#1 Whiskey and a Massage

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You called me from work ranting and raving. Your boss just came back from a test ride and like the stupid fuck that he is, managed to crash the bike. The bike that was supposed to be delivered in three days! I could tell by your voice that it was not pretty over there. So, after trying to say a few comforting words (which I’m sure fell on deaf ears), we said good-bye and hung up. I sat there for at least five minutes after hanging the phone up, wondering how I was going to make you feel better when you got home. And then I had an idea…

I knew that I probably had at least an hour before you left the shop. So that bought me some time. I ran around the house making sure I had everything you needed. Whiskey? Check. Bed? Check. Me? Check. So, I ran a nice hot bath for myself and made sure I was ready in every way for you when you got home. Then, I put on my new outfit; a red sequined mesh bustier with embroidered back lack-up detail, a matching red thong with a garter belt and fishnet stockings, and waited for you to get home.

I hear you pull up in the driveway and walk to the door. I open it right as you get there. I love seeing your face when you see me. You look pleased. Without saying a word, I step into you arms and give you a long, deep passionate kiss. “I’m glad you’re home.” I smile and turn away, grabbing your hand to follow me. I walk over to the bar and pour you a drink. “Here’s your drink, why don’t you go take a shower to clean up, and meet me back here when you’re done” I said. You nod your head in agreement and head off to the shower. It was everything I could do to not join you in the shower, but I wanted this night to be about you, so I made myself busy putting on the final touches in the room.

I hear the water turn off and know that now’s the time. I step in the bathroom just in time to help dry you off. Of course, you protest, so I have to kiss you again to quiet you. As we kiss, I continue to dry you off. Your chest, your back…I bend down to dry off your legs, letting my lips accidentally brush against your cock. Mmmmmmm…I could see that got your attention. But not wanting to get too carried away, I finish drying you off and lead you back into the bedroom. I pour you another drink along the way.

“I’m sorry you had such a hard day today. I want to try to make you feel better.” I’m not sure what you were thinking, but you start to argue with me. But I’m not in the mood, I’ve had a hard day, I don’t want to feel better…I swear to god you were trying to come up with every illegal bahis reason in the book for me NOT to make you feel better. So, in my usual way, I walk over to you, put my hands on your chest and push you down on the bed. Crawling up onto you, and looking you directly in your eyes, I tell you exactly how it’s going to be…

“Listen. I know you’ve had a fucked day. And I know you probably are not in the ‘mood’. But I’m going to give you a massage, you’re going to love it, and there’s no more discussing it!” I lean down and kiss your lips. Gently. “Now roll over.”

I step next to the bed as you roll over. You stop as your halfway sitting up. You just noticed what I had been doing while you showered. I bend over to turn the music on; letting my body touch you in every possible way as I do. Looking into your eyes the whole time, I push my breasts out further so they just barely touch your arm as you sit there. I turn my head a little back and up to the right; imagining you kissing, sucking, biting my outstretched neck. Every move I make is made to seduce you. The music turns on. I turn around and walk back to the middle of the room. There it was. The chair. If you were to just look at it, it really wasn’t much. Just your plain wood brown chair. But tonight, I was going to make love to that chair. You were going to lay back and watch. And relax, of course. *smiles*

“Daniel, watch me. Please.” I whisper. My hips start swaying to the music as I start to remove my new ‘outfit’. My eyes never leaving yours. I then walk over to the chair, turn it around so my legs wrap around its back, and sat down in front of you. I reach down and grab a bottle of oil that I placed there. I pour it on my arms and chest and start rubbing it in. Nice slow circles up my arm, reaching back over my shoulder and neck, and then moving my hand over my breasts. My eyes never leaving yours. I let the palm of my hand rub over each nipple. It felt soooo good…I love the feeling of hot oil and bare skin. You are having a hard time sitting there, looking me in the eyes.

“Would you rather your eyes were watching my hand rub my nice hard nipples?” I ask. You slowly nod your head. “Daniel, watch my hands.” I whisper. As soon as your eyes leave mine and drop down to my hand, I lean over so you have a better view from the back of the chair, and pinch my nipple. Hard enough I gasped when I did…the look on your face was priceless. It encourages me even more. “Oh, you like that?” I ask. Again, you nod your head. I throw my head back, letting illegal bahis siteleri my hair fall down to my ass, as I moved to the other side. Now, leaning over to the other side, I pinch my nipple and start all over again.

I can tell you are loving it. Everything. Your body language as you lay there on the bed tells me everything. I stand up and turn the chair around. I sit down, straight in front of you, and spread my legs. My pussy is soaking wet and ready to be paid attention to. You look up at me and I politely remind you that you wanted to watch my hands.

As I sit on the chair facing you, I pour more oil in my hands and start to slowly run my hands all over my body. I stop, cup one of my breasts, and run my tongue over my nipple. I move my ass towards the edge of the chair and spread my legs a little wider. I close my eyes and start to masturbate for you. My fingers begin to move quickly over my clit. I slip a finger into my soaking wet pussy and began to finger fuck myself. I continue to alternate between my clit and my pussy, each one begging for more attention. My left hand pinches one nipple and then the other. My breathing becomes a series of pants; gasping for air. I can feel my orgasm start to build and a long low moan of pleasure escapes my lips. My finger continues to massage my clit until I start to climax and my body shudders with convulsions. I plunge my fingers deep inside me and feel my pussy contract around them as my orgasm finishes and starts to subside.

I walk over to where you are lying on the bed and offer you my wet fingers. Without hesitating, you take them in your mouth, one by one and lick them clean. I then lay you on your stomach and give you the best back massage you’ve ever had. As I’m rubbing your back, I can’t help but rub my still-wet pussy against your legs. Your body language again tells me that you like that. As I bend over to rub your arms, I let my bare breasts rub against the smooth skin on your back. My nipples get hard again as they rub back and forth in unison with my hands moving across your arms. I spend quite a bit of time making sure that I massage every muscle in your body, making sure you are relaxed. And when I think you’re ready, I ask you to turn over.

Now, with you lying there, naked and relaxed before me, I kneel between your legs and start to massage your cock. Slowly at first. Moving my hand up and down along the length of your shaft. Once you are nice and hard, I bend down and lick your cock from the base to the very tip. canlı bahis siteleri My tongue laps up the pre-cum that has formed and I take you whole in my mouth. Your hands push my head down even further. You want me to deep throat you; you want to feel your fucking cock hit the back of my throat every time.

My hands rub and caress the parts of your cock that my mouth isn’t pleasuring. I fondle your balls as my mouth, lips and tongue lavish your cock with attention. I wrap my hand at the base of your cock and pump your shaft as I am sucking…stroking up to meet my mouth as it comes down, and then stroking down towards the base as my mouth goes back up. I look up at you as I’m sucking and licking your cock. I want you to see how much I enjoy pleasuring you. You put your hands around my face and start to pump even harder. I know that you want to fuck my mouth, but unfortunately I have other plans. With one last deep plunge, my mouth takes your cock as deep as it would go; and I slowly suck every inch as I start to pull away.

I climb up onto you and now straddle you. I reach down and guide your erect cock into my pussy…my wet juices make it easy for you to enter me. Instead of kneeling on my knees, I place my feet on the bed and start to fuck you. From this position, the only thing you need to do is relax and let me do the work. I start slowly and just rub my pussy against you in slow circles. You reach up and start to fondle my breasts. My nipples are so sensitive that you can’t help but pinch them, making me gasp for more each time you do. I arch my back exposing my pussy to you and your cock even more. As I continue to pump up and down, making sure I go all the way up and all the way back down, your cock gliding effortlessly in my wet pussy, I reach down and start playing with my clit. Oh god, it feels soooo fucking good…

Now your fingers join mine as you start to work your own magic on my clit. I start to move faster and faster, pumping your cock deeper and deeper into me…moaning, louder and louder as my orgasm gets closer. “Oh, Daniel, I’m cuming…” I pant. “Cum with me.” “Please…”

You place your hands under my thighs to help me go faster. Taking my whole body up and practically off of your cock, just so barely the tip remains inside…only to come down all the way fucking deep, deep inside. You hit my g-spot and I start to have the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. As my pussy contracts around you, your cock explodes inside me…setting me off again.

As we both lay there, panting and trying to catch our breath, I turn over, softly kiss you on the lips, whisper I love you, and fall asleep in your arms. I am so happy and content, and hope that you are relaxed. I dream about the next time I get a chance to relax you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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