Wilda’s Early Years

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Wilda Lark professional photographer; specializing in Nature and wildlife. This was what was printed on her business card.

Wilda lived on the edge of the Hornsby National park. All she had to do was walk out her back door and down the hill to enter the park just a half a mile about the river. This area was heavy with all kinds of wild life which Wilda took great pleasure in photographing.

With camera in hand Wilda made her way toward the river. She thought that up by the big rock would give her a good hiding spot and also a spot to photograph the animals from. Before she reached the rock she heard splashing in the river. It was so loud she was sure it must be a bear. She also thought she must be very careful. Moving with ease and yet great stealth Wilda came to a spot where she could see the great rock. What she saw astounded her, confounded her and took her breath away. For there high up on the rock was a man naked as the day he was born.

Or maybe he was not born for surely he was a god, created in the heavens and set upon the earth for all the women of the world to relish. He was tall well over six feet. Broad of shoulders, narrow at the waist. Each muscle glistened in the bright sun. His hair was long and dark. His face was smooth with deep eyes and a nose that was also long. But what took her breath was his manhood. Never in her life had she seen sure a wonderful tool. Never had she seen one as long, or as thick and the head was bulbous protruded like a enormous plum rip for the picking. This massive instrument of love was at least ten inches long while it lay limp down over a pair of balls that were the size of soft balls. He was a god of that Wilda was sure. He stood there looking around as if he knew he was being watched. Wilda brought up her camera and took a picture of him. He jerked her head in her direction.

Before Wilda could blink he was of the rock and running toward her. Wilda dropped her camera while she turned to run. However she had only taken two steps when she felt twin bands of steel close around her. Wilda took a deep breath and passed out. When she came to she was laying on a grassy area back under an over hang. The deep shade was cool on her naked skin. Wilda jerked awake and sat up. She was naked her clothing were folded and pile on a rock some feet away. Sitting facing her was the god. He sat on a rock legs spread wide elbows resting on his knees. His enormous cock was erect and it looked to be a foot long. He was stroking it in long slow pulls up and down. Wilda sat I awe of his manhood. He was smiling at her. He pointed his long cock at her and with the other hand motioned for her to come closer. Wilda was in a trace as she moved on hands and knees closer to him. He reached out and cupped the back of her head pulling her down till her face was only inches for the tip of his cock.

Wilda was no stranger to sucking a hard cock but as they say “Not on the first date.” and certainly not with out knowing his name. However he was not forcing her to suck his cock, but she could feel great strength in his arms. He was not about to let her back off. Besides Wilda thought she would rather suck his monster than have it in her. She moved into a kneeling position, grasping it in both hands with a lot of it still protruding from her double hand full.

She lowered her head and took the bulbous head into her mouth. It was salty and wet. The pre-cum was dripping from the slit in the end. She licked it and ran her tongue along the little opening. He moved his hips and more of the long rubbery cock went into her mouth. Wilda sucked and licked his cock and jerked the shaft with both hands. Wilda was enjoying this and was getting turned by it. What a wonderful cock she thought, her pussy was wet and she ran a finger into it. She was about to suck his cock deeper when she felt his hand slip between her hand and her wet pussy. His long finger went up into her cunt and it was followed by a second and a third. Wilda was bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could. She was giving the best blow job of her life while getting a royal finger fucking at the same time. His softball size nuts jerked and forced a flood of cum to shoot up and out of his cock.

Wilda got a mouth full followed by a second shot followed by a third and forth till emek escort she could take no more. Wilda was sucking on his cock and drinking as much of the sweet cum as she could. Yet a lot of it was dripped from her mouth falling on the ground. Wilda felt her own climax swell up and gush forth it was like a long slow piss splashing on the ground on top of his. Wilda held his cock in her mouth for a long time relishing the wonderful taste and smell. But finely he pushed her away and stood. Wilda looked up into child like eyes and smiled. He smiled back then turned and walked away. Wilda sat there for ten minutes wondering what the fuck had happened. She dressed found her camera undamaged and returned home.

Wilda went to her darkroom in the basement so she could develop the film how else could she prove what she had seen and that he was not a dream. A dream that had cum profusely in her mouth, down over her tits and belly with enough left over to drop on the ground. God how she would have loved to have a picture of that? Then Wilda became heart broken. The camera had popped open slightly when she dropped it making the film worthless… No pictures from this roll of film. She thought she would go back every day until she saw him again. She wanted to see him again in his entire god like nakedness. Being now in a somber mood Wilda climbed the stairs listlessly.

Going to her bedroom she showered and lay naked upon the bed. Wilda let her mind drift back to when she first saw him So tall, so handsome, so muscular and that wonderful long cock hanging down like a large polish sausage. Wilda is polish, blonde, large breasts and a wide bright mouth made for smiling and giving great blow jobs. Wilda did enjoy the feel of a man’s hard cock in her mouth. She had since the first time she had taken a cock into her mouth. As these thought filled her head Wilda felt a tingle between her legs. She had become so aroused while sucking this stranger off. Now here she was thinking of not only the first time she had sucked a cock but all the times she had enjoyed a cock in her mouth.

Wilda was feeling the need and when she felt like this there was no relief until she got relief. So she reached into the night table drawer and pull out her friend. Mr. Blue, he was seven inches long made of a soft but firm plastic he was battery operated and always ready to help her out in her moment of need. Wilda applied a generous amount of K-Y jelly to him and turned the little knob at the non-working end. Wilda closed her eyes and just laid the soft vibrating Mr. Blue on the tip of her clitoris. He was so kind, so gentle vibrating against her swollen clitoris for it always swells when she has suck a wonderful cock and this one was surely a wonderful one, a splendid one, a marvelous one and one she wanted to suck again. Mr. Blue slipped down till his soft head was at the parting of the glory hole. He moved easily and slowly till his head had entered Wilda quivering cunt. Wilda did enjoy a nice slow fuck and that is what Mr. Blue was going to do for her this day. After he was fully encased in her throbbing cunt Wilda had her climax. Wilda let Mr. Blue stay where he was for a long time. She had turned off the vibrator and just let Mr. Blue rest there in her as if her lover had fallen asleep with his cock still firmly planted in her.

It was still early afternoon as Wilda drove the short distance to town. She entered the village paper and said “Hi “to her friend and editor of the weekly paper. Shamelessly Wilda told of seeing this god like creature, but not that she had sucked his wonderful cock till he filled her mouth the sweetest fluid she had ever tasted. But her friend, after laughing a bit told Wilda she had no idea who it could have been. He surely was not from this little town for she knew everyone in town even their dogs and cats. For that matter. No he had to be either visiting or passing through. Sadden at heart Wilda left the paper and went to the drug store where she sat alone drinking a cup of coffee. That was when Dennis came in. He was the local sheriff. He and Wilda were friends and some times even more.

It was not a regular thing but from time to time one or the other would call and they would get together for a night of fun and games. There was something eryaman escort between her self and Dennis but it just never quite come to the surface or fully out in the open for both to see. She felt good in his arms and he was a good lover. While she did think he felt the same about her he never pursed the issue to make it a steady thing. In fact just seeing Dennis walk across the store to sit next to her gave Wilda a little shiver between her legs. Even after the time with Mr. Blue she found Dennis a sexy and haunting man. Dressed in his starched uniform and the gun belt around his narrow hips. The slight bulge in his trousers had nothing to do with how Wilda felt about this some time lover. Oh, hell no it was not that wonderful hard cock she had been fucked with or the fact that she loved to suck him off that had anything to do with how she as feeling at this moment.

With some self restraint Wilda asked Dennis to be seated. She repeated the story of seeing the stranger, but she did not mention that he had been naked or that he had the longest cock she had ever seen or she had sucked him off. Dennis said He had no idea who it might have been. However he did say that a group of kids from an orphanage had visited the lake area above Wilda’s place for a few days but he thought they had headed back to the city down river. Wilda did not believe the man she saw was a kid.

In this state orphans that reach their sixteenth birth day have to be placed in foster homes till they can get out on their own. But he very well may have been a member of the orphanage staff. That must have been it he was surely a member of the orphanage staff. Maybe even a doctor, or a councilor or a teacher. Yes she was sure that was what it wad and she thought she would make it her business to fine out more. Dennis leaned closer and asked it he could come by her place later after dinner. Wilda smiled and told him she would like that, the said, It had been too long. He smiled stood and left the drug store.

Wilda sat holding her phone slightly perplexed as she had called both state orphanages in the area and was told by both neither had been out to the lake area this summer. Wilda felt flustered and confused a long with the deep feeling of being horny. Wilda did not care for the “H” word but there it was looking her in the face. She looked at the clock Dennis would be here shortly and maybe after he was making love to her she would feel better. She liked Dennis and she felt so comfortable with him. Was she in love or just using him for her needy times? He sure could make her feel satisfied and oh so well fucked. He did not have the longest cock, or the fattest cock she had ever had. But there was still that special something that she felt for him before, during and after they made love. Maybe that was it Dennis made love to her and it was not just plan old happy days fucking. Yes Dennis made love to her each and every time. Wilda smiled and thought “Dennis does love me he just did not know it yet. Maybe there is a chance for us yet. If I can just get him to think of it for himself.”

Wilda showered again, slipped into something comfortable smiling as she snuggled up a thin see through lacy bra around her 40-ds. Dennis did love her breasts. He was so funny sometimes. He would call them breasts till he was fully aroused and that did not see to take long. Then he would call them tits and when he was over her fully engaged and ready to fill her up he would call them “Fucking tits” Seeing how she turned Dennis on filled Wilda with a joy of inner happiness that came from knowing she could make this handsome man feel so excited over her. Wilda had through the inner net ordered a pair of panties, red in color with out a crotch in them Dennis loved to have oral sex with her. He always said, “ This is what I like to do for myself so if you don’t like it you’ll just have to put up with it because I am gong to lick your pussy whether you like it or not.”

But of course he knew she loved him to lick her pussy for she never failed to reach a climax that way. Dennis had a very deft tongue and he used it on her in a way that made her feel so special. Yet every time Dennis would kiss down her belly on his way to her sex spot she wanted so much to feel his cock in her mouth at ankara escort the same time. However she knew from experience that she was not good at doing two things at the same time. Oh, they had done a sixty-nine before but she would get close and she would forget about what she was doing and just lay there enjoying his efforts on her behalf. So as much as Wilda wanted to feel his strong cock in her mouth she would lay there and enjoy him till she climaxed. Then it would be her turn to give him the expert cocksucking she was fully proficient at.

She smiled as she slipped on a sheer dressing gown that did not hide her figure or the silly red under garments. Wilda remember how he would get so excited while she preformed for his enjoyment. His cock would grow in her mouth and this always turned her on. But again it was his words that would change from one virtue to another. Oral sex would become cocksucking. She would become his cocksucker, even some times she he would call her his “Fucking cocksucker” when this happened Wilda knew she had him to a point of no return and he was fully excited and ready to climax for her. Yes Wilda was ready for a full night of sex with her lover and hopefully more some day soon.

Wilda got to thinking about how long it had been since they had been together. It had been nearly two weeks that is longer than it ever was since they became lover. But he had gone off for a few days searching for a thief up in the hills. Then there was that lost child and the horse that was stolen. Yes she thought “It had been a busy two weeks for Dennis and it was going to be her job to make him forget all about it. It was going to be her job to make him think only of her and her many charms.

He would be here shortly she thought as she stood before the full length mirror admiring how she looked. Yes she thought this will do. Her hair was curled, yet pulled back the way he likes it. He could see her body that he keeps telling her he loves. But yet it was covered with just enough to make it mysterious. She would give him the loving he needed and her self as well. Then she remembered a few sexual things that they had talked about. Little things that if done at the right time would be sexy and erotic for both of them. He had told her once he wanted to cum on her tits.

Of course that would work best if she were kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. Like today when she sucked that wonderful stranger off and his abundance of cum had dribbled out of her mouth dripping on her tits. She would let him do that but she would not wash her tits off then if he sucked her tits later he could taste his own cum. He had wanted her to suck his cock clean after he had fucked her to a climax so she could taste her own climax so Wilda thought fair is fair. Besides he often would place his fingers to her lips after he had them in her cunt. He liked to lick his fingers after he had fingered her pussy. He also had told her he liked to kiss her after she had been sucking his cock. But he had never kissed her after he had cum in her mouth till after she had brushed her teeth, maybe tonight would be different.

Wilda was thinking of all the wonderful ways they had of enjoying one another how many ways they had to make there love exciting. Wilda turned to look at her self from the rear just to make sure everything was OK from that angle. The out line of her hips was shaded but still very visible for Dennis to enjoy. At that moment Wilda remember something Dennis had said one night as he gave her a baby oil back rub. He was working down her back and when his hands came to her fine plump rear he allowed his finger to slip between the cheek of her ”Fine Ass” as he calls it. With an oily finger tip he probed gently into her tiny ass hole. That was when he told her he would like to fuck her in the ass one time to see how she liked it. Maybe she would let him full fill his dream this evening.

But sometimes the best made plans of mice and men off times go astray. Dennis had arrived, they kissed he had become aroused of that she was sure. He told her how beautiful she looked and how much he loved her. They had one drink and moved up stairs to Wilda’s bedroom she had gone into the bathroom for only a minute but when she came out Dennis was asleep on the bed dead to the world. Wilda said there will be another day and laid down beside him.

For those of you that have made it to the end of this story Casper would like you to know Wilda will meet her god like stranger again and also Dennis will get everything he ever wanted from Wilda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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