Widening the Circle Ch. 07

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This is the continuation of the series “A Couple’s Voyage into Sexuality”. The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. New characters are introduced in this series and some of them will be developed in another story. I want to thank all comments received in the first story; they’ve been very helpful to me. I do encourage you to vote and to send your comments.

The week following their return from their vacation was a bit hectic for Robert and Vanessa. Robert was working on a project for a new client; it was a very complicated package he had to put together that included input from several departments. He had to work late every day of the week and when he got home he was usually too exhausted and usually went right to sleep after eating his dinner so they had only made love one night.

* * *

Vanessa had got a call from Steve, a fellow teacher at the university; he taught a class on design and industrial drawing. He and Vanessa had forged some sort of friendship, often sharing a cup of coffee at the cafeteria between classes. They mostly talked about art, Vanessa found out he liked many of the same artists she liked and that he dabbled, as he put it, and painted in his spare time. She told him she also did some painting and even though they had often talked about seeing each other’s work, they had never gotten around to it.

Steve had called saying he would like to meet her to discuss a project he was working on and they agreed to meet for coffee at a nearby Starbucks. When Vanessa arrived he was already there, he got up to greet her and Vanessa saw the look of surprise and appreciation in his eyes as she walked towards him. She was wearing a skirt a few inched above her knees and a top that clung to her body accentuating the curve of her breasts. The top was cut rather low showing a good amount of cleavage. Vanessa had debated whether to wear a bra or not but decided against going braless because after all Steve was a fellow teacher.

“Wow Van! You look absolutely great.” Steve said as Vanessa got to his table.

“Well, thanks Steve.” Vanessa answered; she was flattered by the appreciative look he had given her.

They chatted for a while about this and that and finally Steve got to the subject of their meeting.

“Well Van,” he said, “I have been working on this project for a while now and my department finally approved it. You see, some of my students, mostly designers and engineers are quite talented artists. I’ve seen some of their drawings but they’ve never had an art class, so I proposed to include a painting class, a human figure painting class, actually a nude painting class.” Vanessa saw that Steve blushed slightly. “Well, finally they’d approved the project, not as a regular class as I had proposed but as an open workshop.”

“Wow Steve that sounds great!” Vanessa answered, “I didn’t know you took painting that seriously. But anyway, where do I fit in this project of yours?”

“Well to make it more interesting I thought about having a few lectures on the history of nude painting, and I thought that since you know so much more about Art History than me you’d be perfect for it. That is if you agree.”

Vanessa had crossed her legs and her skirt had risen to about mid thigh and she caught Steve stealing glances at her legs and cleavage. She was getting excited and felt her nipples hardening but she shook the feeling away and concentrated on the business at hand.

They talked some more about the project and finally Vanessa agreed, she mentioned she would like to take the painting classes since the few times she had tried to include a human figure in her landscapes she had never been satisfied with the results as the figures were rather stiff and she figured she could learn something. Steve agreed readily and they agreed to meet a few days later to work out scheduling and other details. Steve asked Vanessa if they could meet at his place so she could see some of his paintings and maybe she could bring some of hers. They left after agreeing to meet the following Saturday. Steve walked Vanessa to her car and she caught him glancing at her legs as she got on the car and her skirt rode up her thighs.

* * *

Edward and Pamela were also busy during the week but Edward found some time to select some pictures which he loaded on the Web site. They had talked most of the week about their experiences during their vacation.

They talked about their discovery that the relationship they had with Robert and Vanessa went well beyond friendship and sex and they talked about their feelings for them. They both agreed they actually loved them and that made it something special but they also admitted that the raw sex they’d had with Al and Tina was exciting too and that they wanted to keep exploring that part. They did most of their talking after Edward returned from work. They usually halkalı eve gelen escort sat nude in their backyard having dinner and a few times they saw some shadows behind their neighbors’ curtains, this excited them and on those occasions they made love right there fully aware that they were putting on a show for them.

They decided to invite them over for a barbecue the following Sunday and see what happened.

They were also looking forward to getting together with Robert and Vanessa Saturday afternoon to watch all the photographs they’d taken during their vacation and most certainly to make love with them

* * *

Vanessa arrived at Steve’s house Friday morning; again she had debated about what to wear. She knew Steve would love to see her in some revealing outfit but she guessed his wife would be there. She had only met her briefly one time at a party and she remembered her as an attractive redhead, about the same age as Steve which would put them in their mid thirties. She didn’t want to maker jealous or cause a bad impression. Finally she settled on a loose skirt that went down all the way to her ankles and sleeveless peasant blouse, which she wore without a bra. She only left the top buttons undone.

Steve opened the door and she thought she caught a brief look of disappointment in him but after he greeted her with a quick peck on the cheek and he saw her breasts bouncing unencumbered as she walked inside a brief smile appeared on his face. Vanessa was carrying a bundle of five or six canvases and Steve quickly took them from her. His arm involuntarily brushed her breast and she felt her nipple hardening. Damn, she really was horny, Robert and she had not made love since Tuesday, but considering she’d been having sex several times a day the week before, she really needed some relief. ‘Stop it’ she thought, ‘that’s not why you are here.’

Steve showed her to the living room as Susan, his wife, appeared from what she thought was the kitchen.

Steve introduced them, “Remember Van darling?” he said, “This is Sue.”

“Sure,” Susan answered going over to Vanessa, “You were at the faculty party at the end of last term.”

Susan extended her hand and Vanessa shook it. She had a firm grip and both women examined each other with a brief glance but taking in every detail, the way only women can. Vanessa saw that Susan was even more attractive than she remembered. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank-top, her legs were long and shapely and she had ample breasts. Even though she was wearing a bra, Vanessa could see the outline of her nipples which seemed to be quite thick. Her skin was pale and full of freckles and her red hair fell nicely on her shoulders.

Susan offered her some lemonade and they sat down to make some small talk.

“Gosh, you have a really nice tan. I wish I tanned like that, but my skin is too sensitive and I just burn.” Susan said.

“Well, we’ve just come back from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta, and there was plenty of sun.” Vanessa answered.

They chatted for a few more minutes and then Pamela got up saying, “Well, I’ll let you guys get some work done. I have to go to the mall and get our groceries.”

Steve had some folders all laid out on the coffee table and soon he and Vanessa were deep into scheduling issues and she outlined her plan for her lectures. At one point, when Steve went into the kitchen to get some more lemonade, she adjusted her blouse lowering it a bit; she had decided to let him see a bit more cleavage.

When they were done with the work, Steve asked to see her paintings.

“Oh, they’re just some landscapes.” Vanessa said, very few people had seen her paintings since she did them mostly for relaxation and often painted the canvases over several times. She had given some to relatives and friends but now she felt a bit embarrassed showing him to Steve, who seemed to quite knowledgeable judging from their conversations.

“These are really good.” Steve told her after having propped the canvases on the couch, “You have a very good technique. Have you ever done any human figures?”

“No, I’ve tried a few times but, I don’t know, I suck at it.” Vanessa answered.

“Well, I hope I can change that after a few lessons.” Steve said.

“Me too, and now, are you going to show me yours?” Vanessa smiled at the way she said it.

“Sure, let me go get them.”

A few minutes later Steve came back and arranged some canvases over the living room furniture, there were a couple of portraits, and four nudes. Vanessa examined them closely. The portraits were very good and they expressed Steve’s view of the subjects. The nudes were of different women in several poses, one of them was the view of a redhead’s body almost from behind, it shoed her back, part of the profile of her face and part of one breast capped by a rosy nipple.

“Oh Steve, these are wonderful, I just had no idea you were so good.” Vanessa said. “But tell me, do you work halkalı grup yapan escort from memory or do you…?”

“I hire a model from time to time.” He answered.

“And is that…?” Vanessa pointed at the canvas of the redhead.

“Yes, that’s Sue,” Steven said, “She’s my most frequent model. I’ve done many paintings of her, but unfortunately she doesn’t let me show them, just this one and only to ‘special people’ as she puts it.”

“Well, I’d really like to see all of them,” Vanessa said, “Maybe someday I’ll talk her into letting you show them to me.”

“Maybe she will, someday, I think she liked you.” Steve told her.

“And I liked her too. She’s very nice and straightforward,” Vanessa said looking at her watch, “But now I really have to go, I have to pick up my sister.”

“Oh, I was hoping you’d stay for lunch.” Steve said with a trace of disappointment in his voice. “Guess I should have asked you earlier.”

“I’d love to stay and get to know you guys better,” Vanessa said, “but I really have to go. But we should get together sometime soon; maybe you guys can come over sometime and meet my husband.”

“That’d be nice.” Steve told her as she gathered her canvases and he helped her carry them out to her car.

* * *

Vanessa picked up Karen, her sister. She had called during the week wanting to know everything that happened in their vacation but that day Vanessa was busy preparing the outline for her lectures and hadn’t been able to tell her much except that they’d had a great time so they’d agreed to meet over the weekend.

As soon as she got in the car Karen asked, “Well, so are you going to tell me or what?”

“Don’t be so anxious, I’ll tell you everything when we get home, and later, when Bob gets home well show the pictures he and Ed took.”

Once they arrived at her place, Vanessa fixed some sandwiches and a pitcher of sangria and they took them out to the table in the backyard. Vanessa told her everything in great detail, including her feelings for Raul and Alicia and everything the four of them had talked about on their last day.

When she had finished her story, Vanessa realized most of the afternoon had gone by and it was getting close to dinner time and she hadn’t fixed anything so she decided to order some Chinese food. Robert had promised to come home early.

After she ordered the food, she told Karen, “I think this is better, that way we can eat downstairs while we look at the pictures. And by the way, hope you don’t have to go back too early as there are a lot of pictures.”

“No, not really, as I told you my kids are with his father until Sunday noon, so I’m not in any kind of hurry to get back.” Karen answered.

“Mhh, that sounds good, so you can stay with us for the weekend, you know, Bob is also looking forward to something more than watching pictures and Ed and Pam are coming over tomorrow so we all can have some fun.” Vanessa told Karen.

“Well Van, actually there’s something I wanted to tell you about that.” Karen said, “You know it’s not that I have anything about you guys having sex with other people. Actually I’m glad you’ve accepted that and I feel really good about what you just told me about your relationship with Ed and Pam. Hell, I’ve done that once or twice, and I would love to fuck Ed, but I’m kind of having second thoughts about doing it with Bob. After all, you’re my sister and he’s your husband, so I don’t know…”

“But you like Bob, don’t you?” Vanessa asked and went on, “And I don’t mean just as a man, you know, you find him desirable as a man, don’t you?”

“Well yes, I do, but…”

“And you also have some feelings for him, don’t you?”

“Yes, as a friend or as my brother in law,” Karen said, “not that I’m in love with him.”

“That’s exactly my point.” Vanessa said, “Making love with Bob would be that, not just sex, maybe with Ed it’ll be just sex, although I think you’re also fond of him, so maybe it’ll also be making love. I don’t know. But what I do know is that Bob loves you, as a sister in law and as a friend, and he really wants to make love to you. And if you want to and you do it I will be glad both for you and Bob.”

“You’re sure?” Karen asked, “I mean, I don’t want this to cause any problems.”

“Don’t be silly,” Vanessa said embracing her sister, “I’m totally fine with this, because I know it’s something that’s going to give pleasure to my sister and my husband and that’s what I want for the people I love.”

“Oh sis, you’re really something else,” Karen said holding Vanessa tighter, “And here I thought I was the liberated one, but you’re really way ahead of me now.”

* * *

Robert arrived at 6pm and found Vanessa and Karen still sitting at the table in the back yard. He went over to them and bent down to kiss Vanessa first. He moved over to Karen and kissed her too. It wasn’t a long or passionate kiss but nevertheless it was full of promise of what was about to come. Karen saw her halkalı masöz escort sister smiling at them and her doubts lessened.

“Well, ladies, I’m starving, what’s for dinner?” Robert asked.

Vanessa answered him, “I ordered Chinese, and I was thinking of preparing another pitcher of sangria unless you want something else.”

“No that’s fine, I’ll just go and take a shower and I’ll be right with you.”

“OK, we’ll wait for you downstairs.”

When Robert came down, Karen was sitting on the couch and Vanessa was pouring three glasses of sangria. One of the things they’d learned in Puerto Vallarta was how to prepare a variety of tropical drinks, one afternoon Vanessa and Pamela had sat at the bar and asked the bartender, a rather fat dark skinned man in his fifties, how to prepare some of the drinks they’d liked. Pamela and Vanessa wrote it all down while the man stared at their breasts.

Robert was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a matching jacket, the zipper only pulled up partially. Karen watched his chest as he set up the computer and screen and commented on his and Vanessa’s tan.

“You really got great tans, without any tan lines I suppose?”

“We sure did as you’ll soon see in the pictures.” Vanessa told her sister.

“You guys are making me feel jealous, about your tan and all the rest,” Karen said playfully, “Especially after all you told me this afternoon.”

“Hopefully you can come with us on our next vacation.” Robert said as the first picture flashed on the screen.

“That’d be nice.” Karen answered.

Robert sat down between the two sisters and they clinked their glasses together in a silent toast. They ate the food which Vanessa had set up in the coffee table in front of them and had several glasses of sangria. About halfway through the pictures Vanessa had to fix another pitcher. Many of the pictures showed three of them, depending on who took the picture, at the beach, at the pool or at their terrace. Then there were some of them having sex in different positions and in different combinations. Some of them had been taken by Al. There were a few pictures of Al and Tina at the beach, and a couple of the six of them that the beach attendant had taken. There were some others where Tina appeared topless at the poolside bar.

“They didn’t want us to take their pictures having sex.” Vanessa pointed out. She had also made a point of having Robert pause on the few ones of that second day at the beach that Robert took of her and that showed Raul and Alicia in the background.

They were all felling a bit lightheaded from the sangria. Robert had his arms around their shoulders and he was twirling their hair on his fingers playfully. Vanessa had cuddled up to him and she began stroking his thigh as they continued watching the pictures. Her hand going higher and higher over his thigh each time. Karen had seen out of the corner of her eye and she also noticed the bulge of Robert’s cock as it got hard and made a tent on his sweat pants, obviously he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Karen had to go to the bathroom and when she returned she saw her sister kissing Robert passionately. Vanessa had her hand now wrapped around his cock over the sweat pants and Robert had his hand under her shirt fondling her breast. Karen sat back on the couch next to Robert and he put his hand around her shoulder again pulling her closer to him. As she came closer he put his hand behind the back of her head and kissed her. Their lips touched and when Robert slid his tongue between them and into her mouth, Karen felt the heat building inside her. She sucked his tongue for a few seconds and then pulled away.

“Hey, let’s finish watching the pictures.” She said.

Vanessa felt she was rather tense and after the few remaining pictures flashed on the screen she got up announcing she was going to the bathroom, but instead of going into the one at the basement she went upstairs.

After she left, Robert kissed Karen again. This time the kiss was longer and grew more passionate as their tongues dueled with each other. But when Robert put his hand on her breast, Karen pulled back.

Her breath was labored as she looked at Robert in the eyes and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course, Karen,” Robert answered running his hand through her hair, “I’ve fantasized about you since I met you. You are a very desirable woman.”

“But I’m older than Van and I’m a few pounds overweight.” Karen said feebly as Robert began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

“You’re still beautiful, Karen, I really want to make love to you.” Robert took his hand and placed it over his cock.

He kissed her again and her resistance melted as she responded to the kiss and wrapped her fingers around Robert’s cock. She moaned when he slid her hand inside her blouse and put it on her breast above her bra.

They kissed again, feeling their passion mounting. Then Robert pulled back and slid her blouse off her shoulders. He fumbled a few seconds with the clasp of her bra but finally got it undone and Karen took it off. Robert stared at her breasts, caressing them with the tips of his fingers. They were larger than Vanessa’s and sagged to the side a little bit. Her areoles were darker and a bit larger that Vanessa’s and her nipples thicker. Robert watched as her areoles shrunk under his touch and her nipples hardened.

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