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I am a married man who used to enjoy a satisfying sex life at home. This true story is my way of reminiscing and reliving those fun erotic times with my wife.

My wife’s brother and I grew up together. We played in a band together and we were close friends, so I spent a lot of time at his house. He had a cute sister, and being there all the time gave me the idea — and opportunity — to pursue her. I chased Patty since we were just kids, but for the longest time she wouldn’t even give me the time of day. So as time passed, I moved on.

I met another girl, Maryann, and fell madly in love with her. We seemed to be a very compatible couple and we talked about getting married. Since I was still close with Patty’s brother and their family, they would invite Maryann and me to cookouts and other casual get-togethers. Maryann and Patty sort of became “friends” and Maryann even asked her to be in our Wedding whenever we decided on a date.

Things were going along fine between me and Maryann when, after a revelation from “God”, (that’s another story) she suddenly broke off our “Engagement”. I was devastated and went into a deep depression that caused everyone to worry about my state of mind, and had them hoping that I wouldn’t do anything drastic.

I moped around for months, but as the pain lessened I started to think that eventually I’d be able to move on. I had done it before and I could do it again. But I also believed that I’d probably never find that one special girl, so I decided to just have fun and make the best of any opportunities that came my way. Playing in a band was usually a vehicle for getting laid regularly, and I had some luck with the “groupies”, but I had “stiff” competition from the guitar player who attracted most of the attention from the girls.

However, one New Year’s Eve, friends and family attended a party at a club where my band was playing. At midnight, during “Auld Lang Syne”, it’s traditional that boyfriends and girlfriends, (or husbands and wives), share a kiss for luck in the New Year. Well, I was completely floored when Patty came up to me and kissed me. What just happened? She had never shown any interest in me — whatsoever. I was more than a little intrigued and excited.

That night, after we were done playing, the band and some of our friends had been invited to the guitar player’s house to keep the New Year’s festivities going. Midnight signaled the end of the gig, so we just had to tear down and pack up before we headed to his place for the after-party.

Much to my surprise Patty approached me and said that she’d like to go to the party with me. How could I refuse? We went together and had a great time. That turned out to be our first date. In the following months, we spent a lot of time together and had a great time going out together to dinner, movies, amusement parks, etc., and things were starting to heat up between us.

The first time Patty and I had “sex” was at my house. My parents had gone to bed and we were alone in the living room watching TV. We started off sitting on the couch but we wound up lying on the floor making out. After we spent some time in passionate tongue play and me fondling her nice sized tits, I reached up under her skirt to rub her pussy and then when she didn’t resist, I slid a finger past her panties and eased it into her cunt. She reacted with somewhat of a groan and had what to me looked like a grimace on her face. Her pussy was tight, and I didn’t want to hurt her, but she assured me that it was fine and I wasn’t hurting her. So I continued to explore her cunt while her groans turned into soft moans and the grimace on her face started to look more like building sexual excitement rather than discomfort.

With my finger in her wet slick pussy, my cock was hard and oozing a lot of pre-cum, and I thought about going further. I told her that I’d like to “make love” to her, but she said my parents might hear us since their bedroom was right at the top of the steps — so I disappointedly kept my dick in my pants. Well, at least I had gotten all the way to 3rd base. All I needed now was to somehow figure out a way make it around all of the bases and slide into “Home Plate” the next time I got up to bat.

Patty started to follow my band when we played. She would sit with our guitar player’s girlfriend.

Wouldn’t you know it that he was unattached and getting all “the chicks”, when I was recovering from Maryann dumping me. I could have used a little less competition when I was trying to score with the groupies, but the situation was different now.

When we were done with our gigs for the night, Patty would go home and wait for me while we packed up. I lived close to her so I’d stop by her place on the way home. It was always pretty late. Her brother would go up to bed and everyone else in her house was already sleeping. She shared a bedroom with her older sister, but she had started to sleep on the couch in her living room instead.

We grew up Catholic so the idea of pre-marital sex was off limits cebeci escort in our parents’ minds, but for some reason they were either naïve or decided that we were consenting young adults — and what they didn’t know wasn’t hurting them. They had to guess that something might be going on with two sexually maturing young adults being together alone so late at night.


When we’d get to his house I would wake Patty up by whispering her name and by giving her a kiss on her forehead. I would sit on the couch next to her and we would cuddle, but that quickly turned to heavy kissing and petting.

Patty had a nice set of natural full tits. I would say that they measured 34 C. Her tits looked pretty big proportionately, because she was thin everywhere else.

She didn’t wear a nightgown, but usually slept in one of those long oversized t-shirts and her panties.

One night not too long into our relationship, as I was sucking on her nipples and had a finger in her tight pussy, she started to feel for my cock and she suddenly surprised me by saying “make love to me”. Who was I to argue? Well, my cock isn’t that big but it’s longer and thicker than my finger so I wondered just how that was going to work. And I wasn’t prepared with a condom, but she said it was OK since she was on birth control.

When I put the head of my cock at her vagina I almost came, so I stopped, regained my composure and started to push in slowly. She was wet but, my God, she was tight. I wasn’t in too long when I felt like I was going to cum. Right before I started to shoot my load I pulled out and came on her flat belly.

We got into a routine where I would push up the t-shirt to play with and suck on her tits. After a while she would reach down and rub my cock through my pants until one of us would pull down the zipper on my jeans. The front of my underwear would be wet with an abundant amount of pre-cum. We would wind up lying next to each other on the couch, while I continued to suck on her nipples and she’d stroke my cock through my underwear.

She seemed to respond well to my mouth on her nipples and soon she was lifting her ass and sliding her panties off. Having been schooled in pussy eating by Debbie, an experienced older woman I wrote about before, I was pretty damned good at it and always “went down” on the girls I dated. Patty didn’t shave her pussy, but her cunt lips weren’t excessively hairy either. Unlike today, it was normal for women to keep hair on their pussies and only do bikini trimming. I would lick her pussy while she laid back and enjoyed my oral attention. I would be on my knees on the floor while she was lying on the couch and I usually kept up licking until she would orgasm.

Then I would go back to kissing her neck and sucking on her nipples, and she would signal me that she wanted me to fuck her. She would just move her pelvis so that my cock was rubbing on her pussy lips and then look me in the eyes and give me a nod of her head — like she was silently saying “Yes”. Patty was not very vocal during sex, so she never talked, let alone talk “dirty”. She didn’t give me “instructions” like Debbie had, and never said words like “Cock” or “Pussy” or “Fuck”, nor did she want to hear me use them, even if they might have been running through her mind during our love-making sessions. I knew that she wanted me inside her and I never needed a second invitation. I’d push my jeans and underwear down around my ankles, leaving them in place so I could quickly pull them back up if we heard anyone coming down the stairs. And so I learned that you can successfully fuck with your pants on, proving the old adage that “Necessity IS the mother of invention”. It became a Necessity for me to put my Cock in her Pussy and Fuck her, so neither language — nor denim pants — were going to get in the way.

And so, I also was in total agreement with the new adage that “Getting a piece of ass cannot be hindered by the presence of denim”. I never heard that before, I just made it up to apply to me fucking her “a la denim”.

So I would usually fuck her with my pants bunched up around my ankles, but once I got going I’d sometimes wind up pushing them all the way off anyway. So much for my emergency plan.

Even though she was really moist because she had already had an orgasm, her cunt was snug (I think her head would explode if I ever used the word “cunt” in front of her) and I would slowly stroke and push in a little at a time until my cock was all the way inside of her. I did that so I didn’t hurt her and also so I didn’t cum too quickly from the sensation of her cunt giving my cock a warm, wet hug.

The walls of her vagina would slowly part, yielding to the pressure of the head of my cock sliding into her, and then gently wrap itself around my shaft. Once I was all the way inside, it felt like my cock was inside of a silk glove. There’s nothing like a warm, silky, close-fitting cunt.

I’m very easily aroused and my cock is always hard and ready çin çin escort for action as soon as foreplay begins, so once I’m inside of a cock-hugging pussy, it’s not that long before I get to the point of no return and shoot my load. Call it premature ejaculation — but I’m always gently throbbing during foreplay, and leaking copious amounts pre-cum even before my cock’s been touched. And I am a big fan of visual stimulation, so as her level of excitement and sexual tension builds, and as I watch her cum, it’s almost like my cock has been inside of her warm, wet vagina. Watching a woman during her orgasm is so erotic and even after her pussy stops pulsating I love seeing the satisfied and peaceful sleepy look on her face.

I never used a condom when we fucked because she was on birth control, but I was paranoid about an unplanned pregnancy, so even though she would say “you can cum inside”, I always pulled out before I would cum. According to statistics, there was that 0.1% chance and I’m less of a gambler than it appears. I’d rub the shaft of my cock in the folds of her pussy and on her clit with my cock head safely out of her vagina. I could feel my balls contract and the oncoming eruption, then I’d start spurting cum on her pubic mound and belly. My “little swimmers” would have had to make a detour, find their way inside her vagina, and win the free style before they could surprise us with a little “water baby” of our own.

After my cock stopped pulsing, I’d hold my weight off of her by supporting myself with my knees and arms, while gently resting my pelvis and cock on her “mon veneris”, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy juice combined with my cum.

After we had both enjoyed the sensations of our pulsating climaxes, the raw passion of our intense sexual experience, I would rest my head on her chest and listen as her heartbeat returned to normal while she gently stroked my hair. After the Grand Finale, those were the tender moments of our “lovemaking”. We would rest like that for a while before we cleaned up and got dressed. It would have been a funny sight — Patty with her t-shirt “nightgown” pushed up around her neck and me with my pants bunched up around my ankles and my ass sticking up in the air — if we fell asleep like that only to be discovered by one of her parents the next morning. It would be funny remembering it now, but I doubt that anyone would have actually been laughing at the time.

We had sex almost every night. It was a glorious time.

We were both pretty slim and could lie next to each other on the couch for the rest of the night. Many times I wouldn’t go home and when her parents got up in the morning, we’d still be lying there (fully dressed) together. They would start breakfast and I’d join them for coffee and something to eat, before I went home to change and leave for work. I would sometimes hear an annoyed tone in my mom’s voice asking where I had been all night, and saw sly knowing looks from my dad when I’d roll in early in the morning. They knew where I had been. And they probably guessed what I was doing.

Why were Patty’s parents so accepting of us spending the night together all the time? Was it because it was right in their living room just at the bottom of the steps from their bedroom? (Both houses were relatively small and had the same disadvantage of our parents’ bedrooms being not far away from the “action”.)

We certainly wouldn’t be doing anything for fear of me getting caught with my hand in the “Cookie Jar”. However, I not only had my hand in the “cookie jar”, but I had my cock in it and my mouth on it. With that analogy, I don’t think I’ll ever again be able to reach for a cookie without it conjuring up memories of those nights on the couch. Hum, I could go for a cookie right now. I can tell — my cock is starting to twitch.

Were her parents naïve or more sexually enlightened than I had thought?

We also had an occasion to fuck right in front of her sister one time. We had taken an organized trip “together” and as protocol dictated we were in separate rooms. One night, after a pretty active day of touring, I was in her hotel room before bedtime. Her sister was quite a heavy sleeper and was “knocked out”. We could hear her softly snoring. We were sitting on Patty’s bed and quietly making out. As things started heating up we stood up and moved to the corner of the room. I was determined to fuck her (vacation sex is so good) and figured that as long as we remained quiet we could pull it off. We had had plenty of practice being quiet in her living room. We were both a little tipsy from drinking at the hotel bar after dinner and so we threw caution to the wind and suddenly I didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant because she was on birth control.

She was facing her sister’s bed and I was behind her kissing her neck and fondling her tits through her nightgown. She was actually wearing a nightgown that night. And I opened my pants and pulled out my cock to fuck her from behind, ankara escort but we couldn’t pull it off that way so she turned to me and I crouched a little so I could slide into her pussy “missionary style”. We fucked standing up. I was slightly bent at the knees and I would thrust my pelvis forward to slide in and out of her pussy while she wrapped her arms around my neck so we didn’t lose balance. The danger of getting caught was way more likely in that situation, but we managed it, and I successfully deposited my load in her pussy, before I kissed her good night and headed off to my room. Ooh-la-la.

After a couple-year engagement, much to our parents’ delight and relief, we got married.


During the early years of our marriage, we remained pretty sexually active and incorporated a lot of oral sex into our foreplay. As I have already indicated, she had nice sized tits and beautiful suckable nipples. Her areolas are between quarter and half dollar size and her eraser sized nipples are well defined and get very erect when she’s excited.

She seemed to enjoy me sucking on her tits and that would get her pussy juices flowing. After spending ample time stimulating her by sucking her nipples, I would change positions so that I had my head at her pussy. I’d stroke and gently probe her pussy with my fingers and then I would proceed to lick her pussy lips. And she would become so aroused that she’d swing around and get into a 69 position. She’d straddle me from above — her sweet pussy poised just above my hungry lips and my hard throbbing cock staring her in the face, standing at attention and waiting for her mouth to envelope the length of it.

I am happily circumcised. That way there’s no ugly foreskin to get in the way. She would hold my cock at the base and lick up and down the sides of my shaft and around the head of my cock and then take just the head into her mouth, teasing the glans until she would begin to slowly bob up and down on it.

A number of times, after licking her pussy and sticking my tongue into her cunt to taste her tangy juice, I would move up and begin to kiss her mouth. She sometimes resisted but I would push my tongue into her mouth because I wanted her to taste her own cunt. I think she believed that it was gross, but I had her juices in my mouth and I wasn’t grossed out. And perhaps I hoped that she would be turned on by the taste of pussy, so that I could fulfill another one of my fantasies of her having a lesbian experience — with me to watch.

I would like to see my wife eating pussy and having her pussy eaten by a hot woman. It could be a bi-curious woman or a lipstick lesbian — I’m not into the “butch” lesbian idea — “not that there’s anything wrong with that” — but I’m more interested in a FFM threesome with a beautiful woman, not someone who wants to look like a guy. I want Patty to experience the soft hands and lips of another woman, but I’d like to be there to lend a hand — or a tongue, or a hard cock, as needed.

Getting back to 69, I have to say that it is my favorite position — lying on my back with my tongue in her pussy. And I liked to have a pillow under my neck pushing my head up higher so that I could have my mouth right at her pussy lips to lick and stick my tongue inside her, and so I could occasionally move up and lick her Asshole. She’d resist — but I’d persist — and I’d give her a rim job and sometimes try to sneak a finger inside. I never got it too far in before she’d reach behind and successfully pull my finger out of her asshole. One time I convinced her to try anal. I lubed her up real good and put some on my finger and stuck it in her ass a little bit to prep her. I also poured lube all over my cock, moved it up against her asshole and pushed gently — but she was just so nervous and tight that I never was able to push my cock into her ass, and after a little while we gave up and went back to “straight” sex. She was never a “back door” lady and although I would have loved to do it, even just once, to feel the tightness of her sphincter as it finally relaxed to allow my cock to penetrate, I had to settle for and be happy with our 69 sessions.

For some reason, I can usually hold back from cumming while getting a blow job way easier than when I am inside of a cunt. That’s my preferred sexual activity, so I can prolong the pleasurable sensations before I cum.

Did I say that I love 69? Well, after our normal routine of me playing with her generously sized tits and sucking them, I’d flip around and we would both be on our sides while I’d eat her pussy. Then I’d push one of my arms under her and wrap my other arm around her waist to signal her that I wanted us to resume the 69 position. I would spread her lips with my fingers to open her up while I licked away at her clit and dipped my fingers and tongue into her “cookie jar”, and she’d tease my cock with her tongue; and when I’d hear her moaning and I felt her start to drive her pelvis into my face I knew she was close to orgasm. Then she would quickly bob up and down and suck my cock voraciously while her orgasm was in progress. It really seemed that she was hell bent on triggering my orgasm right then and there so that I would cum in her mouth while she was writhing in the throes of her orgasm. It usually worked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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