Working With Rex Ch. 06

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Becki returned from the bar, two pints of dark fruit cider in her hands and frowned at the blonde draped over the bar in front of Rex. She couldn’t really complain, it wasn’t as if she and Rex were dating, but that didn’t mean she liked what she saw.

They’d gone out after work for a drink with Dave, who had soon disappeared into the crowd chasing a brunette in a short skirt, leaving Becki and Rex sitting at the bar together.

Becki fixed a smile on her face and headed over to Rex, who seemed bemused by the blondes attention. Becki placed the glasses on the bar and cleared her throat behind the blonde, who was running her hand along Rex’s arm.

She turned and looked at Becki. “What?”

Becki raised her eyebrows at Rex, “Should I go or…”

“Look, love… I got here first. Sorry you wasted your money on drinks, but he’s clearly not interested.” The girl spat.

Becki let out a laugh of surprise. “Well, he certainly seemed interested when he came in my ass!”

Rex snorted, trying to hide his laughter as the blonde looked between them incredulously. Without a word she slipped off of Rex and disappeared into the crowded dance floor.

“Bit unnecessary Beck don’t you think?” Rex asked as he took his pint from her.

“Really? You were the one letting some random stranger try to fuck you on the bar.”

Rex frowned. “Jealous?”

“No. You can do what you want. It’s just, you know…” Becki trailed off.

Rex sat quietly sipping his pint. Suddenly frustrated by the whole situation, Becki downed her pint, thumped the glass down on the bar and stormed off to the dance floor.

Dave spotted the murderous look on her face and headed over. He put his hands on her shoulders as he faced her. “Wow! What’s up?”

“Some woman… stupid…. Rex…. impossible…” Becki ranted, but Dave couldn’t make sense of it over the thudding bass.

“Wanna dance?” Becki asked, wanting a distraction from the confused thoughts racing around her head. Dave nodded. He was pretty wasted already, he was just out to have fun. Becki took his hand and pulled him into the thick of the dance floor. There was barely any room as they danced closely together.

Becki had no idea how long they’d been dancing, when the music slowed, pulling people together. Dave pulled Becki into his chest, his hands resting on her hips as they danced. Becki couldn’t remember the last time she’d danced with someone like this, as she slipped her arms around his neck.

Becki felt his lips against hers as they lost themselves in the moment. She kissed him back, her tongue slipping into his mouth hungrily. She felt Dave’s hand groping her ass and she moaned softly. His other hand trailed up from her hip to her breast, squeezing it gently and caressing her nipple with his thumb. Becki pushed her body tight against his, excited by his hardness pressed against her. She rubbed against his cock, causing him to gasp and slip his hand under her top, this time fondling her breast through the lace of her bra. Becki unzipped his jeans, grasped his hard length and stroked his shaft. They were so close and there were so many people around them, she doubted anyone would notice.

Becki continued working his cock with her hand as their lips met again. Their kiss was hard and messy with lust as she wanked him off. Their kiss breaking off as Dave gasped, his warm sticky cum splashing on to her hand as she finished him off.

Dave adjusted himself and zipped his jeans back up. He’d done many things in his life, but he’d never had a hand job in the middle of a packed dance floor before.

Unbeknownst to them, Rex had seen enough to know what had happened between them. They weren’t dating, so he really couldn’t say anything about it. But at the same time he wasn’t sure if he was jealous, or just incredibly aroused watching them together. He was certainly hard as he crossed his legs and tried not to make it obvious.

Becki and Dave headed back to Rex at the bar, grateful to find he’d ordered them all one last round before the bar had closed. They finished their drinks quickly, and followed the dazed crowds out into the night. Becki reached behind her for Dave’s hand, as Rex took hold of her other hand. She felt alive, pumped full of adrenaline after playing with Dave in front of all those people. Rex looked behind him at Becki, his eyes catching sight of her hand in Dave’s. His cock stirred again.

“My place is really close if you want to crash at mine?” He suggested casually. Becki smiled in reply and Dave nodded. He’d crashed at Rex’s before after a night out. Becki felt her mind wander at the thought of both men being available tonight… how wrong would it be to sleep with both of them in one night? Maybe if they were in different rooms she could get away with it, without the other one knowing… a crazy vision flashed through her mind of the three of them in bed together. She felt the heat rise between her legs. She’d never considered a threesome before, but would eryaman genç escort they be up for it? Dave probably would as he was so laid back, but what about Rex… how do you even drop it into a conversation? ‘I’d quite like to fuck you both, but maybe to save time we could do it all in one go?’ Becki giggled to herself and tugged on Daves hand to pull him closer.

He smiled at her, his eyes slightly unfocused as she leaned into his ear. “Ever had a threesome?” Becki whispered conspiratorially. “A couple.” He nodded, confirming what Becki already suspected.

“With Rex?” She asked. Dave shook his head, then smiled as he finally understood what she was suggesting. “I think we could convince him. Not sure if he’s into men though…”

Becki laughed, “Good job I’m not a man then!”

Dave chuckled, a mischievous glint in his eye, “When we get to his place, start making out with him and I’ll do the rest.”

Rex’s house wasn’t how Becki had pictured it. It was quite minimalist, with a colour palette of greys and off white. The only colour coming from old b-movie film posters, hanging on the walls.

“Nightcap?” Rex suggested, as he gestured towards the sitting room. Becki nodded as she sat down on Rex’s plush grey sofa. Dave sat down next to her and wiggled his hips uncomfortably. “Dried jizz in your boxers is not fun.” He grumbled, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Dave passed Rex in the doorway as he came in with a bottle of vodka and shot glasses.

Rex poured the shots and placed the vodka bottle on the table in front of the sofa, before sitting down on the other side of Becki. They sat silently sipping their vodka until Dave returned.

Three shot glasses of vodka later and all sobriety from the walk home had disappeared. Becki ran her left hand up Rex’s thigh as she leaned into him, kissing her way along his neck and throat. He closed his eyes and sighed. Becki moaned softly as Daves hands caressed her breasts from behind. “Rex,” Becki whispered, “I’m not sure I can choose between you two tonight…” She slid her hand up his thigh, closer to his bulging cock. “You could have both…” Dave suggested from behind her, as he sucked on the bottom of her ear lobe.

Rex didn’t say anything for a moment, so Becki continued, “I’d really love to feel two cocks inside me at the same time…”

Rex let out a low growl, “Not sure I like to share…”

“No, but I bet you do like to watch…” Dave chipped in, “I know you were watching up in the club. I bet you were hard as hell knowing Becki’s hand was around my cock, while I played with these beautiful soft tits…”

Rex glanced down and saw that Dave had lifted Becki’s top up and was teasing her nipples through the lace bra. Becki tilted her head back and groaned with pleasure, breathing in Rex’s intoxicating aftershave while Dave worked on her tits.

Becki cupped the bulge in his jeans, squeezing him gently. Rex sprang forward and held her head in his hands, crushing their lips together roughly. “Fuck it,” he mumbled against her lips, “bedrooms upstairs…”

The three of them tripped over each other as they headed upstairs in a mass of tongues and groping hands. Pulling clothing off as they went. As they reached the bedroom, Becki stared at the huge bed in front of them.

Hands gripped her waist from behind as someone began to kiss her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes as someone else knelt in front of her and flicked their hot tongue over her nipples. Becki cried out as the person in front began properly suckling her breasts, while the person behind continued kissing her neck and kneading her ass.

“Is he making you wet?” Rex breathed in her ear, “I love hearing you moan when he sucks on your nipples.”

Becki moaned again, convinced she was going to cum before either of them even entered her. “What do you want Beck?” Rex whispered. Becki’s knees trembled with delight. “I want to fuck Dave while you take my ass.”

Dave stood and went over to the bed, making himself comfortable on his back in the middle. He patted the bed next to him with one hand and grasped his thick cock with the other. Becki licked her lips and straddled him. Her breasts were sore from Daves stubble, but instead of being painful, it just seemed to heighten her arousal. She lined the head of his cock up to her slick opening, and slowly lowered herself down.

“Fuck,” Dave breathed, “I can see why you wouldn’t want to share this snug little pussy Rex.”

Rex carefully stood on the bed, feet either side of Dave as he faced Becki. Becki stared at his throbbing cock hungrily, as he stroked it in front of her.

“I’m not ready for your ass yet,” Rex growled, as he took hold of the back of her head and pushed himself between her lips. Becki relaxed as Rex pushed his length in until he hit the back of her throat. Dave grasped Rexs hips to help him keep his balance as he watched him fuck Becki’s mouth.

“Fuck man, she’s soaked…” Dave groaned, as Becki continued ankara escort bayan to ride his cock. Becki whimpered, she could feel the moisture trickling down and coating her thighs. Rex pulled his cock from her lips, “Good girl..” he smirked, still stroking his own cock, “But I really want to cum in your ass again.” Becki swallowed, she already felt pretty full with just Dave, she wasn’t sure there was room for him too. She heard Rex rummaging in a drawer and he leaned forward over Dave as he stroked her back. “Relax,” he whispered,”trust me, it will all fit.” Becki let out the breath she’d been holding, as she felt Rex spreading the lube around her anus. Dave kissed her softly, distracting her from the initial sting as Rex pushed the head of his cock into her ass.

“Fuck…” Rex groaned as he eased himself further inside her. “You’re even tighter than last time.” Dave raised his eyebrows at her, “Last time?” Becki shrugged, unable to respond as she focussed on the feeling of complete fullness. She couldn’t move much, so Rex took over thrusting, which moved Daves cock inside her as well as his own.

Becki felt a level of pleasure she had never experienced before. It was almost too intense, but she was just able to keep her focus as the two cocks worked her at once. “Rex she’s close…” Becki heard Dave call, “I’m not far behind…”

Rex grunted in reply. He dropped one hand from her hip and reached under her to pinch her clit. Becki squealed, the sensation almost enough to push her over the edge. Suddenly Dave gasped as Rex’s hand grasped the base of his cock.

“That’s so hot…” Rex grumbled as he stroked the part of Daves cock that wasn’t inside Becki. Dave groaned loudly, “Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop…”

Becki came hard when she realised what Rex was doing to Dave. Dave came seconds later as Rex gasped, “Fuck, I felt you cum inside her. Don’t move…” He grunted as he spasmed inside her ass, filling her second hole with hot cum.

Rex slipped out first as he tried to catch his breath, helping Becki off of Daves cock. Becki lay back on the bed next to Dave, as she felt the mixture of cum dribble out of her. She saw Rex’s gaze focused on her crotch, and spread her legs a little.

“Cream pies are so damn sexy…” he growled, prowling towards her like a predator. He dipped his head to her pussy and breathed in deeply. Becki shuddered with anticipation as Rex’s tongue swept up, tasting both her and Dave. He growled again as he continued to lick her out, scooping out Daves cum with his tongue. Becki shuddered as a mini orgasm rippled through her.

Daves lips were wrapped around her nipple again, suckling almost in time to Rex’s strokes on her clit. Rex hooked his arms under her knees, forcing her to tip her pelvis up, allowing his tongue even deeper access. She cried out, as his rough tongue dipped down to her anus, tasting his own cum this time.

Dave slipped his fingers inside her, his palm stimulating her swollen clit as Rex tongued her ass.

Dave kissed her deeply as she clenched around his fingers.

“I can’t take anymore a minute.” Mumbled Becki. Dave chuckled and Rex stood by the bed, stretching his back.

“Didn’t know you were an ass man?” Dave remarked. Rex shrugged, “That was only the second time.” Becki lay back quietly, listening to their conversation. “Ever wanted to be fucked up the ass yourself?” Dave asked. Rex shook his head, “No I don’t think so, it’s more about it being a completely dominant position I think.” Dave nodded, “Yeah I get it. I quite like being dominated rather than being the dominator.” Rex looked at him surprised. “Just saying, there’s more than one available ass here tonight…”

Becki watched as Rex looked him up and down, trying to decide what he wanted to do. He bit his lip thoughtfully, “Get on the bed.”

Dave grinned and got on all fours next to where Becki was resting. He bent his head down and kissed her, as Rex reapplied the lube. Becki watched as Dave let out a long breath as Rex entered him from behind.

It was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen, watching Daves face as Rex fucked his ass. She glanced down at Daves hard cock bobbing up and down. Becki slid down the bed and positioned her face beneath Daves cock. As Rex continued to take him from behind, Becki licked the length of his shaft before taking him in her mouth. Dave cried out in surprise, he’d never received a blow job while being fucked in the ass before. Becki fondled his balls and his cock throbbed in her mouth. There was no way Dave could last much longer!

Dave came hard in her mouth and she licked him clean, before sitting back on the bed and watching Rex finish inside Dave. Becki watched the thin string of cum stretch from Daves ass to Rex’s tip and had to fight the urge to lick him clean too. Rex sat back on his heels and sighed. “That was different. Glad I tried it, but I think I’m definitely more into women.”

Dave chuckled and rolled onto his back. sincan escort “I’m going to jump in the shower quickly.” He smiled. Rex nodded, watching Dave head out of the room. Becki glanced at the clock on the bedside table. 4.30am.

“Are you ok?” Rex asked. Becki smiled, “I’m better than ok, this has been incredible!” Rex nodded, “Yeah, it’s not how I thought tonight would go!”

“No? What did you think would happen?”

Rex made his way towards her on his knees, cupping her face with his hands as his lips met hers. Becki opened her mouth to him, letting his tongue dance in her mouth. Even after everything they’d already done tonight, their passion grew quickly as if it had been simmering just under the surface.

Their hands roamed, stroking and fondling, grasping and teasing, their pace quickening until Becki found herself on her back with Rex above her, as he slipped his cock inside her.

Becki moaned as he slipped in and out of her, kissing her lips and breasts in turn.

“Oh god Rex,” Becki whimpered, “oh…” Rex cut her off with a kiss as she clenched around him, her orgasm taking over her.

Becki woke to find a thin stream of light in her face from the gap in the curtains. She groaned. Her head hurt…. a lot. Her mouth was dry and she ached all over. She covered her face with her hand, squinting at the unfamiliar room. There was a heavy, musky smell in the room, all sweat and sex. Becki closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had no idea where she was and she was afraid to turn over and face her decisions from the night before.

She really needed a glass of water. Her tongue felt as though it was too big for her mouth. She lifted the edge of the duvet. ‘Great,’ she thought, ‘I don’t know where I am and I’ve lost my clothes.’ She sighed and cracked one eye open, enough to spot the bedroom door and plan a quick escape to the bathroom. She lay still for a few seconds, listening for any sign of her companion stirring, but all she could hear was steady, rhythmic breathing.

Quietly, she slipped out of the bed and hurried to the door. Becki was relieved to spot the bathroom door was open, so at least she didn’t have to hunt for it. She locked the door behind her and sat down heavily on the toilet. Her head was pounding. She spotted a glass on the sink, half full of something. Becki sniffed it, her stomach heaved at the familiar scent of vodka. She swallowed the bike back as she tipped it out, filling it back up with the cool water from the tap.

It took three full glasses of water before her mouth felt more normal.

Becki opened the small mirrored cabinet above the sink and was relieved to see half a pack of paracetamol nestled among the various bathroom essentials. She popped two from the foil pack and swallowed them with another glass of water.

The bathroom wasn’t giving her any clues, except that this was a man’s house; there was a man’s razor on the shelf above the bath and some male smelling shower gels. There were clean towels on a rack on the wall, so Becki stepped into the bath and flicked on the shower. It was a fancy one with far too many options for her liking, but eventually she managed to get the water to an acceptable temperature and pressure setting.

She picked up the closest shower gel and took her time washing herself all over. She washed her hair and stood under the water for a while, trying to clear her head. The paracetamol had eased the ache a little, but the previous night was still a blur. Reluctantly she switched off the water and wrapped herself in one of the grey fluffy towels.

She wasn’t holding out much hope of finding a hair dryer, so she towelled it off as best as she could and ran her fingers through it to untangle it.

Deciding that she couldn’t hide in the bathroom for ever, but not quite ready to face what was waiting in the bedroom, she secured the towel tightly around herself and crept downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs Becki saw a scattered collection of clothing. She cringed at stepped over it, making her way into the kitchen.

She couldn’t see a kettle, but there was an expensive looking coffee machine. She dropped a coffee pod in and fiddled with the switches until it seemed to be working. She put a mug underneath it and glanced around the room. It was definitely Rex’s house. She may not have been here before, but the decor was Rex’s taste. The coffee machine started to gurgle, spitting fresh smelling coffee into the mug. Becki sighed. A cup of coffee and she would be ready to face whatever had happened.

Quietly she retrieved her clothing from the hallway and dressed as best as she could.

She sat quietly at what looked like a breakfast bar in the kitchen and sipped her coffee.

Suddenly she heard scuffling sounds on the stairs. She froze, waiting for Rex to enter but instead she heard the front door close quietly.

Strange, she thought when minutes later she heard the shower running upstairs. Maybe she had imagined the front door closing.

As she finished the last of her coffee Rex came into the kitchen. He looked awful. There were dark circles under his eyes and he didn’t look completely awake.

“Morning,” Becki said quickly, trying to get the awkwardness out of the way.

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