Wild Oats – Stumpy

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I had just gotten home from work, taken my shower, and was sitting on the front porch with Nelly, my housemate, who had just returned from her summer at home with her family. My long, brunette, naturally curly hair was still wet from the shower and I was just wearing a long, thin T-shirt.

A car pulled into the driveway and a friend I had not seen since last school year gets out and comes to the porch.

“Hi Stumpy, welcome to our abode.”

“Hey, Sally and Nelly.”

“What brings you out this way?”

“To be perfectly honest, you do, Sally.”

“How’s that?”

“The frat boys were talking in the locker room about Saturday night and Bull made it clear that you had been able to take all of him. That does not happen often and he and I are built very similarly in that department. It has been four months for me and I am afraid I will start growing hair on my right hand.”

“Wow! I was just telling Nelly about that experience. You have to realize that I was extremely loose and lubricated before Bull tried me on for size. In addition, I do not just lay back and open my legs for just anyone.”

“I was not suggesting that, Sally, but we are friends from way back and I am really in need.”

“Come up on the porch and show us what you’ve got.”

Stumpy is a college senior whom I have known for the past several years from classes, projects, and parties, but whom I have never dated or fucked. He is just over 5 feet tall and is built like a tree stump. He qualified for the Olympic trials in weight lifting and plays guard on the football team. Stump is all muscle. Each of his legs is as thick at the thigh halkalı otele gelen escort as my waist.

“Ok Stumpy, get naked for us.”

He pulled off his shirt to reveal a very well defined, hairless upper body with chest and arms like granite. He toed off his shoes and peeled off his spandex shorts. He was standing in front of us with a semi-hard erection. His cock was about the same size and shape as a circumcised beer can with veins and a tennis ball sitting on the end.

“Oh Stumpy, I do not think I can help you with that.”

“Bull said he was all the way inside you and we are similar in size.”

“I am willing to try, but Nelly, I need you to help. Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Just seeing Stump’s equipment was enough to start my love juices flowing, but I knew my pussy would need prep time.

“Nelly, I need to be stretched. I need you to fist me. Stumpy, I need you to show me how much you want me with your kisses and caresses.” With that, I pulled off my T-shirt and was naked on the bed. My natural DD’s with perky nipples ready for some loving.

Nelly got naked also and although her B rack was much smaller than mine, they stood up proud and firm and fit her proportionally.

Nelly started licking my pussy and Stumpy started loving my breasts. My nipples popped up like corks and he seemed to really enjoy them. Sucking them in, nursing on them, and gently chewing on them. My large areolas got in the act also and got all crinkly.

He moved up, kissing my neck, behind my neck, behind my ear and moving to my mouth where I nibbled on halkalı rus escort his lower lip and we played tongue tag.

I began slowly stroking his cock while we kissed and the head felt just like a leaking tennis ball as I ran my fingers over it. The shaft was veined and they stood out like bark on a tree, but smooth to the touch.

My vaginal lips opened to Nelly as she explored with her tongue and fingers. A woman’s touch is so much nicer than a man’s at times. A woman seems to know what a woman wants and needs. I spread my legs, opening myself to her. I felt her gasp as Stumpy’s thick middle finger entered her vagina while she loved mine.

Nelly began to explore my opening with one finger, then two, then three – fucking them in and out. I was wet. My love honey was flowing.

I lost myself in Stumpy’s kisses and Nelly’s fingers and tongue until my body took over and I began to shake in a really nice orgasm which relaxed my body even more.

Nelly began working her hand into my vagina and I began pushing back. She was in up to her wrist. She opened and closed her hand inside me, pulled it out and reinserted it over and over again.

“Now I need Stumpy to fist me.”

Stumpy moved to my pussy and Nelly sat on my face while I loved her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

Stumpy easily got three fingers in me, but even though I was very wet, had to be gentle and persistent as he began fucking me with his fingers. By elongating his hand he was finally able to get fully inside me and began sliding in and out. He made a fist inside and went in as far as he could, his halkalı türbanlı escort thick wrist and forearm stretching my vaginal opening even more.

“Stumpy, I want you inside me.”

He pulled back, I placed a pillow under my butt and he placed his tennis ball head at my love opening. I pushed to get him started and the head popped in. The head hit my G spot and I immediately had another orgasm.

“Fuck me, Stumpy!”

He filled my vagina and I could feel him pressing against my cervix. He slipped in and out of me like silk. I was so wet.

Nelly is kissing me – our tongues entwined, Stumpy is fucking me. We are in rhythm – our own love dance. He is touching every nerve in my vagina and I cum again. He is pounding into me like a man possessed. “Oh, here I cum.”

He drained his balls into me. I could feel each pulse of his cock as he came and came. He collapsed on me and rolled us to the side so he did not squash me with his weight.

We were still locked together at our sex and the fit was so tight that none of his cum escaped.

It was so different for me to be locked in sex with a man whose head came only to my chin.

We were both drained. Nelly however, was not finished. She began sucking on Stumpy’s hairless balls. Licking, sucking, tongue play, whatever she could, and he began to stiffen again, still inside me.

I responded by moving on his cock and soon he rolled us over again so that I was on top. While I slowly fucked up and down on his shaft, he played with my breasts and enjoyed watching them jiggle and bounce.

Nelly moved over Stumpy’s head and he began using his tongue to give her some relief. Stumpy was much too big for Nelly so tonight she had to be content with fingers and tongue.

Stumpy and I came together and the three of us fell asleep in my bed. During the night Stumpy and I never separated, but we did make love several more times before he had to leave for football practice and I had to leave for work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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