Wife Cuts Loose

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My wife Christa is a beautiful and sexy 48 year old woman. The epitome of a MILF and I’m the envy of many of our friends. During our nearly 28 years of marriage we have explored many adventures in our bedroom. She’s willing to try most anything as long as it doesn’t involve inviting others into our bedroom. The funny part is we often share our fantasies with each other and many times her fantasies involve multiple partners. It’s always been my opinion that my wife’s reluctance to share our bedroom stemmed from the fact we lived in a very small town and keeping such adventures a secret would be nearly impossible…turns out, I was right!

Very recently we had an opportunity to get away for a weekend to the “Big City” for some shopping and a little nightlife with just the two of us…no kids, no neighbors, no relatives, just me and my lovely wife. I wanted to plan an exciting weekend, so while my wife was out getting her hair done, I explored the town looking for some ideas. While driving around, I stumbled across this place called the “Sexual Boutique,” so I went inside to investigate. Wow, what an interesting place, not only did they have all the normal ware you’d find in a sex shop, but they also had these lovely ladies they referred to as “consultants.” After speaking with one of these ladies, I knew this was going to be one of our first stops.

When my wife returned, she was excited to tell me about this big country dance they were having in a local honky tonk (wife loves country dancing). Although country dancing is not my idea of an exciting weekend, I knew I could get her into the boutique if I agreed to the dance. So, the evening was set, first we’d visit the Sexual Boutique, then off to the dances.

After a quick dinner, we headed straight over to the Sexual Boutique. My wife was a little reluctant to enter, but once inside and after meeting one of the “consultants” she seemed to enjoy herself. Unfortunately for me, the boutique experience was less than I had hoped. My wife enjoyed herself immensely by talking with the ladies and left with a couple of new toys, but for the most part, I was left alone to look through beylikdüzü escort some magazines and browse. What a letdown, hopefully the new toys would make it all worthwhile.

Anyway, now I was stuck going to a country bar and line dancing the night away…Lord put me out of my misery! After making a complete fool of myself line dancing, I told my wife I was going to sit out a few dances while I watched her. The couple at the table next to us must have overheard me because the guy said to his wife, “that’s a great idea, why don’t you two dance and we’ll sit here and watch.” So, the other women agreed and off to the dance floor they went, leaving me and the other guy to commiserate over having to be there.

A few songs had past when the guy introduced himself as Mike and said “the sex better be awful good tonight after enduring this,” I laughed and agreed with him and told him we should make the girls dance nude for us for putting up with this nonsense. He agreed and when the girls came back he told them what we had decided. They just laughed at us, sucked down another drink and went back to dancing. When the band finished for the evening, the girls were not ready to quit, so we talked about going somewhere else, but most places were closed. My wife said “we have a couple of bottles of wine at our hotel room, let’s go back there for a nightcap. Mike agreed immediately and said “perfect opportunity to give us that dance.” The girls giggled and off we went.

On the way to our hotel, we were both pretty quiet and I was lamenting about how the Sex Boutique turned out to be less than I had hoped . Suddenly, my wife broke the silence and said” Those consultants in the sex shop said I needed to cut loose more often…what do you think?” The question sort of caught me off guard and I just replied…”whatever you think dear”. How lame was that!

When we got to the room, we kind of struggled to keep the conversation going. At one point I looked over at my wife and she gave me a “time to cut loose look.” So, she looked at Mike’s wife (Sarah) and said…”what do you say we give them that dance?” beylikdüzü eve gelen escort Without hesitation, Sarah agreed and soon we were watching a sort of striptease line dance. As you can imagine, the dance was quite an ice breaker and from that point on we discussed all kinds of things and learned they had fantasized about sharing partners, but had never gone through with it. Again, Christa gave me that “time to cut loose look” and said “it’s our fantasy also, care to make your dreams come true.”

It’s funny, I always thought men were the aggressors in these types of situations…live and learn, because it wasn’t the case that evening. Before I knew it, my wife was undoing Mike’s belt. As she pulled down his pants, Christa’s eyes were filled with lust as she stared at Mike’s cock. After a quick glance over to make sure everything was okay with me, Christa took Mike’s cock into her mouth. Wow, what a sight…I’ve had a fantasy for many years about watching my wife suck another man’s cock and here she was not 2 feet away and enjoying the taste of Mike’s hard cock. I was so memorized watching my wife that I didn’t even realize that Sarah had my cock out and was about to return the favor Christa was providing Mike.

As I looked down at my throbbing cock, Sarah was very slowly licking the underside of my dick. Man she was good! Every nerve in my body tingled as she licked and sucked the head of my cock. What a tremendous sensation to have your cock sucked as you watch your wife seduce another man. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Christa swung her leg over my head and drove her soaking wet pussy into my mouth. She tasted so sweet and I’d never seen her so wet, the pussy juice literally ran all over my face. It didn’t take Sarah long to get into the action and soon we were lying in a circle just sucking and licking each other. The soft moans and groans were enough to make you cum, but the visual of seeing the four of us so thoroughly enjoying each other was just about the most exciting thing I’d ever encountered.

After we lying there for what seemed beylikdüzü masöz escort like forever, Sarah suddenly sat up and said “someone fuck me right now, I need a cock in me or I’m going to go crazy. Before I could get over there, Mike had sat Sarah on the edge of the couch and began fucking the hell out of her. Christa and I just kneeled there along side of them for a while watching.

Just watching another couple fucking was an incredible feeling, but to make it even better, Christa reached over and began stroking Sarah’s clit as Mike continued to pound away. What a sight, Mike screwing Sarah as Christa stroked her clit and occasionally licked her beautiful tits. Taking it all in, Mike soon began to moan and softly said “I’m cumming” Sarah met Mike’s moans with moans of her own and started cumming also. Watching these two cumming together was fantastic! As Mike pulled out, Sarah continued to moan and play with her pussy. Christa said “Sarah hasn’t had enough, I want to watch you fuck her for a while”. So without hesitation, I sank my throbbing dick into Sarah’s swollen pussy. As we fucked each other Christa played with Sarah’s clit. Mike taking all this in recovered very quickly and soon was sporting another hard-on and ready for some more.

Christa looked over at Mike and said “fuck me, fuck me now”. Watching Mike enter my wife nearly took my breath away…what an incredible sight. Between fucking Sarah and watching Christa being fucked by Mike, every nerve ending in my body was on fire…I’ve never felt such incredible sensations before. Soon Sarah’s moans increased and she started screaming “I’m cumming…fuck me, fuck me deep” Hearing this and watching Mike fuck Christa was all I could stand and I exploded in the most violent orgasms I’ve ever experienced. As Christa watched me cumming, her moans increased and she exploded into an orgasm of her own causing Mike to reach another orgasm. Wow…we nearly all came at the same time…I just didn’t want the evening to end.

After resting for a few moments in a pile of sweaty bodies and cum, Christa whispered in my ear “I want you”. So, Christa and I went at it again while Mike and Sarah watched. Although the pace slowed quite a bit, we continued to explore each others bodies until we were just too exhausted to go on.

What an evening! I still can’t believe it really happened. It was so incredible sometimes I think it must have been a dream. However, the perpetual smile on Christa’s face tells me it was real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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