Jill started to wake. Her hands reached behind her head, jutting her breasts out proudly as she stretched. She knows this drives me wild, looking over at me and smiling.

“We are almost there honey. Can you get that information we printed out and call the caretaker? Let him know we are ten minutes out and will be there soon,” I asked.

The website indicated the owner had a caretaker who lived close and would meet us at the house upon our arrival. They emailed us his name and number after we confirmed the reservation with instructions to contact him upon our arrival.

While pulling up in front of the house, we see a man about 24 years old walking towards us from the adjacent house. I step out of the car and greet him. He shakes my hand firmly while introducing himself.

“Hi, I’m Jeff, the caretaker for this property. I hope you had a nice trip?”

“Yes, fine. My name’s Bob and this is my girlfriend Jill.” I motioned as she stepped from the car. I saw Jeff’s eyes light up seeing her unrestrained large 34C cup breasts shimmy in her top.

“Nice to meet you Jeff,” Jill replied in a flirty tone

“I hope you two will find the amenities to your liking. I live in the house to the right here and take care of all these properties,” Jeff motioned to the right. Behind him we could see six other homes in a row, all with the same basic architecture.

“If you find anything unsatisfactory, please call me, you have my number. I want to make sure your stay here is most comfortable, and you enjoy yourselves. Here are your keys, let me take you through a quick tour and I will be on my way,” he stated walking towards the house.

Jeff took us through the front door. It opened into the living room area. In the middle of the living room on the right, a nice size fireplace. Above the mantle sat a big screen TV. The room also held a plush leather couch, coffee table in front of the couch, a matching chair with separate footstool, and a matching recliner. To finish out this room there was a soft down filled rug stretched out in front of the fireplace.

To our left the dining room, behind it the kitchen. A decent size kitchen with anything we should need. A hall straight in front of us led to the bedrooms. On the right side before the master bedroom was a stairway leading down to the game room. Beyond that was the master bedroom. To the left, we saw the two separate doors leading to the spare rooms.

A bath at the end of the hall for the two guest rooms. Opening the door to the master bedroom, we saw a king size bed, with a nice four post wooden bed frame, and headboard engraved with sailing ships. To the right, illegal bahis a big walk-in closet. To the left, the entrance to the bathroom and beyond that, sliding glass doors leading to the deck.

On the deck a hot tub, the water simmering where Jeff had started the heater an hour earlier. A covered awning over the hot tub and deck completed the tour of the upstairs.

We walked down to the game room. A pool table, big screen tv with console game system, and a dart board furnished the large room. Another set of sliding doors led to the back deck. On the left, there is an outdoor shower enclosed on three sides big enough for four people at once. Beside the shower was a sauna.

Just off the deck, the ocean was about 75 yards from the house. Large sand dunes eight to ten feet high on either side of the walkway provided privacy from the other houses nearby. The beach had nice clean sand, with more dunes and some vegetation to the left. To the right sat the other rental houses including our caretaker’s cottage. There was a fire pit located just off the bottom deck in the sand.

After Jeff left, I scooped Jill up in my arms for a passionate kiss.

“This place is awesome babe,” I smiled looking at Jill.

“I know right,” She replies. “Let’s try that hot tub out, hon. I want to relax before we grab a bite to eat.”

We race each other up the stairs, her clothes are flying off. I need to bring our suitcases in. I empty the car, while Jill climbs into the hot tub sans clothes.

“Do you mind bringing that cooler out here on the deck when you get done, please? See if they have any wine glasses in the kitchen, if you don’t mind,” she calls out to me.

I hastily bring in our luggage and drop it in our room. I grab a couple of wine glasses out of the cabinet, dropping the cooler off by the hot tub and the two glasses. My clothes are off in a hurry and I slide in next to Jill.

Opening the wine, we sit and relax facing the ocean, sipping our wine. The sound of the ocean waves crashing into the shore is still heard over the dull hum of the hot tub. Life is good.

I feel her hand sliding up my leg, my cock is rising. I pull her closer to me, my left hand caressing her left breast. She leans over and kisses me, moving her hand closer and closer to my crotch.

We scoot forward a little on the seat facing each other. Our arms intertwine taking sips of our wine. I place her glass and mine on the edge of the hot tub, then embracing Jill with both arms we kiss. Our tongues dueling for position in each other’s mouths.

I lift Jill up and place her on the side of the hot tub, her facing the ocean. Parting her legs, I kiss up her right thigh, planting light kisses everywhere. Making my journey up, I circle her areola with my tongue, flicking her stiff nipple. She moans.

I know her nipples are sensitive, and I can get her worked up in no time playing with her nipples. She squirms on the edge, pulling me up to kiss her again. With her legs fully spread, I make my way back down her stomach. When I reach her mons, I look up and smile.

She grabs the back of my head stating, “I need your tongue now.” She pulls my head closer to her pussy. I will not give in that easy, sliding my tongue alongside her outer labia. Coming up on the other side, I slide my tongue back up the other side.

Her grip tightens in my hair. “Oh Bob, lick my pussy, please? Quit teasing me,” she whines.

Only too happy to oblige, my tongue slides through her lips, collecting her sweet essence. At the top I circle her clit with the end of my tongue. She squirms in my grip, being held in place by my arms keeping her legs spread open.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” she moans.

I slowly push my finger inside her while sucking on her clit. She is getting more excited by the minute. I manage to keep my tongue in place while her body gyrates with pleasure over my oral assault on her pussy. Her juices are flowing. I happily lap up her sweetness as she gets closer to her orgasm.

I aim my finger toward her upper wall, looking for her G spot. When I find it, she quivers and moans. I increase the tempo lashing out at her clit with the tip of my tongue. My finger is sawing in and out of her wetness, her thighs start to shake.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh, oh,” she chants while her thighs clamp against my head. Her body starts trembling under my oral assault.

“I’m commminng, oh fuck,” I hear rather muffled. I can feel her pussy clamp down on my finger. At the same time she squirts girl juice all over my hand and face.

I maintain my assault on her pussy until she can stand no more and her body goes limp. I guide her back into the tub where she can sit and rest, until she recovers.

After a minute, I retrieve our wine while we sit and enjoy the view of our new home for the next week. I feel her hand sliding up my thigh to my cock. It firms back up in her hand from its semi-hard state.

“Oh poor baby, you are still hard. Let me take care of that for illegal bahis siteleri you.”

She guides me to a standing position in front of her. A couple quick strokes with her hand and her mouth is engulfing my cock. Jill is excellent at sucking cock. She varies the depth of my cock in her mouth, pulling almost all the way out, to her face buried against my pubes. I can feel her tongue licking my cock when she bottoms out. She knows I love this and will not last too long.

I stand Jill up and guide her shoulders down toward the edge of the hot tub facing the house, bent at the waist. Jill turns her head and lays it on her towel, facing toward Jeff’s house. I bury my cock in her pussy and she cried out. Grabbing her hips, I start long stroking her, feeling her squeeze my cock with her pussy.

I am pulling her back and I can feel her pushing me deeper inside of her on the down stroke. The sounds of flesh slapping against each other is subdued somewhat, from the soft purr of the hot tub, to the waves crashing in on the beach. I can feel my orgasm rising. I quicken my thrusts into her warm pussy, feeling my cum start to rise.

Suddenly she raises her head off the towel with a look of horror. I glance to my left, there is Jeff stepping out onto his deck, nude. His cock is huge. He looks over, smiles and waves, before climbing into his hot tub.

I am past the point of no return, my thrusts become frantic, seeking my imminent release. My head tilts back, my final thrust and hold, pumping her full of my hot cream. She cried out with her second orgasm, we stumble back together still coupled. I manage to find my footing as we land on the opposite bench seat, me under her.

Sitting on the seat so quickly buries my cock as deep as I can go in Jill’s tight pussy. We take a minute to catch our breath before we can even form words.

“Oh Bob, you were fantastic,” she gushed.

“Yes I rather enjoyed that my love,” cupping her tits from behind. I hold her in place while she turns her head and I lean forward to kiss her.

“That was an interesting twist, with Jeff stepping out onto his porch,” I exclaimed.

“Was not expecting that, but it was kind of exciting having an audience,” Jill replied. “A well hung audience at that.”

I laughed. “Well maybe you might get a shot at that before we leave,” I teased her.

We have discussed inviting someone in for play time, but the right opportunity never presented itself. We have always had a deep connection between us. We have a high degree of trust in each other. Our discussions have included adding others to our sex lives. With our sex drives on overdrive, on vacation, miles away from home, this could get interesting.

“Let’s get cleaned up and walk into town for a bite to eat,” I suggested.

After a quick shower, Jill puts on her short shorts and a halter top. I put my khaki shorts on with a nice summer t-shirt. We start down the sidewalk going into town. It looks like someone prepped this area for development, with sidewalks and fire hydrants every so often. To the right were many sand dunes separating our rental house from the town.

Dinner turned out to be a great seafood meal, polished off with a local wine that was actually very good. We asked our waiter if there were any clubs in town, Jill was ready to party. He indicated about a block away a newer club just opened, catering to younger people like ourselves.

Approaching the club, we heard a live band playing, and a small line waiting to get in. Jill was giddy with excitement. She has always been a good dancer, me not so much. I will slow dance, but that’s about the extent of it for me.

Looking around the room, I spotted a booth in the corner. Pointing out the table I said, “Why don’t you get that table for us, while I grab some drinks at the bar?”

Watching her ass wiggle away in her short shorts, I re-adjust my cock in my shorts as it rapidly rises. Everyone is trying to get a drink, so it takes me about 15 minutes to get to the bar. Finally I head back toward the table with her wine and a beer for me. I spot 3 guys at our table trying to hold a conversation with Jill.

I can tell when she has that not interested look, and they were getting that exact look about now. As I walked closer, all of a sudden a new guy steps up to Jill and she smiles. He says a few words to the 3 guys and they all scatter. He sits down beside Jill on her side of the booth.

Walking up to the table I recognize Jeff sitting there with Jill, laughing and joking with each other. I take a seat across from them.

“Hi honey, remember Jeff? A few of the locals were hitting on me and Jeff swooped in to save the day,” Jill recalled.

“Thanks Jeff, I owe you one,” I replied.

“It’s my pleasure to assist a pretty woman in distress. My uncle owns the bar and those guys know better than to mess with me,” Jeff answered.

About that time, the band starts their next set and start with a fast paced song. Jill looks at me pleading canlı bahis siteleri with her eyes, to dance with her.

“Honey, you know I don’t fast dance very well. If Jeff can dance, you two have at it,” I stated motioning to the dance floor. Jeff looks at me with a questioning glance.

“Go on you two, you owe him at least a dance,” I smiled motioning them out of the booth onto the dance floor. He offers his hand to help her out of the booth, then she walks toward the dance floor with him, a certain bounce in her step.

Watching Jill bounce those 34c’s dancing a fast song certainly got my motor running. Jeff is a good dancer and he kept right up with her. The pace slowed down a little on the next song. Jill puts his arm on her shoulder as she grabs his waist pulling each other closer. I can see them talking some, as they inch closer and closer.

He seems to be holding her close against him, while her head rests on his shoulder looking my way. All of a sudden, I see Jill go wide-eyed, looking in shock. I can see Jeff rubbing himself along Jill’s hot body. She smiles as she looks up at me, just as the song ends. They make their way back to the table.

We engage in small talk, discovering that Jeff’s dad actually owns the house we are staying in and the other ones in Jeff’s care. He started working for his dad after his dad experienced some health issues.

He likes the beach and he apologized for exposing himself, he normally keeps the house we are staying in as the last to rent. That gives him some privacy, with the slight curving of the shoreline; the other nearby houses cannot see the hot tub from their balcony. But his house and ours are lined up enough, that you can see each other’s deck.

“Jeff, don’t worry about it, Jill enjoyed the show, and I was too far gone to care,” I laughed.

Jeff went up to grab a round of drinks for us. I look over at Jill and she seems a little flushed.

“You ok Jill,” I asked?

“Yea, I’m fine, just a little overheated,” she said smiling. “When we were dancing to the slow song, he rubbed his big cock against my leg, getting me excited. He also held me close, as my hard nipples were brushing up against his chest.”

Jill knows if I have a problem with anything, I will tell her. My silence was her green light.

Approaching the table with another round, the band kicks off another set with a fast dance. Jeff and Jill dance two songs before coming back to the table for refreshments. Jeff led Jill out into the night air, out a back set of doors to the bar. They have it fenced off from the general public, but have tables and chairs setup outside. Its also the designated smoking area for the bar.

I give them a couple minutes and I slip out when a couple smokers come in from outside. Once my eyes get used to the dark, I see them in the far corner up against the railing. I take a seat close to the building on the other side, trying to be inconspicuous. Jill laughs at something he said.

She is against the railing in the corner facing the bar. He is in front of her facing toward the ocean, concealing her in the corner with him. I watch as his arm moves up cupping her breast. Even through the noise of the ocean waves, I hear her moan. I watch her arms slide up and down his chest while kissing him. Her arm reaches down grabbing at his cock through his shorts.

She reaches in and pulls out his monster cock. I see her sink to her knees in front of him. I can see her head moving back and forth. She is definitely sucking his cock. His body is positioned so he is blocking anyone from seeing anything unless they get close. His head falls back limply, enjoying the sensations I have experienced many times before with her hot mouth.

“Awe fuck,” I hear him say as his body stiffens.

I slip back inside when another couple come out for a smoke and make my way to our booth. My heart is racing, we have talked about something like this before, but never really got to experience it until now.

Jeff leads Jill back in and they both sit down. Jeff has some moisture on his brow, Jill’s chest is flush with excitement.

“Jeff told me they have a bonfire on the beach of his house in two days. He will provide the hotdogs, and chips, we just bring our drinks. Its a way for all the renters to get together and have fun,” Jill explained.

“I will be looking forward to that,” I replied. “I am a little pooped from the drive, I am ready to go back to the house if you are ok with that,” I asked Jill?

She gives me a smile and said, “I am ready for anything with you big boy!”

Jill kissed Jeff on the cheek and we said our goodbyes. We walked back to the house along the beach. We had a relaxing walk home. We passed a few areas where the dunes created a nice secluded area just off the beach. I filed away that information for the future.

“Did you have a good time tonight,” I asked Jill?

“I had a blast tonight,” she replied. “Jeff is a good dancer. When we slowed down our dance for that one song, I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against me. His cock was big and he was excited. He asked me if I wanted to go outside to cool off. By this time my panties were moist and thought it would help to step outside for a minute,” she explained.

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