Wrestling For His Teacher

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It was a hard semester, wrestling had taken a lot of time and energy and keeping up with his classes had taken up any free time he might have. As a senior in high school, Daniel was very focused on getting good grades and getting into the right college. He also dedicated a lot of time to the sport he loved and kept very fit with only six percent body fat, in order to wrestle in the right weight class.

As he worked hard his only real pleasure in life were the fantasies he would have about his computer programming teacher, a gorgeous 28 year old blond with a body that just wouldn’t quit! Every time he would walk into her class he would feel that hot stir deep down and the stiffening of his cock only seemed natural. When she wore a tight mini-skirt, which she seemed to do a lot (just to tease Daniel ­ he was convinced!) he would feel as though he needed to take his seat quickly before anyone noticed his hard-on!

As the semester rolled by Daniel started to notice his sexy computer science teacher at his wrestling meets. Was she there to see someone else, or was she watching him? He began to watch her more in class and wonder, until he was convinced she was coming to his meets to watch etimesgut escort him. She would look at him in a way that would always make him hard. He kept thinking he was imagining it…did she really come to the meets to watch his young 18 year old body while he showed his strength on the floor and displayed the power of his youth. He knew he was attractive to the girls in school; tall and muscular, his nice body and looks were always appealing to the women. But, she was an older woman…would she want him as much as he wanted her? By the time final exams came around Daniel was fairly convinced she was at his meets to watch him. It was on his mind the day he went to her office for help on the final exam. He needed to make sure he got a good grade and needed some help on certain areas…!! he did not realize he would get a lot more attention, in a lot different areas before his lesson was over.

As he sat at her desk in her office he could feel the heat of her body as she leaned over him and tried to instruct him on his work. The smell of her perfume was too much and he was soon leaning into her. She did not resist the touch of him and soon he had to reach etlik escort out and touch her bare leg. She did not move and so his hand ran up her tight mini-skirt to touch that mound of pleasure he had been fantasizing about for weeks! As he felt the wet evidence of her arousal he looked up in her eyes and became hers. Hers to do with as she pleased! Before he knew what was happening she had his pants off and was wrapping her hot hands around his firm cock. Within minutes her lips were sliding over the head of his arousal and Daniel’s first experience of a woman’s lips on his penis almost made him cum right then. Her experience was evident as she slid her lips down his hard shaft and massaged his cock and balls with her caressing fingers. Her mouth sucking him in deep and pulling on his c!! ock, faster and harder with every stroke, driving him over the top as he exploded into her sweet mouth with a gasp and a moan!

It was not long before he realized she was not done with him. His cock was already growing hard again from her hands running up and down his hard body. As she told him how much she enjoys a good firm muscular lover, Daniel realizes how glad he was that ankara escort he kept in shape for wrestling. She caressed and sucked his nipples with her mouth, teasing him until he felt as though he would explode again! Setting him back down in his chair his teacher looked deeply into his eyes as she straddles him.

“Are you a virgin, Daniel?” his sexy instructor purred in question.

A “Yes, ma’am” barely escaped this lips as she began to slide her firm hips around him, lowering herself onto his full throbbing cock and began to slowly ride him, up and down. She was enjoying the sensation of his excited arousal…his first time sinking his hot shaft into a wet pussy. Becoming aroused by the gyration of her body against his firm pelvis she began to ride him harder and harder, moaning with ecstasy as she brought them both to a volcanic orgasm; causing Daniel to shoot his cum all over her womanhood. Rising up and rubbing his sweet wet cum all over her hot pussy she picked up her discarded panties and uses them to wipe the cum from his dripping cock. Smiling at him with a naughty grin she pulled the panties back on and purred “these will remind me of the pleasure you have given me as I wear them during my day today”.

Unable to finish his studies, Daniel gathers his books after getting dressed and asks how he was ever going to get through his exam. “You will just have to cum over to my house this weekend for some heavy cramming” she instructed as he walks out of her office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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