Winner Takes All Ch. 02

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Lyle spat a generous amount into his hand and rubbed it all over his cock while his other hand massaged between my legs in preparation. All I could do was wait, panting. He had demanded that Joey and Conner not touch me while we had sex, told them that if they were good they would get to take a turn although it had seemed pretty clear from the beginning that it was an all for one and one for all deal. Lyle had never intended to keep me all to himself, he would share with his boys. So, with both guys obediently waiting their turns on either side of the bed, Lyle got into position and sank into me. Our foreheads touched.

He pulled me against him, the push of his body bumped me away. He moved at a slow pace, I was new. Still, with each thrust, each stroke of his member against my inner walls, I gasped as hard as if I just run a race, blowing bursts of hot air into his face. I winced from the pain, but moaned from the pleasure. Lyle made noises of his own.

“You’re so tight,” he sighed. He pumped faster. My eyes snapped shut. Intense ecstasy flooded me. On the back of his head, my fingers closed around a fistful of his hair, the other hand flattened against his writhing back. My legs cinched around his waist again, drawing him in deeper. The other guys’ excitement mounted audibly as they watched, they were desperate to join in. Lyle fucked me for about ten minutes before he couldn’t hold off anymore. He tensed, his hold on me tightened. He wanted to stay inside until the last possible moment, reaping the pleasures of my warm, damp center for as long as he could before it was time to trade off. My eyes dragged open when at last he pulled out.

“You didn’t finish in her!” Conner was incredulous.

Lyle snorted. “That’s because I’m not finished,” he said and lifted himself from the bed. “I last a lot longer than that. We’re going to take turns with her,” he glanced down at me, puffing and panting on the bed, “and the last one to cum gets the ultimate prize.”

“Ultimate prize?” Conner and Joey spoke at the same time.

“The one who cums last, is the next to control her, for an entire day.”

“Wait a minute-” I began, but Lyle cut me off.

“Now Addie, you have to do whatever I say and this is what I want.” As much as I had been enjoying the attention and the sex, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be passed around after that night. Of course I wanted to have some say in it. Images from the fantasies I’d always had control over came into my mind, but this was reality. With this uncertainty, I considered telling Lyle I didn’t want to follow his rules anymore. Sensing my reluctance Lyle sat down on the bed beside me. “What happened? I thought we were having fun.” He reached for me but I shied away from his touch. “Hey,” he said gently. “Don’t forget, we’re your friends, you know we’d never hurt you. But, if you want to stop…we’ll stop.” Conner and Joey agreed; we could just quit, no hard feelings. Still, Lyle went on reassuring me I was in good hands, it was harmless fun, and they’d be gentle, until all of my fears were gone. “Besides,” he added after noticing the change in my mood and feeling playful again, “if you back out now, I will never stop calling you a wuss.” My tongue jutted out at him which he took as an invitation to kiss me, sticking his own tongue deep in my mouth.

“Okay,” I said as we separated. “Are there going to be any specific rules for this new bet?”

“I’m glad you asked.” Lyle grinned. This bet was more defined than the original, where the only rule was I had to do whatever Lyle said. Now, besides the winner being the next to control me: the guys and I established a safe word, ‘timeout,’ so that if things got too intense for me I would be able let them know; as the prize, I wasn’t playing, so I could cum to my heart’s desire; and finally, another perk to being the winner was he would be able to blow his load inside me. Even though I was a virgin, I had been taking birth control for some time to keep myself regulated so I wasn’t worried about any unwanted after affects of that night. Those were the rules.

“Everybody got that,” Lyle asked. Conner and Joey nodded. Our eyes met. “More importantly, is that okay with you?” I pretended to think it over for a few seconds.

“Who’s turn is it now,” I asked, leaned back on my elbows, and spread my legs. All three guys gave a collective sigh of relief, and arousal.

Joey, as the birthday boy, was next.

He crawled up between my legs, I was wet enough for him slip right in. Again, my body rocked from the powerful thrusts. The difference between him and Lyle was apparent; Joey wasn’t as thick but was longer. He pushed far into me, rubbing against my g-spot, making me tremor. And where Lyle kept his hands rooted firmly to the bed, holding himself above me, Joey’s hands traced paths up my thighs, kneaded my jiggling tits, and ran seductively through my hair. He leaned in close to drop kissed along my neck and chest. It was obvious he was taking it easy for his sake and mine; warming himself up to get wilder later and cooling beylikdüzü anal yapan escort me down from my trip with Lyle, which I was grateful for.

“Uh uh uh,” he grunted with each thrust and would lean in to whisper, “How’s that,” “You like that, don’t you,” and, “god, I love you.” In response, I could only moan. Joey lasted about ten minutes, too, before the urge to cum welled up in him and he was forced to pull out or lose the game. Then it was Conner’s turn.

Rough and tumble Conner yanked me up, turned me around, and repositioned me on my hands and knees. My hair fell like a curtain around my face. He gave my ass a few slaps while he yanked his pants off. My chest dipped lower towards the bed just as I had done when Joey was spanking me on the couch. Gripping my reddened ass cheeks, Conner plowed into me. As my body bobbed back and forth, my face dragged across the pillow on the bed, the soft, pointy corners trapped in my clenched fists, and the hardened nipples on my hanging tits were tickled by the comforter. My audible cries shared a rhythm with Conner. Reaching under me, he grabbed hold of my tits to fondle me while he worked. My body screamed with pleasure. My inner walls gripped him tighter, wanting to keep him forever nestled inside me.

“Geez, Adeline,” he managed to say, his voice strained through his efforts to keep himself from exploding, “you… take dick like uh uuuh…like you’ve been getting fucked for years.” He moved fast, pounding me harder and harder like a jackhammer as he got more excited. It had been tough for him to stand by and wait his turn, no doubt; watching me get fucked by two guys before him. By then I could tell he wasn’t going to be the one to win. He didn’t cum but he tensed up, groaned as though he were in pain before he pulled out, and stumbled off the bed, breathing hard and steady to calm himself. Lyle just laughed.

“You’d better be more careful,” he said. He took Conner’s place, stopped me from turning around. “No, I want you like this.” It was uncomfortable to stay on my knees for so long jerking like I was but the way Lyle filled me up with his hard cock made up for it. I found myself begging for more and he was happy to oblige, but to an extent; how could he lose at his own game?

But I wasn’t playing, a fact I was glad of when another orgasm welled up inside of me. Lyle stayed on me as my cries came faster and louder. He knew I was close and began to taunt me.

“Yeah, you like that, huh? I know you do. You’ve dreamed about riding my cock, haven’t you?” He slapped my ass. An involuntary yelp escaped, then I moaned. “You want me to make you cum again?”

“Yes,” I breathed.


“Yes! Yes, make me cum.” He grabbed hair in his fist, pulled my head back, and leaned in as close as he could get to whisper in my ear.

“Ask me nicely.” His hot breath tickled me erotically. Gasping as he picked up his pace, I could only babble. “Ask me nicely and I will give this pussy the sweetest orgasm you’ve ever felt.”

“P-pleeease,” I whined, “Please, make me cum.”

“Good girl,” he purred. He released my hair, my head dropped back into the pillow. Lyle worked me until I could feel him on the verge of exploding, but he wouldn’t back out without pleasuring me first. At last, I felt my pussy clench around him, aching as the incredible pressure built up inside me. Screaming, I came. Hard. “Good girl,” Lyle said again, slipping out of me to let Joey have his go.

Joey let me rest and regain myself for a minute, just massaging my ass and hips, before easing me off my knees. He sat on the edge of the bed; I knew he wanted me to mount him. It was awkward and difficult since I had never done it before but, eventually, I arranged myself in just the right position and Joey was inside me with us facing each other. His arms wrapped around my sweaty back, one hand clutched my waist, the other caressed my shoulder, and he began to bounce me in his lap. Our thighs slapped together and with each downward thrust onto his dick, his balls bumped against my ass. His lips locked on mine, sealing my delighted outbursts inside my mouth while our tongues jousted. As it became too much for him to stay upright, Joey leaned back onto the bed so that he lie flat with me riding him. His hands held me securely by my waist, guided my movements back and forth rather than up and down.

“Ride ’em, cowgirl,” Lyle muttered offhandedly. I glanced over at him; his hands were balled in fists and his cock twitched. He was fighting a battle against himself, willing his body not to rush over to massage my tits. But then he must have realized he was still in control for the moment and could do whatever he wanted because his expression changed and that’s exactly what he did. Despite Conner’s complaints at being left out, Lyle stood behind me, cupped my tits, worked them in circles, and pinched my erect nipples. My head fell back against his chest. My throbbing slit gushed moisture onto Joey’s legs to be rubbed in with beylikdüzü balıketli escort my back and forth movements. My mouth actually began to drool.

When Joey had had all he could stand, Conner was too eager to take his turn. He couldn’t even wait for me to get off Joey. Instead, he swooped in and lifted me off the still rock hard dick. He didn’t put me back on the bed, but pressed me against a wall. The warm, rough feel of the textured wall on my bare skin didn’t feel too good, but I didn’t dwell on it as Conner mashed his lips against my cheeks, lips, and neck. He hoisted me off my feet, I pulled my legs up to wrap around his waist and locked my arms behind his neck. Without missing a beat, he slipped inside and began thrusting as hard as he could. With his thick cock barreling in and out of me in that position, it felt so good I couldn’t help myself; I let out a loud, long wail and held him tighter, my face lost in his hair. My tits jumped in his face. Conner licked and sucked at them hungrily. He grunted with me. We went on for a long time, I couldn’t even say how long, but at the end of it, Conner tensed up just as he had the first time. I knew what was happening, he did too, but it was too late to stop it.

“Guess I let you down, Addie,” he panted as he neared his climax. “I know you wanted it to be me who got you at the end of all this. You scream the loudest when I’m fucking you.” Either Lyle or Joey scoffed.

“Not inside her Conner, remember,” Lyle was quick to say. Conner tore away from the wall with me still wrapped around him, landed roughly on top of me on the bed and gave a few more hard pumps before it happened. His arms gripped me closer. With a primal groan, he managed to pull out and by then his cock was already exploding. His cum shot across my stomach and went as far as my collar bone. Shivering with delight, I watched as the warm goo fell across my skin, leaving shiny trails as it slid down my body. There was so much. Conner dragged his finger through a puddle on my stomach and brought it to my lips. Hesitant to taste it at first, I relented only when Lyle commanded me and accepted the cum on my tongue. Warm and bitter and sexy.

“Guess you’re out.” Joey nudged Conner aside. I couldn’t help but laugh as he dropped into a chair in the corner, spent.

Joey and Lyle took turns fucking my brains out and making me cum. They spanked, groped, and teased; twisted me into as many different positions as they could come up with. Conner could only watch the fun, desperately jerking off for pleasure. As the night wore on, I began to feel overwhelmed; as soon as one cock departed, the other immediately took it’s place. I wanted there to be a winner so that, at last, I could relax, maybe get some sleep. It was nearing the end, anyway, there was no way they could hold up much longer, so I cheated a little: I humped back against them, groaned louder, screamed their names.

“Oh god, Lyle! Oh oooooooh!”

“Joey you’re the best!”

“Yes. Yes. Yesyesyesyesyes.”

“Harder, harder. Fuck me harder!”

Lying exhausted flat on my back as Lyle dipped into me, I could see the pained expression on his reddened face as he strained against the urge to cum. He was dangerously close. He had only managed a couple thrusts when he stopped suddenly and trembled.

“Not inside,” I whispered to him. That was a treat reserved for the winner.

“Shut up,” Lyle said, pulling out. He grunted and groaned for a few seconds, his body swayed in his orgasm before he squirted his seed. A more powerful burst than Conner’s, Lyle’s cum sailed all the way up to my face. My eyes shut as a precaution just as the cream fell across my lips and cheeks. Lyle’s weight came down on top of me. With his lips close to my ear I heard him speak.

“Do you think that was an adequate present for the birthday boy? Me letting him win?” Whether that was Lyle being a sore loser, again, or he had actually lost on purpose I didn’t know. I could only smile at him as he rose off the bed. The last thing he did was take a corner of the comforter on the bed to wipe the cum off my face.

“Alright, Joey,” he sighed, tired and reluctant to admit, “you win.”

“Who would have thought…”Conner began but couldn’t finish the sentence as he watched Joey crawl between my legs the last time for the night. He cupped my face in one hand, the other savagely stroked his cock.

“Don’t worry, Addie. I won’t need to be inside you very long. I feel like I’m gonna burst already.” It was clear I was worn out, but Joey still had to fill me up.

When he was ready, Joey stuffed himself back inside my tired slit, grabbed my hips, and held me close. His face contorted, he squeezed me. His cock throbbed against my inner walls.

“I’m cumming,” he announced through gritted teeth. I pressed myself further on to him, absorbing it all. My eyes shut in rapture. I knew I was close to another orgasm myself and as he made to pull away, my legs held him captive, locked him down beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş until, bucking and writhing beneath him, I did. When he did pull away, I felt his cum slipping out of my soaked slit. My hand cupped my abused pussy as I moaned softly, the wetness covering my fingers.

When the fun was over, Lyle and Conner slunk away to try and get some sleep after all of that excitement. Lyle, who was spending the night in the living room, shut off the radio which I had completely forgotten about. The whole time it had been playing it’s sensual tones in the background, adding to the atmosphere, possibly hypnotizing me. Joey and I curled up in his bed, stripped of the messy comforter, but that didn’t matter because it was much too hot for it anyway. Too hot to cuddle too, but we did. As we drifted off to sleep, there was one thing I had to know.

“Joey? What are you going to have me do tomorrow?”

Joey gave a quiet laugh. “Wait and see, Addie. If I tell you now, it’ll only exhaust you more.

Streams of warm water spouted out of the shower head, matting my hair to my head and shoulders. Using only my hands, I washed away the stains of the night before: all of the spit, sweat and cum. My fingers dipped in between my legs, bringing the water there, too, where I was the messiest.

It was hard to believe it had all really happened, that one thing had lead to another so quickly, allowing me to live out some of my most secret fantasies. I had learned so much about my friends, especially Joey. I would learn even more about him since, for that day only, I belonged to him. The idea sent shivers down my spine before I reminded myself of Lyle’s words the night before. None of the guys were going to hurt me, and after our little sexual adventures were over, we’d go back to kidding around with each other like before. Or, so I hoped. The more I thought about it, the more I began to worry it wouldn’t be possible. No longer washing, just standing still under the water, I wondered if having sex with the guys had torn our friendship apart. Those thoughts were violently pushed out of my head. Drama like that would exist in a group of girls, not with us.

After toweling off and getting dressed in the clothes I’d worn the day before, I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. My stomach was crying out for food. It was in the kitchen that I found all three guys.

“Hey,” Lyle said casually, sipping from a mug that must have contained coffee. He leaned against the wall beside the open doorway.


“How’d you sleep,” asked Joey. He pulled a chair out from the table for me to sit in. “Are you hungry?”

“Fine; starving,” I said in answer to both questions. He made me a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee of my own which I tore into it.

“So,” Joey said, “are you ready for today?”

Speaking into my coffee cup before taking a sip, I said, “Bring it on.”

“Good. Eat up. You’ll need your strength.” Joey said. Setting the cup down, I realized that all three guys had their eyes trained on me. Joey, sat in the chair on my right, Conner on my left. “I’ve thought of a lot of fun things we could do and we’re all just excited to get to it; we’ve been up for a while, you see.” I got the feeling that ‘we’ve been up,’ didn’t just mean they’d been awake. Swallowing a bite of sandwich, I smirked.

“You guys are such perverts.”

“Yeah, Addie, but we’re your perverts,” Lyle said, coming over to give my shoulders a squeeze.

Joey said, “So hurry up and eat. You’re going to like what I have planned.”

“Let me guess: sex all day, sex all night,” I said, only half joking.

“Not quite,” Joey said. “I realized we didn’t pay very much attention to your needs last night. Sure you came a few times, and I know it felt good, but I want to do some nice things for you today.” I asked him what he had in mind. “I want to eat you out.” He was so blunt that I wasn’t sure if I had heard right. But I had and instantly began to feel nervous. What if he didn’t like the way I smelled or tasted; that would be extremely awkward. Joey continued, unaware of my insecurities. “We are all going to take turns eating you out, sucking on your tits, massaging you.” In spite of my concerns, I began to vibrate, excited. “We’ll take a break to compose ourselves, because remember this will last all day, then have some more fun.”

“Tell her the best part, Joey,” Conner said and grinned at me.

Joey also seemed unable to answer as he was smiling so hard, so I asked, “What’s the best part?”

“I want to do it,” he said at last, “in your bed.”

We got to my house at 1pm, thirty minutes after my late breakfast and trying in vain to convince Joey that going to my house to sex me up was not a good idea. For one thing, as a stereotypical broke college student, I still lived with my mom. Even though it was just the two of us and she would be at work until at least six o’clock, long enough to herd the guys into the house, have fun, and leave, I was sure we would get caught some how. Plus it would be weird to have them in my bedroom at all, let alone to do what it was they were planning. The guys had never been in my room. It was because my mom didn’t trust us in the beginning not to do anything sexual, how ironic. As time went on and she came to believe that we would never do anything like that, I still just never invited them. There was no reason to. But Joey insisted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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