Yours Lustfully Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — Introduction

Maya opened up a new packet of cigarettes and lit one to reflect on the evening gone by. As she placed the lighter by the desk lamp, she considered turning the lamp on for a second, but then decided against it. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed of her nudity or was concerned about waking up the man sleeping by her side. On the contrary, she was unknowingly proud of the impact she had on men, and how easily they could succumb to her every charm. She relished the passion she brought to each of her relationships, a form of devotion that only she could define, and yet was unquestionably heartbroken each time she parted ways with the man that she initially felt was perfect.

As she took another calming puff on her smoke, she relaxed her delicate back against the pillow. In the intermittently flowing moon light from window, her other hand reached per her petite breasts, that were savaged not too long ago. With her index finger, she gently wiped the undersides of her breasts, and traced the motion all the way to her taut nipples. She almost choked on her own smoke, as she felt the familiar pain on the surface of her left breast, just beside the areola. For all her time with the men in her life, she could never understand the pleasure they derived from digging their teeth in this soft mound of flesh. And while she always thought she would be upset about this insanity, she knew she was a party to this action, almost egging them on to break her apart. The tips of her fingers could still feel the dents of his fresh marks all over her breasts, and she could never tell whether it was the teeth sinking in when they were on top of her, or their nails digging in when they were smothering down below.

Lost in these thoughts, she started feeling the heat at the tip of her fingers. She carefully stubbed out the cigarette, amongst the crowd that she had already smoked over this long weekend. Making a mental note of cleaning the ash tray in the morning, she exhaled the last batch of smoke from her lungs.

As the long curtains danced in the wind, she lazily considered getting up to shut the windows. As she shifted her slender frame, she almost froze under the pain of her recent intensity. The stickiness between her legs had partially dried up, but was still there as a warm reminder of her second session this evening. Her supple bottom was still sore with all the slaps and jerks it had received when he had turned her over. His recent fancy with her rear iris was causing her a lot of discomfort, but she neither had the heart nor the intent to stop him, each time he thrust his thumbs to part her bony cheeks.

Coincidentally, she stepped on the tube of jelly lying by the bedside and recalled how generously he had applied it to ease his entry, but to no avail. She bent down on her knees, to reach for the sides of her panties that had restricted her ankles all evening. In one swift motion, she got up from her bed and slid them on, comfortably resting on her sore backside. As she straightened out the lace, her fingers could identify the torn ends on the front side, and she gushed at the memory of Trey trying to side them with his teeth. This was her nth piece of lingerie that was destroyed during the throes of her passion, but she always viewed these as little trophies for the heat that she could generate during each session, at whatever time of the day or night.

She carefully tip toed around the heap of clothes strewn around the bedroom floor, with each limb trying to break away from the body. Her unprotected breasts bounced with each step that she took, and she regretted not putting on her bra. As she reached the window, she stopped for a few seconds to look down at the street and the sporadic activity that till consumed the wee hours of the night. Standing half naked behind the curtain, she hid her devoured body from any audience that might have gathered on the streets, upon hearing the animalistic moans that were all too frequent from this particular window. In fact, the more she tried to suppress them, the more she brought the roof down with her music of sheer lust. It’s a blessing that her lips were sealed by his for most of the evening.

As she stretched reach out to shut the window, she felt some movement behind her. She felt his hands cup her breasts, as she steadied herself against the window, still holding on to the curtain to cover her glory. He held her breast with one hand and slipped the other into her panty. And before she could turn around to kiss him, his middle finger drove straight into her sopping vagina that just refused to dry up, no matter how many times it broke its barriers. As he started swirling his finger insider her, he started plucking on the taut nipples that were already piercing through curtains. She closed her eyes to imagine the silhouette that she would be creating for the innocent bystander on the street, but instead of making any attempt to move away from the window, she inadvertently pushed her bottom onto his gop escort throbbing manhood.

This was all the invitation that he needed, as moved his hand from her breast and carefully slid her panty to a side. He then took all her juice from the other hand, and glazed it all over her tight, tortured, rear iris. He then spat on his hands, and in her semi-conscious state, she knew what was about to happen next. However, instead of doing anything drastic, which was her want, he slowly slid into her inviting anal cavity, and stopped half way through his entry. Then, cupping her breasts for support, he drove his entire manhood into her, almost splitting it into half.

While she wanted to beg for his mercy, she could feel her body betray her, as she tried to match his rhythm and felt his sack hitting against her dripping vagina. In one final thrust, he laced her inner walls with his fluids, and almost crushed her in his grip. He gradually started slipping out of her, and she was astonished how the walls of her iris were still trying to hold onto his manhood, almost greedily. She straightened her body gingerly, concerned about pulling down the curtain if she fell. As she turned around to hug him, she realized he had already made the short walk back to the bed and lay there, completely spent.

Maya put her panty folds back in place and collected any seeping fluids in her hands. She noticed her night shirt lying the ground and wiped her hands with it. Although she hated soiling her clothes, she was too exhausted to walk up to the bathroom. She somehow managed to make her way to the bed and slid under the sheets as tenderly as possible. She looked at the man who was heaving next to her, but instead of cuddling into his arms, she just closed her eyes and drifted off into slumber.


Vince admired his reflection in the mirror. Neither was there anything extraordinary about his physical appearance nor was his intellect staring back at him. But his sheer confidence in his persona gave him an image that could deceive anyone, even him. As he ran the comb through his side parting once last time, his arrogant stare from behind the carefully chosen gold-rimmed glasses gave him the endorsement he seldom needed. He walked up to his assortment of ties and didn’t think twice to select the brightest red — it was all about the projection of power, and this was his symbol. As he expertly tied a knot, and pulled on his suit jacket, he gave his perfect self, one final look in the mirror. Vince was pleased to find the single white strand of hair strategically placed just above his forehead — not a sign of aging; but a desperate and deliberate attempt to look beyond his age. Perfect.

The presentation pitch was clear in his head, and men like him did not need a rehearsal. After all, the burden to prove themselves was on the client, not him. If they so choose to not work him, it would be their loss, not his. They needed his expertise, his contacts and the backing of all those colleagues who were slaving their way through the premier organization he ran. Surely, they knew that there was no one else in the market who could save the day for them. He flicked through the presentation lying lifelessly on his hotel room table. The only thing he noticed in the precious seconds that he spent on it was that a few formatting points were off — bloody analysts, he thought to himself. Just as he bent down to collect his bag, he felt something stir in the bed behind him. He turned around gently, as there was nothing startling in this event.

“Morning, Vince”, said a voice he had completely forgotten in his morning activities. Vince looked down at Steffi, who was now sitting upright, covering herself under the sheets, looking at him apologetically. “I didn’t hear the alarm. Terribly sorry. Can I prepare a cup of coffee for you? You must be late. I am so sorry. I’ll get ready in a minute”, said Steffi. “I don’t think I need to remind you, Steffi, that we are here for work. The client is not paying you to sleep at their expense. If you can’t handle your drinks, you better stick to water from now on”, snapped Vince, as he began to collect his documents.

Steffi was trembling under the sheets. She had recently been promoted to the position of Project Lead, and still in her early twenties, this was a big leap in her career. The past year had been great — lots of international travel; a big raise; interesting work; and Vince. She was well aware that Vince, who was at least a decade her senior, married and with kids, valued her brains over her body. But at times, she wasn’t sure, although she couldn’t let the same intellect tell her the opposite in this instance. Last night was one of the many nights where she had spent a long time with his limited manhood in her mouth, de-stressing him as he poured through his meeting notes. The same meeting, where the client had appreciated her recommendations and had words of praise for her. The same meeting, where Vince had ankara iranlı escort reminded her that she should have been more articulate and should have focused more on the commercial than the technical.

“I’m going down for breakfast and will leave in thirty minutes.” With the main door firmly shut, Steffi sprang out of the bed and dashed towards the bathroom. As she relieved herself of all the fluids she had consumed the night before, she could feel the pressure build up inside her. It wasn’t the longest shower of her life, but each second felt like an eternity. Every shower on a business trip with Vince was more of a set process — she had to vigorously soap her every part, as Vince liked squirting all over her, and would never permit her to clean herself thereafter. It was his own strange way of showing his power, and Steffi had quickly learnt that he did not like opposition in any form. Each time he discharged between her ample cleavage or those fleshy thighs, she well knew the gap between it all going dry and his drifting off to sleep. Once or twice, when she had tried to sneak out of bed, he had snarled at her for breaking his sleep.

Steffi stepped out of the shower and dried herself up. She walked to the closet and pulled out a fresh pair of white undergarments. As she tried to hook the bra behind her, she struggled to close it, and immediately blushed at her generous proportions. Putting on her satin white shirt and grey suit, she looked every bit the position she had earned over the past few years. She carefully lined her eyes with her favorite liner, although those big, beautiful eyes needed no embellishments. She then skillfully parted her lips and put on her favorite shade of lip stick, just enough to give that classy touch. Steffi was well aware that with her fair complexion, delectable body, and intellectual discourse, she had everything that any gender would desire in her. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, she wasn’t exactly stacked, but had enough in the right areas for anyone to take notice.

She straightened her waist length hair and then carefully clipped a few strands to give that professional look. As she dropped the comb on the bed, she gave herself one final look, and checked the time. From being a completely wreck to looking the gorgeous professional that she did, it had taken her all of twenty minutes.

“I am not a slut!”, she said to herself, before popping the pill that was becoming her staple breakfast on each business trip with select co-workers. This thought both amused and depressed her. As she walked past the mirror near the front door, she opened the top two buttons of her shirt, and firmly shut the room door behind her.


“40%! Are you sure about this?”

Roy knew that Vince was right, partly because he had already read the report the night before and had already run the numbers on his payroll cost. “I sure hope you know what you’re saying, Vince, because what you’re suggesting is a rather radical change. I hope you also agree that the Board will never sanction a 10% reduction in our workforce. We are all a family here, and it’s these values that have got us where we are today.”

“Yes, but the question in my mind is — do you want to be where you are right now, or do you want to go where you’ve hired us to take you? A family is only made of humans, and all humans are prone to illness. Much like life, death is also a certainty. You’ve given this workforce a 5% bonus year on year, despite the market downturn. What should have been seen as a luxury is taken as a guarantee by them. You’ve paid your dues, Roy. There will always be an employee out there who is looking for a new family. Let the spreadsheet be your family for a change, Roy. The numbers on them are the members, and some of them are red, because they are ill.”

Steffi clicked on the next slide, almost on cue. She knew that Roy was already on board, and the next few slides were a mere formality. Her mind was still swirling with the last few statements Vince had made. It’s not that she was surprised by Vince’s inhuman and commercial focus. In fact, if Vince was running this company, they wouldn’t be having this conversation. She had long reconciled to the fact that it was weak leaders like Roy that gave Vince the oxygen to survive. She also knew that much like Roy’s employees, she was also a number on Vince’s spreadsheet, irrespective of however many times she was spread on his sheets. Her own self-deprecating humor made her chuckle, and she refrained from distracting the hunter from his kill.

“Ok, Vince. While your analogy is a bit depressing, I hope you come up with a softer punch we present this to the board. Let’s bring this down to 8% cuts. And I am not willing to negotiate any further.” Roy signed off, victoriously.

Vince smirked at the fool sitting across from him. What Roy did not know was that Vince was prepared to go down to 6% and had already put Steffi to the task of crunching the numbers.

“Ok, ankara escort Roy, let’s have it your way. Steffi, get the presentation ready by tomorrow morning. Roy, expect the presentation by noon tomorrow.” Vince got up and shook hands with Roy.

“Good work, Steffi.” Roy stretched out his hand and shook her hand softly. As with most women, Steffi knew that this handshake was at least 5 seconds longer than it should have been. She also knew why Roy hadn’t circled the table but had bent over it to get her to reach out for his hand. Had she not worn her new shirt today, her middle few buttons would have given way by now. “You’ve learnt well from Vince. Just keep your softness intact; don’t turn out to be a monster like Vince”, Roy said with a smile. For all Steffi could care, the monsters in the room were hard to miss, and they were all the same to her.

“Don’t worry, Roy. I’ll have the presentation over to you by tomorrow, noon.” Steffi stood up, and ran a gentle hand down her curvy backside, straightening the folds that had collected during the meeting.

Vince was already at the door and said his formal goodbye to Roy. As Steffi stepped out of the room, Vince followed suit and started pacing towards the car. “That seems to have gone well, Vince. I was hoping for a stronger pushback, but we seem to have caught him in a weak moment. I’m glad we didn’t start at 6%.” Steffi was very pleased with the outcome and was hoping that Vince would be the same.

“It could have been better. Keep all three options in the Board presentation — 6%, 8% and 10%. In front of the Board, he will not have a chance to counter us.”

“But Vince, he has already agreed to..” Before Steffi could finish her statement, a cold stare from Vince told her that she had her work cut out.

“The next time you create your slides, be sure to put the headers and footers. I don’t expect such rookie mistakes from you.” As Steffi sat beside Vince, she knew that the she could take heart from the fact that this is all he could criticize her for. In a way, this was a compliment.

“Hotel”, said Vince, as the driver revved the engine to life. “We’ll have a working lunch.” Steffi knew well enough what that meant and was well versed with the ritual. Vince was in the mood to celebrate his kill, and she knew how the next few hours would be spent. As she crossed her legs, she puckered her lips and rolled her tongue, almost warming up to the session that would knowingly disturb her lipstick.


“The meeting was alright, and we have lots to do now. Text me once the kids are back from school. I love you, too.” Vince put the phone down on the bedside table and placed his hands-on Steffi’s head. He knew that it would take him a while before he got hard, a typical issue with drinking too much Scotch during his afternoon breaks. “Lick it from the base up, Steffi. You know I like it that way. Watch your nose ring.”

Steffi steadied her knees on the soft mattress and wrapped her hands around his limp penis. She held it with both her thumbs, conscious that her long, red nails could scratch it if she wasn’t careful. She hated the taste of his piss and had regularly tried to wipe his penis clean after he had come back from the loo. But the taste of whiskey was too overwhelming in her mouth, and she couldn’t be bothered right now. “That fucker thought he could save his company through charity. I said all the way from the base, Steff!” It wasn’t an order, but anything coming out of his mouth was nothing short of one.

Steffi gently stood upright on her knees and slid off the straps of her bra. She unclasped the front and the bra dropped onto Vince’s left knee. Her massive breasts came out in full glory and stood firm on her chest. While it wasn’t her intent, this action had an immediate impact on Vinces’ sleeping manhood. She snaked her way up to Vince and put her arms by his sides. She craned her neck up and locked eyes with Vince, something that she would dread to think of in her sober senses.

Vince looked down upon the beauty at his disposal. From the day Steffi had walked in for her interview to the day he had almost suffocated himself, buried in her cleavage inside his office cabin, he was a fan of her breasts. They lived up to every male fantasy — white, fleshy and firm. Her jet-black nipples were like chocolate sauce on a vanilla cheesecake. Each time Vince had licked them, they had responded by standing up erect and settled well between his teeth. And that mole, deep between her cleavage, was a discovery Vince was all too happy to make each time he parted those melons.

Her red lipstick had gone beyond the lines and had smeared all the way to her right cheek. Her thick eye-liner was still intact, and those horny eyes in the middle were burning with desire. Vince wanted to kiss her deeply, but the taste of his own juices in her mouth still repelled him.

He slid his hand down her smooth back and reached the folds of her purple panty. He smoothly pushed his hand under the fold and traced her crack with his first finger. Steffi knew that her work was done, and she rest her head on his chest. Vince drove his first finger into her hole, till the moment it was all the way into her iris.

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